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MARIJUANA: Drugs sold next to kids’ play area

Letter by Raymond H. Brandt , Tacoma on Jan. 31, 2011 at 5:18 pm with 10 Comments »
February 1, 2011 9:30 am

As a shop owner in the Freighthouse Square, and also as a registered nurse, I am totally embarrassed by our community leaders for allowing a marijuana distributor to open shop in the Freighthouse Square.

You know the Freighthouse Square. It is the three-block-long “family shopping center” with the circus clowns painted on the end of it, inviting all families with young children to come and play.

And play they do. Because right next to the marijuana store is the Lego play area for young children. And further down the hall is the dance studio for – yes – more children.

When families bring their kids into my coin and hobby shop and complain about the smell, I know that these are customers who will never return. But that is not the reason for this letter. It is the failing system that allows children to be exposed to drugs and to their users.

(Brandt owns the American Rare Coins & Collectibles at Freighthouse Square.)

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  1. duke_of_hurl says:

    i support ,medical mj but yeah youre right…the shops and the kids areas should not be near each other…it might get robbed and a kid might catch a stray bullet…it sounded like a good spot but not if kids are near..

  2. notSpicoli says:

    “It is the failing system that allows children to be exposed to drugs and to their users.”

    Exposing kids to people who use marijuana medicinally is not a threat to children and to suggest otherwise is hysterical bigotry and unbecoming of a medical professional. You should know better. Shame on you.

    Would you also wish to shield children from those taking Oxycontin or other medications?

    As a medical professional, rather than indulging in your self-righteous “embarrassment,” perhaps you could consider doing what a health professional does: educate people and stop promoting hysteria. I dare you.

    Tell them the truth. Tell them that some people benefit from using marijuana as a medical herb and and can do with the recommendation of a licensed health care professional in accordance with Washington law.

    Kids can handle the truth.

    Then concentrate on serving your customers. The feedback you are getting points to that being at least partially responsible for your customers not returning.

  3. I was just there a few weeks back and didn’t smell a thing. I doubt is this guy really is a medical professional, more like a smug on small businesses. Perhaps he should find another location, say Alaska.

  4. eagle_beak says:

    I agree with your concerns Mr. Brandt. certainly not a good area to have that shop. our children are exposed already to much negative things.

    God bless America and help us keep our country great!

  5. Tummler says:

    I went to Freighthouse Square about a year ago and haven’t returned since, which has nothing to do with there being a dispensary in it. This guy wants to try and blame his failing business on another business. Now he can close up shop and say “See! Marijuana truly is evil!” Give me a break. Oh, and give kids some credit; they are much smarter than you think.

  6. JudasEscargot says:

    Why would a registered nurse need another business? There is already a shortage of RNs and they can work as many shifts as they can handle and pull down as much money as some MDs

    I’m sure this guy is worried about the liquor stores in neighborhoods where children go to the store to buy candy.

  7. alindasue says:

    I’m wondering if this letter writer would be as concerned if it were a liquor store or tobacco shop next door. I doubt it. Yet, either of those option would be equally or more damaging to the children at the Lego shop as the writer claims the medical distributor to be.

  8. Only so much can be said in an edited letter. This I hold true, not only as an RN but also as a common citizen.
    I believe in Holistic Medicine and the Positive Benefits of Medical Marijuana. I especially recognize the strength and courage of our Medical Professionals and Government Officials for allowing those in need to obtain the Holistic Medicines so desperately needed to allow for quality of life which is not obtainable through conventional pharmaceutical interventions. With this said, I also realize that we as a God Fearing Society with an open mind and caring heart are also treading on uneasy waters. This topic is one of a delicate nature and passions run strong…especially when it concerns the health and welfare of our neighbors, friends, family, and loved-ones.
    It is about time that we treat our human friends better than we do to our canine ones. And by this I am implying that we show mercy and compassion in allowing Medical Marijuana to be made available to those with a Medically Documented and Certified Medical Condition without worries of discrimination of any kind.
    But with this said, I also believe with my entire being that a Medical Marijuana Clinic should not be located indoors next to a Play Area for Children, with only a wall separating the two areas…The building is 3 blocks long and has vacancies on 2 other levels over 1000 feet away, and many offices have their own private entrances. I believe this is a great centralized location for the clinic due to the easy access of various transportation services. And in a building of this size there are many areas which offer convenience, privacy and a location 1000 feet from where the children play. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should hide the clinic, I am just stating common sense.

  9. jamesTOO says:

    Mychal says:
    February 1, 2011 at 11:48 am
    I was just there a few weeks back and didn’t smell a thing. I doubt is this guy really is a medical professional, more like a smug on small businesses. Perhaps he should find another location, say Alaska.

    Perhaps Mychael and his illiterate parents that didn’t know how to spell Michael when he was named should move to Alaska.

    duke_of_hurl you have it right, management at the Freighthouse should know better than put kids in the line of fire.

  10. princessnancy says:

    I think we all know that Freighhouse Square has been failing for a long time; and isn’t it for sale? It looks like the owners will rent to anyone in order to have some money coming in. Very sad situation for those shopping at FH Square and also for the other tenants trying to run a legitimate business.

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