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WASHAM: Recall doesn’t belong on the front page

Letter by Nathan Doyle Rupert, Tacoma on Jan. 10, 2011 at 3:11 pm with 4 Comments »
January 11, 2011 10:24 am

Re: “Keep opinion on the editorial pages” (letter, 1-4) and “Many support beleaguered official” (letter, 1-6).

I am in complete philosophical agreement with both letter writers. While I may not agree with specifics of each’s position, and I hardly care about the fate of a low-level local official, I am put off by The News Tribune’s willingness to repeatedly spend front-page space glorifying the recall supporter’s side of this controversy.

Someone commented online to the second letter that if you had “read the whole factual series of articles that The New Tribune published” you would consider the “evidence” and conclude “this man is a nut case.”

I agree. That “whole factual series” slammed several aspects of Dale Washam’s life, some quite unrelated to his official service, and was force-fed to us as front-page news for most of a business week.

When considering that almost unignorable series, or any of almost 30 articles total condemning Washam since Nov. 11, one would inevitably come to the conclusion that he is a bad guy.

Washam’s recall merits coverage occasionally at best, and on the local page or on the editorial page. Front-page headlines in font sizes generally reserved for disasters and declarations of war are for real news, not personally, professionally or politically driven information campaigns against local officials.

Cover front-page news on the front page. Please?

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  1. TNT is a “local issues” newspaper that focuses on life in this area. There are national newspapers and other media for other front page news. The Washam story is extremely important for those of us who live in Pierce County. If you don’t live in Pierce County, I can see your point about not being too interested. However, if you do live in this county, I am appalled that you would not be concerned enough about an important elected official to look at the stories. I think they did deserve the front page placement. IThe issue of recall is certainly more important than a minor snowstorm that has been headlined for days.

  2. Keep up the good work TNT on the Washam story! Without the TNT stories this situation would be going unnoticed. I don’t know about the writer of this letter, but as a Pierce County resident I object to Washam’s waste of county resources and money.

  3. odddoylerules says:

    I’m not a supporter just to be clear, wackadoo might well describe Washam. Im just saying that he doesnt deserve front page space and headlines in font sizes rivaling the BP spill and the conviction of the lakewood shooters. Perhaps there isn’t another side of the story, and perhaps the TNT IS being totally fair and balanced here.

    But don’t you think say, 3-5, or even 5-10 articles outlining the case for recall is sufficient? Aparrently the TNT doesnt think so. BAM. 30+ articles, since the “story” broke.

    To someone like me, who doesnt give two hoots about the issue or the office this man holds, it sure does seem like the issue is getting an awful lot of one sided attention, and often in HUGE HEADLINES!

    I’d rather see big news get big headlines… What, do you think people dont read the smaller stories in the back?

    I do read the little articles, I did this long weekend in fact. And in a tiny little article article with an unassuming headline on the last page of news before the editorials, I read that unless we raise the debt limit, “Our soldiers and veterans wouldnt be paid, social security checks wouldn’t go out” and the dollar could crumble (Debt Ceiling Raise Crucial, Senator Says, pg. A7 1-17-11) And this could begin to happen within the next 90 days!

    This seems like it deserves more attention than Washam. Even if he is a crackpot, that debt limit story could have effect on us all, and it was the smallest story in the entire front page section that day. Thats my REAL point. An explanation of how this debt limit thing affects us either way would serve us all, and be real front page news that mattered.

    Washams such a nobody, DOES he really even matter to the majority of us?

  4. odddoylerules says:

    heck, did you guys see the thing about formatting for a washam headline? There was talk about putting the washam headline ABOVE the news header on the front page! Washam was deemed by some at the TNT to be THAT important.

    They dont even do that for declarations of war.

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