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LIBYA: What about Rwanda and Darfur?

Letter by Lisa Harmon, Auburn on March 29, 2011 at 1:30 pm with 37 Comments »
March 29, 2011 1:48 pm

The 1994 Rwanda genocide resulted in the slaughter of more than a million people, and the U.S. did not intervene with military force. Since 2003, the Darfur atrocities have left nearly 300,000 people dead, and the U.S. has not intervened with military force.

In Libya, the estimates of those killed so far, range from 233 to 1,000, and we are intervening because of the brutality?

If we couldn’t find our way to intervene in the slaughter of millions, why then are we spending billions in three locations around the world in the name of democracy and human rights?

Let’s call it like it is. This is not a human rights intervention. None of these wars are. When President Obama uses phrases like “stand idly by,” I cringe. That ship sailed over a decade ago, with Rwanda.

Let the oil go. It isn’t worth it.

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    This is all about 2012 for Obama. Can you spell O I L?

    He know that he won’t be re-elected with a 9% jobless rate and $5 a gallon gas. You are seeing his campaign for re-election driving policy. He doesn’t care about Libya and ther people. He only cares about POWER. I hope the public has there fill of used cars from this rookie.

  2. And you can bet your last tea bag that the neocon republicorp will be doing any and everything they can to make sure both numbers go and remain as high as possible, regardless of the damage they do to America, American Workers, and the Middle Class.

  3. Roncella says:

    Lisa, its always about President Obama and winning in 2012,

    Everything he says and does is aimed at his re-election. Daley and his handlers will not allow anything to get him off track. Obama has raised well over a Billion dollars, Yes a Billion dollars and growing daily with more and more fund raisers going on by Foot In Mouth V.P. Biden and others.

  4. Considering the questions Ms. Harmon asks one can easily say she has not been paying attention, because the answers are so obvious. Ignorance can be overcome by education and by paying attention. Maybe she does not want to hear the correct answers. I bet she simply wants to criticize the President.
    She should take more care in how she does it though so that we don’t all see right through her subterfuge.

  5. whatIdid says:

    xring says:
    March 29, 2011 at 2:33 pm
    And you can bet your last tea bag that the neocon republicorp…

    xring says:
    November 19, 2010 at 10:23 pm
    And the intellectual right wing leads off with personal attacks on the letter writer … bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda….

  6. whatIdid says:

    Publico… she, like a large segment of the world’s population, see thru the community organizers hollow, ever changing words and action…

    The left’s buyer’s remorse is showing more and more…

  7. Then please Publico, help us feeble minded, uninformed see the wisdom of this kinetic military action. Help us to understand why Obama said what he said as a Senator but now as President his actions do not match. Was it principle or politics his positions? Who are the “Rebels” that was never answered in the speech and we hear from an Admiral that their might be a sprinkling of Al Queda.

    Please help us understand.

  8. whatIdid says:

    It was worth reposting…

    Unbeknownst to the novice commander in chief, Mr. Obama faces a mass of contradictions that makes this conflict a hard sell.

    c Mr. Obama has started a war that is not a war.

    c Mr. Obama is using military force, but his secretary of defense says there is no vital American interest involved.

    c Mr. Obama sold the country and the United Nations on a no-fly zone, but coalition forces are targeting Libyan ground troops.

    c Mr. Obama’s mandate was to protect civilian lives, but he is actively siding with the rebellion.

    c Mr. Obama has praised the “legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people,” but many of the rebels are Islamist radicals and even members of al Qaeda.

    c Mr. Obama has gone to war to prevent a “bloodbath” in Libya but only offers empty words to innocent Syrians being gunned down by the Assad dictatorship.

    c Mr. Obama has said the United States is not seeking to force regime change but believes that Moammar Gadhafi “has to go.”

    c Mr. Obama said there would be no “boots on the ground” in Libya but reports are emerging that some boots have landed.

    c Mr. Obama said the operation would be handed over to NATO but the United States will still be doing the heavy lifting.

    c Mr. Obama said Operation Odyssey Dawn would be limited to “days, not weeks,” but now it is projected to go on for months, or longer.

    c Mr. Obama denounced his predecessor President George W. Bush for unilateralism but the O Force has gone to war with no congressional authorization, fewer coalition partners and weaker support from the Arab world.


  9. At last report we’ve spent almost 600 million in Libia. Why are the Arab countries not paying their fair share? Has Obama or Hillary even asked them to? Regardless of what Obama’s supporters say, it is clear that we are paying for the “kinetic military action”. Colin Powell said it best when we went into Iraq, “if you break it, you own it”. I haven’t heard much from Powell on Libia.

  10. Whatidid, Mr. Obama and his Secretary of State have hinted at “arming” the rebels. Traditionally, when we “give” weapons to other countries, we also send in advisors to teach them how to use them. This game isn’t over, it’s only beginning.

  11. It’s probably called Lisa’s disease and lots here have caught it. Did nobody listen to the speech and absorb the content?
    It was clear and plainly evident what the reasons were and what the plan is as far as it can go. Those who don’t know the difference between Darfur and Libya……well, I feel sorry for you to a point.
    I still think what I am reading on these pages from the wingnuts is pure subterfuge. Nobody can be that ignorant unless it is feigned.

  12. Thank you for feeling sorry for us and our collective ignorance. Please help me to understand the differance as you see it.

    Why have we engaged in Libya and not Dafur? Since you bring that up.

    How about I rephrase the question and ask, since we have commited to Libya, why do we not commit to the other nations in the region such as Eygpt, Tunisia, Syria, etc…

  13. whatIdid says:

    Pubi learned a new word…

  14. xRoll_On says:

    Come on, Publico is a troll.

    Or like the drive by media. Toss something out there, do some damage, then move on.

  15. Let the oil go. It isn’t worth it.

    Everybody sing! Kumbayah my lord, Kumbayah.

    Sorry – not sayin’ we should be in Libya but……were you born yesterday? Do you not know how decisions are made in America?

  16. bobcat1a says:

    Lisa, by your “logic,” having failed to do the right thing in the past is justification for failing to do the right thing later. Sad kind of thinking.

  17. whatIdid says:

    • beerBoy wrote on 03/09/2009 06:12:21 AM:
    kwiebe invokes the classic deflection of an ideologue when their ideology fails: claim that the guy they elected and rabidly supported wasn’t actually ideologically pure

    Sore losers
    Submitted by beerBoy on November 1, 2008 – 7:07am.
    Get over it.
    Be Americans and accept it. Undermining the new president is hardly what is best for “Country First”.

  18. Wingnut poem:

    Bush’s flaws were few,

    Obama has but two,

    Everything he say and

    Everything he do

  19. whatIdid says:

    You’re a racist xring ;)

  20. VAN SUSTEREN: What would you do about Libya?

    GINGRICH: Exercise a no-fly zone this evening, communicate to the Libyan military that Gadhafi was gone and that the sooner they switch sides, the more like they were to survive, provided help to the rebels to replace him. I mean, the idea that we’re confused about a man who has been an anti-American dictator since 1969 just tells you how inept this administration is. They were very quick to jump on Mubarak, who was their ally for 30 years, and they were confused about getting rid of Gadhafi. This is a moment to get rid of him. Do it. Get it over with. Further Gingrich – “….I think the most generous comment would be ineptitude. It’s also an ideological problem. The United States doesn’t need anybody’s permission. We don’t need to have NATO, who frankly, won’t bring much to the fight. We don’t need to have the United Nations. All we have to say is that we think that slaughtering your own citizens is unacceptable and that we’re intervening. And we don’t have to send troops. All we have to do is suppress his air force, which we could do in minutes.”

    About two weeks later, Gingrich says: ” Let me draw the distinction. I would not have intervened. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Qaddafi. I think there are a lot of other allies in the region we could have worked with. I would not have used American and European forces.”

    See…it’s not all about oil…… It’s about an opportunity to make political hay against Obama.

  21. “whatIdid says:
    March 29, 2011 at 6:10 pm
    Pubi learned a new word…

    xRoll_On says:
    March 29, 2011 at 6:37 pm
    Come on, Publico is a troll.

    Or like the drive by media. Toss something out there, do some damage, then move on.”
    Nothing “trollish” about those two comment, eh?

    I note that Roll_On is using two monikers……LOLOLOLOL

  22. x6 – good try changing the subject but this is about the current administration, what it ran on to gain the office and what it is doing.

    since you are on the subject… the motivation for action is about oil… the rhetoric surrounding the action is about poliitics…

  23. Frosty – ‘we also sent in troops’ – but traditionally we have not had the services of International Rent-a-Mercenary Corporations.

    Xx98 – the motivation of the republicons is to oppose any and every thing Mr. Obama does, even if it means flip-flopping on their own issues.

  24. xring – ok, thanks, I see where this is going… could say the same for the Democrats and President Bush, blah, blah, blah, you suck… no, you suck… no, no you suck… whatever…

    This is about the current President of the United States of America who during his campaign let us know who he is and what he stood for. It is sad to see him flip-flop on his campaign positions now that he is in office. What is worst is that he does it with no explanation of why he flipped nor what logic he uses to flop…

  25. If our President was able to poop solid gold bricks there are still some who would complain that they were not long or heavy enough. Give it break. Move on…………

  26. Of course now is not the time to mention the 2010 republicon flip-flop.

    Or the neocon flip-flop from supporting a no fly zone to opposing it.

  27. Republicans and neocons do not authorize military force, they are not the issue no matter how much you want to make them so.

  28. xRoll_On says:

    “X_6zero says:

    I note that Roll_On is using two monikers……LOLOLOLOL”

    Roll_On, what is X_6zero talking about?

  29. xRoll_On, I think X_6zero means the same person using different names on a blog to bolster their position. I think he has some insight into this practice……

  30. hansgruber says:

    Using his “justification”, why aren’t we in North Korea? Syria? Iran? What not Israel (Beer would love this this) since they seem to be denying the Palestinians their Obama Doctrine of “Universal Human Rights”?

  31. Hans – double-posting to multiple threads I see…

    As I posted to your other post – No, I wouldn’t love that. What we need to do is to disentangle with Israel. Stop giving her billions in aid to purchase more weaponry. Stop supporting her every whim in the Security Council. Treat Israel the same way South Africa was treated until apartheid was defeated.

  32. whatIdid says:

    bB, selective outrage on display about someone “double posting on multiple threads”

    ‘say hello to the shiney kettle’

  33. what – at least I try to change the words a bit from thread to thread.

    ron its always about President Obama and winning in 2012
    So……..Mitch McConnell’s insistence that the number 1 priority for Republicans is to defeat Obama in 2012…….how is that different?

  34. beerboy – what is the point of cut and paste if you change the words? I’ve cut and paste from post to post, if I aint gotta change the words I don’t… too much work… duh!

  35. For the sake of clarity, I believe the letter writer is talking about Obama. The regular lib posters always want to change the topic back to Bush or Gingrich or Palin or Bachman or Scot Walker or McCain. It’s an old liberal trick that we are used to, when losing, change the subject.

  36. xx – I cut and paste other people’s words, not my own. So far I can still remember the gist of what I wrote as I go from thread to thread.

  37. If our President was able to poop solid gold bricks

    that would hurt….dontcha think?

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