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IMMIGRATION: Olympia fails on driver’s license reform

Letter by Marlyn E. Jensen, Gig Harbor on March 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm with 24 Comments »
March 15, 2011 2:10 pm

The state senate missed the only opportunity we had to restore security and creditability to our state’s drivers license.

Democrats, including Sen. Derek Kilmer, killed a Democrat-sponsored bill, SB 5407, that would have required a Social Security number to obtain a driver’s license. This would seem to be a reasonable requirement considering the number is required to obtain hunting and fishing licenses.

The current policy doesn’t pass the smell test and leads a reasonable person to ask why the state refuses to change requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. Politicians are in denial if they don’t believe illegally obtained drivers license doesn’t result in accessing state programs, voting and costing the state millions.

Unless requirements are improved, our licenses will not be acceptable ID for boarding airplanes starting January 2013. Since 2006, the Department of Licensing has issued 350,353 driver’s licenses to those without a Social Security number.

Many must be here illegally and burdening the state with millions of dollars for medical, educational and correctional program costs. We have reached a point when our policies are only enabling and promoting illegal immigration in our state.

People get frustrated with Olympia and move to overwhelming support the initiative process to right a wrong. It appears this is going to be the case here with Initiative 1122.

If given the chance, voters in the 26th District should ask Kilmer why he voted no on SB 5407 and what he will do to restore integrity to the Washington state driver’s license before we do.

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  1. The legislation was an attempt to control illegal immigration at the state level. Immigration is a federal responsibility and the fact that it has not been done effectively yet is not a reason for the state to enter into the fray.
    I would rather see the cell phone, headlight and the tinted window laws enforced to make driveing safer than get into a flap about immigrants whose impact on the state is up for grabs if one balances all the conflicting data.

  2. omega629 says:

    I agree. If you arent paying taxes… you shouldnt be on the road. If you are not here legally, you should not be on the road!! I wonder how many un-insured motorists it would take off the streets?

  3. I think with Kilmers vote,He is telling the Illegals,WELCOME TO WASHINGTON!I for one don’t agree with him and will be using my vote for someone who is cognizent of the legal citizens wishes.I feel if you were to ask the Senator why he voted against the taxpayers,his answer would probably be,Don’t confuse me with any facts,my mind was made up,so go away!

  4. BlaineCGarver says:

    It’s not about safety…..What comes with Drivers Licences in WA? Motor Voter, which also does not require much ID. Do you really think the Crupt-O-Crats would give up all those votes from illegals?

  5. Fibonacci says:

    “Crupt-O-Crats”–did you get that one from Rush? Making up insulting names for the opposite party does not make YOUR arguments better. Not giving illegals a drivers’s liscence won’t keep them from driving anyway.

  6. Help me out here please, what kind of identification does it take to get a drivers license?

  7. “Help me out here please, what kind of identification does it take to get a drivers license?”


    Thought this was interesting….

    If you present multiple documents issued by a foreign government or organization, and we’ve approved of their issuance processes, we’ll accept them as separate documents.
    Currently, we accept multiple documents issued by:
    Mexican government
    Guatemalan government

  8. truthbusterguy says:

    It is true you need to give your SSN to get a fishing lic. I just got a crab lic. and the first thing they asked at Sportco was my Social Security Number.

    You mean they don’t ask that for drivers lic? That is just BS.

    I plan to look at the int. 1122 and see if it will help. Can anyone tell me if this is a Tim Eyman int? Who ever is doing this is a hero.

  9. geeterpontiac says:

    The killing of this bill is just another obvious attempt by liberal Democrats to invite more illegals to the state of Washington in order to increase their constituency.

    After all, when you go off the deep end, you need every vote you can muster, meaning the dead, the non-existent, and, the illegal.

    Remember, this the party that wanted to extend voting rights to convicted felons while they were still incarcerated.

  10. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Washington’s ignorant electorate gave you no casinos, more taxes, more social programs, more government, Gregoire, Murray, and a State legislature controlled by socialist democrats – and there is wonder why they refuse to support an effort that relates to the sovereignty of their own country!!!! Absolutely braindead leftists!

  11. While renewing my license, I saw a car full of Latinos (they were speaking Spanish) pull up, motor running and began exchanging manila envelopes for cash with several other Latinos, and quickly pulled away. These same individuals who had “purchased the envelopes began entering the DOL singularly and were waiting, apparently in order not to arouse notice inside.
    While walking to my car from the loading area at Home Depot, nine Spanish speaking people with backpacks and sleeping bags, hats pulled down, crossed the street in front of me and hopped the fence into Bradley Lake Park. The park was closed.

    Sanctuary Park.

    I survived a high speed rear-end collision caused by a mexican Illegal who had one of our “Monopoly-Money” drivers licenses, along with the falsified La Raza supplied photo-shopped insurance “card” that the (Kent) Police are told not to really check.

    Sanctuary Law (non) Enforcement

    Sell your mother for a vote.
    Raise your quarterly stock value by staffing with Illegals.
    Our legislators are nothing more than lying cowards…

  12. Votetherock says:


    It’s Not a Tim Eyman Initiative.

    You can go to http://www.RespectWashington.us for all the info on I-1122

  13. Lars, you seem to cross paths with a lot of illegal Latinos.

  14. the3rdpigshouse says:

    One example of the idiot mindset in Olympia – Connie Ladenburg (State Rep) was asked if she supported illegal immigrants receiving drivers licenses – her response – “YES”!!!!!! These are the kind of people that somehow get elected by Washington’s ignorant electorate!!

  15. Roncella says:

    What is wrong with the liberal mindset ???? They support the rights of extreme Muslim Terrorists, Illegal Mexicans flooding the State of Washington and the U.S.A., Why ?

    I guess getting more dem Votes is more important to some liberals than the safety of their State and Country is, Sad, Sick, and Dispappointing.

  16. … it’s all about votes folks…

    When someone wets their pants because “The legislation was an attempt to control illegal immigration at the state level” … it speaks volumes about the mindset.

  17. harleyrider1 says:

    Washington state is only 1 of 3 remaining in the Union that do not require secure identification to obtain a driver’s license.

    With an American driver’s license, a lot of privileges can be obtained. In this state, comes free health care, food stamps/credit card, free education, the privilege to drive (usually without a license), recognition as a legal resident.

    But then, what the heck. The people in this state must have a lot of money and can afford to do these things are they wouldn’t allow it. California ran out of money long time ago. Just keep raising taxes.

  18. I can’t wait for Kilmer to knock on my door asking for a vote again!

    The Dims in this state rival San Francisco for ignorance, and do so proudly.
    Time to change that.

    God Bless Tim Eyman

  19. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    We need more clear thinkers like tjschul. I bet this guy wears his ballcap with the brim forward, not tilted left or backward.

    I will also do the same when Kilmer comes knocking. I hope many voters put him in the push up position over his most recent vote to kill this bill.

  20. brymarbuch says:

    It wasn’t the “only opportunity … to restore security and creditability to our state’s drivers license.” I think there are still 4 other bills, SB5138, 5006, 5335 and HB1459 which address the SSN requirement.

    Its possible Senate Bill 5407 was “killed” because it was brought up for consideration minutes before deadline to vote on bills in their chamber of origin; the chief sponsor of the bill also voted no.

    I wondered why it’s required to give your SSN to get a hunting/ fishing license and found it’s because of RCW 77.32.014 and RCW 74.20A.320, the purpose of which are to improve child support compliance, not find illegal aliens.

  21. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    The Seattle Times thinks it’s a dead issue for this session.


    OK, they want to catch people not paying child support but can someone tell me why asking for a SSN at the time of applying for a drivers license is wrong?

  22. Publico already answered your question, taxedenough.

    What, you don’t agree?


  23. Washington state is an illegal aliens dream. You’ve got a bunch of demokrats bending over and spreading the cheeks for any non-citizen who wants to come in. Olympia is a joke and should be looked at as such by any person with any brain. A state that would elect “Baghdad Jim”or Patty Murray to any office cannot be taken seriously. My only question is; how did so many stupid people end up living in one state?

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