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BUDGET: State agencies probably overlap, too

Letter by Carl W. Dalton, Tacoma on March 21, 2011 at 2:34 pm with 11 Comments »
March 21, 2011 3:05 pm

“Our challenge today is to create a budget that is both responsible and lives within our means. We need a long-term plan that protects our fiscal integrity.”

I have to apologize to the customers at the coffee shop where I may have startled some of them with my sudden outburst of laughter at this quote from our esteemed governor. If she and her fellows past and present had lived by that concept we wouldn’t be in such a mess now.

I have an idea. How about we make every program come back before the Legislature to resubmit. I’d bet many of the programs and agencies couldn’t survive close scrutiny in these hard financial times.

Just last week there were stories of how many federal agencies duplicated their missions. I’d bet the same holds true at the state level.

Shine a public light on where the money goes. And while a good many may have the best of intentions, they wouldn’t receive funding now.

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  1. Carl must be one of those who thinks Olympia is responsible for the recession.
    And yet another waste conspiracy.

  2. GHTaxPayer says:

    Publico must be one of those who thinks that private business and taxpayers are responsible for our Dem governor and legislators expanding WA state spending by 32% in the face of the worst recession in 45 years, and refusing to cut bloated state wages and six figure pensions.

  3. ghtaxpayer must be one of those that thinks texas and the federal Govt. went broke becaise of the Democrats even after total control by the cons.

  4. truthbusterguy says:

    Carl, you are guilty of……………………………………………………………….common sense.

    Good letter.

  5. Good idea Mr. Dalton. However, I think the governor implied she was doing this, or rather consolidating agencies doing ‘the same work’. Example, I read where she would like to consolidate 18-20 different boards/agencies into one and call it the Dept of Education(?).

    Know for the rest of your idea, would this be for all agencies or just those funded from the general fun (tax dollars)? The reason I ask is I’m aware of many entities that are funded directly by individuals who use those agencies. DOL and DFI are examples. No general tax dollars, but are funded directly by the individuals they license.

  6. I love it how Carl prefaces his remarks with ‘probably.’
    Anyone can do that and, for sure, it does not make it a true statement.

  7. Yeah, I mean our state’s open records act let’s anyone request various types of records from any public agency, and if you go here: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/ you can peruse all sorts of budget info. Get educated, for God’s sake, before making such ignorant assumptions!!! Carl probably has absolutely NO idea how public agencies work, but it’s just fun to attack others and entire groups of people and government these days (since there’s ELECTED democrats in office, which the right just cannot stand), so why not.

    Washington State in various magazines like Forbes and Governing is recognized as being one of the better-run in the nation. Don’t blame a recession which started under Bush’s watch in 2008 and obviously has affected all areas and levels of our nation, state, counties, and cities, on things that didn’t cause the wreckage.

    *Sigh* Wonderful times of angry blindness to reality these days.

  8. Carl, do you include tax loopholes and corporate welfare as programs that need to be reviewed under the public spot light of where does the money go?

  9. harleyrider1 says:

    How is it that people in just a couple states actually have laws that the budget be balanced every year? I don’t mean a law that says they should – most states do. I mean states that actually practice what they preach. Those that force themselves to live within their means so when there are minor or severe dips in the economy – they don’t cut any services?

    Did any of you think about that, or are your financial households in the same boat where you just spend, spend, spend and then blame those that have money in the bank?

    The economy didn’t put us in this situation. The “economy” is a word. Voters – you people – did by putting people in office that love to spend, spend, spend. I don’t care what party they are from.

    Look at MS, IN, NE, TX.

  10. Yes, let’s look at Texas: 16 years of GOP control has made the state second only to CA as the most bebt ridden. (TX = 134 Billion. CA 254 Billion)

  11. NMot just TX but all red states are broke and all of them are welfare states, they take in more than they pay out.
    it’s the blue states that keep this nation afloat.
    Right to work anti-union states are at the bottom.

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