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UNION: Liberals’ yellow streak showing

Letter by Eric Donahue, Gig Harbor on Feb. 22, 2011 at 1:50 pm with 14 Comments »
February 22, 2011 1:52 pm

We finally see the yellow streaks up the backs of liberals. To escape a vote on ending collective bargaining for public employee unions, liberal Democrats in Wisconsin fled. Cowards.

When the health care vote came up, Republicans did not flee. They overwhelmingly voted no.

Wisconsin is no different than the state of Washington, or for that matter the country as a whole. They are broke. Wisconsin public employees make an average of $52,000 per year, plus benefits of up to $22,000 per year for medical insurance. How many private sector employees make that?

Since the beginning of the recession, employees of the private sector, nonunion company I work for have given up furlough days, they have been laid off and we have been doing more work with fewer people since.

Public employee union members had better realize that we are all hurting. It is time for them to sacrifice the same as the rest of us have and not hold the taxpayer hostage.

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  1. Great letter Eric! The measure of worth is determined by the quality of what is produced, look at our schools compared to other countries.

  2. Fibonacci says:

    Which schools do you compare to? Are you aware that some of those countries have multle levels of schools? The sad parat is that our country has never been as good as the right wing think. I read where in 1965 we were lower than today, that we are in fact going up rather than down. I knonw that this does not fit with your ideology but there it is.

  3. Perhaps the Wisconsin legislators don’t have the power of filibuster the way the Repubs in the Senate have…….

  4. frosty – those countries with better schools pay their teachers better than we do. And they treat teachers with respect.

  5. Specifically which countries and are there unions involved…cite?

  6. “Exasperated House Democratic leaders have compiled a list showing that they have passed 290 bills that have stalled in the Senate.”

    Senate filibusters are the same as leaving the premises.

  7. The Wisconsin Senators are true Americans heroes standing up to a tin pot dictator (Walker).

    The country is hurting because the greedy corporations, and the right wing puppets, have sent over 40,000 factories and millions of jobs overseas.

    The public unions in Wisconsin have agreed to the financial cuts contained in the Walker Bill, but Walker won’t accept that. In fact the Republicans are trying to ram through a separate non-budget bill that would dissolve the public unions.

    Walker has stated that his anti-union bill is needed to pay for a $137 million dollar budget shortfall. But he fails to talk about the $140 million in tax breaks and other giveaways he pushed through for selected special interest groups.

    In addition, there is something like $1 billion dollars in state corporate taxes owed to the state that Walker plans to forgive.

    In order to help close the Washington State budget deficient Public Unions have accepted cuts and freezes on their wages, increases in withholding for their health and retirement payments, and been subject to involuntary furlough days.

  8. Sorry Eric you are wrong. How much should someone with a college education some with advanced degrees make? 50 K is too much? The average Boeing worker makes that or more, many without a college degree.

    Look at nationwide education results comparing right to work states (non-union) and union states. The states with strong unions have the best results now and historically.

    I’m not buying that teachers and firefighters are now the enemy. What is happening in WI, OH, and IN is what the far right wants for the middle class, to fight among each other.

    Here is a great article on why teachers deserve bargaining rights.


  9. Another important point, if unions are the problem why do states that have no unionized public work force have the same budget problems or worse? For example, Texas which has a 26 billion dollar deficit.

  10. Virginia does not allow public employee unions, they have a budget surplus.

  11. beerboy, so the Korean government pays their teachers more? I know for a fact that many of the classrooms over there don’t even have heat. The difference is not just cultural, discipline plays a huge roll in how other countries teach. The adults there run the classrooms, not like here where kids can get by with just about anything. You’ll also find that teachers in those countries tend to not be “pals” with the students. They dress like professionals and act like adults. Some of the teachers nowadays dress worse than the students. I saw one of them holding a sign in Wisconsin that said “WTF”! Is that the way to be a leader of kids?

  12. frosty – yah sure, ya betcha “I know for a fact….”

    larsman – if we treated teachers like professionals that should be respected then there wouldn’t be a perceived need to collectively bargain. I would prefer if there were no teachers unions – but then that would require that our society actually value education and educators.

    This letter’s name-calling is just like the pro-union letter’s name-calling (“un-American”). Neither letter deserves any respect.

  13. Pretty childish, calling someone yellow, especially everyone who he doesn’t agree with.

    If it were his side who used this method keeping this oppressive bill from coming to a vote, his letter would be titled ” A Stroke of Genius.”

  14. Where are teachers not treated like professionals beerboy? Yeah right on! Do you treat all working people as a professional? Or just those with a sheepskin?

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