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WEYERHAEUSER: Yet more employees let go

Letter by A.M. Earsley, Tacoma on Dec. 30, 2010 at 10:45 am with 22 Comments »
December 30, 2010 3:15 pm

I write this as I sit in my car in the parking lot of Weyerhaeuser corporate headquarters. It is early morning, and the warm lights from inside the building are glowing and welcoming. I can see a few bodies wandering to and from on the fourth floor.

It calls to mind many of the incredibly talented, enthusiastic and dedicated Weyerhaeuser employees from the past who are now nothing more than a name on a file box, a data file, a query, a memory. For most, the small and big contributions they made to this company’s success are forgotten by those who remain.

It saddens me to see the drastic reduction in workforce and the subsequent drain on the life force of this company. And now after a number of years and more than seven cycles of reductions, my time has come. It isn’t the job hunt that has my stomach in knots, but rather the incredible sadness I feel in leaving this company that I’ve wanted to work for since I was very young, but then I suppose it really isn’t my company anymore, it belongs to the board of directors who belong to the shareholders.

Still, I smile as I recall the faces of those who have left before me.

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  1. denismenis says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    Unfortunately, it is a symptom of the decline of the middle class and it will continue, in part due to the following:
    Cheap labor in China, India and Vietnam, along a toxic alchemy of industrialization and suppression of human rights, guaranteeing a compliant work force;
    Tax policy and Congresional inertia that rewards U.S. companies that abandon the U.S. and move overseas;
    Incredible indebtedness that the U.S. owes China due to launching two wars and programs put on the credit card, handicapping the ability to invest in infrastructure and education in our country.
    Yes, the wealthy may get wealthy, and the poor will become more working poor (and we’ll be more like China every day). Civil instability will result, but while we wait two days for a cop, they will be hiring Blackwater to protect themselves – probably from us.
    Some America that will be.

  2. blakeshouse says:

    Sorry you lost your job, welcome to the crowd!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if an all powerful over seeing govt with outrageous regulation and a union that insisted on cadilac health plans, rules that required 2-3X the man power needed and onerous corporate tax rates had anything at all to do with it???? Could also have to do with those same union bosses refusing to renegotiate contracts when it became obvious that jobs hung in the balance.

  3. Renegotiating wages does not create jobs, blakeshouse.

    Please provide examples of “rules that required 2-3X the man power needed.”

  4. First_Lefty says:

    As one who has had to work the shark infested waters of a job search more than once in his life, I wish you the best of luck.

    Now, considering that we extended the Bush tax cuts to all those people making $250K and more, you’ll have no problem finding a job.

  5. First_Lefty says:

    denis – your mention of “more like China”…..

    China just raised their minimum wage by 20% in Beijing:


    They want their workers to be able to afford their good so that they don’t start seeking cheaper imports from other countries.

    What a concept, huh?

  6. Roncella says:

    A, M. Earsley, Your letter is written from the heart, I wish for your sake and many others that is wasn’t true.

    I worked many years for Sears. I watched as the benefits and opportunities dwindled away. Little by little departments were consolidated, jobs were constantly being restructured,reviewed, deemed unnessary.

    When I started working at Sears it had so many employee benefits like 4 to 1 stock options, bonuses, cost of living increases, opportunity for advancement, promotion to better paying departments, special employee accounts, on and on.

    There were alot of great people working there, some for 40 years or more.
    Then the age of the computer arrived, and everything began to change. We were told that the computer would actually make our jobs easier and add jobs, not take them away.

    That was not true. The computer and upper Management changes made Sears a different company, one more concerned with the bottom line than its employees.

    Everything has to change with new technology and faster ways of accomplishing many tasks, but the peoples futures need to be considered in making these necessary changes and many times that is not the case, it seems the bottom line almost always takes priority.

  7. JudasEscargot says:

    Roncella – thanks for your testimony to life in the Conservative world of “anything for profits” even if it means the end of the working class.

    Aren’t you glad you voted Republican?

  8. So if we mandated a minimum wage of $20 an hour, then a gallon of milk increased to $10, and a box of cereal increased to $10, and all other essential items went up proportionately, what have we gained?

    And A, M. Earsley, I am sorry about your situation. Maybe most of your situation can be traced back to the environmentalists that won’t allow any logging, even though trees are a renewable resource.

  9. Roncella says:

    Judas, Thanks for your understanding and sympathy…….

  10. JudasEscargot says:

    Roncella – you recognized my sympathy. I do feel sorry for anyone that tells the story you told, and still votes a Conservative ticket believing that they are going to take care of your ills. It is an illness with only one cure.

    Read your comments back to yourself and tell me why in the world you would want to vote for a party that supports big business and tries to shiv labor every time they get a chance.

  11. JudasEscargot says:

    “Roll_On says:
    December 31, 2010 at 11:55 am
    So if we mandated a minimum wage of $20 an hour, then a gallon of milk increased to $10, and a box of cereal increased to $10, and all other essential items went up proportionately, what have we gained?”

    Henry Ford had a brilliant idea. He wanted his workers to be able to afford to buy his cars.

    In your scenario, the world artificially inflates prices to meet wages. Whatever happened to “free market” and “law of supply and demand”?

    Right now, with our wages being stuck at 10 year old levels, the price of oil has increased up to three-fold at times over the prices 10 years ago.

    Your theory sucks, to be blunt.

  12. JudasEscargot says:

    “And A, M. Earsley, I am sorry about your situation. Maybe most of your situation can be traced back to the environmentalists that won’t allow any logging, even though trees are a renewable resource. ”

    Well, there’s an ignorant statement. The Big W left logging long ago, to avoid having to pay union wages for one of the most dangerous jobs in the Northwest, not to mention the insurance on employees.


    For those seeking the truth and knowledge, as opposed to ignorance.

    The Big W, like many other companies decided to outsource.

  13. Roncella says:

    Judas, Unlike liberals/Progressives I don’t expect government programs to solve my problems.

    Conservatives take responseability for their futures

    Your kind of thinking is what got Calif. , New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, so many other cities and states in the terrible condition they are in, Bankruptcy. Calif. recently declared a state of emergency. The state is busted, broke.

    Who did the Dems. elect for Governor of Calif. Jerry Brown a big spending Liberal Dem. and they re-elected Boxer, “unbelieveable”.

  14. sharkie69 says:

    I didn’t see Judas say a word about the government taking care of anyone. Roncella must be reading a different blog than me.

    Roncella was complaining about Sears lowering the employment standards and now switched gears to hurling rocks at the state of California.

  15. Roncella says:

    sharkie, I was referring to the Judas 1:53 &2:06 posts, lets try and keep up here.

  16. Roncella says:

    sharkie, By the way who do you think will be paying the bill to bail out the state of California, you and I and anyone who pays taxes.

  17. sharkie69 says:


    Neither of those posts say one thing about the government taking care of people. You are delusional

  18. bobcat1a says:

    Ronny It wouldn’t be necessary tp help out California if they simply kept most of the money they send to D.C. to pay for the red states who can’t pay for themselves.
    BTW, isn’t the Tea Party going to stop those bailouts and have all the states pay their own way?

  19. JudasEscargot says:

    sharkie69 – Roncella has a way of taking a blue sky and turning it into red.

    bobcat – excellent point. Alaska is one of the Kings of Taking from the Federal Government, but they have the ability to take money from the oil companies and hand out checks to state residents, then take federal money over and above what they have paid in. Last time I checked they get $1.57 for every dollar they are taxed.

  20. JudasEscargot says:

    Here is a great reference map on that subject, bobcat:


  21. Roncella says:

    Judas, your map is mis-leading and not factual.

    The top 1% of income earners pay 40% of the taxes in the Country.

    Most of the folks paying loads of money to the Federal Government are Republicans.

  22. JudasEscargot says:

    Roncella – first of all your argument is with the Washington Post, Ezra Klein and their collective sources. If you have data that can prove them wrong (not talking points….DATA) I’m sure they will recind.

    Second – the map is a demonstration of the government dispersal of money, versus taxes collected, so I guess your real complaint is with the Federal Government’s report

    As usual, you don’t have a clue as to what the report says, but you know it’s wrong.

    Oh….how about some proof that most of the top 1% are Republicans?

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