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ELECTIONS: Problem with mail-only voting

Letter by Anne T. Wood, Terry Mace, Fox Island on Jan. 14, 2011 at 12:02 pm with 15 Comments »
January 14, 2011 2:01 pm

Re: “Mail-only vote next?” (TNT, 1-13).

There are two main reasons for voting by mail: It is convenient and it saves the state money.

Voting by mail is convenient if you have a stable living situation or are a homeowner. What happens to those voters who move frequently or who have had their homes foreclosed on, thus becoming transient? What happens to people who are homeless? Is it understood that they do not get to vote?

State legislators should realize they are making decisions that could formally disenfranchise a large number of citizens. They are elected to serve all citizens. They need to consider the unintended consequences of decisions affecting the most important right of citizens in a democracy, the right to vote.

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  1. Mailing address, Anne. Mailing address. PO Box, social services offices, wherever. You have to have a mailing address to get welfare. If people can figure out how to forward their mail to get their freebies, they can certainly figure out how to update their voter registration.

  2. farmnspanaway says:

    I do not think we should be forced to vote by mail. Most problems found in the recent past has to do with the mail, and the intention of the voter. It sure is not any faster for the tally then from the polling station. We have sent many service people overseas to help them have free election where they go to the polls, but here lets stop the polls and use the mail

  3. mattersnot1 says:

    The authors claim mail-in balloting is less expensive than poll voting.
    Not only is this not true, but when people voted at the polls, the percentage of people voting was vastly higher.

  4. Can’t a homeless person get a provisional ballot at the auditor’s office?

  5. “the percentage of people voting was vastly higher.”

    I seem to remember it differently.

  6. It would certainly cure the disenfranchisement of the dead… and dogs… cartoon characters… multi-personality… etc.

  7. mattersnot1 says:

    I invite you to go to the Northwest Room of the Tacoma Main Library and check their election files. You will find a statistical report prepared by Washington Sec of State, Ludlow Kramer.
    This report covers three general elections and show that over 80% of the registered voters in the State voted in these elections. These elections were before there was mass absentee balloting. They were even before computers were used. They were elections where people went to the polls to cast their ballots using lever machines.
    When was there any general election, under mass mail-in voting, that has seen this high of percentage of registered voters casting ballots?

  8. mattersnot — I would bet that a lot of people didn’t bother to register to vote before absentee ballots because they knew they would never actually GO anywhere to vote. Got any handy statistics for what percentage of the population was registered to vote during those three general elections versus now?

    I would also bet that anyone who doesn’t have the gumption to have a mailing address where they can pick up mail from time to time also doesn’t have the gumption to get themselves to their specific polling place on election day.

    The original letter writers were concerned that people who move a lot might not get their ballots in the mail because their registered address is out of date. You are registered to one specific polling place, so if you don’t update your address you can only vote in your old neighborhood anyway. I would think it would be EASIER for people to get their mail forwarded than to haul yourself back to your old neighborhood to vote in person.

  9. eagle_beak says:

    talk about the state not care about disenfranchising voters….. you mean like they were doing to our soldiers who are fighting for us overseas?

    there is a 3rd thing that could go wrong…… most of the people who go thru the ballots could be democrats like in king county.

    God bless America and help us keep our country free!

  10. Pierce County elections takes great pride ensuring everyone has the opportunity to register and vote.

    Voters do not need a traditional residential address to register to vote. Plus many options exist to get ballots to voters. We mail ballots to PO boxes, private mail boxes, shelters and family members. Vote-By Mail ballots are forwarded should voters move frequently.

    The Election Center provides in-person ballots to voters beginning 20 days before each election. Pierce County also provides two accessible voting centers on Election Day where anyone can vote. The use of in-person voting centers would expand with a switch to Vote-By-Mail voting. If one of these options doesn’t work for a voter, other arrangements can be made to get a ballot in the voter’s hand.

    These voting options exist now and will continue to exist with Vote-By-Mail.

    If anything, a switch to Vote-By-Mail voting will increase voter participation, the majority of the counties in the state who Vote-By-Mail have significantly higher voter turnout.

    Mike Rooney
    Pierce County Elections Manager

  11. “everyone has the opportunity”

    psssst… that’s the problem Mike. You’re making it easier and easier for people to commit vote fraud.

  12. ItalianSpring says:

    “What happens to those voters who move frequently or who have had their homes foreclosed on, thus becoming transient? What happens to people who are homeless?”

    Answer from eHow:

    This issue has been resolved for many election seasons now. People in the condition you describe here should be directed to consult with members of the democratic party who have successfully registered many dead, homeless, and even non-existent people at singular addresses and recieved and filed ballots for these homeless, dead, and non-existent people. Other sources of help include ACORN, Barak Hussein Obomba, any aspiring communist or anarchist as well. Thank you for your inquiry.

  13. Question to eHow?
    What documentation do you have to prove your allegations of deliberate voter participation fraud? Please forward such to the TNT and to Mr. Rooney ASAP so they can start an investigation.
    Sounds quite bizarre to me but I am sure if you make these statements you can prove them so DO SO!

  14. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Only those who believe Maria Can’t -do-Well and Gregoire were fairly elected in King County would support mail in ballots!!

  15. Excellent point ole… since I assume your fair minded, you must have surely sent a similar request to just about every other “msm” outlet asking them to “prove” allegations toward the TEA party regarding the Az. shooting. (and other such false accusations)

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