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GOP: Workers who voted GOP realizing their mistake

Letter by Duane Petersen, Fircrest on Feb. 22, 2011 at 2:53 pm with 24 Comments »
February 22, 2011 2:53 pm

President Bill Clinton balanced the budget. Under President George W. Bush, the Republican Party created huge deficits.

The GOP believes the people who responsible for fixing the deficit they created should not be the rich (you must cut their tax burden) but should instead be teachers, police, firefighters and other public employees.

I agree. It’s the teachers, police, firemen and other public employees voting for the GOP that caused the entire problem. Now they’re whining that they don’t like it. I say tough! They are simply realizing their mistake.

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  1. chris3dog says:

    This is nothing new, we never seem to learn from our mistakes
    When Ronald Reagan was running for president, the air traffic controllers union, (PATCO), threw their votes and their financial support at this benign ex-union president.
    Six months later they were all fired by this very same GOP idol.
    I never cease to be amazed by these few, proud, stupid, staunchly independent, and unemployed voters.

  2. Fibonacci says:

    Do you reallly think it was teachers, police, and firemen that voted GOP?

  3. Teachers voted republican? Give me a break! Obama has created more debt in less than two years than every other president combined.

  4. eagle_beak says:

    Mr. Petersen, I respect your right to your opinion but your letter makes it appear that you must have slept thru the last 2 years.
    state governments wanting to reduce the over-blown benefits of many of their employees and the strangle-hold that their unions have on the budgets is going to happen. it will happen because we all have to pay towards our healthcare benefits, our retirements, etc. ……and— it is the right thing to do.
    many unions including the state employee unions have way overstepped their reasons for being, in the first place, and this happened at least 20 to 30 years ago. the unions have become a business — yes, a business unto themselves …..all of them wanting closed shop, forced joining of all employees, etc. the gravy train has pulled into the station and all passengers need to get off.

  5. “President Bill Clinton balanced the budget” … wrongo, the 104th congress (ie Newt) did… and Bill relented.
    Just like when the 110th congress (Nancy and Harry) took charge in ’07… they wrote it, the president just signed it. Same with the following years to date.

  6. “Obama has created more debt in less than two years than every other president combined.”

    Baloney. Just another irresponsible conservative talking point. Obama never created that debt.

    The majority of debt incurred under Obama is due to interest being paid on the debts ran-up by GWB, and by Medicare Part D expenses (Thanks again, GWB), and by paying for other fixed expenses such as SSI, the military and medicare. Had Obama not been left with a decline in revenue caused by the trashed economy that he inherited from the previous administration, his balance sheet would be looking healthier the previous president’s ever was.

  7. “President Bill Clinton balanced the budget” … wrongo, the 104th congress (ie Newt) did… and Bill relented.
    Just like when the 110th congress (Nancy and Harry) took charge in ’07… they wrote it, the president just signed it. Same with the following years to date.”

    You conviently bypassed the years from 2001-2007, when the Republican president and the Republican controlled congress dropped the pay-go system which was so effectively utilized to balance budgets, then followed that mistake by a tax-cut for the wealthy, which began an accelerated phase in the downward spiral of our national debt.

  8. “frosty says:
    February 22, 2011 at 4:02 pm
    Teachers voted republican? Give me a break! Obama has created more debt in less than two years than every other president combined.”

    Most of what the President has done with spending has been to counter the effects of the recession, so it was on purpose and not an error as you would have us believe. As a percent of GDP it is not even close to the records.

  9. eagle_beak, you are spot on. The unions are a business, with evil CEOs who take bonuses and a salary, from the people they are working tirelessly for regarding negotiations of contracts (like that happens every day). And when it is a government employee union, the tax payer pays that cost (and the campaign contributions).

  10. Sadly, there are those who belong to organized labor who would vote against their financial well being because they fall for the wedge issues the GOP promote. They must have felt that the GOP wouldn’t be able to destroy their prosperity.

    Good letter, Duane. Maybe some of them are able to see that they were duped.

  11. David1964 says:

    I can tell you that the education unions are NOT businesses. The leaders are our very own rank and file, some of whom take a leave of absence in order to be our local and state presidents. The union dues I and my colleagues pay each month simply pay the wages for those running the union (presidents on leave, secretaries, and negotiators). My union is in the business of making sure that the needs of their members are met, so we can carry on to meet the needs of our ultimate clients, the students (and their parents). And no…..you the taxpayers are NOT paying my union dues. I work hard for my income (and it IS an income….I’m not sponging off the “taxpayer”, as I AM a taxpayer too!). I am happy to pay a little of my income to those who are organized enough to help negotiate my wages and benefits. Don’t forget that union wages (not minimum wages) help keep this economy afloat. When our wages suffer, so will the economy of this country.

  12. Fberg: FDR also opposed integrating the armed services. Does that mean we should still have segregation in this country?

    Frosty: the latest figure for the national debt is $14 trillion. In Sept of 2008 it was $10 trillion. Now here’s the tricky part 14 trillion minus 10 trillion equals 4 trillion, which is the about how much the national debt increased since Obama took office. And the really tricky part $4 trillion is way less than $10 trillion.

    Or in plain words – your claim that Obama has spent more than all others president is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably FALSE.

  13. alindasue says:

    You are correct. We all have to pay toward our benefits – even those of us in the SEIU union whose wages are paid by the state.

    I have been in both state paid jobs and private sector jobs. There are no special benefits that come from our union negotiating with the state. We actually are at more of a disadvantage over private sector workers since it literally takes an act of congress to get our contract negotiated and approved… and that same congress has shown quite clearly this last couple years those same contracts that employees (and their unions) negotiated in good faith now mean absolutely nothing to them as contracted hours are cut, pay frozen, required training not paid for, and so forth.

    Why is it that you fail to mention those years when Pres. George W. Bush funded the war with $80billion+ per year that wasn’t even on the budget books? It’s easy to make your expenses seem smaller when your biggest expense is not on the books. Now those costs plus interest are on the books, as they should be, and debt makes up the biggest part of our nation’s budget.

  14. xring, you forgot to mention that the demokrats controlled congress during the last two years of Bush’s administration. Now, here’s a math problem for you, Obama raised our debt by four trillion, right? How many presidents were in office before Obama? Collectively, not one president has spent as much in two years in office. How’s those “shovel ready” jobs working out for you? How many of those Chevy Volts have been sold? How’s that “Hope and Change” working for you?

  15. harleyrider1 says:

    Congress controls the money, the budget, and is ultimately responsible for spending and saving. A President leads, cajoles, and hopes their visions get fulfilled. They cannot make laws or spend money on their own authority.

    Your letter reflects a lack of knowledge of your own government and how it works. You need to look at what parties controlled the House, the Senate year by year; you need to understand that fighting wars costs money. They are not money-savers.

    Presidents “talk”; Congress enacts. Our arguments, our displeasures, our disappointments rests with Congress. That’s why voting for a Senator or Representative is more important than voting for the “talker”. Too many people have this priority reversed.

  16. ItalianSpring says:

    Typical lib trash. Their deficit data base knowledge stops at W. They have no knowledge of the Kenyian’s record breaking debt creation accomplishments and refuse to discuss it.

  17. Sorry you missed the point cirrus. The letter writer put forth the false premise that Bill Clinton balanced the budget. He did not, the 104th congress did.

  18. Frosty why do you have to lie to yourself. Here are the facts:
    1. Bush INCREASED spending by 104%
    3.Bush did not have the 2 Wars in the BUDGET
    4. Bush increased the size of gvt by 42%
    5. Obama put Bush’s wars in the BUDGET!
    6. Bush wrote the 2009 budget.

    Frosty just who do you think is paying off BUSH’S DEBT?

    You republicans are nothing but a sociopathic cult who can not deal with the facts. It is you, Frosty and others like you who make me ashamed to be an American. The real reason the white male cult known as the GOP doesnt like Obama is simple: He is black.

  19. Roncella says:

    Obama has spent with the help of the dems. in congress 5 trillion, yes let me repeat 5 trillon in less than two years as President.

    He has broken the record for spending by any of our past Presidents hands down.

    Yes the community organizor can speak supurbly reading from his tele-prompters and he can spend and spend and spend better than any other President in History.

  20. As one person wrote “Gov. Walker is a breath of fresh air.” In 2010, we drained half the swamp. In 2012, we conservatives will complete the job.
    “Go, Republicans Go!”

  21. Concernedfather says:

    Here is a completely FALSE and RACIST statement:
    “The real reason the white male cult known as the GOP doesnt like Obama is simple: He is black”

    The TRUTH is:
    1) The Grand Old Party is not a mens club, there are many proud women members.
    2) Obama is not black, he is brown. People don’t dislike him because of WHAT he is; it is because of WHO he is.
    3) Small minds will ALWAYS throw in the “Race Card”, because they have no REAL arguement.

  22. Sue, you really need to seek professional help for your paranoia. You’re pyschotic dislike of white males must be unbearable. “Bush wrote the 2009 budget”? What roll did your heroic amazon, Nancy Pelosi play in it? C’mon Sue, you can do better than that, after you get your meds.

  23. Teachers voting GOP? Really? Nope. Some maybe, but hardly the majority.

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