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CHRISTMAS: Season began Dec. 25, lasts until Jan. 6

Letter by Donald E. Bishop, Tacoma on Dec. 29, 2010 at 11:44 am with 42 Comments »
December 29, 2010 11:44 am

It is interesting to observe that most people (and merchants, radio stations, etc.) seem to think that Christmas (a Christian observance) starts on or before Thanksgiving, while in reality it starts on Dec. 25 and runs until Jan. 6. Yet Christmas music seems to stop on Dec 26.

The time to wish a Merry Christmas should be Dec 25 through Jan. 6, but you sure get funny looks when you do so. A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the real Christmas.

Oh, while I am at it, a Christmas tree is still a Christmas tree and not a holiday tree. Amen

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  1. freakwater says:

    In reality, Christmas is a pagan holiday based on myth and superstition. However, it is also a great excuse to buy and sell a lot of crap and gorge on rich foods, so that’s why it has become the most popular holiday in these United States. Got to love those pagans!

  2. MarksonofDarwin says:

    The “real” Christmas?
    This letter is bizarre. I usually stay up late on Christmas eve. and for the past several years, I’ve turned on the TV to watch the midnight mass broadcast from Seattle’s St. James Cathedral. Right after that, we move to Rome, and the huge celebration there. I’m not Catholic. I’m clueless as to some of what they are doing….but I find it VERY moving.
    A co-worker of mine who is Jewish went to her boyfriend’s Lutheran church for Christmas…..she was moved as well.
    There are many paths to God who loves us all.
    Are any of these things not “real”?….what am I missing, and where is this letter writer coming from.

  3. NWflyfisher says:

    freakwater: What’s your take on Kwanzaa?

  4. First_Lefty says:

    Pardon my pun….

    Oh God!

  5. As a kid in Europe, it was considered very bad luck to remove Christmas decorations until January 6th (the 12th day of Christmas). Trees were bought just a couple of days before Christmas for obvious reasons. I suspect the earlier version in the US has much to do with doubling up on Hannakuh.

  6. redneckbuck says:

    As a follower of “the way” I find Christmas at the mall depressing. I like to spend it with family. I too like the music and wish it would last a bit longer than it does.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    After Thanksgiving when someone in a retail outlet says “Happy Holidays’ or “Have a Happy Holiday” – just ask the dullard what holiday they have in mind!!!

  8. freakwater says:

    When somebody wishes me “Merry Christmas” I ask, “Why do you assume I subscribe to a 2000-year old mystical cult?”

  9. surething says:

    I do not celebrate Christmas.

  10. MarksonofDarwin says:

    I know you’re just joking about your comeback FW, but in the past week I have wished several people Merry Christmas, or asked how their Christmas was.

    For some that I didn’t know well, I stopped myself and asked if they celebrated Christmas.
    Their answer? Generally no, but that they had a nice day, and they wished me Merry Christmas.

    This is how the “war on Christmas” has played out.
    Christians, non-Christians & even non-believers accepting each other.
    I might be naive, but that’s been my experience this year, and it’s the best possible outcome.

  11. spotted1 says:

    And yet we once again digress into a pithy arguement on the historical event of “Christmas”. Some focusing on saying the reason for it doesn’t exist. That God either does or does not exist. Yet, seemingly not willing another have their belief that maybe their is something out there beyond this earthly world we live in.

    I am willing to accept that attack if you are willing to do it for EVERY other religion as well. Including those currently in favor, i.e. Muslim.

    And Kwanzaa, started in California in the 60’s? How can you take it seriously?

  12. 3PH – when someone wishes me “Happy Holidays” (as I have heard all of my life), I assume that they are talking about Christmas and New Year’s. But…..I’m not a Beckian nor O’Reillian so I don’t see some evil conspiracy when someone wishes me well in an inclusive manner.

    Gotta wonder if you really hate most of your fellow citizens as much as you seem to – if so – what is that like, to be so filled with revulsion for all of mankind except for the few who are mirror images of oneself.

  13. Was Bing Crosby a “dullard” for recording Happy Holidays by Irving Berlin?

    And when Andy Williams covered it….or…..?

  14. Don’t really know about Kwanzaa, except that it was created to counter the crass commercialism of Christmas centered on gifts. I suppose that might be offensive to the Church of the Market but……..that seems rather more in the true spirit of Christmas than the annual ritual of camping out for the orgy of shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

  15. freakwater says:

    spotted1, learn the actual definition of “pithy” before (mis)using it.

  16. nwcolorist says:

    I don’t see the harm in saying Merry Christmas to people at Christmas time. It’s just passing on the good will of the season.

    If somebody says “good morning” to me, I take it in the spirit it was given, and don’t grumble because they had the audacity to assume I was having a ‘good’ morning.

  17. spotted1 says:

    Kwanzaa was created in 1966 to bring black communities together by a professor in Long Beach. It has never really taken off and is not well recognized. I know of no one that celebrates it in any community.

  18. So….is “Seasons Greetings” as offensive to you as “Happy Holidays”?

  19. “freakwater” says..When somebody wishes me “Merry Christmas” I ask, “Why do you assume I subscribe to a 2000-year old mystical cult?”

    So is it really that offensive that the simple good wishes extended to you by another leads you to responding with some weird argument against that wish?

    I find it amazing that a very loud minority finds some pathetic need to take a simple good wish of the season and turn it into an issue.

    Fact is that the vast majority of people in this country celebrate Christmas at this time of year and very few use it to push their religion. The majority of well adjusted people say Merry Christmas simply as a good wish, and those people who celebrate something different, who are likewise well adjusted, take it as such.

  20. “nwcolorist” says, If somebody says “good morning” to me, I take it in the spirit it was given, and don’t grumble because they had the audacity to assume I was having a ‘good’ morning.

    Oh great! Now youve gone and done it! You have generally offended everyone who finds mornings offensive! We’re never going to hear the end of it! We all know that mornings are simply an ancient ritual of observing sun positions celebrated by prehistoric tribes in New Guinea, the followers of which are trying to subvert our entire way of life!

    With that I’m going back to bed!

  21. freakwater says:

    I turn nothing into issues. I ask simple questions and brains emaciated and wasted by the Fox Stupid Ray can’t process them and so they become angry and voila!, more red meat for Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck’s slack-jawed, glassy-eyed viewers.

  22. Why is it so offensive for people who don’t celebrate Christmas to hear the words “merry Christmas” or even wish someone else a “merry Christmas?”

    I will tell you “happy birthday!” on your birthday, even though it isn’t my birthday, because it is YOUR birthday and I am extending the wish to YOU. In the same way, I will tell my Jewish friends “happy Hannukah,” even though I celebrate Christmas, because I am extending my wish for them to enjoy THEIR holiday.

    When you say “good morning,” or “happy birthday,” or “good luck” or “merry Christmas” to someone that is a pleasantry to them, it’s not about you.

  23. rv – what I am seeing are people who insist upon acting offended if someone doesn’t wish them Merry Christmas and instead uses the term Happy Holidays (for some reason Season’s Greetings is ok).

    To use your analogy, it is like someone getting offended by being told “Have a great day” instead of “Happy Birthday”.

  24. JudasEscargot says:

    nwcolorist says:
    December 30, 2010 at 8:55 am
    I don’t see the harm in saying Merry Christmas to people at Christmas time. It’s just passing on the good will of the season.

    I’m sure if they are Jewish or Muslim they’ll really appreciate the greeting.

    “ronniew says:
    December 30, 2010 at 10:43 am
    Why is it so offensive for people who don’t celebrate Christmas to hear the words “merry Christmas” or even wish someone else a “merry Christmas?”

    and I’m sure you don’t mind a Muslim extending a Ramadan greeting or building a community center in Manhattan.

    What’s good for the goose….

  25. Roncella says:

    ronniew, When your postiing with Judas, or Freakwater you can’t use common sense in your replies, its a waste of your time.

  26. Judas — No, I don’t mind a Muslim extending a Ramadan greeting, and yes, I do mind them planting their flag over their conquest. How are those the same?

    Roncella — Freakwater just got here. Since I haven’t seen a worthy contribution to a conversation yet I’m not bothering to respond. I don’t care for Judas’ tenor (or politics) but at least sometimes there is a point of view to contemplate, rather than just an angry, pointless barb.

  27. IQ88 sez -” it was considered very bad luck to remove Christmas decorations”
    Define irony…
    I sort of agree with everyone here…but for much more different reasons. IMHO,
    Jesus was conceived in (solar accounting) Dec. solstice on either of 5, 4, or 3 B.C. depending on which computer calendar model one utilizes, making His birth on the following Sept. on the Feast of Trumpets 4, 3, or 2 B.C. six months after John the Baptist (his cousin) was born ( see “the 8th, course of Abijah) Luke 1 and I Chron 24:10.
    Life beginning at conception, I can celebrate either day, week or season.
    I do abhor the falsifications and commercialism involved in the “annual economic stabilization program” , and I do enjoy “Nativity” songs in March, July or any month.
    Happy New Ears from the larsman…

  28. sue1234 says:

    December 25 is the fake birthday of your invisible skyfriend’s son who was concieved by a surprise rape of a 12 year old little girl. According to the bible Jesus was born in the Fall. Before you get yourself all wound up in more delusion perhaps you should educate yourself on how Dec 25 became Jesus’ brithday and remember as Americans we do not have to believe in any God. If you need an invisible skyfirend fine, keep your myths, lies and delusions out of my government and schools. I’ll make a deal with you. You dont pray in our schools and i wont THINK in your church

  29. larsman says:

    Sue1234 – Deal… now just keep your imaginary “artist conception” (not provable nor repeatable) Lizards …with Feathers!!! oh my! out of My taxpayer funded censorship addicted public school system.

    Sue, favor yourself with some basic anatomy studies and let us know the bone density and delicate tubular make up of any species of bird and how / why any change from a lizard would have been needed in the first place and where oh where are ANY intermediate examples either presently (heaven forbid) or in the fossil record.

    BTW Sue, did you know that C-14 is found in measurable quantities in…diamonds, and that fact cannot be attributed to contaminated measuring / recording equipment because using two types of radio-carbon criteria gives the same results when either of the two were disabled and/or moved out of affect range.
    Sue, of course we’re assuming your awareness that C-14 does have a measurably accurate half-life of 5,700 years approx. (just a wee bit lower than your “millions of years” scenario claims).
    Radiometric dating for anything beyond 10 K is based on falsified modeling extrapolations utilizing straight arithmatic averages divorced of accuracy, context and natural repeatability.
    But of course you already knew ALL about these conversational prerequisites, right Sue….Sue where’d Sue go?

  30. beerBoy says:

    larsman weighs in with some Creationism scientific-sounding blather to prove that he is, indeed, a pontificating lightweight with the equivalent to hollow-bones where his cranium should be.

    You forget that I am surrounded by idiots with initials behind their names who are expert as saying nothing (or worse yet, nonsense) with long sentences, big college words (bcws) and citation of obscure factoids. Your posture is not impressive.

  31. sue1234 says:

    Lars.. you prove my premise. Relgious people are outright stupid. Clearly you have no understanding of the concept of evolution. Your lack of education is just shining in your post. Remember faith is the suspension of reality. You cry in horror at your misconception of evolution as degrading to humans yet some invisible sky friend scooping up a handful of dirt IS RATIONAL TO YOU.
    Do you know of the concept ‘learned ignorance’? It is a phrase that was coined in response to religious people. Essentially it means: No fact will get in the way of what I know. You are a great example of learned ignorance. May I suggest you read outside your cult and learn about evolution. Then you might be able to have a conversation based on facts rather than lies, myths and delusions. Lars you can have all the invisible skyfriends you need to guilt trip you into being a decent person. That’s fine. What isnt ok is your complete ignorance on the fact called evolution. Educate yourself if you have any self respect.
    Oh, and btw, Ill tell my geologist husband the leaf fossil on my desk isnt 20,000 years old cause Lars said so……

  32. Roncella says:

    sue1234, After reading some of your posts, the theory of evolution about apes does get more believeable.

  33. sue1234 says:

    Roncella.. well you just showed me you are not adult enough to carry on a conversation in a rational and adult manner. Your immature post designed to demean me only shows us your true character and lack of intellect. See how religion forces you to be hateful and irrational.

  34. larsman says:

    evolution is a faith-based religion…Sue’s “geologist” husband would lose his grade-degree-funding-job if he dared question the politically empirical status quo…
    The love of $ is the root of all evil and BTW I am not a “teabagger” nor a “Fox-addict”.
    You offer no facts, source citing or rationality in your overdefensive “My way or the highway” conjectures…as with your twin Bb…

  35. Sheesh that “sue1234″ sounds like a real winner at a party doesnt she!

    Such attitude! BwaaaHaaaaaa!

  36. Oh by the way “sue”…Before I forget…..MERRY CHRISTMAS! ……. Yeah I’m so bad! :D This comment wont stay up long I’m sure! :D

  37. beerBoy says:

    evolution is a faith-based religion

    Thank you for reminding me what passes for intellectual inquiry amongst certain sects……you really don’t understand the difference between the empirical method and sophistry do you?

    This may come as a shock, The Flintstones was a cartoon inspired by The Honeymooners, not a representation of how it really was. Fred could not have had Dino as a pet because the dinosaurs were extinct by the time the first man made his appearance. No amount of obfuscation about carbon dating changes that fact.

  38. beerBoy says:

    I find it curious, and a little sad, that the uber-religionists attempt to denigrate science by calling it religion……such self-loathing.

    btw – aside from photoshopped hoaxes, why is it that there is no Nephilim in the fossil record?

  39. theogsters says:

    What started as a midwinter pagan festival to brighten the long nights and warm the frigid temperatures eventually morphed into a Christian observance and now has become a secular orgy of (credit) spending and commercialism. I suggest we go full circle and return to a simplified midwinter festival — and limit the time span to 24 hours.

  40. beerBoy says:

    theogsters – the Winter Solstice festivals were to mark the rebirth of the sun which was dying a minute earlier every day. It is the most important day of the death and resurrection cycle of the sun. Far more than a festival to brighten the longs nights and warm the frigid temperatures.

  41. Theog- That would be the Babylonian / Egyptian Tammuz, Horus, Isis, Osiris
    counterfeit with some blending and additions of Ishtar and post-Sumerian Baal.
    Oh..and Bb- then there is the admission of fraud with Piltdown and Neanderthal
    (one that was “reconstructed” from a pig’s bone with the help of evolution’s best friend…the “artist’s conception”. Make the “facts” fit a preconceived ‘censorship’ box. It’s never just the evidence, it’s the interpretation of the evidence…..which must be presented in geographic and geologic context. Just because someone can trick with photo-shop doesn’t mean there are no more plausible findings.
    You are sounding more like a sophist all the time…

  42. beerBoy says:

    Again – why is it that there is no Nephilim in the fossil record?

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