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VOTING: State can save money elsewhere

Letter by Dan McDonald, Tacoma on March 28, 2011 at 3:05 pm with 19 Comments »
March 28, 2011 3:05 pm

Re: “State ends poll voting” (TNT, 3-26).

Slowly but surely, we the people are losing our freedoms to the state. The conversion from poll voting to voting by mail is the last straw.

We are fortunate to have the right to vote. It’s our only defense against the more prevalent governmental model: corrupt dictatorship, which does not permit voting. Ballot boxes protect the sanctity and the anonymity of that vote.

Mail can be illegible, lost, stolen, or destroyed by high-speed sorting equipment and weather. Collection boxes themselves can be stolen or destroyed, and their contents reduced to ashes. Return addresses identify senders. The postal service is a government entity. Will the USPS protect the sanctity of our vote? If so, how?

Voter turnout does not seem to be the issue here. Cost to the state is. Surely Olympia can trim the fat here and there and eliminate “pet” but non-essential programs. Lawmakers work for us, not the other way around.

Voting is too important to entrust to the mails. It’s all “we the people” have.

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  1. I haven’t seen monsters under the bed yet Dan. However, I do fully support you an like minded citizens guarding those drop-off boxes, as I do wonder about the security of the unmanned collection boxes.

    At any rate, the Pierce county auditor’s office used to post the turn-out of those who voted by mail as a percentage of registered voters and the number of folks who voted at the poll as a percentage of registered voters.

    The turn-out for by voters who voted my mail was higher than the turn-out for poll voting. I think it’s a good thing when more folks turn-out and vote.

  2. Dan – I hate to ruin your conspiracy, but every election, I take my paper ballot and place it in a ballot box of my choice. I trust that system a whole lot more than I do a Diebold machine that seems to have problems in Ohio.

  3. geeterpontiac says:

    I hate to see poll voting end also.

    Having voted by mail and taken my ballot to a drop off location, the casual approach I saw by the booth attendents who were suppose to be watching over and insuring the protection of ballots, definately left me with an uneasy feeling.

  4. “I saw by the booth attendents who were suppose to be watching over and insuring the protection of ballots, definately left me with an uneasy feeling.”

    You can check online if they registered your vote.


  5. ttown508 says:

    Dan, I am with you, people out there want to steal your ballot. I think they would bypass your Visa bill, new checks from the bank and the letter from Ed McMahon and take your ballot. If you have not caught on by now Dan, I am messing with you. The majority showed elected leaders what they want by how many people do it – Vote by Mail! If you dont like it, dont vote.

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    OH, don’t worry – you are sending an unmarked envelope containing your unsigned ballot inside the outside mailer envelope to a socialist democrat regime to accurately count!! Not a problem – they will just keep coming up with ballots and keep counting until they like the results! Ask Gregoire how she got elected!

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the cost of the Polls came from PC budget- not the State.
    The only reason I see that the state has any interest in this is political convenience. They don’t want to wait on PC. Other than that.. there is no reason for the state to butt into PC business.
    The only good that came out of this is that I will NOT vote for our Exec or Auditor because of their back door games on this issue.
    Also considering my Council member for not getting the PC Council off its tail and putting this issue on the ballot and into the only hands that should make this decision- PC voters.

  8. ttown508 says:

    10,087 voters cast ballots at the polls in the 2010 primary. The cost per polling place ballot cast was $16.97, compared with $6.88 per mail ballot for the 135,364 votes cast that way…
    Do the math! Does this make sense so a small percentage of voters can excercise their rights? Those who think we are losing a freedom are the ones that would still have us writing with a feather on parchment paper and wearing white wigs. Wait until we can vote via the internet, these people will probably think they are minutemen.

  9. “Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the cost of the Polls came from PC budget- not the State.”

    According to Washington state law, the state pays a prorated amount of elections that have state and national election issues on the ballot.


  10. blakeshouse says:

    The socialist/ neo marxist realized at the time the Grinch stole the first election how much easier it would be to install their “winners” if polls were not hindering the way to the state house. We all know just how efficient the usps is, much easier to lose or find bags of votes if needed. Now there is nothing to stop unpresidented landslide victories of the public unions chosen ones

  11. Just another ploy by the sneaking low-life socialists to cheat on elections, nothing new here.

  12. The monsters under the bed crowd is alive and well.

  13. Roncella says:

    the3pigshouse, You know, maybe after four years without Gregoire, the dems. could write her name in on a future election for Governor and we can have 12 more years of Gregoire as she seems to know how to get elected by finding boxes of ballots until there are enough votes for her to win with.

    I have a feeling President Obama will find Gregoire a job in Washington D.C. along with patty murray, as they have been loyal and faithful to everything Obama has said and done, Obama says jump and Gregoire and Murray say how high, Sir ??!!!

  14. There is a propaganda technique at work here that says ‘blame the other side for doing what you have done’. I hear the left being accused of stealing elections but almost all of the voter fraud and election stealing I hear about is by the neocons.

  15. “frosty says:
    March 29, 2011 at 8:09 am
    Just another ploy by the sneaking low-life socialists to cheat on elections, nothing new here.”

    Ohio 2004? 2000 votes for Bush in a precinct of 660 voters. Diebold is wonderful

    You see, the problem is that a voter can varify a paper ballot and that drives the Republicans crazy.

  16. Why is it that Roncella Bunker and the other Bunkeractlikes forget that a Conservative County Judge ruled against Dino Rossi?

  17. X60 – let’s not forget the 20,000 ballots where the voter marked Obama, only to see the vote go to Bush: but not one reported incident of the reverse.

  18. ttown508 says:

    Vote by mail has increased voter turnout by the tens of thousands! That is democracy at work. Until the dynamic duo of Dick and Bush are off the Pierce County council next year, the tax payers will keep paying through the nose to protectc the freedom of a handful of patriots that would probably not go out to vote at the polling station if the weather was bad.

  19. Vote by Mail also leaves a paper trail for recounts.

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