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IMMIGRATION: Let’s seek realistic solution

Letter by LYLE LAWS, Puyallup on Dec. 23, 2010 at 9:08 am with 32 Comments »
December 23, 2010 2:35 pm

A good general knows when a battle is lost. Since we all know that America will never deport illegal aliens’ children who were born here or the kids who were brought here by their parents when they were children, let’s get realistic and make the most of a problem that continues to fester and will only grow worse without a solution of some sort even though it will not please everyone.

An addition of another 10 or 15 million could be assimilated without the chaos that will certainly occur if we just continue to wring our hands and hope the problem will go away until we are completely overrun with people who will risk everything to try to come and stay here. If the flood is not controlled, we will all be living in poverty.

Since children born here are citizens, and we know we are not going to tear them away from their parents, let the parents stay, but only with some kind of a permanent visitor status that does not allow them to bring other family members in the future.

And if the children who were brought here by their illegal alien parents were given provisional citizenship – which would give then all the other rights the rest of us have but would not allow them to bring in other relatives – we might be able to solve the problem

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  1. Roncella says:

    Lyle, you’ve got it backwords. The first thing that has to happen is to “Stop the Flow of illegals” coming across our southern borders.

    Then and only then can the U.S. begin to figure out how to handle the illegals already here, both children and adults.

  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    Illegals have broken a law. Now, focus on this: If a citizen breaks a law, their children are put into care if there is no one left to care for them. Why do illegal lawbreakers rate more consideration than citizen lawbreakers? Ship the illegals OUT and if their kids don’t want to go, put them into the system just like any American kid….

  3. NWflyfisher says:

    Lyle: A good general ensures a strong perimeter defense with controlled access points is established for the safety of his troops.

  4. Those of us who emigrated here via the correct channels paid our dues. Now all these neo-citizen wannabees seek special rights to circumvent the process. Eons ago, as a prospective legal immigrant the first test was that you provided some form of valued asset to this nation (a skill of some kind). The second was that you also provided proof that you would not be a burden requiring any welfare from the government (money or a job).
    Now it seems the main qualification is that you are likely to vote Democrat early and often at each election.

  5. as a prospective legal immigrant the first test was that you provided some form of valued asset to this nation (a skill of some kind).

    It has been made clear that a willingness to labor at sub-standard wages is considered an asset to this nation (or at least some of those lovable top 2%).

  6. Lyle says we should just give up, and give them our car keys while we’re at it, because if their numbers get inconvenient to deal with, we must be wrong.

    Lyle, I would never hire you as a plumber.
    When fixing a fast leak, we do not worry about the color of the tiles or texture of the caulking……….we turn OFF the water supply…FIRST.

    Unless you are trying to make a secret deal with the leak
    (crisis manipulation via sabotage)

  7. bobcat1a says:

    Make hiring an illegal a mandatory no-parole five year prison sentence for the owner or CEO of the company as well as for the person who did the hiring and you will end the illegal immigration problem overnight. However, be prepared to deal with the economic consequences. Like vegetables and fruit that cost more than steak, 50% higher new house prices …oh wait, when 12 million people leave to return to Mexico we won’t need any new houses…you’ll be able to buy an existing house for peanuts.

  8. gowenray says:

    Seal the borders! Sounds so simplistic doesn’t it?
    Well, in the real world we haven’t got the resources and frankly, I don’t want to even think about the costs.
    I’m sure our Customs and Immigration Officials are doing the best they can under some rather trying conditions. When you consider our society and way of life is top choice among most of the world’s folks who have a dream or just want to escape a repressive society, there’s no way of anticipating all the clandestine means they’ll use to get here.
    Then, once here and discovered, we are a nation of laws and are obligated to observe our self-imposed rules for fairly treating both our citizens and our fellow human beings.
    After all, we are a nation that prides itself on a charitable heart for the “wretched” of the world. Have you forgotten how many citizens (and yes, immigrants) have fought on international battlefields to enforce that very ideal?
    I for one appreciate what we represent to the rest of the world and certainly think we could use less of this “take them out and string them up” retoric that sounds so thoughtless and rude.

  9. Appreciate your observations and firsthand experience IQ. Thanks.

  10. freakwater says:

    Republicans hate blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Republicans are all racist homophobic wife-beating theocratic goose-stepping Nazi-wannabes. That’s all you need to know.

  11. Roncella says:

    IQ, Your remarks are very sensible.

    Freakwater, your kidding Right ?

  12. Roncella says:

    gowenray, with all the Military experts the U.S. has it would not be very difficult or expensive to bring security to our southern border with Mexico.

    Its Politics that stopping it from happening. If we can ever get the dems. and some republs from trying to win the mexican vote, the border problem would be no more.

  13. freakwater says:

    It’s true. Rachel Maddow told me.

  14. Gosh! You know Rachel Maddow! What’s she really like?

  15. gowenray says:

    Gee Roncella, sorry to bust your personal bubble of discontent but, latest numbers released by those that keep track of such things show our largest ethnic illegal immigrant group to be oriental. And, their path of greatest flow? Canada.
    There’s another thing that makes Emergrant narrow-mindeness so unaware. Every year the Immigration and Naturalization Department holds a lottery drawing that will award 15,000 applicants a free pass into the United States. It allows the winners sufficient time to adjust and see if they like the country well enough to apply for citizenship.
    Want to be impressed? Do the search to find out for yourself just how hungry the rest of the world is for the benefits you, (and I), take for granted.

  16. bobcat1a says:

    your- a possessive pronoun indicating that something belongs to the person being addressed

    you’re- a contraction taking the place of ‘you are’ in a sentence.

  17. Everybody has their (there?????) pet peeves. Some (Sum????) of us get fixated on homonyms being misused.

  18. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

    If that doesn’t apply to you as written, please take the liberty of substituting whatever verbiage necessary to make it meaningful to you, because I do mean everyone.

  19. truthbusterguy says:

    bobcat1 is right on. I second his comment.
    Make hiring an illegal a mandatory no-parole five year prison sentence for the owner or CEO of the company as well as for the person who did the hiring and you will end the illegal immigration problem overnight

    This is better than sealing the border. I for one am willing to pay more for lettuce and fruit to do this. We will save money in the long run and put our kids to work again at a better wage. Come on congress DO IT.

  20. NWflyfisher says:

    truthbusterguy. I assume that’s for the first offense. Any second offense should include loss of business license for five years.

  21. MarksonofDarwin says:

    Bobcat & bB,

    I find it a bit annoying when the wrong word is used over and over, but I’ve found that at times I’ve been guilty of incorrectly using their/there, your/you’re, etc., without even thinking. Not sure why that happens, but once it’s posted, there’s nothing to be done about it.

    Anyway, you guys reminded me of this comic made by The Oatmeal:


    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

    What’s up with people who use a semi-colon instead of an apostrophe?
    It;s, you;re, she;s, etc. They do it over and over, so it’s clearly not a typo…..Seriously weird.

  22. One I get all the time from students is “ect”.

    I wonder if it is the abbreviation for ectoplasm or something…

    To quote Yule Brynner from the King and I, “et cetera, et cetera, etc.”

    RE: semi-colon v. apostrophe. Perhaps it is a lazy little finger not reaching far enough on the keyboard.

  23. It is a typo. I do it ALL the time and it drives me crazy. I’m almost certain it’s because my laptop keyboard is slightly smaller than my desktop keyboard and the keys aren’t raised as much.

  24. Roncella says:

    gowenray, I believe you completely about the Oriental invasion. I have lived in Washington state since 1965 and can hardly believe all the asians that have arrived here since then.

    I could repeat the same statement about the Mexicans

    If we don’t find a way to close or restrict our borders both north and south we will soon become a very large third world country, with our standard of living falling faster and faster.

  25. roncella, I too live in WA.State and find the freedbies given to Illegals at the expense of the taxpayers,deplorable,but since Wa.is ruled by King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties,Which are now considered Amnesty Cities,I guess the illegals will continue to get their free ride to the taxpayers money!

  26. Roncella says:

    Sincere, Its hard to believe that so many folks just have their heads buried in the sand on this issue. Its as if they ignore the problem it will just go away.

    We need to close both the Northern Borders and the Southern Borders Now.

    My Family came here from Europe many years ago. Not once did any of the old timers ever consider taking a hand out from the Government. They all worked very hard for alot years but accomplished alot with very little.

    Now it seems some of the new arrivals know they have this or that program coming to them and they are in line with their hands out for all the goodies.

  27. ron……..careful……

    Your generalizations about (good) European immigrants as opposed to (bad) Mexican and Orientals (use of that word, rather than “Asian” is a tell on one’s bias) could be interpreted as being indicative of your feelings about more than just immigrants.

    America has had wave after wave of (bad) immigrants (legal and illegal) who were seen as (bad) simply because of their place of origin. There were (bad) Irish, (bad) Italians, (bad) Slavs, (bad) Catholics…….

  28. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, Most of the early immigrants from Europe came to America legally. They came here to build a better life for their families future. They wanted to become Americans, and took pride in keeping their neighborhoods neat and orderly, and earning a dollar anyway they could.

    Not many came here and quickly filled out forms for aid from the Government, for food, shelter, medical,education etc..

    You are falling victim to the Political correctness crowd who place guilt on any critical comments made by anyone, about the thousands of new arrivals coming here, many illegally looking for handouts from the Government.

  29. ron – any evidence to demonstrate your implication that most Mexican and Asian immigrants don’t do so legally?

  30. Mexican immigrants account for about one-fifth of the legal immigrants living in the United States.
    In terms of the annual inflow of legal immigrants, about one in seven are Mexican. This share is substantially larger than the legal flow from any other country.


  31. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, We have the Asians coming through our northern borders and the Mexicans coming across the southern borders. many of the asians come on visas and never return.

    My point was more about the fact that they come here and quickly apply for all the give a ways, freebies.

  32. Your point is a stereotype that is unsupported with any hard data.

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