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BUSES: Nonriders benefit from Pierce Transit, too

Letter by Marilyn L. Sliva, Puyallup on Jan. 31, 2011 at 11:31 am with 14 Comments »
January 31, 2011 1:20 pm

I don’t ride the Pierce County buses, but I benefit from those who do. The riders decrease congestion on the roads and contribute to society by being able to hold jobs since they have a way to get to work. Seniors who can no longer drive can maintain their independence by getting to their appointments and errands.

The tax increase is a pittance. At 3 cents for every $10 of taxable purchases, I estimate this will cost me about $3 per month.

Each ride costs $2. Why should I increase the burden on the most vulnerable, especially when they are doing me a favor? Please join in me voting yes on Pierce Transit Proposition 1.

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  1. Zillahboy says:

    So, Marilyn,, do you think bus drivers should be paid more than teachers?

  2. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Hold on now…how do I benefit from bus riders?

    Among them are the thugs and thieves who prey upon our vehicles and ourselves when we got to the malls. Without the Transit system they’d have a harder time getting around to do their crimes.

    Fewer bus routes means less crime.

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    warmNfuzzi makes a great comment. I won’t ride the bus because of these gang members, thugs, bullies, stinky drunks, urine smells, and just a bunch of spooky people. I bet it will cut down on crime. Great point.

    I voted NO

  4. alindasue says:

    taxedenough and warnNfuzzi,

    Have any of you ever actually been on one of the busses? I do ride them occasionally. They are clean, safe, and for the most part comfortable. I’ve seen more gang members driving cars and walking than on the busses – the security that patrols the busses sees to that. Personally, based on your comments here, I find the two of you spookier than anyone I’ve ever seen on a bus.

    warmNfuzzi, did it ever occur to you that thieves who break into cars are more likely to have come in another car? It’s hard to inconspicuously leave with stolen goods while trying to catch a bus.

    Zillahboy, I think that Pierce Transit’s bus drivers fully earn the money they make. I also feel that teachers should be paid more than they are. If our leaders spent more on basics like schools and transportation and less on stadiums and golf courses, we would all be better off.

    Due to the current cost of gas, I probably would average closer to $6 a month in added sales tax if Proposition 1 passes – and it’s worth every penny.

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Attention Marilyn, I am in a five person car pool and by doing so we keep 4 cars off the freeway five out of seven days a week which reduces congestion on the highway and contributes to reducing pollution – I will now expect Washington’s tax payers to subsidize my gas bill for the greater good – does that make sense to you??!

  6. alindasue says:


    You know that expensive carpool lane that helps you and your fellow riders get to work… Guess what? We taxpayers paid for it.

    My husband works right here in town and I work out of the home, but we are still paying the same taxes you are for those carpool lanes we are rarely on the freeway to use. I submit that perhaps you should be paying higher taxes than I am since it is you who are using the freeway, not me. It works both ways.

    Or… we can accept that in civilized society we all pay into those things that support the public good. A good transit system is necessary in any city that wants to be successful. We have a good transit syetem. Paying just 30 cents (half the cost of a candy bar on sale) more on a $100 purchase of taxable goods will keep it that way.

  7. ItalianSpring says:

    Voted NO and happily.

  8. Mother, who never had a Driver’s License (see your TNT question re: I.D. to prove citizenship , born in Salem OR.), used the Senior Shuttle bus service to get to her many doctor, medical appointments. It was especially helpful when she took my very frail father who required the physical assistance of the shuttle driver to get on and off the bus, something I was physically unable to manage. Without the Senior Shuttle I would have had to take a day off work (several days a month), truly adding to YOUR tax burden because I would have lost my job and had to go on unemployment or welfare. Don;t think of just yourselves all the time, you very selfish and for some reason, full of hate, people. Think of others once in a while. I pay for many supportive services that I do not use, like schools and libraries, but they are necessary to maintain our level of civilization.

  9. Yes, I changed my mind and voted YES.

  10. PumainTacoma says:

    I HAVE NO INTENTIONS of voting for any tax increase for Pierce Transit.

    Stop the HYPERBOLE. It is getting pathetic next we will see kids with signs on the corner of the circles in Gig Harbor chiming to vote for the kids again.

    Parents I got one word. Start picking up the slack for having kids. Start carpooling and having your kids walk to school. In Europe there is no paid transportation to school. NONE. Parents are expected to get their kids to school or the kids walk. Money for education goes to the curriculum. End of story. No fancy buildings yet they still kick our butts in math. Why? Because their is a culture of responsibility. Kids don’t get passed on just to “feel better.”

    So here is an easy solution. Walk, bike, carpool or pay your fare share to get your kids to school. And stop with the hyperbole over the kids. It is getting pathetic.

  11. MalcolmRussell says:

    Here are just the Pierce Transit positions that pay over $100k/yr, it includes PR directors and HR managers all making great CEO level salaries not to mention the very expensive Cadillac pensions & benefits plans.

    $205,853 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER $205,853
    $162,073 VP-FINANCE, AUDIT & ADMINISTRATION $162,073
    $153,933 VP-HUMAN RESOURCES & TECHNOLOGY $153.933
    $150,257 VP-TRANSPORTATION SERVICES $150,257
    $126,397 DIRECTOR OF PROCUREMENT $126,397
    $126,372 DIRECTOR OF MAINTENANCE $126,372
    $126,372 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS $126,372
    $126,372 DIRECTOR OF FINANCE $126,372
    $119,172 SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER $119,172
    $118,991 CHIEF OF PUBLIC SAFETY $118,991
    $114,475 SAFETY & TRAINING MANAGER $114,475
    $111,795 BUDGET MANAGER $111,795
    $110,595 EMPLOYMENT MANAGER $110,595
    $110,108 PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER $110,108
    $107,616 FLEET MANAGER-BUS $107,616
    $104,405 BENEFITS & COMPENSATION MGR. $104,405
    $101,433 QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER $101,433
    $100,831 SERVICE SUPPORT MANAGER $100,831

  12. Malcolm a very good illustration of too much overhead!If you were to say to anyone on this list,someone has to go,how many would say,but my job is absolutely necessary and the company would go broke if I am laid off? The answer is,All of them would say, I cannot be replaced!

  13. eagle_beak says:

    interesting letter and even more interesting comments. i already voted no.
    maybe some restructuring is needed for pierce transit, but definitely some wage re-negotiating and reduction from the top down.
    we all have to learn to do more with less. that is with our own personal budgets and should be the same for governments and their beaurocracies.
    maybe it should be privatized.
    God bless America and help us keep our country great!

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