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DUI: Stop proposing nanny state legislation

Letter by Drew Pearce, Seattle on Feb. 28, 2011 at 1:23 pm with 18 Comments »
February 28, 2011 1:23 pm

Re: “Olympia DUI drivers may need special plates” (TNT, 2-15).

State Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton, wants to require drivers convicted of DUI after 2012 to have a special license plate designated with the letter Z. Perhaps she needs a scarlet letter on her forehead to warn citizens that she is a threat to everyone’s civil liberties and an insult to our intelligence.

Legislator that propose pernicious nanny legislation need to get a life and quit trying to further escalate the litigious nightmare we live in.

Using her line of logic that public humiliation will somehow increase public safety, then why don’t we just cane DUI violators on Main Street? Why don’t we just start branding every citizen for one thing or another?

We already have enough “get tough” deterrent laws on the books that don’t seem to do anything other that enrich the courts, lawyers and insurance companies.

I will take my chances on encountering a drunk driver rather than live in a society that would tolerate barbaric laws such as this.

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  1. Great idea for the special license plates and, Drew, you should stop drinking.

  2. NWflyfisher says:

    Makes no sense to me, Publico. What’s next, one for drug dealers, another for crack heads, another for sex offenders, another for pedophiles, another for spouse abusers, another for home invaders, another for bank robbers, another for . . . ?

  3. I agree with Drew, dumb legislation. If you want to really do something to reduce DUI’s, just stop issuing license plates and tags for any repeat offender.

    If we want to start issuing special license plates then everyone in the Legislature should be required to have plates with a picture of a nice big dunce cap.

  4. The scarlet letter allusion is quite apt actually.

    Colorado law requires mandatory jail time (2 weeks) for DUI first-time offenders.

    I’m guessing this will give pause to a number of people who drink and drive. As to those who are unhindered by it, perhaps two weeks in the stink tank will motivate them to seek help for what ails them.

  5. NWflyfisher — I guess you’ve missed the whole point. The letter on the license plate points out someone who is driving, who has committed a major offense, while driving. Do you see the driving-driving connection?

    It’s still a stupid idea. They should just yank the license and plates of anyone who earns a DUI.

  6. NWflyfisher says:

    ronniew: pedophiles & drug dealers don’t stalk prey around schools? Crack heads don’t drive while high? Nope, I didn’t miss the driving connection.

  7. Taking away ones drivers and vehicle license will accomplish very little.The person will continue to drive even if they have to (borrow}someones license plates and forget they have no drivers license,knowing the worst thing that will happen to them is a slap on the hand!That is why the people seem to ignore state law on DUIs,there is very little incentive for them to cease what they have done or will continue to do.

  8. I prefer the Swedish approach. First DUI occurs on the last day you allowed to drive for as long as you live in Sweden.

  9. So Drew how many DUI have you gotten ? If you have never been caught then this shouldn’t bother you I also thing Sex O should have 1 too because The DOC sure doesn’t do their job in informing the public other than add in the news tribune

  10. Special plates are “barbaric laws”?!!???


    Here is my idea of what “barbaric laws” (that might actually work) would look like:

    First offense – lose license for 5 years, 1 year imprisonment, $30K fine.
    Second offense – lose the chance to ever drive legally again, 5 years imprisonment, $150K fine
    Third offense – death penalty.

  11. Oh, I could get carried away on this one with suggestions but doubt the TNT would print my ideas.
    Sweet Norma, pay attention to your charges: Education and Balancing the Budget. That is what you get paid for.

  12. lawrencejprice says:

    If you drink and drive and get stopped, tow car, take plates and license, and pay triple for any property damages. If you drink and drive and injure anyone, you lose the car, license and get to sit in jail until the injured parties are well. If you drink and drive and kill anyone, you lose the car, license and get to sit in jail until the deceased have risen from the dead.

  13. firemannotfirefighter says:

    Actually yeah, I think a special License Plate for DUI offenders and Sex Offenders are a great idea. Should be cost neutral, because we make them pay for it! This isn’t nanny state legislation, this is a continuation of punishment for people that choose to live outside of the rules that we as a society have decided upon

  14. OK – no special tags if offenders are implanted with a special chip that signals cops that a convicted DUI is nearby and should be spot-checked.

  15. xring,checking with google,Penalty for DUIs in Finland and Sweden is,one year in jail with hard labor!In So.Africa the penalty is 10 years in prison and the equivelent of a 10,000 dollar fine.In Russia the penalty is your license is revoked for life.In EL Salvador your first offence is your last as the penalty is Death by Firing Squad!I believe in the USA the penalty is a slap on the hand and a, now go home and be a good person!

  16. surething says:

    So if your family shares a car you all have to be labeled while driving it? Hmmm.

  17. surething – they can always buy a different car.

  18. drewsthing says:

    What is so hard about understanding the issues here? It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with DUI or drinking and driving. I happen to think it is a bad idea to drink and drive and I am against it. However it (my main point) does have EVERYTHING to do with the legislation of very dangerously stupid legislation that I find insulting to the intelligence of our society.
    I also find it disturbing that so many of us served, fought, sacrificed, and died so we could be protected against this type of government intervention and so few seem to appreciate it — even more so they fail to understand it.

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