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TACOMA: Look past cost of the pavilion

Letter by Jesse L. Schweizer, Tacoma on Feb. 17, 2011 at 12:02 pm with 5 Comments »
February 17, 2011 3:02 pm

Re: “Pavilion overruns roil Tacoma council” (TNT, 2-16).

The pavilion is not about the cost of the structure but rather what’s in the title of the memorial park: “Chinese reconciliation.” The waterfront development is about acknowledging Tacoma’s history and, especially, anti-Chinese sentiment, subsequent banishment and abysmal treatment of Chinese people in the city in 1885 and 1886.

The pavilion and nearby waterfront pieces are a fitting memorial to the way the Chinese were treated in the area.

Citizens of Tacoma, recognize your city’s history, even if it is not your own. I urge all of you to visit the park, read at least the abbreviated history for yourselves on the plaques there and contemplate what that immediate area really means.

Continue construction and continue reconciliation, for the travesties that were beset upon the Chinese in the 1880s, even if it does cost more than previously believed.

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  1. omega629 says:

    This is the most backwards post i have ever read. Do you work for the city council?? So when you go shopping, you buy anything regardless of price as long as it has some history behind it?? And by behind i mean over 100 years ago. Maybe in 100 years there will be a memorial erected for all the money that was sacrificed on ugly, stupid memorials.

  2. eagle_beak says:

    Mr. Schweizer, i do not agree with you. it does not make sense for people in this century to pay so much money out of guilt for a past history and it makes less sense in this economy. i hope the chinese do not give the city of tacoma any more “gifts” as we can’t afford them.

  3. JLSchweizer says:

    omega629, eagle_beak, I will let President Barack Obama know that you two do not support US war memorials.

  4. omega629 says:

    JLSChweizer… This is no US war memorial. How can you even compare the two? That is absurd and a smack in the face of vetrans everywhere. Dont generalize just to try and make a (very weak) point.. becuase you failed. This town needs its roads fixed… not some ugly pagoda. No logical person can justify over 600,000k on that useless structure. You can make sure i will be voting people off that council.

  5. JLSchweizer says:

    What is the difference? As a disabled US military veteran myself, I see no difference in memorials dedicated to those who defended this country against enemies both foreign and domestic, and the memorials dedicated to those who were punished solely for loving this country and living here. Between the two, the Chinese who obeyed the City Council’s law banishing them, and those millions who have died for this country, who loves this land more? Love-for-country aside, isn’t every Abraham Lincoln memorial, at least in part, dedicated also to his eventual abolishing of slavery? Is your original argument that there should be no memorials for anything beyond 100 years of history? There are events that took place thousands of years ago that are memorialized now, even worshiped and praised for the change those events brought. Don’t you see, omega629, that history is to be cherished? It should be remembered, memorialized, and learned from –even YOUR history and ancestry– if for no other reason than to not repeat the blunders therein.

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