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GUNS: How many unarmed victims are enough?

Letter by George Martinson, Fircrest on Jan. 24, 2011 at 10:03 am with 7 Comments »
January 24, 2011 1:09 pm

Re: “Shooting victim asks: ‘How many is enough?'” (TNT, 1-23).

I do feel sympathetic toward Virginia Tech shooting victim Colin Goddard, but at the same time my thinking is completely opposite from his. He claims to have seem so many bodies piled up at his classroom door that the police could not open it. I feel that even if one of those people in the room had been armed, he or she might have been able not only to have saved their own life but perhaps many of the others’ lives as well.

We are all attuned to what has happened in Arizona recently. My thoughts are on the shooting that took place at Pacific Lutheran a few years ago or the shooting that took place at the University of Wash. The assailants were armed, and the people in these schools might as well have been wearing targets on their chests. They had no way to protect themselves.

Guns aren’t allowed on Washington school grounds. Except if you are out to shoot students or estranged spouses.

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  1. George…..how many more arms would have been enough to stop the massacre at Ft Hood?

  2. Bb- One…

    BTW It was Jimmy Carter who began the policy of no open carry for on-duty military personnel except MP’s which, like the civilian counterparts, cannot be everywhere either. Had that ridiculous PC policy not been in effect, ANY soldier at Ft. Hood could have easily prevented the fourteen ( yes…14 ) murders.
    (eyes roll)

  3. The question is: why are there so many angry white men with guns who want to kill people. What is it about us, America, that we breed males who think the only solution to a problem is violence?

  4. I was wondering when someone would make such a silly statement. In response to another mass shooting the answer is not more guns. We are the most heavily armed population on earth. Yet we can look back over a terrible history of mass shootings spanning decades none stopped or significantly reduced by a civilian with another gun. In fact during the most recent mass shooting in Arizona a civilian almost mistakenly shot one of the heroes that had just taken away the gun from the crazed shooter. Needless to say this civilian is extremely happy he did not shoot since he would have had to live with killing the wrong person for the rest of his life.

  5. By the way I was in the military when Jimmy Carter was president and military members have never been allowed to carry their personal fire arms freely around on base.

  6. Afret- Was not referring to personal weapons. Check the policy again and try to understand that a firearm in hand beats a cop (or SP / MP ) on the phone.

    Sumner 1234 is enlarging her “target” to include all “angry white males”, hmmm.
    Say suemner, since females and non-white people never get angry (eyes roll)……..

  7. larsman – I’m sorry I don’t understand then because no one in the military ever carried their weapons around unless deployed or during an exercise.

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