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EDUCATION: Students worried, too

Letter by Jane Stockton, Gig Harbor on Nov. 29, 2010 at 4:45 pm with 4 Comments »
November 29, 2010 5:18 pm

Education: Is it really just about the money?

During the past few years, we have been reading about the alleged, and proven, failure in our public schools. We have been concerned and worried about the reasons for these failures, Christopher Robert Lee, the author of the letter partly entitled ” Bar is too low…” obviously is concerned and worried as well.

To read an articulate, to-the-point letter from an involved public high school student packed a punch of unfortunate reality. And if Christopher has thought about this reality and now has written about it, it is likely that many other like-minded students feel the same as does he.

It is not only the “outside” public body, but also the “inside” student body that are worried.

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  1. spotted1 says:

    Help me to understand this.

    When I look at the state reported test scores, the passing rate for the MSP and HSPE runs, on the low end, at 60%. That is the “passing” rate. Meaning, those students “passed” the state provided, research based test. IF we are to believe that the test is those things.

    This doesn’t report the students who missed the passing by 1 or 2 questions.

    So if, on the low end, 60% of these students are passing and 40% aren’t. And a percentage is nearly passing, but missing by one or two questions. Why is the state failing?

  2. As long as students are not being educated because parents are failing to parent, social decay due to no-fault divorce, teen/unwed baby momma factories, classes consisting of “America bad- dependency good, global warming is real, everybody poops, false history of America, finger painting 101 and 102, Heather has two dads, the only good religions are ones that involve beheading Jews and Christians, etc…..most high schools will continue to be felon factories. They are not being given the tools to compete in the real world and their failures and anger because of their failures are understandable.

  3. spotted1 says:

    Point in fact, public schools still produce the largest number of graduates in the United States. When people say that schools are failing, what are they basing it on? Test scores? A few people who don’t pay attention in school then are subject to low paying jobs or re-training because they did not focus or learn in school by choice?

    What about the public schools who send kids to Harvard, Yale, Princeton with honors? Are they too failures? What about the programs that are innovative and produce quality students along side students who are “failing”? Are high performing, high functioning students who are success stories also failures?

    Are you, the graduate of a public school who is willing to speak your mind also a failure?

    Their are issues in public education. But guess what, money and private schools also have issues. They are not immune from students making poor personal choices. Let’s not throw out every program because of perceived poor performance. Evaluate it honestly then decide what needs to be kept and removed.

  4. When I read the letter from the high school student who is concerned that public school standards are too low, it seemed to me that he was saying many kids can do better in school but choose to do the minimum.

    I got the impression that he felt other students can do more and would do more if they were expected to meet higher standards.

    This student is probably right for a good number of kids.

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