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BUDGET CUTS: Solution is only to inflict pain?

Letter by Robert S. Cloud, Lakewood on Jan. 13, 2011 at 1:50 pm with 14 Comments »
January 13, 2011 1:50 pm

The picture of the governor smiling (TNT, 1-12) while announcing her proposed solution to the budget shortfall speaks more than the usual thousand words. And the Republican rebuttal speaker saying, wow that sounds like my speech, completes the picture.

The governor is announcing that those who caused our financial hardships will sacrifice and pay for it. Who are they? Why those too numerous and grossly overpaid state employees, those who had the audacity to get old and retire, those who became too injured or ill to work, those who allowed themselves to be laid off so the company’s profits wouldn’t suffer. And don’t forget those miscreants who agree to work a full day for less money than they need to live on. (Did they really have a choice?)

On the bright side, businesses will pay less tax to sustain those they just laid off.

The governor’s speech and the opposition’s rebuttal offer no evidence that those who caused our distress will be required or even asked to relieve it, that those with enough
money to provide more without changing their lifestyle will be expected to contribute.

The message from both sides of the aisle is simple, “Woe to the poor!” We, the Legislature, will balance the state’s budget by taking all the wages of some, part of the wages of many, part of the pensions of some and money needed for health care from thousands. But, fear not; we will not tax the wealthy.

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  1. I wonder how moral it is to fix the budget off the backs of the most vulnerable citizens. It is always these people who have to suffer when our budget needs to be cut. It is not moral and its represhensible these people’s services are even on the table.
    Do the right thing. TAX THE RICH

  2. why taxes the rich….oh yes because they made something of them selves,worked hard and contribute,made wise use of there money and time. Wow yep they diserve to pay for the weak,the lazy,the drug addicts that claim mental problems so they need the state to take care of them.The women that have kid after kid after kid so they can get a bigger check. So everyone that comes here illegally can get everything handed to them on a gold platter. So that 1 in 5 state employees can still get there 100,000 dollar a year salary, So the people that worked from the time they were 16 to the age of 65 that didnt think they needed to sock away or invest in retirement can count on the rich to pay there bills instead of themselves or even there families. Maybe all the cuts are a way to get people to stand up and take care and help themselves. To not rely on hand outs,to contribute.

  3. olbluedoc says:

    Mathius, you quote a sizable list of people that don’t deserve help. I’m not sure where you get your info from but here’s some good news for you: 1 in 5 state employees do not make 100k or more per year. If you think so then please quote your source. Lazy drug addicts are one thing but the weak? The weak? Wow. I’m sure you and a lot of other folks can find an excuse to label everyone who is less fortunate than you. How about those pesky old people who had their 401k’s stolen by Enron and Wall Street? I know, they’re lazy. What do you say to the Veterans who leave service and can’t find a job? The women vets who are out of work with mouths to feed. Weak? Oh yea, they should stand up for themselves and not rely on handouts. To hell with them, we need to support the top 2% in this country. In turn, all those rich people will take care of the rest of us.

  4. bobcat1a says:

    And people dare to call this a christian nation!

  5. Ok my mistake its not 1 in 5 in the state,its 1 in 8 in pierce county in 2009. Source; This news paper on 11/07/2010, headline “pierce county pay raises: they’re complicated” Kris sherman staff writer. Now on to the weak,weak to me are people that can DO but DONT,the everyday people who are not disabled, who didnt come home from a war with mental or physical disabilities, you know the weak and lazy at heart,that is what i think is weak. Now the people that lost there 401ks,well they should get lawyers and sue to get there 401k investments back. But wait! I had 401k back then to and i didnt lose anything,when i had the option to move my 401k to more aggressive stocks(because it is the stock market and you take chances) I didnt,I stayed with the safer less aggressive stocks and didnt lose my butt. Played it smart. I do believe in helping the true people that CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. But when so many of my taxes(and i do pay alot of taxes)gos to people that dont want to work and contribute to anything and then complain if there is a chance they will get cut off,and then say tax the rich somemore so they can stay on…….Well i have a problem with that. Christ said give a man a fish he will eat for a day…..teacher him to fish he will eat for a lifetime

  6. Tax the rich.

  7. blakeshouse says:

    The ones who caused this mess should be held responsible but the socisalist/ neo marxists in state govt won;t be held responsible. The current regime has spent money worst than a boatload of drunken sailors, expanded the nanny state at every turn, bowed and scraped at the feet of the unions and still refuse to accept blame for the mess they put us in. What is worse is the fact that the voters of this state are still reelecting the same slugs, with the help of dead, illegal and multi voters.
    The old soviet union is alive and well and residing in the pacific northwest and will ending up the same way as the original.

  8. “How about those pesky old people who had their 401k’s stolen by Enron and Wall Street? I know, they’re lazy.”

    In some ways, they were lazy. Had they taken the time to educate themselves, they wouldn’t have lost their fannies by betting the farm on Enron.

    mathis does have a point. Some folks are just plain lazy. It’s up to us to expect something in return for a handout.

    I kind of like the Habitat for Humanity process. You do some work and we give you a helping hand.

    I do think you have a point in that this country’s wealth is too concentrated. The wages and benefits of corporate executives are just outrageous. I’m very concerned about this.

    I blame some of it on the raise of the mutual fund industry.

    I also blame some of it on the sell-out of the American worker by the Democrats and Republicans by not demanding equal trade.

    And automation is causing some more by requiring less but more educated workers.

  9. All those that are not wealthy seem to have the same mindset, TAX THE RICH! I say tax every one equally.This would much fairer to everyone.But there are those who would say,I want what they have earned not what I have earned.The rich didn,t always get rich from an inheritence,a lot of them didn,t just sit on their hands,they sometimes worked 2 jobs,controlled the, I Want It Now, syndrome and Got wealthy,in spite of the Government taking a larger bite of their efforts!But you will always hear the cry TAX THE RICH!!!I think the Government should declare everyone in America Wealthy and tax everyone the same!

  10. I have an idea. How about if everyone who doesn’t feel like they are getting enough from our government goes to another country where another government will give them more? I’ve yet to hear of one person who snuck into Mexico because they take better care of their poor. I’ve yet to hear of one person who didn’t feel they were receiving enough taxpayer-funded health care go to college then medical school so they could provide health care free to everyone else.

    Bobcat — Please, head into your average welfare ghetto and tell me how many of those people are leading Christian lives.

  11. Problem being that poor and lazy people have kids too. Regardless of a parents’ abilities or their motivation, children don’t deserve to be punished for it.

    So only the children of the wealthy get a roof and food? No one believes this.

    Either you pay out welfare and section 8, etc… or you have children on the street.

    So would you rather pay for foster care?

    There is no possible way to pass along the cost of the poor to some other country, our economy has to support us all. Just like heath care; e.r. can’t turn away uninsured so the hospital has the bill, until they raise rates to compensate. Higher medical expenses cause the insurance company to raise their rates…which gets passed along to the insured.

  12. jellee — Yes, I would rather pay for foster care. I have never comprehended this state’s position that it is optimal to keep a child with his biological parent, no matter how useless or harmful that parent is. Kids who grow up in bad situations think that is normal and they raise their own kids the same way. The only way to break the cycle is to get those kids OUT of their dead-end homes into foster families who can show them a better way.

    Not only that, but I’ll bet that if the state started taking kids out of deadbeat homes at least some of the parents would get their act together. I would do just about anything to keep my kids, and I bet most other parents would as well. As it stands, there is very little threat of losing your kids, no matter how poorly you behave.

  13. A consistent stereotype that exists without merit:
    Rich people work hard
    Poor people are lazy.

    There are some rich people who worked hard to amass their wealth but most inherited. There are some poor people who are lazy but many, many of them work two to three jobs.

  14. Some more stereotypes that exist without merit:
    Republicans want to kill old people and children
    Republicans think Ketchup is a vegetable
    Republicans want to poison the water
    Republicans want to poison the air
    Republicans want to take away your social security
    Republicans want to……

    I think you get the picture.

    And on the flip side:
    Democrats are as pure as the driven snow…..

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