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ABORTION: Women’s right-to-choose services threatened

Letter by Kim L. Triller, Tacoma on Feb. 14, 2011 at 10:45 am with 56 Comments »
February 14, 2011 10:45 am

House Bill 1366 passed out of Health Care and Wellness Committee. It targets and threatens the existence of pregnancy centers in Washington. Rep. Troy Kelley was absent and Reps Tami Green and Laurie Jinkins voted in favor of HB 1366.

Pregnancy Support Centers are nonprofit, faith-based organizations that don’t receive federal or state funding. All services are free to our clients. Last year $18.6 million of free services were provided for women in our state.

Care Net of Puget Sound’s Centers are licensed medical clinics that specialize in pregnancy diagnosis. Services include pregnancy testing, consultations, ultrasound exams and STI screening under the direction of board-certified and licensed OB/GYNs; 32 medical professionals provide our medical services.

In 2010, 99.7 percent of our clients stated they would refer a friend to Care Net. They aren’t complaining.

HB 1366 requires arduous disclosures and allows any person “aggrieved” for any reason to bring a lawsuit against a pregnancy center. This bill only applies to pregnancy clinics that do not provide or refer for abortion or birth control. This is unconstitutional and violates the Equal Protection Clause by singling out one group for unequal treatment based on their beliefs. It also violates the First Amendment. Laws already exist to provide protection for patients. This bill is backed by Planned Parenthood, Legal Voice, NARAL, NOW and the ACLU.

It is incomprehensible to eliminate the network of services available for pregnant women who desire to continue their pregnancies. Please urge your representatives to vote against HB 1366.

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  1. BigSwingingRichard says:

    A women’s right to choose is also a woman’s right to kill.

  2. If the legislation is backed by NARAL, NOW, the ACLU and others it signals support for a women’s right to choose. Those who are against this legislation are also against choice in the matter of abortion and it sounds like they might be against birth control.
    I urge everyone to support women’s rights and to support the legislation.
    The fact that the opposition is faith based is the real clue to the subterfuge in the letter.

  3. aislander says:

    So…Publico…let me be certain I understand you. You want to de-fund these centers because they DON’T do abortions? Is that right?

  4. aislander says:

    “De-fund” isn’t the correct term, I now see, because these centers are privately funded. So…Publico…you want to throw these centers to the lawyers in a way no other facility, (such as say, Planned Parenthood) would be, because they DON’T provide abortions? Is THAT right? And your justification for this is that you are guessing that they may be pro-life? Shame on you!

  5. The definition of a “Women’s right to choose” is as follows: “A convenient way
    for women to terminate a life that would be inconvenient for their promiscuous
    life style.” PERIOD. Let’s call it what it is!

  6. MarksonofDarwin says:

    I have no problem with these centers. Of course there should be help and support available to women who are dealing with an un-planned pregnancy and want to give birth.

    That they use subterfuge and outright lies to lure unsuspecting women seeking an abortion is cruel.

    Let’s turn their tactic around. Imagine a young woman who is terrified, confused, devastated, embarrassed, and remorseful at becoming pregnant.

    She is pro-life.
    She knows in her heart there is only one choice for her….to give birth.
    She finds a “clinic” named “The Christian Women’s Choice Center”.
    After confirming her pregnancy, the clinicians give her brochures about abortion, and look hurt and disgusted when she explains that she just won’t do it.
    They persist in their finger wagging and moralizing as she leaves the “clinic” even more devastated.

    Yep…that’s how these “clinics” conduct themselves. Does that mean I support this law?….no.

    What all those agencies who support this law should be doing is shining a light on the despicable behavior they engage in, and advertise what they really are…..because let’s be honest….the clinics themselves are never going to do that. Nor will they ever admit that this is how they conduct themselves.

  7. What we have here are two excellent examples or right wing hypocrisy.
    First, they want to use public funds to support a ‘faith based non-profit organization’.

    Second, they want to use the power of government to interfere in a woman’s individual right to exercise her free will.

    Uscha, IMO most abortions are due to failed birth control, rape/incest, birth defect, or danger to life of mother. The only groups to fall under your “promiscuous life styles’ are prostitutes who are forced by their pimps for economic reasons, and the rich who have always have, and will be able to, obtain abortions.

  8. aislander says:

    xring: No hypocrisy. The centers are privately funded. I was mistaken…

  9. Hey xring, where do you get all this rhetoric you spout, from the left-wing
    manifesto. My previous comment stands!

  10. MarksonofDarwin says:


    You were correct the first time. Many of these clinics receive federal funding through the abstinence only program.

  11. That you place fetuses in the same category as cows and plants is telling bBoy.

    And MoD, I believe girls who go to pro-choice clinics often feel pressure to abort in much the way you describe the make-believe clinic scene above.

  12. MarksonofDarwin says:


    That may be correct, I don’t know, but the women who go to Planned Parenthood have NOT been deceived into thinking they are something they are not.

    These “clinics” are wrong on so many different levels. If they consider themselves Christian, then they are even more disgusting. Think about it. God’s laws are absolute…right? Why do they feel they can carve out some special exemption for themselves when it comes to deceit?

    They are also blasphemous, in that they arrogate to themselves that they know God’s mind, and that He would absolve them and sanction their deceit.

    Jesus is the truth, the light, and the way.
    Lucifer is the master of deceit.

  13. I bet whatido can find something in the archives to show how beerBoy railed against someone revising a screen name in such an immature way.

  14. Uscha, your previous comment is false and only stands to show you are the one spewing rhetoric devoid of any critical evaluation.

  15. JudasEscargot says:

    If the “pro-life” movement opposes abortion, why do they oppose Plan B? It is a non-abortive solution.

  16. xring, if most abortions are due to failed birth control, how would said pregnancy occur if one was not engaging in activity that causes pregnancy? Other than the unwanted or planned circumstances; promiscuous behavior and failed birth control would result in pregnancy.

  17. Xring. I find it difficult to believe there are humas walking this earth who think
    they have the power to critically evaluate the taking of an innocent human
    life. Surely you jest!

  18. Roll_on, are you saying that a married couple having sex are promiscuous?
    Also, in my experience, the most promiscuous have the fewest abortions due to birth control.

    Uscha, aborting a fetus is not taking a human life. Waging war is.

  19. No xring, you said most abortions are caused by failed birth control. I was trying to say that if you are having promiscuous sex, you might experience failed birth control. You implied that promiscuous sex, which is only done by prostitutes (not girls who just want to have fun) would never result in failed birth control (see FEBRUARY 14, 2011 AT 11:57 AM post)

    Or I just misinterpreted your usual ramblings.

  20. JudasEscargot says:

    Speaking of ramblings…..

    “No xring, you said most abortions are caused by failed birth control. I was trying to say that if you are having promiscuous sex, you might experience failed birth control. You implied that promiscuous sex, which is only done by prostitutes (not girls who just want to have fun) would never result in failed birth control (see FEBRUARY 14, 2011 AT 11:57 AM post)”

    What the heck was that????????????????

  21. JudasEscargot says:

    “uscha says:
    February 14, 2011 at 7:07 pm
    Xring. I find it difficult to believe there are humas walking this earth who think
    they have the power to critically evaluate the taking of an innocent human
    life. Surely you jest!”

    Another linguistic beauty. Drinking and blogging should be outlawed

  22. JudasEscargot says:

    Roll_On….the way you use “promiscuous behavior” makes me think you never had sex outside of marriage.

    Wait…what am I saying??????????

  23. Roll_on, And all birth control methods, except abstinence, are subject to failure.

    promiscuous sex is not restricted to prostitutes.

    people who engage in promiscuous sex are more likely to use birth control then non-promiscuous people.

    most modern married couples practice some form of family planning to space or limit the number of kids they have. (yes married people are allowed to have sex for non procreation reasons)


  24. I will try again to post my ideas in a way that won’t get censored.

    Killing is part of life. Whether one determines that killing is moral or not is based entirely upon one’s determination of the relative worth of that life. . Vegans see all animals as worthy of life so they restrict their diet. Jainists are so concerned about the potential of killing that they will sweep the path in front of them and wear masks so they don’t inadvertently step on or breathe in an errant bug.

    Anti-abortion crusaders sometimes are also pro-capital punishment and pro-war – somehow the spectre of a “pre-born child” dying as a casualty of a cluster bomb doesn’t inflame their passions as much a clinical procedure. And many pro-choice advocates are against the killing of convicts or the technological holocausts of “smart bombs”.

    We all kill and support killing. Even the Vegan and the Jainist kill plants in order to eat. it just depends upon what we choose to think “deserves” killing.

  25. MoD – Thank you for pointing out the immorality of many who claim the higher moral ground (this can be said of both sides of this argument).

    The availability of abortion is a legal question. The choice to make use of that availability is a moral question.

  26. Nice comments beerBoy. It is too bad everything in politics comes back to the subject of abortion one way or another.

  27. JudasEscargot says:

    At the recent Conservative rally, they reaffirmed:

    Support of guns.

    Support of war.

    Support of capital punishment.

    Non-support of abortion because it’s “killing”.

  28. It is folly to suggest that pro-life advocates are opposed to birth control. Some may be, but not the majority I think.

    On another thread somene suggested that we keep the government out of the doctor’s office. The government IS present in the doctor’s office and you should be very glad it is unless you think doctors are above greeds and other misdeeds.

    The caricature’s painted of pro-lifers by pro-choice folks is unfair. For instance, many pro-life people are also anti-capital-punishment and anti-war.
    Many are folks who are in the process of figuring out how to reconcile all these things.

    Caricatures in general, whether painted by this side or that, are generally ridiculous and have no value in a serious discussion about complex moral issues.

  29. sozo – both sides fervently believe they are taking the moral high ground and, based in their paradigm, see the other side as being immoral.

  30. You rightwing men are pathetic. So scared of everyone who isnt a white male. There is nothing more disgusting then a male who thinks he has proprietary rights to a woman’s womb. Get your self esteem somewhere else. You rightwing male whackjobs whine about big govenment and are too stupid to grasp the concept.. the government is biggest when it controls your body.
    Until all these rightwing fools die off… America will not be great

  31. JudasEscargot says:


    I like your comment but might differ with you on the use of “moral”.

    As we see everyday, there are 100s – some would say 1,000s – of sects of Christianity (as an example) – each with their own version of “moral”.

    The application of abortion is a medical decision. The implication of “morality” is by those who can’t truly among themselves decide what is “moral”.

    This decision is best left to a woman and her doctor

  32. Hey Sue1234. You sound so full of hate, I would wager that you wake up
    in the morning, look in the mirror, and hurt your own feelings.

  33. MarksonofDarwin says:

    Thanks bB.
    Just to clarify, it’s the deception that these clinics use in pretending they are a safe place for women seeking an abortion that I find despicable.

    A woman facing an un-planned pregnancy deserves compassion, not condemnation and brow beating. She has been duped into even walking through their doors, and these people are no better than some two-bit con artist from Nigeria. That is the reason most people find them contemptible, not their pro-life stance.

    I’m strongly pro-choice, and can not be swayed otherwise. I am certain those who are pro-life are just as firm. It’s hard to separate morality out of this subject. Nobody is “pro-abortion”. It really does come down to individual freedom, and any State intrusion into this most private of decisions is, imho, immoral.

  34. JudasEsgarot. Based on all your previous comments, I suspect the Kool Aid
    firms would go out of business if you stopped drinking it!

  35. MoD, I think you are mistaken when you say no one is “pro-abortion.” I believe that the “medical procedure” has so sanitized what is taking place that many people are in fact “for” it — and not always for the health of the mother and/or baby, but because it’s a convenient and relatively painless way of “getting rid” of a problem. I’m putting that in quotes because for some, calling the abortion clinic is a bit like calling an exterminator to come and get rid of “unwanted guests.”

    I do believe it’s a woman decision to make, and I believe that grace and compassion should always prevail. I very much doubt that the folks at these pregnancy centers are the miscreant liars you are portraying them to be.

    Finally, I believe that sexual promiscuity has created many problems for our society, including unwanted pregnancies. People want no limits placed on their pleasure. Exercising restraint over one’s appetites is made into a joke on TV and in movies.

    Unless of course you have an appetite for a Big Mac at which point the First Lady will be happy to scold you and suggest laws that will limit what your favorite restaurant puts on its menu.

  36. Hey xring. Sometimes wars are necessary so that you and others like you
    can write the “garbage” that you do.

  37. JudasEscargot says:

    did our favorite troll change its name?

  38. Sumner never challenged lefties, so no, I don’t think that is her.

  39. JudasEscargot says:


    “Koolaid” is a “challenge”?

    Oh…I forgot, I’m talking to Roll_On….

  40. No Koolaid is not a challenge for you, since you have stock in it.

    And I forget…I am talking to an old gay phil slug…..

  41. Why do you men think you have a say in an abortion.It’s absurd.
    If it is in her body it belongs to her.
    It’s biological, boys. ……..sighs
    77% of antiabortionists are rightwing males….

  42. Troll mode on
    To play your game sue, we own you. We provide for your very existence. You make 75% on dollar of what we make. So suck it up and take your place. Go move to the middle east and see how your lifestyle flies.

  43. /Troll mode

  44. MarksonofDarwin says:


    And I believe you are mistaken. I don’t believe for one second that women who undergo an abortion don’t understand the significance of their actions.

    I don’t believe it’s a mere “inconvenience” to give birth to a baby when unprepared. Some of the things these women have to look forward to are lifelong crushing poverty, the subjugation to an abusive partner, or conversely the loneliness of single parenthood, or the knowledge that their child is living somewhere without them if adopted.

    A woman who finds themselves pregnant with an un-planned pregnancy may have choices…..but every choice has consequences. And absolutely NOBODY is pro-abortion….but for some, it is the best option.

  45. You can continue to insist that you know the mind of everyone (“absolutely NOBODY is pro-abortion?) but it doesn’t make it true.

  46. Conversely sozo – your belief doesn’t make your statement true either.

  47. theogsters says:

    After scanning all these comments, most of them heavy on emotion but sparse on fact, it’s impossible to find a consensus. Though, what is evident is the strong, independent nature of many women; that bodes well for the future of individual rights. But those who endorse the controlling, judgemental religious right, on the other hand, are a threat to those rights. I hope those smart, determined women prevail.

  48. I don’t think anything I’ve said presumes to know the mind of everyone. THAT’s my issue here MoD.

  49. MarksonofDarwin says:


    I’m not sure why you want me to concede that some people are pro-abortion.
    I don’t ascribe evil intentions to anybody in this debate.

    Perhaps I’m being naive.
    Perhaps I’m also wrong in believing that those who are pro-life fervently wish to protect the “unborn”, and aren’t misogynist creeps who are looking for earthly vengeance against those who deserve to be punished.

    Maybe the people who run these “clinics” have the attitude that these women are simply pro-abortion, and view this procedure as nothing more than a tooth extraction. It could be that is the reason the volunteers in these “clinics” have no problem treating women looking to obtain an abortion with no respect.

    Here is the House bill report on this legislation:


    That this bill is even being considered is proof that these clinics are deceptive and underhanded in their conduct. Even within this letter we’re commenting on, there is deception. The way it’s written, we are left with the impression that these “clinics” are staffed with medical personnel, including OB/GYNs. They may have doctors on their **board of directors**, but they are NOT on staff and working at these “clinics”. *shrug* What can you expect from habitual liars…they lie.

    Like I sad earlier, I don’t support this bill. There is only ONE reason for that. The lawsuits that will follow. The more we discuss this however, I’m warming up to the idea that there should be consequences for their deception. (And no…the irony is not lost on me!)

    I know you are pro-life, and I sincerely respect your position. I understand your reasoning, and do not ascribe any horrible motivations to you. I just wanted to add that in case you felt I was on the attack…I’m not. Peace.

  50. MOD, well said, BRAVO,

  51. It’s always nice to encounter misogynistic men that are willing to admit that women are treated as second class citizens in their own country.

    Roll_On must keep Bandaids on hand for his knuckles.

  52. Yep, women are just treated as second class citizens in America. Get over yourself.

    Try the middle east for a while and see if your opinion remains the same.

    A CBS reporter comes to mind about the treatment of women over there.

  53. I did not feel as though you were in attack mode MoD. I appreciate your comments and appreciate your making an effort to hear mine.

  54. roll-on acts as if a woman has never been raped in the United States.

    more knuckle dragging

  55. JudasEscargot says:

    “Bandaids on his knuckles”. LMAO

    Between negative comments about women and being schooled about Canadian “socialism”, Roll_On is taking a beating tonight.

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