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SHOOTING: Left-wing hate goes over the edge

Letter by Willliam V. Hoffecker, Gig Harbor on Jan. 12, 2011 at 11:13 am with 32 Comments »
January 12, 2011 3:46 pm

I just read the latest left-wing tirades in The News Tribune letters to the editor (1-11). I must admit I was astonished at the number of people on the left who believe that conservatives have some sort of mind control over everyone on this planet. Otherwise how else could conservatives have implanted this supposed conservative ideology of hatred into this horrific murderer’s head?

My only suggestion to this left hate group is to immediately check into Western State Hospital, as they themselves are in real need of help.

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  1. Bill, you have an unusual sense of what hate is. It is people in crosshairs. It is being invited to “Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.”
    Good try though.

  2. In OK City, papers in Texas and others that I read, conservatives are blaming liberals for this guy’s actions. As yet, we don’t know the motive or what influenced the shooter’s actions. Mental illness, politics, whatever. I do think most people are tired of the personalization of attacks instead of discussiion of issues and the calls for violent overthrow of the US Government by some in the Tea Party and want the rhetoric to tone down so we can quit being so polarized in this country.

    We need some leadership, and I hope Obama has it in him tonight to help create an atmosphere of coming together. He gave a great speech after the Fort Hood shootings, and I hope he does again. Sarah Palin, meanwhile used her bully pulpit to create more divisiveness and rancor by using anti-Semitic terms to try to paint herself as the victim in all of this, not the ones who were shot or the nation as a whole.

  3. “Sarah Palin, meanwhile used her bully pulpit to create more divisiveness and rancor by using anti-Semitic terms to try to paint herself as the victim in all of this, not the ones who were shot or the nation as a whole.”

    Gotta ask… did you watch/listen to the whole video or are you just parroting those that hate her and are using one singular line in her speech?

    You were doing fine with your wishes for a good speech from Obama… but then head down the typical road of bashing some left wing wipping boy… well girl in this case.

    Again, please be honest, did you actually see the video?

  4. The likes of Ed Schultz, Matthews and similar nut jobs have been challenging Palin to come out of hiding and make a statement. As soon as she does, they find another word or two that she said to throw out to their followers and as expected the mental midgets that they are will seize the moment and run with it. The newest controversy is her use of the words “blood libel”. Now she’s anti-semetic, jew hater, Hitlerite, racist, bigot. I just wonder if the girlie-boys at MSNBC and CNN ever get tired of picking on women? But I guess that’s the only way they can get back at their wives. It’s hard to fight with a limp wrist.

  5. truthbusterguy says:

    The left wing, liberal, red loving, doper babies are so lost after the Nov. butt whipping. They will want to lash out at anything and anyone to deflect blame from themselves and their stupid polices, for their defeat.

    They just don’t understand why after pushing their agenda down our throats we don’t love them. The truth is our resolve to defeat them again in 2012 is only growing stronger. Can you hear it?

    I look forward to that night when Matthews can feel that tingle go down his leg as obama is declared a loser and a one termer.

  6. Which one of these “left-wing tirades” in The News Tribune letters to the editor (1-11) are you referring to, William?
    PRISONS: Criminal justice system is broken
    Moira H. O’Crotty, Tacoma

    Published January 11, 2011

    CAMERAS: Fife abusing its traffic cameras
    Ron Schill, Tacoma

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Let’s dial back all the rhetoric
    Margot LeRoy, Gig Harbor

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Far left have short memories
    Jim Pulley, University Place

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Rhetoric needs to cool down
    Norm Eklund, Bonney Lake

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: People, not implements, are responsible for tragedy
    John R. Kraynak, Puyallup

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Unfair finger-pointing going on
    Drew Thatcher, Tacoma

    Published January 11, 2011

    PUYALLUP: It’s time to sell city hall
    A. David Churchman, Puyallup

    Published January 11, 2011

    EDUCATION: How won’t teachers be penalized?
    Paul Nuccio, Lakewood

    Published January 11, 2011

    PUYALLUP: School district still has work to do
    Philip W. Noss, Puyallup

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Tragedy reflects broken mental health system
    James H. Williams, Tacoma

    Published January 11, 2011

    SHOOTING: Wrong to blame other party
    Carol Cain, Gig Harbor

    Published January 11, 2011

  7. bobcat1a says:

    WOW, Willie! You did a remarkable job of proving your point. The liberals sure used their mind meld to get you to parody right-wing logic.

  8. rr98411, yes I did see the video. Palin tried to backtrack on the crosshairs thing and made a fool out of herself with the surveying reference and in light of her obvious previious references to guns in the language supporting it. She used a term, “blood libel” that has only been used for very specific historical religious activities. The term only found its way into history text books in modern times or in local Catholic Church saint veneration cycle in Austria. It was always used exclusively to support anti-Semitic activities. The Archbishop banned both the saint veneration and the use of the term in 1990 as harmful to Jews.

    Palin’s speech writer should not have dredged it up and try to make it a synonym for “false accusation,” unless she really wanted to paint herself as a victim of the Holocaust. I do not think there is a direct link between Palin’s rhetoric and the shooting, and I agree with Palin that those making a direct link are not helpful to our national dialog. I do think the type of personal attacks Palin and others on both sides use are not helpful to our national discussions. I think leadership means looking at broader issues that will help our nation heal, and Palin obviously did not measure up in the leadership skills in her speech like Obama did.

  9. I, for one, don’t think Sarah Palin is guilty of kidnapping and ritually slaying Christian babies to use their blood to bake matzoh. I do feel that anyone who has made that accusation is being very irresponsible but, they do enjoy 1st Amendment protections of Free Speech so there is really nothing we can do about it…….

  10. I thought her statement was actually good. But her use of the term “blood libel” may have been ill advised. Too bad it’s going to be the focus of a good statement.

    Thought this interesting… of course, another view of her use of the term.

    I never saw Palin’s statement as one of unity, nor would I compare it to Obama unifying speech. They served two seperate purposes.

    Palin’s was to defend herself from 4 relentless days of baseless charges (as they have turned out to be). That was her focus. And she did that well in a very measured approach in tone and texture.

    Obama, well, he spoke as the President and my expectations are the tone and texture of his speech was appropiate for the time. He did was was needed for the country.

    Palin did not speak for the country and that is OK and appropiate to me. All she is is just another talking head on the TV… that’s it. I continue to be amazed at the focus she gets.

    In a nutshell, if a person hates Palin… they are gonna continue to hate Palin. Oh well… hope that works out for ‘em.

    Tuddo – wanna have some fun… watch this…


  11. Listening to all this political garbage is about as interesting as watching a basketball game! Back and forth, back and forth mobs chasing each other in a silly mass from one side to the other over a stupid ball!

    I find it interesting that it wasn’t too long ago that “the left” spewed out hatred with their poisoned tongues against a conservative administration. Now that “the left” is in power in the White House, those same people cry foul when conservatives feed them the same medicine.

    Frankly, if you ask me, a whining, fussing, gaggle of spoiled five year olds behaves better!

  12. “The likes of Ed Schultz, Matthews and similar nut jobs have been challenging Palin to come out of hiding and make a statement. ”

    OF COURSE they did. Don’t you understand that this is about ratings?

  13. Why are all these rightwing nutjobs on the defensive?


    Well…..OK…….somehow I always thought the standard for “hero” was a little higher than being paid handsomely to be a media pundit…..but, to each his own.

  15. Like the intern who went towards the gunfire and, most likely, saved the Congresswoman’s life – that is what I would consider heroic.


    Well…..OK…….somehow I always thought the standard for “hero” was a little higher than being paid handsomely to be a media pundit…..but, to each his own.”

    That’s one…

  17. Sue1234 asks, “Why are all these rightwing nutjobs on the defensive?”

    My point exactly! Sort of reminds us of how the LEFT wing nutjobs were on the defensive AND on the OFFENSIVE just a little while back.

    Seems to me some people haven’t got the ability to take what they dish out.

    tsk, tsk, tsk….Waiting for this comment to be flagged and removed as offensive but true.

  18. Roncella says:

    Liberal Democrats had nothing but hate and anger and disrespect for President George Bush for almost 6 years of his Presidency. They could not have been meaner and attacked Bush and blamed him for anything and everything, including weather related emergencies.

    Now that the Liberal dems. lost control of the House, they want bi-partisan co-operation between the parties, and everyone to play nice from now on.

    President Obama criss crossed the Country trying to help liberal dems retain their seats in Congress and was angry and mean in some of his comments about Conservative/Republicans, tea party members, Palin, Limbaugh, others.

    The Liberal Brain can be confusing and dull, but its always predictable.

  19. rr – If you think that was one I wouldn’t recommend you as a scorekeeper…

  20. Roncella, you point out that (some) liberal Democrats had hate and anger and disrespect for Bush. Was our country better off for that, or not? The way some on the right are defending what Palin and Beck and Birthers and others have said about Obama, they must think that type of language is wonderful for our country. Second, many responsible progressives called “foul” on that type of language, especially those stupid “Bush is not my president” stickers. Third, I did not ever hear calls from the left for armed insurrection against our nation’s government like we’ve heard from Tea Partiers and others in the far right. And, last, very few people of influence used the language you described. Its one thing for ordinary citizens to rant and rave and another for leaders to do it. One of the few on the left, Kieth Olbermann has apologized for his language when he said we should “take out” the Clintons. There are legitimate opposition metaphors, sarcasm, jokes, etc that will always be with us. However, taking up arms against the elected government of our nation is not in the Constitution, no matter what Tea Partiers claim.

  21. bB, or the three senior citizens that took down the shooter and prevented him from getting off 30 more rounds.

    Ron and tuddo, it was not just the liberals who dislike Bush the Unelected who will go down in history as George the Worst.

  22. Roncella says:

    Tuddo, Maybe you could show some proof to back your charge that tea party folks called for armed insurrection of our nation. Please be specific, no liberal blogs please.

    President Bush was attacked with mean and vicious remarks my many in the Congress and in the Main Stream Liberal leaning Press. He never once responded to these petty bias attacks.

    Some liberal senators called our troops names and compared them to nazi strom troopers. This happened while our military men and women were risking their lifes in Iraq and Afg both.

    The leader of the Senate, Democrat Harry Reid said over and over that ” The War Was Lost “, even as our troops were fighting and dieing to complete their mission in Iraq.

  23. Roncella says:

    xring, I guess your proud of the way President Clinton held special pizza parties in the Oval office.

    How about the 4 long, long long years we had to endure President Carter, with gas lines, high inflation, high unemployment, etc.

  24. Roncella, on another, more recent letter I provided the proof. It certainly wasn’t hyperbole, since one of the speakers at a Tea Party rally, Joyce Kaufmann, stated over and over that she was serious and that if the election (Nov 2010) did not go their way then “If ballots don’t work, bullets will” There are a number of Tea Party sites that have seriious philosophical discussions by right-leaning and far right arguing about when is it insurrection and against the law and when is it revolution as discussed in the Declaration of Independence.

    The Tea Partiers disagree with the entire logic that the more center-right lawyers put forward that insurrection is armed uprising against a legitimate, constituionally formed government and a revolution can only ahappen and be supported by what the founding fathers were talking about when the government is not following the constitution or is it illegitimate to start with. Tyrrany cannot beofficials who are duly elected by the people and who are carrying out their constitutionally charged duties using constitutional means.

    That is why the Tea Party has been so active trying to portray all the things they don’t like about government, like income taxes, as unconstitutional. Fortunately, we have a Supreme Court that determines such thngs, not the Tea Party, and they have said the income tax is constitutional. Unfortunatley we have people like Sharon Angle running for Congress and Ron Paul who believe that they have a right to have armed uprisings against constitutionally elected officials who are passing constitutional laws.

  25. Roncella, you asked Tuddo to show some proof to back his claim that tea party folks called for armed insurrection of our nation. You asked him to be specific, no liberal blogs please.

    Then you make the baseless, unsupported claim that, some liberal senators called our troops names and compared them to Nazi storm troopers.

    What do you have to back up this claim?

  26. Roncella says:

    Polago, You must have missed this as its very doubtful MSNBC would have reported about Senator Durban from Il, who make the sick charge about our troops a year or ago.

  27. “What do you have to back up this claim?”

    Obviously, Nothing.

  28. Polago, Roncella has taken what Durbin did say a little out of context, but Durbin did apologize for saying that the US used interrogation techniques in Guantanamo (such as waterboarding) like the Nazi’s did or the Soviets did in the Gulag. The Anti-Defamation Leage asked him to apologize saying that millions of Jews were killed, and there have been only two known deaths from interrogation techniques at Guantanamo. Durbin apologized if anyone took his comment to sound like he was talking about the Holocaust. Durbin never called our soldiers Nazi storm troopers, however, as Roncella claims.

  29. That figures, tuddo. Facts aren’t his strength. He remembers things differently than most people.


  30. Roncella says:

    Tuddo, Democrat Durbin “compared” our troops to nazi storm troopers.

    Its Sad how you quickly defend a bias mean senator who disrespected our troops during a time of war but over looked the great job our troops have done in both Iraq and Afg.

    Tuddo they don’t have the safety and confort of typing remarks in a cozy warm house into their computer as you and I do they are risking their lifes in combat.

  31. Please, show me where that comparison was made, Roncella.

    If he didn’t actually say “Nazi storm troopers,” I don’t know what to search for.

  32. Roncella, please, typoe in Durbin apologizes for Nazi remark into a search engine (Dogpile gets the most results) and read the stories, The ones that are factual quote his original statement about interrogations at Guantanamo, the criticism by the Anti-Defamation League and Durbin’s subsequent apology. You will never see that he said anything about our troops, It was all about interrogation techniques.

    There are a few right-wing sites and a few commenters on Fox who claim Durbin called our troops Nazi storm troopers. Nowhere on any site did I see an actual quote supporting that claim. If you have a legitimate site that quotes Durbin saying that, please share it. Otherwise, it is just typical right-wing tactics of quoting the liars on Fox and thinking that settles the argument.

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