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ECONOMY: We’re in a depression, not a recession

Letter by Francis R. Marion, Tacoma on March 31, 2011 at 2:24 pm with 32 Comments »
April 1, 2011 9:02 am

Last week I came out of a store, and a man about 50 years old came up to me. He said that he didn’t want money, but he was in pain from the lack of food. There was a fast food place nearby, so we went there and I bought him some food.

This is what is going on in our nation and world.

My wife and I lived through the depression and know firsthand what pain from hunger is. We put cardboard in our shoes to keep the rocks out and our feet dry. When it rained you sat in school with wet feet for the day. Yes, I remember the Depression well and my wife more so as her family was poorer than poor.

We are in a depression and not a recession as our government would like for us to believe. Unemployment is double the figure that we are told. We will have another Hitler rise among the hungry and give them hope. The leaders of the world haven’t learned that history repeats itself.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Francis, I have been approached while putting gas in my car many times and while going in and coming out of food stores, and asked for change or a few dollars. This is happening more and more.

    However President Obama and dems in the Congress, and the Lame Stream Media will continue to preach the postiive message for President Obama to win a second term.

    The Re-Election message talking points are as follows, At every opportunity the dems and President Obama and his talking heads will repeat over and over that the economy is coming back strong, unemployment is dropping rapidly, houses are beginning to sell again, everything is great and getting better and better.

    Daley and the other spin artists that are intent on getting Obama 4 more years will continue these messages right up to the election night for President Obama to get re-elected.

    The real story that the lame stream media is missing is Alot of Americans are hurting. Their standard of living is falling and falling and as the price of gas is almost 4.00 a gallon those folks living out in the country in small towns where there is no mass transit, all across the country are feeling this directly.

    Experts predict the price of a gallon of gas to be close to 5.00 by summer, this hope and change and yes and we can is more and more becoming a sad, sad, commentary on the Obama legacy.

    Since being sworn in as President Obama has approved only ONE new Oil drilling permit, Yes Only One. The other permits that have gone into effect were all approved by President Bush.

  2. Drilling for oil 5 years ago would not make a bit of difference in today’s gas prices. It is free market speculation driving the prices. Any oil discovered and produced in the US will be subject to the same pricing forces as oil produced in Mexico or the Middle East. Gas prices will come down when the Middle East calms.
    Unemployment went below 9% for the first time in two years this week. It has been predicted for at least three years that the recovery will take a long time. I saw an estimate of 2017 (from a government economic office) before unemployment would be back to what we call normal. Recession or depression only matters if one had a hand in creating it or if one is suffering because of it. The fact is that Republicans across the spectrum have been standing in the way of positive solutions because they want the President and his administration to fail. That is a statement of fact.
    As long as the reader sees comments from republicans accusing the democrats of being socialist, neo-Marxists, the reader knows that republicans are desperate and will say anything including messages that deny the truth to someone who deserves to know it.

  3. Funny how it was only a few years ago (when there was a Republican president) that conservatives took pleasure in chiding liberals for always being pessimistic and claimed that conservatives were optimistic….

  4. While it is true that division of wealth in the US is back to Great Depression era levels, the economists have specific definitions for both Recessions and Depressions and, according to those definitions, this is not a Depression.

  5. truthbusterguy says:

    There are public services to help people, these services will tell you to not give these poor people money or food. Contact outlets like Ass. Ministries, they will help provide for the hungry. They get donations and state funding to do just that.

    There would be more jobs if unions had not driven manufracting out of the state. When will people realize that unions are a cancer and “right to work” is the cure and will bring small business back to WA. Just ask a small businessman, Rotary or COC member. They will tell you the truth.

    Democrats and unions have this state in a stranglehold and unless things change we will never recover.

    And don’t fall for the talking points about tax loopholes and raising taxes. It’s won’t happen thanks to 1053 and people voting NO to incrreasing revenues.

  6. Yes, it’s Obama not drilling all over the place that’s put our country in a stranglehold. Yes, once you start drilling, prices fall dramatically overnight.

    Yes, the Right is all about helping the underprivileged.
    It’s all about Gregoire and the Unions and those pesky rights that have our country at a loss for words to explain itself.

    Yes, people who don’t have the capacity to see the bigger picture, or choose to take the time to attempt to do so, are the real problem with this country.

    Oh, and greed.

    Because we wouldn’t be Americans if we didn’t assume that we deserve a bigger piece of the pie than anyone else; we wouldn’t be ourselves unless we put the almighty dollar ahead of everything except ourselves and our own interests.

    Health-for-profit?? Yes please!
    At the cost of tens of thousands of lives? Yes!!! Triple yes!!
    Strip any regulation that would inhibit insurance companies from killing people for money? YES!!!!

    Less benefits, rights, and overall compensation for workers? Yes!
    Get rid of those pesky homeless people, who are such an eyesore? Yes!
    Make it easier for the rich to become more and more powerful? YES!!!!
    Give it to us!!!!

    Let the dollars sprinkle down to us, on loan, like the soft, cool rain.
    Let the people be able to say they are Christians, while being anything but.
    Let them judge those they don’t know; let them scoff at anyone asking for help.
    Let the rich watch the poor die in front of them.

    Let the powerful corrupt as much as they can; let the poor pay for their errors.

    Let everyone who has any shred of power try to gain more of it.

    Let the public think their news channel explains it all.

    Let ignorance be the new American Dream.
    Let us all live our lives the way we want to, and not let others, like the homeless, poor, and destitute, get in our way.

    Let us all be liars; let us all be hypocrites.

    After all..I’m right, and you’re not.

  7. MarksonofDarwin says:

    Economics has been aptly named the “dismal science”.
    There’s not a single person commenting on this depressing letter who isn’t themselves depressing. Even me. It’s an economic downturn, and it’s not fun…I hope it gets better soon, but it doesn’t look promising.


    I don’t understand how you would change the “division of wealth”.
    I want more money myself…..how would someone like me gain more “wealth” under your visionary plan? Seriously. I probably could show I have a greater “need” than you. It would take a bit of fudging the facts, but if that’s the criteria instead of talent and hard work, I can change tactics….

  8. In the mean time, republicons will just keep taking money from all social services and giving in to the rich.

    Guess that makes them hoody robins – they steal from the poor, give to the rich.

  9. MoD – 30 years of supply side economic policy has demonstrated that more money to the uber-wealthy stays with the uber-wealthy and doesn’t trickle down – especially when there are tax benefits to shipping jobs overseas.

  10. ascha, GE is a corporation and the supremes say it is a person. The person you are talking about, who works for the President, is another different person and he follows the law as it is presented to him. It is the law that is the problem, not the person.
    Have as much fun as you can, but don’t make yourself look stupid in the process.

  11. Uscha –

    I have no idea what you are babbling about.

    The tax code needs to be revised and loopholes closed for all.

    I bet you used to tell italian and polish jokes

  12. “Since being sworn in as President Obama has approved only ONE new Oil drilling permit, Yes Only One. The other permits that have gone into effect were all approved by President Bush.”

    So, Roncella, as we suspected, the oil companies have been sitting on potential drilling sites and blaming the problem on no one issuing drilling permits.

    The Lie continues……

  13. I got one for you also, xring. “A Liberal terrorist was sent to blow up a car – he
    burnt his mouth on the exhaust pipe!”

  14. uscha – that joke was stupid yesterday, on a different thread.

  15. Problem, urchin…..

    Terrorists – Al Queda, Taliban, etc……..CONSERVATIVES.

    Keep trying, you’ll make sense in a year or two.

  16. yeah….let’s name them all….

    Army of God
    Al Queda
    Ku Klux Klan

    All conservative organizations. All terrorists.

  17. How about something with intelligence, as opposed to sophomoric humor”

    “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.”
    ……………………………………….Franklin D. Roosevelt

  18. OK! This one is for you, X_6zero. What’s five miles long and has an IQ of forty? “A parade of Liberals.” “Does that bring up memories for you?”

  19. Meanwhile:

    median CEO pay jumped 27% in 2010 [....] even though the economy’s recovery remains frail, unemployment is high and corporate profits last year were roughly flat, up 1.5%, from where they were in 2007 when the stock market peaked.


    All that is left is for some CEO to utter “Let them eat cake”.

  20. Congratulations, urchin.

    You didn’t misspell “IQ”

  21. Does anyone ever wonder how a Liberal becomes a doctor? A patient visits a
    doctor who is a known Liberal. He tells the doctor, “I have a ringing in my ears.”
    In typical Liberal fashion, the doctor replies, “don’t answer.”

  22. MarksonofDarwin says:


    So we agree that crony capitalism, however defined or mis-named (trickle down) is never a good idea.

    I also hope we agree that bailing out private enterprise is also stupid and fraught with a variety of moral hazards.

    I’m just curious what theory you consider to be superior?
    We’ve tried lowering tax rates to spur growth in the private sector.
    We’ve tried showering select industries with buckets of money.
    Neither has worked as advertised…..private enterprise has figured out a way to game both systems. No surprise here.

    I personally think we should try getting the government the hell out of the way when it comes to private business and their finances. (notice I specified finances…some regs. are needed) Let them flourish or fail on their own.

    Are you suggesting that the government needs to cozy up to them further?
    I’m not saying you are….that’s why I asked.

  23. Tax incentives to create and keep jobs in the US would be a start.

  24. Roncella must me watching MSNBC

  25. I see cha cha is adding what we have come to expect—-the opposite of the title of Robert Ruark’s book about the Mau Mau uprising published in 1955.

  26. ItalianSpring says:

    The libs can spin all they want but eventually the truth shows up like a tsunami. The worst thing is, the huge amount of damage the spin will allow to accrue before the truth is overwhelming to Joe citizen.

  27. And we all know how the right is so fair and balenced and devoid of spin.

  28. You can watch MSNBC,just don’t believe any thing they report, as I believe most of their reporting comes from Fairy Tales.Thats My belief and I am sticking with it!

  29. ItalianSpring says:

    Oh xring, even the right has no choice but to deal with the truth. The difference is their spin is so miniscule if it even exists because the truth about libs needs no enhancement to be revolting.

  30. Vanity Fair article:

    Perhaps this is why things are the way they are:
    Virtually all U.S. senators, and most of the representatives in the House, are members of the top 1 percent when they arrive, are kept in office by money from the top 1 percent, and know that if they serve the top 1 percent well they will be rewarded by the top 1 percent when they leave office. By and large, the key executive-branch policymakers on trade and economic policy also come from the top 1 percent.

  31. I try to refrain myself from calling our government an “oligarchy” because that term has so many connotations outside its true meaning. However, many philosophers and political observers argue that a democracy always devolves into an oligarchy over time. It just depends on what elite individuals or institutions grab the power and establish control as to what kind of oligarchy is developed.

    I think what we have devolved into is a corporate oligarcy. “Corporate oligarchy is a form of power, governmental or operational, where such power effectively rests with a small, elite group of inside individuals, sometimes from a small group of influential economic entities or devices, such as banks, commercial entities that act in complicity with, or at the whim of the oligarchy.”

    The Republican Party certainly has devolved into a corporate shill, totally ignoring the needs or will of the middle class. Most of the Democrats, including and especially Obama, have also bowed to the corporate gods and ignore the middle class.

    btw, I am not against corporations or capitalism, I just don’t think our government should be in their total control.

  32. MarksonofDarwin says:


    I don’t like labeling what our government has devolved into either. It doesn’t quite fit the definition of most of the established labels. Maybe we’re in the process of inventing some new monstrosity.

    There must be something in human nature that makes us yearn for an authority that will take care of us. Some choose God, others choose a King or government.

    Our government was **never** meant to be as large and intrusive as it has become. Not only does the size and scope of government infringe on individual liberties, but it also has become so large that it would be shocking if corporate money WASN’T flowing to it. Money follows power….and the only way to stop the flow of money and influence, is to reduce the size of government and its power to grant favors.

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