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STATE BUDGET: Fund help for most fragile

Letter by Jan Brown, Lakewood on March 31, 2011 at 2:27 pm with 5 Comments »
April 1, 2011 9:01 am

I hope the state Legislature does not cut life support for our most vulnerable people.

My developmentally disabled daughter is 42 years old and lives at home with her dad and me. She has 18 medical conditions as listed on her DSHS individual support plan, including mental illness and diabetes. She has 18 prescription medicines and takes almost all of them daily to keep her alive and as healthy as possible.

My husband and I have dedicated our lives to her care, and it takes both of us each day and all day for this care. We advocate for her regularly to find services and doctors with compassion. We are asking that the state Legislature support personal care funding.

No one could replace our dedication and love. The funding for personal care covers only a small portion of what we do, but it helps our family greatly. Also, she desperately needs to keep her medicaid pharmacy benefits, physical therapy and podiatry care. It is very short-sighted and immoral to think eliminating services to fragile citizens is the answer to our state’s economic crisis.

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  1. Heard on the radio this AM. Washington State plans to continue tax breaks for Chicken Farms who use heated cages, while cutting support for homeless and special needs people.

  2. truthbusterguy says:

    DSHS is the most broken dept. in the state. Larry Seaquist says this and wants the entire department closed, overhaulded and reopened slowly.

    Social spending is at war with education and this is a distraction. Across the board cuts is the only way to solve this problem.

    Liberals are smoking their Rx pot again when they think we will raise tax or close loopholes. They don’t have the votes, can’t get the vots, so it won’t happen. Just ask your legisltor.

    Everyone needs to take a haircut to help balance the budget. And unions don’t care if grandma is out on the street. They only care about themselves and the forced dues the workerrs in this state send them at gun point.

    That said, thanks for caring for the elderly. I do the same with a dime of state money. It’s called family love not state aid.

  3. TBG – so only libs smoke pot? Must be because all the meth is used by the rednecks.

  4. Reagan made the disabled, the sick, women, children and the mentally ill ENEMIES OF THE STATE. This is why we always ‘balance the budget’ on the backs of most vulernable.
    It is sociopathic and disgusting that this model is still be used… especially in so called progressive states.
    My heart goes out to you Jan and your family. Many decent Americans agree with me. Cutting services for our most vulnerable is sociopathic and flat out un-American.
    Make sure we give all those corps who paid no taxes.. tax cuts…. pure sociopathy.

  5. Jan-can you share some info? What does the state pay you to care for your daughter? Does the state pay both of you? Why does it take two individuals to care for one developmentally disabled individual? I have a developmentally disabled brother, and understand obvious differing levels of this disability. Are you advocating for the state to compensate both you and your husband to provide full time care for your daughter? Please enlighten us so we can form an educated opinion of your position on this.

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