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SCHOOLS: Students need more, not fewer, days in school

Letter by Amy Newman, Lakewood on Jan. 31, 2011 at 11:13 am with 12 Comments »
January 31, 2011 1:22 pm

Re: “Districts, lawmakers float idea of fewer school days” (TNT, 1-30).

I am a parent of a child in one of our local school districts, and I am more than heartsick at the thought of fewer school days.

They are already only going the minimum days and hours as it is. Children in many other countries are going longer days and hours than we are, and their test scores show the benefit. For a state that has poor test scores, we would be foolish to shorten the school year.

Why don’t we take fewer half-days off of school, and why don’t we take fewer four-day holiday weekends. And really, 16 days off for winter break?

Why don’t we lessen the number of administration staff in all of our school districts? Why don’t we have our administrators – all of them – take a 3 percent to 5 percent pay cut if they are making over $90,000 a year?

Rep. Kathy Haigh and the others obviously don’t have children in the schools any longer and don’t seem to care that our kids can’t pass state tests. Fewer school days still equals less education

Lengthen the school day and year, we may be surprised to see our test scores go up and our kids graduate with the ability to take care of themselves.

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  1. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Ha! This is so transparent, some folks use school as day care!

  2. Children, women, the sick, the mentally ill, the infirm and the elderly were all made enemies of the state by Reagan. We are still ravished by his policies today. When cuts are made the most vulnerable take the biggest hit, with hardly, a moments thought. Education and social services are decimated because they serve ‘the enemies of the state”.
    The corrections officer that was killed this weekend is the result of the budget cuts made to all social services. No real consideration as to the result of staff cutbacks were considered, i bet.
    Isnt America a great place to live, as soon as there is no money, children, women, and the infirm are forgotten.

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Having fewer schools days does not seem to make sense when we are trying to address the problems of poor test scores, high drop out rates….until you remember that public schools operate for the benefit of the adults, not the kids.

    Once you accept this truth, then the rational to reduce the school year becomes much more clear. Less school days mean less work for the adults, thus the appeal.

    The way the system works is the adults pay union dues, unions pay politicians, politicians give out higher pay and less expectations for accountability, work hours, work days, less student testing and student and teacher accountability……..and then the cycle repeats.

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    It’s can’t be better said that comments from bigswingrichard. He said it all.

  5. Wow sue, such misplaced anger as a teacher. You must teach in sumner……..

  6. sue — The killing of the corrections officer this weekend surely has more to do with affirmative action than budget cuts. There is no way in H-E-double-toothpicks a woman should be physically guarding violent men. It’s simply not safe, but it was her right to put herself at risk in the name of equality.

    What does that have to do with kids being out of school all the time?

  7. commoncents says:

    Any and all credibility of the poster is lost when they claim 16 days of Christmas Break. Seriously? You know of a primary/secondary school that got out of school on December 12? I’m sorry – but you don’t get to count weekends and holidays as day’s off. Unless of course you’re willing to burn your vacation days to not work those days.

    As far as test scores? My kid goes to school in public schools and is taught by teachers who are part of that nefarious teachers union…and imagine that? He’s got high test scores. He’s received the same instruction as other kids who didn’t pass the tests, but he did pass (easily). Hmmmm? Perhaps, could it possibly be that we …gasp…actually parent him and work with him AFTER school to make sure that he understands the topic. That we …double gasp…make him do his homework before he plays, goes to sports, or does any other after school activity?

    I don’t want to reduce the days either but I’d much rather him go fewer days than be stuffed in a class with 30-35 other kids. 4 days at home and 176 days at school with 23 kids versus 180 days with 35 kids (that’s what happens when you take 3 classes down to 2 )? If I have to choose? I’ll take the former…thank you.

  8. letsworkitout says:

    The reduction in days they are proposing are for financial reasons. Getting rid of, say Christmas break, wouldn’t do anything to lessen the financial costs.

  9. spotted1 says:

    Until you plan on requiring students attend school, at all economic levels, you will still have students missing large chunks of school because their parents don’t care if they are there or not.

    Maybe you should reconsider the length of the year. Those students who pass only have to attend a certain amount, those that don’t attend longer or they don’t move forward.

  10. jbullat says:

    Amy, I couldn’t have said it better! As far as school as “day care” goes please be sympathetic to the fact that moms AND dads have to both work now to pay taxes for the extravagances afforded our so called educators and their bosses and at least need day care. Geez, we should get something for our money!
    BTW, Sue, Reagan is dead, but you can still blame George Bush, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh if it makes you feeel better.

  11. jbullat says:

    As far as test scores go, or to be more to the point, grades are concerned, I am amazed as a 63 year old who grduated high school in 65, when there were really a lot of kids in a class room, how many of my neighbors and friend’s kids are getting straight A’s. I seem to remember when I left Wilson High in Tacoma in 65 that there were only a handfull of sudents out of about 700 or so that got straight A’s. Now days they all seem to get straight A’s but can’t read, write, do math or have any comprehension of how and why our government was formed.

  12. eagle_beak says:

    have enjoyed the letter and comments. i think it is the quality of the time spent in school not necessarity the quantity. i also think parental support makes a lot of sense as to the outcome.

    God bless America and help us keep our country great!

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