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ENERGY: Washington legislators stepped up for clean energy

Letter by Heather Shute, Seattle on Dec. 22, 2010 at 2:44 pm with 10 Comments »
December 22, 2010 2:51 pm

Re: “Renewable energy industry banking on more grants” (thenewstribune.com, 12-9).

While the news on our economic recovery has not been great, clean energy has been doing its part to create jobs and clean our environment. Despite this success, a critical federal incentive for renewable energy, like wind and solar, was set to expire at the end of this year [.

In order to continue the growth of clean, renewable energy and to maintain and create tens of thousands of jobs, the renewable energy industries, environmental community, labor movement and others joined champions in the House and Senate, like Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Reps. Jay Inslee, Norm Dicks, Rick Larsen, Jim McDermott, and Adam Smith in a tremendous push to extend these wind and solar incentives.

Thanks to the leadership and hard work of these elected officials, this program was extended for another year. We will see more projects such as Harvest Wind in southern Washington, and increased investment in local companies such as Nucor Steel in Seattle and CFG Holdings in Bellevue, which received funding for solar projects.

Washingtonians were lucky last week to have true renewable energy champions looking out for their clean air, environment and their jobs.

(Shute is an advocate with Environment Washington.)

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    I hope the Wizard has a brain for you, Dear…….

  2. blakeshouse says:

    It has been shown that more than 3 jobs are lost for every “green” job created. Just ask Spain how well the green job revolution is working for them.
    Self sustainability should be the watch word here but the socialist/ neo marxists insist on 10’s of billions of dollars to prop up this fallacy. These wastes of tax dollars are only propping up the friends of the current regime and harming all americans with the money tossed down this rat hole….

  3. MadTaxpayer says:

    Yes, more waste of our money via “green” iniatives. I think how green it is everytime I fill my gas tank in my vehicle.
    Let me think, ethonal, 15% less mpg, so you spend more for less?
    That is the normal thinking when you mandate and spend other peoples money,

    I do my best to live a clean “green” life, too bad my immigrant nieghbors don’t do the same.
    I barely fill a 20 gallon garbage, their 95 gallon can over flows weekly. Of course, 11 people live in the 2 bedroom house.
    So, it is us legal taxpayers that again foot the bill for everybody else.

  4. Roncella says:

    Heather, Please get out of your dream world and see the World as it really is.

    You and Al Gore would make a great twosome. He has used this green energy, to make alot of green for his Bank Accounts. He so worried about polution that he recently purchased a 40,000 sq ft. mansion off the coast of Calif. gosh, I wonder how many bathrooms it has or kitchens or spas, or swimming pools, security systems, etc. etc.

    He scared little children and foolish liberal/progressives into believing all kinds of Hot Air, that has now been proven to be false by many experts.

    Your being proud of Mc Dermott is almost enough to make most citizens of Washington State ill. He is an embarrassment to most citizens who live here.

  5. “clean energy has been doing its part to create jobs and clean our environment”

    Really? Do you have anything to back that claim or is this just another reason why I won’t need to listen to left wing talk radio?

  6. I hope we have a better experience than Spain…

    “The study says that every renewable energy job created by Spanish government subsidies “destroyed” an average of 2.2 other jobs. Each green megawatt deployed – energy from solar or wind power – also “destroyed” 5.39 jobs in non-energy sectors.

    In addition, study author Gabriel Calzada Alverez said that only one in 10 jobs in Spain were permanent – two thirds were construction, fabrication and installation jobs, one quarter were positions in administration, marketing and engineering, and only one in 10 were related to maintenance and operations.

    In fact, study authors predict that the United States could lose 6.6 million to 11 million jobs if it creates 3 million largely temporary “green jobs.” “

  7. If “clean energy” programs they have been so successful, why do they need federal incentives to survive?

    And yes, I favor elimination of any subsidies and tax breaks the oil industry gets, too.

  8. truthbusterguy says:

    Where are all the news stories and letters about all the laws suits stopping solar and wind projects in every state trying to build such services. Where are the stories about land and water required to support this form of pwer generation. Where are all the stories about energy companies that refuse to buy this high cost energy. The liberal media won’t tell the truth, just tout the benifits of going green no matter the true cost to our society. Greenies will be the ones that brown out your electric grid. I say let them sit in the dark first.

    Bring on the nukes, the only true answer for the next 50 years.

  9. Awake Americans! Find out what the true cost of these so called Renewable energys are!My electric supplier informs me my energy bill will be about 30% higher because the company is being forced to purchase more So Called GREEN POWER,Calling this RENEWABLE SOURCES! Water Power is no longer considered RENEWABLE.I guess the rivers will be considered in danger of going dry and the rain and snow to stop falling.Is this because of the phrase,GLOBAL WARMING?

  10. Where does the mysterous funding for these green progects come from? Who profits from this fiasco,and do these companies that profit, donate to the Politicos that vote for these projects? And how much is actually reported? I am in complete agreement with roncellas reply to Heather.

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