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PUYALLUP SCHOOLS: Changes will hurt community

Letter by C. D. Gutierrez, Puyallup on Dec. 29, 2010 at 4:13 pm with 10 Comments »
December 30, 2010 3:18 pm

Does the Puyallup School Board really know best?

Tony Apostle, Superintendent, has taken it upon himself (cleverly disguised in the form of a committee) that a reconfiguration is in order for Puyallup schools.

He has proposed taking ninth-graders from junior highs and cramming them into high schools to the tune of 2,500 students to occupy a building with a 1,250 capacity. Is this supposed to be a better high school experience?

He says it will give them more options. Make no mistake, there will be no options with that many kids, other than an extended day of school. Yes, night school is what kids get for an option.

Apostle has given no logical reason for this type of change and has made it his personal goal to make it happen. He has no data to support creating this chaos or taking into consideration any of the major changes that will affect the community.

More infuriating is his totalitarian attitude and disturbing comparison: “Does Good Sam Hospital ask the public how to cure people?” It is inconceivable that someone in this position could overlook the impact this would have on students, parents, teachers and community, and think it is acceptable.

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  1. Until Puyallup makes some changes and puts this position up for re- election every 4 years, your stuck with Superintendents like Apostle….. and I am SOOOO relieved I no longer have kids in his district !

  2. Fibonacci says:

    I am glad that I don’t have kids in ANY school right now with the cuts they are going through. Believe it or not kids DO lean better in smaller classes. As far as Tony Apostle goes, you do realize that if Puyallup is like most districts, he is under the direct authority of the school board which IS elected. Run for the board yourself, or vote for somone that is more in line with your views. The Superintendent is not a dictator, he can be replaced by the board, so they must approve of what he is doing. Complain directly to them if you don’t like what is happening.

  3. The Puyallup School District suffers from self-induced grade inflation. The students and teachers have big egos until the SAT scores come out. By then, you cant retaliate against the teachers and the school district.
    Instead of that pile of worthless PC friendly propaganda the PSD puts out, I’d like to see how Puyallup stacks up against other school districts with regard to scholarships to decent Universities of merit (MIT, Purdue, Michigan, Ivy League etc etc).
    I’d like to see such a table. I’d predict that tax paying Puyallup parents should be shocked and disgusted at the mediocre level of education PSD puts out.
    All Apostle and his flunkies at PSD HQ care about is satisfying the PC quota for stories in the quarterly rag.

  4. Biggest problem I have with Apostle..he makes to much money, more than the president of the united states of america. Get rid of him, hire someone for a third of what he makes, you will see no difference in how the district is run or the results of any standardized test, but you would save the taxpayers over 140,000 dollars a year

  5. ColtonsDad says:

    I am surprised the TNT posted this opinion against Apostle. I have offered tremendous evidence against Apostle and other District employees confirming the abuse, discrimination, harassment and bullying of my son while he attended this District and the TNT ignores to report, I assume for political or other reasons. Apostle lacks any integrity; he refused to testify at a hearing and has paid Bill Gates father’s law firm over an estimated one million dollars to conceal what they have done. I am sure similar abuse has been experienced by other special education students that lack the ability to self report what happens to them daily.

  6. ColtonsDad says:

    Apostle gets a car allowance of $8,400 a year. He lives three blocks from his office at district headquarters. Wow, $700 a month to drive three blocks to work! I bet he possess a District gas card too! Know one will challenge Apostle in his irrational decisions for fear of retribution. Let us not forget that he has strong political ties with 25th District Rep. Bruce Dammeier former Puyallup School Board member and supporter of discrimination of special education students.

  7. Fibonacci says:

    God, enough already. Will you still be attacking this school dirtrict when your kid is getting Medicare? They might have problems but I seriously doubt there is some big conspiracy to harm your kid and then hide it. I don’t work for PSD, I have no kids or grandkids in PSD, heck I don’t even KNOW anyone that works for or goes to school in this district. I do pay taxes in PSD and know they are higher than some surroundiing districts, so there may be a probllem there, but come on, these guys were not out to “abuse” some poor special ed kid.

  8. bugsmom98 says:

    I am disappointed that people blame teachers in all of this. Most teachers you talk to do not want this change. They are as frustrated, if not more, than the public. It’s a shame that people don’t go to the board meetings and get involved. More voices need to be heard! Yes, we elect the board members, but there is definitely a “good ‘ol boys” club, so to speak. We need a superintendent that is concerned about the kids, not his resume. The whole thing sucks and my kids are gonna pay for it…3 of them… Teachers are caught between a rock and a hard place. Their jobs are on the line if they don’t have good passing rates in their classes and yet the kids nowadays don’t care….this change is going to make that better? Pretty sure this whole thing stinks like a bad onion!

  9. spotted1 says:

    bugsmom….are you sure that kids nowadays don’t care? I look at the state test scores and I see something different. I will couch this with, yes, some kids just plain don’t care, but I think there is something else going on.

    Take a look a the following link of the state test scores. Manipulate the data to see the results for different ethnic groups, income levels, male versus female and see if the “kids don’t care” motto feels truthful.


  10. ColtonsDad says:

    Fibonacci, your comment just proves your ignorance and that you too have blinders on. If you and the rest of the public would take the time to see through the smoke and mirrors and read and especially understand the facts you would see that if what happened to my son was exposed this District will be in a world of hurt. Other parents would then look a little deeper into the daily happenings of their children that cannot self report. Yes I will continue on because my wife and I live daily with the damage that this District inflicted on my son., FYI he already is receiving Medicare.

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