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INITIATIVES: Process threatened by corporate money

Letter by Elizabeth W. Ogden, Puyallup on Feb. 28, 2011 at 4:29 pm with 13 Comments »
March 1, 2011 10:38 am

Re: “Initiative reform: First show us the problem” (editorial, 2-17) and “State legislators should leave the initiative process alone” (Pam Roach Viewpoint, 2-26).

State Sen. Pam Roach and The News Tribune may not think there is any problem with our initiative process, but this voter sees a red alert. The initiative reform bill (SB 5297) is a mere baby step towards keeping our treasured initiative process from becoming an auction misused by wealthy special interests to impact the voters. The initiative should be strengthened, not discarded.

The basic problem is the current cancerous takeover by corporate money, which is furthered by their flooding the media with often misleading ads aimed at influencing voters. An estimated $57 million was spent by both political parties supporting or opposing our nine ballot measures in the last election.

When will this obscene nightmare come to a halt? I consider this a problem. The very roots of our democracy are threatened.

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  1. “corporate money” … union money… what’s the diff?

  2. About 50 corpoate dollars to every union dollar.

  3. JudasEscargot says:

    union money – personal voluntary wage deductions specified for political campaigns

    corporate money – a small board of directors deciding where profits will be distributed in political campaigns

  4. JudasEscargot says:

    I wonder if Senator Roach would mind an initiative stipulating that Pam Roach must get a 95% vote to hold office?

    I’m betting on an off year, you could easily cruise that one.

  5. That much more money on top of union cash going to the democrat political machine… that’s my point. Have you seen how much “wall street” money goes to the dems?

  6. The GOP outspent the Dems by 50 to 1 due to right wing indiviual and corp funding.

  7. Have you seen how much “wall street” money goes to the dems?

    Lots in the past. More then went to the Republicans, but Wall Street got smart and switched sides.

    Read it here

    That must hurt when lovers split and your ex cuts you off at the wallet.

  8. Yes the evil GOP and their supporters raised and spent more money in the 2010 election cycle…. I am happy that they finally got they stuff together and finally figure out how to raise money…

    1996 – Libs outspent conservatives 10m to 6m
    1998 – Libs outspent conservatives 7.5m to 5.2m
    2000 – Libs outspent conservatives 30m to 17m
    2002 – Libs outspent conservatives 18m to 4.6m
    2004 – Libs outspent conservatives 121m to 68m
    2006 – Libs outspent conservatives 38m to 19m
    2008 – Libs outspent conservatives 158m to 120m

    That must hurt… spend all that money all those years with little to show for it… finally get luck twice… only to be cut off again… and lose…. again…

  9. and your reference is?

  10. opensecrets.org

  11. Anything Pam Roach says should be disregarded. She’s not even allowed to caucus with the R’s or have any contact whatsoever with staff members. Now she’s admitting that corporations should be able to buy our initiative process with absolutely no transparency. She’s awful.

  12. rr – In 2010, Independent Conservative Groups spent 97.6 million dollars, while all unions taken together spent only 46.7 million dollars.

    It must hurt to be hoisted on your own petard.

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