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TAXES: Terrible timing for ballot measures

Letter by Jerry E. Gibbs, Gig Harbor on Jan. 26, 2011 at 9:44 am with 12 Comments »
January 26, 2011 10:24 am

I read the voter’s pamphlet on Pierce Transit Proposition 1 and the Peninsula School District bond measure and question asking the voters to approve sales and property tax increases at this time.

Salary levels at Pierce Transit seem fair, and I see a lot of empty buses around Gig Harbor. We need more efficiency first and tax increases as the last resort.

I visit the schools and sports fields and find them clean and in good condition. I listen to presentations about bang for our bucks, low interest rates and contractors hungry for work. Then I learn these contracts will cost more because of laws requiring prevailing wage.

My 92-year-old mother gets no cost-of-living increase for her Social Security. Her gas, food, taxes and health care all going up. I know many retired people on fixed income tightening their belts and barely getting by. Consider the loss of value in our homes (20 percent) without comparable drops in property taxes. Daily you read about pay cuts and furloughs.

In these economic times government must address priorities. Until this country can afford an increase for Social Security no one in America should get a pay raise and no taxes should be increased.

Both ballot measures are worthy, but the timing seems ill-advised. I must say no for now and ask both groups to come back to voters when the economy improves. In the meantime take it up a belt notch like the rest of us.

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  1. By the time the economy improves, President Obama’s kids will be grandparents! Disabled, those who can’t drive, kids going to school etc., can’t wait that long! Your Mom took care of you, now you can get a second job and take care of her!

  2. Wow dmx what an idea Jerry can get a second job in an economy that is in ruins so he can afford to take care of his mother and continue to pay for your almost free bus ride. Ever think of getting yourself a second job and paying your own way. How much of a free loader are you?

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Friends do not let friends raise taxes.

    This tax increase hurts the poor, all poor people. Only some poor people ride buses. If this tax increase is defeated, there will be less empty buses on the road and that would be a good thing too.

  4. I think Jerry can afford taking care of his Mom living in Gig Harbor; oldman if you don’t want to pay taxes, you are welcome to move to another country; see ya!

  5. truthbusterguy says:

    I agree, now is a bad time to raise any taxes. Lets stop government over spending and tax increases until things improve. DMX_tre makes it sound like things will never improve. Your president last night sounded more optimistic. Don’t you believe him, you voted for the rookie.

    We can’t afford $70,000 a year bus drivers and more school buildings when enrollments are declining. Ask PSD why they have to get kids from Kitsap County to make the school look full.

    No on both and everyone I know voted NO

  6. Who cares about your NO vote! Instead of 3cents, you will be charged $30 on your car tabs ha ha ha ha! Oh I made $90,000 w/my overtime not 70,000! Ha ha ha! Obama 4 more years!

  7. menopaws says:

    I usually support school bonds, but not this one. Declining enrollment does not support their “advance planning”…….Not this time–it’s the first one I have voted against. They can’t ask this community to keep digging into their pockets when the enrollment is down. Enough!!!!!

  8. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Mr. dmx really makes makes me want to vote against Prop #1. He, like the Transit Commission, is rather arrogant. Ask the Transit Board about the millions they have in reserve.

    I already called Olympia about HB 1536 ($30 fee on lic. tabs to fund the buses if Prop #1 fails) and told that this bill won’t get a hearing and is dead on arrival. This idea was just a bone that Rep. Liias threw to his union bus drivers that donated to him. Guess I get the last hahahaha.

    The leeches in Pierce Transit will soon be joining the ranks of the unemployed or like people in the private sector, take a pay cut. Overpaid transit workers will soon get a wake up call and be forced to take a hair cut on wages and benifits that are out of control.

    I don’t get to vote on the 78 Million $$$ Peninsula Bond Measure. But the dumb voters in Gig Harbor seem to always fall for the “It’s for the kids!!” and “the sky is falling” argument from the school board in that district. As long as those dummies stay out on my wallet, they are on their own but the letter does make a good point about no tax increase before we can afford an increase in social security. We are closing schools in Tacoma. Gig Harbor should do the same to save $$$$$.

  9. Oh no I’m going to be unemployed! Help I’m scared! Like hundreds of drivers we are retired military, unemployment will not hurt us! The only persons that will suffer will be grandma who can’t drive; those in disabled in wheelchairs trying to get to the doctor etc etc etc. You win! I hope your Mom is proud of you, you succeeded in beating the unfortunate, sick and economically deprived citizens of Pierce County! Congrats!

  10. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Question for Mr. dmx.

    You seem to be throwing in the towel. Do you think Prop #1 is going down in flames? Even to News Tribune told you to go back to the drawing board and they RARELY say NO a tax increase.

    Voters are waking up to the ” sky if falling”, “death panels”, and “kicking the sick and old to the curb” arguments by tax and spend liberals in Pierce County and Olympia. Voters have been hearing this for years and we are still waiting for the skys to fall following the $30 Tim Eyman lic. tab initiative. They always seem to find the money when they need to and the voters say no to tax increases.

    Pierce Transit will do the same and save your $90,000 salary and lavish vacation and benifit packages. Your safe until they wake up and forced to privatize this service like it should be.

  11. I guarantee you across the nation that the majority of county/city/state bus services are not privatized! Again, bottom line, the needy in our community will be the only ones hurt when we start deleting routes. Oh hail the king! You have defeated the meek and weary! You were raised to be a stellar person in our society! By the way, the week and weary shall inherent the Earth!

  12. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    As cities begin to crush under the weight of union wages and benifits they will be fored to fire all of you leeches and privatize the bus systems and other SEIU provided services in our cities. Your days are numbered.

    As soon as congress says they can declare bankrupcy you will be history. They are only waiting for political cover to pull the trigger on this plan and send the unions packing once and for all. I will host a kegger on that day and invite dmx_tre.

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