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FIFE: I’ve taken my business elsewhere

Letter by Gary Nichols, Puyallup on March 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm with 14 Comments »
March 16, 2011 12:43 pm

Re: “Traffic cams discourage business” (letter, 3-16).

Someone else feels the same way I do. I used to give Fife plenty of business. I had my boat moored at Hylebos Marina for years and would stop at the Poodle Dog for breakfast three or four times week. I shopped at Costco weekly, got boat supplies at West Marine and gambled at the Emerald Queen.

Alas, no more. I moved boat to Tacoma, have breakfast at Alfred’s, buy my boat supplies online and gamble at the Muckleshoot casino – all for a $124 ticket for making a free right-hand turn and stopping beyond the white line. The camera showed my car’s front tire 6 inches past the line.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    I know many people defend the cameras in the area of red lights, but come on Fife, can you really claim giving tickes for stopping not only over, but ON the white line deserves a $124 fine. Is there ANYONE that does not know you are just out to make a buck?

  2. lovethemountains says:

    Fife has been a place I have avoided for many years. It’s not only the traffic cameras but also the difficulty in negotiating in and around the “town.” Fife is a city that should not be. Just another layer of government to tax and fine those unfortunate enough to pass through. I have always thought the entire area of Fife and the port should have been part of the City of Tacoma..

  3. puyallupmutt says:

    Do the math. Assuming Fife as a city gets about 0.5% as sales taxes on your purchases, you would have to spend $25,000 in Fife for the equivalent of them gouging you for the $124 ticket directly. That $124 goes straight into city hall pockets to pay their salaries and benefits. They probably would have to wait years for you to spend $25K inside city limits. City Hall does not care about private employees at the Poodle Dog and Costco as they dont have a B&O tax or a city income tax.
    Far more efficient to whack you $124 a hit.

  4. Although,I have never been cited for a violation in Fife.I have had the misfortune to deal with the Police. They are the most unprofessional department I have ever run across.I also will not shop in Fife.Business people in Fife need to take action against a corrupt department.You will see this getting worse if you don’t take action.

  5. sevenstrokeroll says:

    The exact same thing happened to me in Fife and I avoid the place unless I absolutely have to go there. The free right turn issue is ridiculous and unethical and the City of Fife should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. tkmor….you go that right. I don’t go to Fife unless I absolutely have to and haven’t for years.

  7. I got lucky.After going to court and viewing the video, that showed that I stopped short of the line, I said to the judge,”I fail to see what I did wrong”. And the judge still wouldn’t admit it was a bogus summons. At least he didn’t impose the fine…fight fire with fire. Hit the city of Fife where it’s hitting us. Boycott.

  8. It seems the only thing that will get the Fifes Leaders attention is for everyone to boycott the city and for the boycotters to inform those in power,why they are being boycotted.But I think the leaders will ignore any complaints as just sour grapes from a few unnecessary voices.But I feel if enough people join the boycott,you might see a change in their attitude.As for myself,I can’ see any need to bother going into Fife,for any reason!As it appears to me,they don’t need me and I certainly don’t need them.

  9. desha.could this Judge be a good example of the old saying,JUSTICE IS BLIND?If the Judge lets too many innocent drivers off with no fines,he may find himself or herself in the unemployment line.

  10. Boycott The City ?

    Jesus, what is there in Fife, Wa. that requires your business ?

  11. northendgirl says:

    i totally agree.seems they don’t want business.

  12. SSounder says:

    Instead of rearranging your entire lives around an emotional reaction, why not adjust yuor driving just a little and stop when you see a red light in the designated spot. Not only is there a big fat white line, there is a huge sign right next to the big fat white line with an arrow on it telling you exactly where to stop.

  13. walkineasy says:

    SSounder, the above commenters wouldn’t dream of taking a look at why the cameras snap a photo of their vehicle. They would rather whine and blame others. There are so many people complaining that they’ve gotten photo enforcement tickets. Guess just that number alone shows that we need the cameras because of all the drivers that don’t feel they need to obey the laws.

    It’s not hard. #1 – stop behind the big white line on the road. #2 – come to a complete stop. #3 – make your right turn. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to memorize these three little rules.

  14. SSounder says:

    walkineasy, well said. Having been the recipient of a few of these, I can share from experience that admitting I was in the wrong was the first step. Did I put anyone at risk, no, did I violate the law, and what I was taught – Yes.

    Once I admitted to myself that my sloppy driving was the reason for my citiation, and not the evil city of Federal Way, I got it, moved on, and haven’t had a ticket since, coincedentially by following the same simple rules you you listed.

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