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TAXES: Seniors could use Eyman’s help

Letter by Joyce Morones, Lakewood on Feb. 18, 2011 at 11:14 am with 12 Comments »
February 18, 2011 11:14 am

I totally agree with the letter submitted recently about a tax break for seniors. Fixed income is exactly that: fixed. So why can’t other things be “fixed”?

My husband and I have thought many times about ways seniors can be assisted. The big one is why can’t property taxes be reduced or frozen when seniors reach 62? Why should seniors worry about being able to stay in their homes because everything keeps going up except their income? That’s ridiculous.

I know the state has the exemption for low-income seniors, which is helpful but it’s not that easy to qualify.

I don’t have all the answers, but I bet someone out there can figure something out to help. Perhaps this is a crusade Tim Eyman can carry. With all the baby boomers retiring and about to have the same concerns, I would have to think there would be a ton of support.

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  1. Joyce, Pierce does have a plan for seniors property abatement.Its called Senior/Disabled Levy Rate.Call theCounty Assesor-Treasurer office to get the information you will need.The number to call is 253 798 2169.

  2. cclngthr says:

    Seniors already get a low income discount on property taxes. Seniors and disabled people only pay $250 each time taxes are due, but there is a catch: When the property is sold, the total taxes that go above that $250 payment is immediately due upon the closing of that sale, and if the senior pays $250 each time for 20 years, that adds up to over $20K in back taxes. Depending on the property tax of the property, it can take most of the profits from the sale.

    There is a catch to that program. When the property is sold, the amount of taxes due is the total amount of taxes before the discount is applied. A friend of mine recently passed away and her property tax rate was at the senior/disabled discount for 15 years. When her house is sold, her family will be required to pay the county taxes that were removed due to the discount.

    Sure, it looks like it is a good program that gets property taxes reduced, but the reduction of taxes bites you when you find out that when the property is sold, what is due is the gross amount of taxes before the discount.

  3. I don’t understand why seniors seem to think they are so special. The get social security, medical care, discounts and now they should get tax breaks just because you get old.

    What do the working poor get, the bill.

    If you are low income, that’s one thing, but I’m tired of the reading and hearing from greedy seniors.

  4. JudasEscargot says:

    Joyce, dear.

    If you think Tim Eyman cares on iota about senor citizens, you have a long wait for his help.

  5. JudasEscargot says:

    make that ‘one’, but you get the drift.

  6. Joyce, dear.

    Which of your friends at your country club can’t pay their property taxes? Perhaps you could rent out a few bedrooms in your upper-middle class home to raise the funds to help out.

  7. bobcat1a says:

    Didn’t you hear? EVERYONE must suffer for the sins of the past years. Except if you’re a millionaire, of course. They’re already paying too much. So that’s why the republicans in Wisconsin just cut their taxes (but the teachers are overpaid).

  8. Roncella says:

    Joyce, You have to realize most libs/progressives have no mercy on seniors. They consider them to be Rich, and Greedy, not Needy.

    They forget about how many have served their country in the Military, and paid taxes to support schools, gave to charities, and their communities for years and years in taxes etc. etc.

    A day will come when they to will be seniors, I hope their golden years are not to painful.

  9. JudasEscargot says:

    Roncella – I’d like to say you are ignorant on the subject, but instead, I’ll just call you a plain liar.

    Democrats are notoriously the ones that have taken care of veteran’s benefits – our own Patty Murray and Norm Dicks leading the way.

    Right as of this moment, the Republicans are doing their level best to making senior citizens work longer so that they can pass along tax cuts to their wealthy supporters.

    If this information was not so readily available, I’d think you were just ignorant.

  10. MadTaxpayer says:

    I that really true about paying back the Senior/Disabled taxes?? My father has been paying the reduced rates for 20 years. He would owe more than the house is worth.

  11. commoncents says:

    MadTaxpayer – So what you’re saying is that your father took out all the equity in his house that has built up over the last 20 years? Taxes on a house in my area that last sold in 1994 are about 3,300. If that person paid the minimum of $250 over the last 16 years they would owe $48,800 in back taxes. However, that home is worth $277k right now after originally selling for $135k. While the back taxes would be a big chunk of change now it still doesn’t exceed the equity in the home – unless the owner took out money via a refinance. Which, if they did? Well then that’s poor retirement planning.

    It’s a great program so long as everyone knows what’s going on. It only becomes an issue when people aren’t aware that it’s occurring.

  12. Sroldguy says:

    >Seniors already get a low income discount on property taxes

    Only if they meet age, disability, and income requirements and apply for one of a few programs. It sure isn’t guaranteed and automatic!

    I am on the Senior/Disabled list and my taxes went up $300 alone on top of what I paid last year in “discounted taxes.” House value down $25,000 taxes up $300.
    So much for that so called $250. The “discounted taxes” I pay are all based on value and what was voted in for schools, fire, etc.

    The “discounted taxes” program is I believe based on three income levels with a different percentage discount at each level with a max income of something like $32,000. I’m in the top income level which is the lowest discount rate. Which in simple terms is the more you make the less you save on taxes. The percentage “savings” does not need to be paid back…

    There a couple other programs like the $250 but to be sure about anything do as “sincere” wrote – Call theCounty Assesor-Treasurer office to get the information you will need. The number to call is 253 798 2169.

    Also there is a non government reverse mortgage program that a couple friends have done. They’re happy. The bank is more than happy. And the casinoes are waiting with open arms and a smile….

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