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CLIMATE: Wake up and smell the snowflakes

Letter by Ken Morse, Olympia on Dec. 30, 2010 at 10:29 am with 54 Comments »
December 30, 2010 3:16 pm

Though a British court found Al Gore’s scare-film had more factual holes than Swiss cheese, the most “Inconvenient Truth” is Mother Nature’s. While we rejoice over snowshoers rescued on Snoqualmie Pass, the snow quietly falls across the nation to testify against global warming quackery. Florida manatees flock to power-plant warm water to survive.

Abandoning the 1970s’ global cooling craze, activists joined Gore’s bandwagon. Shouldn’t we be more wary of politicians who invest in stocks, then write law forcing us to by their product?

Cap-and-trade legislation failed in the Senate, but global warming advocates at the Environmental Protection Agency implement it through regulation anyway. It’s time to heed Mother Nature’s warning: “Wake up and smell the snowflakes.”

EPA’s global warming regulations are just the tip of the iceberg. In our state, some regulations benefit a few lucky businesses.

For example, most don’t realize the state code for septic systems (WAC 246-272A) disallows the Uniform Plumbing Code, creates virtual monopolies and exempts certain products from field-performance requirements. It’s the ultimate dream: a code to keep competitors out which is full of delicious anti-consumer provisions producing ripe fruit for a few lucky corporations.

Last summer in Lewis County, citizens rose up to defeat the Department of Ecology’s proposal to “reserve the right” to slap water meters on private wells. Given the current disregard bureaucrats have toward citizen rights and consumer protection, it is high time the public pushed back.

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  1. NASA’s records show that 2010 was the hottest year ever recorded.

    A cold winter, or lots of snow in various regions, doesn’t change that.

    Weather isn’t climate.

  2. Icebergs gone forever say a lot to me! Hee Haw

  3. nwcolorist says:

    The global warming/climate change political movement is as good as dead. The body may twitch for a while more, but death is imminent.

  4. Will Al Gore get Residuals for the Global Warming Act?

  5. bobcat1a says:

    The history of the world is littered with examples of masses of people who denied scientific inconvenience (Galileo comes to mind), but the earth will have the final lesson and I’m betting the scientists turn out right again. But feel free to go with the ignorant instead of the educated. Ignorant is curable, but stupid is not.

  6. Right on Mr. Morse, push back against the chemistry and the physics Mother Nature put before us and reverse the climate change global warming is causing. In actuality that is what we environmentalists have been saying for a long time. We can change the chemistry and that is turn will affect the physics of global warming. In case you missed it, the snow and cold are parts of the prediction we made. If that knowledge is a surprise to you, then you do not understand what the global warming and resulting climate change warnings are all about. Don’t feel bad. There are lots like you out there harboring the same ignorance.

  7. Novelist3 says:

    “The history of the world is littered with examples of masses of people who denied scientific inconvenience”
    And they’re still doing it today- people like you. The Religion of Gore has been abandoned by anyone with any common sense, only taken up by the brainless and the brainwashed. Mother Nature spoke loudly enough when she snowed out the much ballyhooed “Global Warming” conference a short while ago.

  8. blakeshouse says:

    The global warming fiasco is nothing more than another wealth redistribution scam. Gore and the rest of the socialist/ neo marxist gang thought they had a winner with this one. Unfortunately for them this obvious ploy was debunked almost as quickly as it surfaced. They will continue to poke and prod this dead horse as more and more of their agenda continues to be rejected outright and the power they hoped to derive from it is nothing more than a fleeting fantasy….

  9. chris3dog says:

    Cmon’ blakehouse, Global warming is real, don’t allow the recent snowstorms to cloud your judgment. Al Gore had it right, let me give you some proof.

    Just before Al invented the Internet, and shortly after he invented sliced bread, he received a patent for the “Al Gore Solar Toaster”. I was one of the early adopters who had faith in Al and I purchased one the first day they were introduced. My solar toaster has lived up to my expectations, and works well to this day. Now for the proof, I have observed over the years, that each day it takes less and less time to brown my toast. To me this indicates that the Earth is pre- warming my bread or the sun is getting hotter. Either scenario points to global warming!

  10. truthbusterguy says:

    It’s time to end the progressive stupidy that is leading to higher energy prices for all of us. Let them be the first to pay for their ideas and their lights to dim and they will shut up. The global warming crowd has lost all credibility.

    Their latest stupidy is to call WA state hydoelectricy “non renewable”. Give me a break.


  11. Obviously you, Ken and others, don’t understand Mother Nature and climate change. (Global warming is and was the wrong phrase to use) It is changing and overall it is warming whether you understand the mechanism or not.

  12. The scare tactics of the GW crowd resulted in thousands of people becoming so cynical that any talk about environmental issues now gets a deaf ear. Blame the fearmongers, led by Gore, for this. It’s a bit like the boy who cried wolf isn’t it? It should teach people to be reasonable and mature in how they present a situation if they hope to sustain anyone’s attention.

    Whatever might be true about climate change that citizens should be mindful of has been lost in the politics of it all. Same song, different lyrics.

  13. If this dozen,t effect Seattle no one will take heed!

  14. bobcat, I’ve been tempted to get into this before but chose not to. Today though I am so weary of people citing the Galileo controversey as you’ve done here, I just have to say something.

    Most of us know the adage by Alexander Pope that “a LITTLE learning is a dangerous thing.” Such is the case with the Galileo story.

    When Copernicus (and others before him) declared that the earth moved round the sun, the Church did not bounce him. Why? Why did they wait and pick on poor Galileo instead?

    Copernicus had the wisdom to acknowledge that according to the best information available at the time, it was reasonable to think the earth moved around the sun. He did NOT proclaim it as ULTIMATE TRUTH or Capital T – truth. Hypothesis as opposed to revelation/declaration.

    It was Galileo’s insistence that his findings were absolute truth that got him in trouble with the Church.

    Their argument with him was epistemological, about the source of knowlede and Truth
    He was a humanist and thought, as do many folks today, that man is ultimately at the center of the universe and that all knowledge comes from the discoveries of man. (Perhaps the climate change evangelism might have been more successful had they chosen a spokesman other than Al Gore! )

    Anyway, some of us gladly embrace what science can show us, but we recognize that it’s what we can know “in the moment” and are not foolish enough to think we have finally arrived at Ulitmate Truth regarding this marvelous universe and how it works.

  15. and thought, as do many folks today, that man is ultimately at the center of the universe

    Ummmmm……the whole point of Copernicus and Galileo was that the earth (created by God so a Chosen few of the creatures that he created in his likeness could be generally tortured for centuries) isn’t the center of the universe

    Thinking that the Creator made the Universe, waited about 800 billion years, and then created Man in his image and Wo-man from his image’s rib seems a little more human-centric than thinking that humans are just one of multitudes of creations on a tiny, insignificant planet amongst an almost infinite number of other planets, solar systems and galaxies..

  16. He was a humanist

    Any evidence? From what I read, he was a devout Catholic.

  17. Galileo’s beloved elder daughter, Virginia (Sister Maria Celeste), was particularly devoted to her father. She is buried with him in his tomb in the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence.

    Doesn’t sound like he raised her “humanist” as she became a nun……

    sozo…..making stuff up in the service of her Lord.

  18. Just to be clear……Galileo, believing that the sun was the center of the universe, was a heliocentrist.

    You would have to wait until King Louis XIV, the “Sun King”, who took on the image of Apollo as his crest, to find someone who felt that he universe revolved around him. (but….he was a Christian…..who believed that he was ordained to lead by God)

  19. First it was the coming ice age. Then “global warming” followed by “climate change”. Now (since the theory has become weaker and weaker and evidence of lies by omission and comission have surfaced) we are calling it “global climate disruption”. When will we finally call it what it is??? B.S.
    On a different note, Where’s Al? Do you suppose he’s writing the sequel to “A love story”?

  20. I stand corrected; I should not have used the “humanist” label to describe Galileo. No, I wasn’t making stuff up. Are you sure he was buried where you say bBoy? Interesting in light of all the years that passed before he was forgiven by the church.

    When I spoke of man being the center of the universe, btw, I was using the cliche/metaphor and did not mean it to be taken literally.

    Poor word choice notwithstanding, the church’s complaint as I understand it was that Galileo was placing “man” and man’s scientific findings in a place they thought could be held only by the Creator.

    And I will unashamedly concur that to think that God would create us in his image is mysterious and, for the earthbound, a ridiculous notion. For those not bound to the earth for answers, mystery remains, Praise be!

  21. You think he is dating Tipper? ;-)

  22. DevilDog2019 says:

    Sozo, all Galileo did was challenge authority. Challenge authority and make change happen

  23. Roncella says:

    WhatIdo, To answer your question, ” Wheres Al Gore”. He is busy traveling the World giving speeches and writing Books, making movies.

    He is also very busy in his new realestate, a home with more than 40,000 sq.ft. to it. Its located off the coast of Calif., I wonder how many folks it takes to maintain this mansion. How much electrical, gas, water, etc. must this home need ?

    I believe Al has some other homes besides this one. Yes, he really is concerned about the using of energy wastefully, as he flys around in his private jets.

    The foolish and gullible want to believe his hot Air, and he has become a very wealthy man from his global warming fears. Try and buy a regular light bulb, they are almost impossible to find.

  24. MarksonofDarwin says:

    OK, I wasn’t going to chime in either, but here goes!

    First, I want to apologize ahead of time to bB and sozo, because I’m about to quibble with BOTH of them.

    Several years ago, I read a fascinating book called “Galileo’s Daughter”.


    It is a chronicle of his life that includes letters between the two, and diary excerpts to bolster the story. Seriously fascinating…but then, I’m a geek!

    My quibble with bB,
    Galileo’s daughter became a nun because it was customary to send ALL daughters to the nunnery at a certain age. She then chose to stay, but it wasn’t like it is today, where only those who feel a “calling” are drawn to the church.

    My quibble with sozo,
    Devildog and I agree….he challenged authority. He invented the telescope, and could see with his own eyes how the heavens moved, and found final proof that the earth did, in fact, circle the sun. He refused to recant his belligerence, and was put in house arrest for his remaining days. The church was quite political at the time, and the ultimate authority where both God AND man were concerned.

    To the general equating of Galileo with GW alarmists:
    This is a false metaphor.
    In fact, the metaphor works better when comparing GW skeptics.

    GW is the dominant theory for the entire world. So many people in politics and the sciences have a vested interest in its “truth” that they have declared the debate is over, and the science is settled. Skeptics are in the position of challenging what “everybody knows”, and they are vilified and shunned for it.
    Sounds more like Galileo, right?

  25. nwcolorist says:

    From what I’ve read about Galileo, he was a brilliant man with an anti-authoritarian bent. He lived during the Reformation when the Catholic Church was under attack for it’s corrupt practices.

    As to the humanism of the age, it was not surprising to see its growth at the time, given the weakening of the Church’s reputation and authority. And just because people call themselves Catholic (or Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutherans, etc.) doesn’t mean they aren’t secular humanists.

    Historical events need to be considered in the of the times.

  26. nwcolorist says:

    Correction: Historical events need to be considered in the CONTEXT of the times

  27. We do not disagree MoD…he did take on authority, but he was certainly not the first, and unless I’m completely misguided in my studies, the church’s objection to him was, again, not that he posited a new idea (and challenged an old one) but that he inisisted it was THE definitive…ulitimate….capital t Truth. Again, others before him challenged the existing ideas and didn’t get excommunicated.

    My weariness lies in the fact that people know just enough about stories like this to “sound” like they know what they’re talking about when they are only telling half the tale.

  28. The Bible never taught “flat earth” or geocentricity…Job 38, Ps 14:1, Ps 18:1-6, note verse 6 “circuit” just for starters.
    Gore’s inconvenient horror cartoon neglects “time-date-location” stamps which is like driving without a compass or a clock(blind).
    Does “GW” effect Mercury and Saturn, too?
    Is it caused by Earthman?……No, it’s the Sun, silly Al…

  29. bobcat1a says:

    Novelist, one of these days you will understand the difference between weather and climate… But I’m not holding my breath.

  30. sharkie69 says:

    I think Lewis County residents should have the right to pay for their own problems. Don’t call the state or feds next time your river floods.

  31. beerBoy says:

    larsman – funny how you don’t cite Genesis to support your statement……

  32. bobcat1a says:

    Why cavil over Galileo’s religion or philosophy or burial or even if he was an iconoclast. The point is he made a factual scientific statement backed up by replicable observation and his assertions were not just denied by the relevant authorities but suppressed because they were inconvenient.

  33. “his assertions were not just denied by the relevant authorities but suppressed because they were inconvenient.”

    Please show documentation that this is what occurred.

  34. sue1234 says:

    The rightwing lies about climate change to their rank and file only exploits these poor uneducated gullible people. Remember: snow is not the opposite of global warming. This is the reason why the GOP hates education. As long as their rank and file are this illiterate they can manipulate them with the most absurd crap possible. Many of the comments clearly show their lack of education.

  35. larsman says:

    Bb- with you, I was considering the source, thought you might have a specific question re Gen., but alas.
    The scripture gives the same info that was laboriously quantified by Keppler and Newton among others subsequently more recent. The term “dinosaur” does not appear in Gen. because the term did not exist until the 1830’s AD.
    You may find astronomy(not astrology) more interesting by googilng “Mazzaroth”. Computer (Starry Nights, about $300.00) software will give you a 360 degree vantage point on any given time of day / night / hemisphere, going backwards of forwards in time-frame. Electron Microscopes can work to show you at the nano threshold the Creator’s design capabilities on the other end of the observation spectrum. Censorship today is practiced by the religion of evolution against those who espouse special creation, and either ridicule, forbid open debate or threaten to withdraw funding if the potential for “another explanation” other than the fear based “all evidence must fit our “millions of years” mold” recipe is ever advanced publicly.
    Galileo merely discovered what the Bible already said. His problem, as Sozo mentioned, was the Roman church’s inability to relinquish political control…exactly like the Pharisees and the previous Roman government .
    As a matter of fact when the dimensions of the Brass Laver for Solomon’s Temple were given by God circa. 940 BC the diameter was relative to the circumference by the factor of Pi. So much for the idiots who actually think(?) the Bible was written by cave dwelling shepherds…. 66 books, 40 authors and 16 centuries. Critics are fun to watch evaporate…they lack a sustainable attention span and are very afraid to go beyond the one-liner “oh yeah…well what about ” circular reasoning type questions. No Bb- this is not 3rd century BC sophistry, nor 4th century AD political debate just for the sake of debate…that would be the theatrical lawyers/candidates….not my calling…

  36. redneckbuck says:

    All energy comes from the sun and all energy ends up as heat. Warming is a product of life.

  37. Roncella says:

    sue1234, The left wing dems, like Al Gore have made millions on the folks who buy his books watch his movies and attend his speeches.

    Talk about not being educated.

    First it was all about global warming, Now its all about Climate change, what next. Anything to push for cap and tax controls forcing millions to pay more to heat their homes, drive their cars, buy products of all kinds.

    Lets have an open debate with scientists representing both sides of the argument about climate change. These discussions should be open to the public, not just a select few in the Congress.

  38. sue1234 says:

    For all you guys who do not believe man can influence his environment do something for me.
    Go get your lawnmower and put it in the same room as your computer.
    Shut all windows and doors.
    Fire up the lawn mower.
    Wait about an hour and tell me… man can not influence his environment in a bad way.

  39. sue1234 says:

    Roncella.. fire up your lawnmower and get back to me.

  40. mrenchirito says:

    Yes because the climate is the same thing as a closed room with little ventilation (rolls eyes). There was a mile of ice covering what is now Olympia 10,000 years ago, which then melted in a relatively short period. I guess all those cavemen went crazy with the lawnmowers.

    Bottom line is the climate has always changed, is changing, and will continue to change no matter what we do or do not do.

  41. bobcat1a says:

    Sozo, please just read any respectable history book about 17th century Europe or the history of science or just go to wikipedia and look up Galileo if you want a nice easy summary.. This is not controversial information.

  42. I know what the accepted take on it is. Wikipedia, really?

  43. whatIdo says:


  44. Roll_On says:


  45. beerBoy says:

    I know what the accepted take on it is. Wikipedia, really?

    “the accepted take on it” is usually what shows up on Wikipedia unless, of course, there are some dedicated folks who try to skew the entry with their obsessive obfuscatory efforts.

  46. Roncella says:

    mrenchirito, Your Post makes the most sense, hands down, but you’ll never convience the libs/progressives who post here, trust me I know.

  47. Roncella says:

    spelling correction, especially for all the teachers who post here.

    Convince—Post 9:57am

  48. sue1234 says:

    Well I guess you cant use context to figure out I was speaking about a closed system. The earth is a closed system, you know. Not only do some not understand simple scientific concepts they lack higher order thinking skills.

  49. sue1234 says:

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

  50. Roncella says:

    Sue1234, Hold The Presses,

    This May Be The One and Only Post of Yours That I can Agree With.

    I have said many times, I never correct others spelling as long as I can understand their message or point they were making.

  51. mrenchirito says:

    Sorry sue, but the scientific method does not include “context”. Just because a garage and a lawnmower may be a closed system DOES NOT mean it act the same as the earth’s atmosphere. Are you serious???? Someone is in dire need of remedial science class.

  52. Ron-she was ejected from “hooked on phonics” but did retain a professional sounding excuse…

  53. Roll_On says:

    Now you are going to get First Lefty all up in a tissy because you are concerned with who is posting as who.

    People need to use different names so they can have as many people as possible supporting their position.

    And Sue, maybe you should throw some plants in the room with your lawnmower and run your experiment again.

  54. Roll_On says:

    I should have quoted the post in my reply because the post I was referring to was removed by the board nanny because it said sue = name of the city NE of Puyallup.

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