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TACOMA: Strickland shows common sense

Letter by James R. Reardon, Gig Harbor on March 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm with 11 Comments »
March 11, 2011 1:07 pm

Re: “Airfare gift: What was Mayor Strickland thinking?” (editorial, 3-11).

Tacoma should be delighted to have a committed leader who obviously has brought common sense to her responsibilities. The bureaucracy that smothers our government is deficient in the practical application of human reason.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland, whom I have observed but never met, is a breath of fresh air to a process that has lost all sense of good judgment. It is abundantly clear from your editorial that she has done no harm to the city by accepting the frequent-flyer miles. Without having done so, the city would have been the poorer. Now the city will spend taxpayer money to “teach” her the way of truth.

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  1. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Remember – Stupid Is as Stupid Does!!!! The electorate strikes again in Tacoma!!!

  2. slasmith says:

    So what you are really saying is that it is more expensive to have a city leader break the law than follow it.

  3. yabetchya says:

    Situation expected…..Pork and Perks, the finer diner of the elite.

  4. harleyrider1 says:

    Why would the city be poorer? What City of Tacoma leader in their right mind would even try to justify the expense of flying to another country on city business with such city budget problems and layoffs? It’s Tacoma for God’s sakes -we are not a Country.

    Oh – Mayor Strickland would. The one that gave a State of the Union speech. Obviously sees herself playing a role in World government.

    Well, you know what? City taxpayers and employees would not have supported paying for the “mayor” to fly to the other part of the world. We would have asked that she take the money that of course she would have found, to fix our potholes or return that amount to the city domestic violence budget.

    It’s called Leadership for a reason.

  5. She broke the law, pure and simple.

  6. hansgruber says:

    Strickland showed no common sense what so ever.

  7. The first 6 responses have said it so well,I just have to agree with them.

  8. If you did this as a federal employee, you would lose your job at a minimum. There would be a good chance you would be barred from any future federal employment. In some federal jurisdiction, you probably would be prosecuted.

    I eagerly look forward to voting against this mayor in the next election. No common sense at all. Maybe she needs to attend to city problems at home. And, that does not mean passing ‘feel good’ resolutions condemning Arizona for passing immigration laws, whether to agree with them or not.

    I also see she wants to get involved in education policy in Tacoma. Hopefully, she will not try to tell our kids not to break the laws of the city and country (unless you are ignorant or disagree with them).

  9. frankiethomas says:

    Letter writer is an individual of limited intelligence who doesn’t understand the concept of undue influence. One hand washing the other, can he see this? The mayor has common sense? Since the letter writer lacks any I doubt his ability to identify it in another.

  10. Strickland has always been severely ethically challenged !

    Nothing new here !

  11. PumainTacoma says:

    It’s called the Foreign Corruption Practices Act. Kickbacks and bribery is prohibited while conducting government business. Besides the risk of industrial espionage is high in Asia and various “members” of foreign governments “plant” so called business associates to do the work for government owned operations. If you did this for the federal government you’d be in jail and fined. This is no laughing matter when it comes to international anti-corruption laws.

    Mayor Strickland portrays herself as a blundering idiot whose ethics and flipped attitude to federal laws as inconsequential to her ways.

    She should be subjected to the same penalties as our federal employees.

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