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TACOMA: Scofflaws deserve to be ticketed

Letter by Joseph T. Stiles, Tacoma on Feb. 17, 2011 at 1:01 pm with 16 Comments »
February 17, 2011 1:01 pm

News Tribune, 2-17-11
Re: “Tacoma parking enforcement too aggressive, downtown business owners say” (TNT, 2-17).

It’s too bad that the scofflaws are getting caught and the business owners are complaining. I wish the parking enforcement people could pay a visit to my neighborhood. I tried to be a good neighbor a few weeks ago, informing a neighbor that his tabs expired in December 2010. Well, you can’t print what he said. So much for trying to be “nice.”

Business owners should assist their customers instead of blaming the city for their customers’ scofflaw attitudes. I do not agree however, with the parking enforcement people waiting around for the “time” to expire, but writing tickets for expired tags and missing front plates is well within the law.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Joseph, I doubt from your letter that you have ever owned or operated a small business. That you had a payroll and employees to keep working and still made a profit.

    Those stupid parking meters are damaging the small businesses by ticketing potential customers coming to the downtown area to shop.

    There is enough competion all over the area already, without discouraging customers from returning to or trying to shop in downtown Tacoma.

    Shame on the Mayor and City Council for spending money on a study to place the meters than paying an out of state company to install them. Where is there common sense at, or business sense at ????

  2. Pecksbadboy says:

    The word scofflaw is most often used to describe people who violate laws that are hard to enforce. That is not the case here and the word went out of favor 50 years ago.

    Mr. Stiles sounds like the grumpy old man that no one wants to have any dealings with and is always yelling at the neighbor kids to get off his lawn.

    I am sorry that the world seems to be passing him by and nobody ever complained back in the” good old days” when there was an injustice .

  3. nonstopjoe says:

    Given that there’s plenty of businesses with free parking, overzealous enforcement of parking laws downtown is a non-issue.

  4. Parking meters in Olympia have a button that allows the driver 15 minutes to make a quick stop, or get the needed change.

    Can the system in Tacoma be modified to do something similar?

  5. Polago — That’s a good idea. If the real point is to get the people who work downtown to park elsewhere, giving a freebie 15 minutes for someone to make a quick stop shouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Boo Hoo they are getting tickets for violating the parking and their getting tickets for no tags or expired tabs the best way to avoid the tickets pump enough money in the meter and if don’t want tickets for the rest don’t brake the law The last thing I would do is go around were law enforcement is through out the day. The parking enforcement is not new.

    Also bravo for the parking enforcement for doing their job that what the taxpayers are paying for. You wouldn’t want me doing it everyone would get a tickets who are in violation

  7. Went downtown to meet a business colleague for lunch last Tuesday. After circling the blocks for fifteen minutes without locating any parking spaces within a reasonable walking distance from the restaurant, via cell phone, we agreed to leave the downtown area and meet elsewhere. My tabs are good, my license plates affixed and I had quarters. I even know which way to turn the wheels. What I don’t know is how to locate all this space that is supposed to be available.

  8. blakeshouse says:

    Nothing more than a city cash cow. If the politbureau was in the least interested in assisting downtown business earn more (and submitting more tax revenue) they would do away with the street side meters. Fact is they don’t give a damn at all about the downtown business man past getting his license money and then extorting as much as possible from as many of his customers as possible
    As much as i like the Harmon Brewing Co. I refuse to participate in this extortion of the public

  9. Apparently, Olemag, the parking spaces are still filling up. Which means that all of those who advocate flight from the city are getting nowhere, fast. It also means that those who are parking are serious about why they’re there, not just taking up valuable space all day.

    I’m sorry that you couldn’t find a convenient space.

  10. I met with a group for lunch at the Swiss. Where’s all the parking? Not being one to waste $25 plus the cost of the lunch, I had to park two blocks up the hill and waaaaaaaay down the block. There was no available city enforced parking spots. Two persons in the party did contribute to balancing the city budget.

    I use to like parking my car in a spot and walk around downtown and eventually return to my car. Now, well I do not need to chance the ticket, so I go elsewhere to spend my $$$. Instead of going to the downtown market, my family now goes to the Saturday market in Puyallup.

  11. omega629 says:

    was in down town yesterday to deposit checks at a local bank. No parking to be found. I had to park 2 blocks away. Not a big deal, i like the walking, but i thought the parking meters were there to make parking spots more available? I even aske the teller if the parking meters have made a difference, she told me flat out “no”. The only difference is people now complain about having to pay to park. Tacomas slogan should be “not finding a solution for anything, but still maknig money off of you.”

  12. Roncella says:

    omega629, Think about the restaurants and other small businesses having to cope with the dumb parking meters. Like they don’t already have enough problems to overcome, being located in downtown Tacoma.

    Small businesses depend on return business, regular customers coming back again and again more so than large retails stores do, especially those located at malls or strip malls.

    Having owned small businesses located in strip malls I can tell you that parking availabiltiy is very important to being successful in your business.

    I never had to cope with the problem of having parking meters or timed parking spaces.

    I can’t believe the business folks did not get involved to stop the meters from being installed in the first place.

  13. omega629 says:

    I dont think you understood Roncella. I was commenting on the fact that the parking meters have done nothing to ease parking congestion, but only to annoy the public.

  14. Roncella says:

    omega629, your absolutely right !!!

  15. Paid parking may not be easing congestion, but it has improved the quality of those who park. No longer are spaces being occupied all day by those who don’t contribute to the economy.

    So much for the boycotts.

  16. omega629 says:

    Polago, that doesnt make any sense. The paid parking was to ease congestion, it has not done that. So how has it improved the quality??

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