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OBAMA: Thankful for our president

Letter by Alfred K. LaMotte, Steilacoom on Nov. 26, 2010 at 10:59 am with 101 Comments »
November 26, 2010 10:59 am

We all love simplistic overnight solutions, and we all need scapegoats to blame when things don’t change soon enough. Thus, both left and right assail our president.

The right mercilessly attacks Barack Obama for being a “socialist,” when he has merely tried to restore the regulatory power of government so effectively used by Republican presidents like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. Meanwhile, the left attacks him for compromising with corporate America.

But like all great presidents, Obama steers the middle way. Neither socialism nor laissez-faire capitalism have ever succeeded in making us a great nation. Federal bureaucrats cannot effectively rule us. Neither can private oligarchs who impoverish our middle class by hoarding their wealth in corporate profits and tax shelters for the rich. Despite the simple-minded myth of Reaganomics, their wealth does not trickle down.

America succeeds by finding balance between the free market and regulatory government. Without government, capitalism degenerates into post-industrial feudalism, where untaxed, unregulated cartels fix prices and cannibalize small business.

Obama remains centered, reaching out to both sides. He refuses to retaliate, to blame or to polarize. Despite the most vicious campaign of obstructionism ever mounted against an American president, he will win re-election and steer us to safe harbor. The seeds he plants, growing by increments, will flourish, and justice will flow again. Let us not mistake his composure and moderation for weakness.

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for President Barack Obama. God bless our president, and God bless our land.

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  1. aislander says:

    Has if been a whole month, already, Flamo?

    So, we WEREN’T a great nation before the progressives rode in with their regulatory program? Even though our economy had become the biggest in the world without their “help?”

    Oh, and could you explain how funneling money to Washington makes the middle class richer…

  2. “merely tried to restore the regulatory power of government ”

    “Obama remains centered, reaching out”

    The two biggest knee slappers.

  3. Idofotos says:

    “Obama remains centered, reaching out to both sides. He refuses to retaliate, to blame or to polarize”

    you might want to refresh your memory count how many times he blames the Bush administration for his shortcomings, he made promises he cant keep rember how all bills were going to be on Cspan? close gitmo?

    I cant count the times he double talks the issues but some sheep keep following, but beware there is a cliff to follow him off of

  4. google “obama retaliates”, LOL.

  5. Idofotos says:

    OH and you might not want to use this

    “This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for President Barack Obama. God bless our president, and God bless our land”

    you might offend is muslim values

  6. Is this letter for real? He must live in a parallel universe.

  7. NWflyfisher says:

    Alfred, you’re delusional.

  8. Idof, Bush and company gets the blame for creating the mess Obama is trying to clean up. And is the Party of NO that keeps blocking meaningful progress on every issue. I expect major gridlock for the next two years as TPN continues to block progress and puts the Country’s health and safety on the back burner.

    Bush not only double talked issues he lied to Congress and to the American People.

    TW, could you at least find sources that are not to the Right of the Tea Party?

    RO, everybody lives in a different reality then you do,

  9. Really?/ is that the level of your discourse??
    Yes, we have been a great nation, –but it is due to (like was mentioned) attempting to steer a middle course between unbridled chaos of no regulation and stifling commerce with too much regulation — and you should note that in the past few decades, the attempts at de-regulation have failed miserably
    The Savings and Loan mess under Reagan
    and the current economic mess brought to you by a coalition of conservative Dems and the Repubs
    and really — are we going down the “Obama is a muslim” path — really?? are we still at a second grade level here?
    Nope, I would be more thankful if Obama actually acted and fought for what he promised.
    Those who criticize him for “going to far” and being a “socialist”
    A) Never liked him, and didn’t vote for him, so their position cannot explain his loss of support
    B) Have no clue as to what constitutes socialism — nor do they recognize to what extent “socialist” policies currently exist in our society — for things that we take for granted and are grateful for
    Road Systems
    Public Schools
    Public Hospitals
    ER’s that cannot turn people away
    if you take advantage of any of the above, you are supporting “socialism”

  10. Roncella says:

    Fred, Did you just get back to town ? Where were you last summer as the voters screamed and yelled at their represenatives at so many of the Town Hall meetings about Bankrupt Obama Care ?

    President Obama is by far the most far left Progressive President America has had to date.

    If you happen to be a far left leaning person or believe in the Liberal/Progressive formula for moving America to the very far left, then you would be very happy at the success Obama has had the past two years.

  11. A little early for the EggNog don’t ya think…

    “He skewered Republicans for obstructionist tactics, dubious facts and a lack of civility in opposing his domestic agenda, especially health care reform.” NY Daily News.

    “Offering voters a reason to keep Democrats in power on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama says Republicans would cut education spending and put the country’s economic future at risk if they had their way.” NY Daily News

    “Frustrated by Republican unity against his economic-stimulus plan, President Barack Obama toughened his rhetoric Thursday and moved to wield his personal popularity to overcome opposition in Congress.” WSJ

    Back of the bus…
    Driving skills and the proverbial ditch…
    The party of No… “No we can’t…

    Wow… where have you been the past two years!

  12. An Alfred LaMotte letter on the same day as a Lyle Laws – balance is maintained by equally extreme portions of matter and anti-matter……

  13. redneckbuck says:

    Obama is by no means centered. He was once proud to be leftist. His days as president will be limited to one term unless he “appeals to both sides” as he said he would do in 2008.

  14. Now that was a good one beerBoy!


  15. you guys crack me up — why don’t you address what Obama has done or failed to do
    The most far left president yet?? Based on what??
    maintaining Bush policies regarding
    warrantless wiretaps
    Don’t ask don’t tell
    allowing offshore drilling
    Deporting more illegal aliens than Bush
    caving in to the right wing and having a Chief of Staff that calls Progressives F’ing Retards
    bailing out the banks
    tax breaks for small businesses
    largest middle-class tax breaks in history
    and you call this Leftist??? you are on drugs and are swallowing the kool-aid whole cloth and are falling for the right wing label instead of what he has actually done.
    If he had fought for — let alone accomplish even HALF of what he campaigned on THEN you MIGHT have a case — but calling him liberal, leftist or socialist is just pure BS.

  16. To one of the contributors,how are things in China?By your letter I feel your head is so far under the sand,you must be in China by now.I know there are different views on the news that is reported,but how skewed can some people views be?As far as deporting the illegals,since when, doing what the law demands,calls for a pat on the back.Especially when I feel, he is busy trying to find a way to develop an amnesty program established for the illegals.

  17. klthompson says:

    The writer, and others fooled by same teachers, seem to bend over backwards to blame ‘trickle down economics” on Reagan or anyone else who will stand still long enough. Now, I’m not going to go back and read the thing but I swear I first saw the trickle down theory was in Wealth of Nations (shortened title) by Adam Smith. Since it was first published around 1776 it certainly didn’t begin with Reagan.

  18. redneckbuck says:

    rbt- how about he largest expansion of government in history. It’s a good thing the folks in the center are going to repeal the Freedom busting plan called Obamacare.

  19. I thank President Obama for his service to the country, albeit misguided in my opinion.

    This statement Mr. L. “Obama remains centered, reaching out to both sides. He refuses to retaliate, to blame or to polarize” just isn’t true.

  20. jiminycricket says:

    It’s all of the back and forth attacks from one party to the next that impedes taking on the issues. These comments on here prove my point!

  21. quit with the revisionist history –actually it was Reagan that presided over the largest expansion of the US Government in history!
    Bush made his effort but kind of came up short — but really worked to have the governement INTRUDE on your Private Affairs — but heaven forbid that anybody bring that up, or criticize the “great decider”
    You guys crack me up with the “Freedom Busting” and threat to Freedom diatribes
    Under Bush, not one peep from you re: warrantless wiretaps on CITIZENS not “feren terrists” but US citizens — searches without warrants, secret commissions, being able to spy on YOUR e-mail or what you check out in the Library — indeterminate detention (notice that MOST who were “detained” for YEARS without cause, without evidence were RELEASED and the Govt ADMITTED they were innocent and their detention was a MISTAKE) — So much for “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about, they are “only going after the “bad guys” — tell that to the hundreds of innocent people who were detained for YEARS at Gitmo (and other SECRET prisons) and then released — yea, Obama is a real threat to “freedom” —
    You have a weird sense of what constitutes “freedom” and the threats to it.

  22. klthompson says:

    rbtao60: I would suggest you slow up a little and read a little history. In all sincerity I would suggest you start with history books published no later than 1955. Your selection should also include books on Economic History for proper balance. A guy named Ludvig Von Mises would be a good place to start for economic history. What has happened in subsequent years should give you proper heartburn but a least you could get a sense of what could have been. What is passing in our recent history is garbage that will not pass the test of time. What we need now is to study history, its lessons, and make a firm pledge to take out the trash. In the end, we are Americans! We will prevail for our country if no others.

  23. Is your library checkout list being monitored, if you fit a profile, the same as being felt up at the airport to board an airplane with a ticket that YOU paid for?

    I think not.

    Now that I think about it, maybe the rubber glove manufacturers are behind the “enhanced” security screenings to maximize their profits. Assuming the TSA “agents” actually change gloves when they go from one crack to the next. ;-)

  24. Word is Robert Gibbs is looking for a new gig. A guy like Fred who can make ambrosia out of manure is just the replacement Obama is looking for.

  25. von Mises argues for a Market Economy — and??
    no one has argued for elimination of a Market Based economy, just against the anarchy of the wide open “free-market” that some on the right seem to have a hard-on for, but would probably fail miserably at.
    Most companies today could not compete in a totally “free market” and our way of life would become the worst third-world life-style imaginable.
    Today’s executives think somehow that profits come out of thin air — if you just keep cutting costs, your profits will go thru the roof (exactly how much could you produce if your cost was zero?)
    Henry Ford paid his workers higher than the going rate, when asked why, he replied that he wanted his workers to be able to buy his product — he recognized that in order to stay in business, people had to be able to buy the stuff. Today’s executives would cut their own labor forces salaries (if they could) to next to nothing, thinking that is the way to profits — not realizing that they are only cutting their own throats — making it impossible for people to buy the products necessary for the companies very survival.
    One only has to look to South America and Africa to see the consequences of some of the unregulated industries (mainly oil)
    areas totally devasted by pollution, oil spills, and a population displaced, and sickened by the devestation and pollution.
    Political leaders bought off (selling out their own citizens) by industry profits — free market solutions?? the population can die — that is the free market solution (good riddance, they are only obstacles to higher profits) But then who will be left to buy the stuff?? Hmm bit of a quandry — talk about never-never land.
    Back to economics — no one is suggesting complete socializm, nor complete free-market — regulated markets can determine fair prices for goods and services — and social programs can provide the services that really should be provided by the community (read government — remember WE are the government) not by a for-profit company.
    But unregulated markets result in monopolies, oligarchies, robber barrons and a huge disparity between the haves and have nots (ruling class and worker class) — power corrupts, and as more power goes unrestrained, the more corruption one sees, — greed takes over — human nature.
    Socialism sounded like a good solution to an oppressed working class used to being used, abused and left out from the largess they were producing, but the reality of pure socialism absolutely does not work — that is why most progressive, successful, industrial countries (including the US) have a combination of socialist policies and free-market economies — but still in our country “socialism” is a four letter word and a boogy man used to keep many of middle americans afraid, and fighting policies that would actually make their lives better.
    go ahead, continue to be manipulated by people who are playing on your ignorant fear of the word “socialist” — you are only hurting yourself.

  26. klthompson says:

    Socialism as an economic system has failed wherever it has been tried. Every so-called socialized country in the world today cannot support itself. Every blasted one of them is dependant on the United States of America for the cost of its defense. America’s modified and screwed up system of capitalism is faced with the obligation of defending “socialist” countries with residents who bitch about having to retire on the public doll at sixty-two. Obama, and his pursuit of socialist untopia, is scaring the pants off of the rest of the world who depends on us, everyday taxpaying Ameicans, dreaded capitalists, who are putting up the bucks to keep them safe in their utopian cocoon.

  27. klthompson says:

    To all. Sorry about the misspellings. I’m more used to the WSJ where there is an edit feature for comments.

  28. redneckbuck says:

    rbt = socialist

  29. aislander says:

    No problem, kit. Better bad spelling than bad ideas…

  30. Islander, The first modern progressive was Teddy Roosevelt aka the Trust Buster. And funneling funds to Washington helps the middle class a lot more then funneling money to the top 2% who now hold more than 80% of the Nation’s Wealth. And before the Spanish-American War of 1898 the US was consider a large but unimportant country. Sort of like Europe’s poor cousin.

    Idof, AKL’s blessings won’t offend Mr. Obama’s muslin beliefs and values anymore that they would offend your muslin beliefs and values.

    Rochelle, by “voters” screaming at their representatives do you mean the bussed in pro-tea baggers who were often not registered to vote in the same state, let alone the district where the town hall meeting was taking place.

    Ktp, does not matter who invented it or when, the important point is that trickle down does not work and never has worked except to make the rich richer. Also if we are limited to history books published since 1955, how can we learn about Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations published in 17776? The only economic system that has failed as often as socialism is laissez-faire free-market capitalism.

    Red, I would have to say the largest and most intrusive expansion of government was Homeland Security.

  31. kit,No need for apologies.You have the right idea and make some very good points!Unfortunatly there are those who just refuse to believe the president could ever make the mistakes this president has made.

  32. bobcat1a says:

    Kit, we have an edit feature here as well. It’s called personal responsibility (something the right is supposedly big on) and proof reading before you hit submit.

  33. aranciata says:

    So “hope and change” wasn’t a simplistic solution? Please elaborate!

    But then, let us consider the alternative. The degenerate the R Party had running was only slightly less obnoxious.

    There really wasn’t a choice between America and abject non-sense.

  34. aislander says:

    Yuh know, when you rag on someone about not proofreading, it kind of leaves YOU open to criticism. Better check at least twice from now on…

  35. aislander says:

    xring: Alexis de Tocqueville wrote “Democracy In America” in the 1830s, and I can assure you he did not find America “unimportant.” You will find that the GDP of the United States was close to being the largest in the world BEFORE the SAW…

  36. “H” is very centered…….self

  37. the3rdpigshouse says:

    I believe spiked Kool-Aid has caused ole Alfred to think that electing a neo-marxist as President is a step forward in cohesive & productive government??? I know I remember someone uttering the words “we won” and being outright stand-offish to the other party – that must have been some Republican – I just can’t imagine a socislist/marxist uttering such words – OH, that was “OH-Bummer”!! And when you “steer the middle way” you always make sure you hire a bunch of communist czars to keep the focus on the bi-partisan road to socialism!!! I can’t make that work!!!

  38. AI, until the SAW, the US Army had only fought in two foreign countries, Canada and Mexico. And yes we were a big country and produces a lot, but on the international stage we were considered a second rate nation behind the major powers of Europe.

  39. JungleBoy says:

    Alfred – After reading your letter, it was easy to see why you bought into the hope and change ****.

  40. geesh redneck and others just make my point
    calling me a socialist — now that is mature and way off
    Regarding the other “socialist countries” — as stated before most of Western Europe is a mix of social and free-market economies
    Right now Germany is kicking our butts, and as far as “relying on us for their defense” — against whom?
    Afghanistan? Pakistan?
    and the only pure communist states left are China and Cuba — China is doing well by adopting some free-market tendancies — Cuba of course is failing and has been for 50 years
    As stated earlier in my posts — pure socialism cannot succeed, but neither can pure free-market capitalism — the pure free-market led to riots and the downfall of many countries in the past (and often to the rise of a dictator)
    Too bad many of you cannot participate in a THOUGHTFUL informed discussion — just name-calling and knee-jerk reaction to trigger words
    Booo — Socialism — Boooo — watch out, the boogey man is coming!!

  41. aislander says:

    WHERE has a “pure free market” EVER existed on a nation-wide basis? Not Europe–the guilds and monarchies saw to that. Not Asia–it was either in a tribal or monarchical state. Not anywhere else. EXCEPT in the United States, where the closest thing to it flourished until the advent of progressivism, and its cultivation of discontent as a movement…

    And, if Germany is “kicking our butts,” shouldn’t we follow its example, and cut back on government, and NOT inflate our currency…as they asked us to do?

  42. Roncella says:

    Rbtao60, All Your America bashing and criticizing of Capitalism is way off target.

    American Has a problem with keeping folks from coming here illegally. Some die in the process to come to America to start a new life. They want what many of us take for granted, the freedom to fail or succeed, the freedom to practice religion, or start our own business, or own land etc. etc. etc.

    Where is your pride in American accomplishments ?

    Socialsim is a cancer on many Countries, you make lite of it but look at Europe. Most of those countries have been or are Socialistic countries. Most are failing or having riots over bankrupt Social policies.

    Liberals/progressives, statists, Dems. want to make America over into a socialistic from of Government. The HealthCare Bankrupt plan by Obama Called Obamacare is a good example of Government take over proceeding nicely for Socialist loving folks.

    If can’t see Socialism creeping more and more into America your living in a dream world.

  43. I am not thankful for Obomba. I am thankful for spontaneous human combustion.

  44. The Spanish American War……wasn’t that created after a terrorist event that was (falsely) attributed to a country we wanted to go to war with?

    Why does that seem so familiar?

    Remember the Maine

  45. aislander, you have captured the essence of the progressive left when you use the term discontent. In fact, thanks to you I will adopt the phrase “culture of discontent” because I think it captures the ethos of the left. One has only to observe what’s going on in Western Europe at this time to see where it will end up. A posture of entitlement leads directly to this culture of discontent.

    I think one of the reasons the left so enjoys bashing Sarah Palin and people like her is because they so dislike anyone from the culture of gratitude. I’ve been around the true and the peudointellectuals of the left for a long time and they have absolute contempt for folks those who view the world through a lens of happiness and content.

    Example, I will always remember a group of young poets I taught many many years ago. The majority of them represented the “with it” crowd, meaning they were anti-establishment, cynical, depressed and generally miserable. One young woman, quite accomplished in her use of language, dared to defy the rules and wrote edifying, uplifiting, lovely poetry and every time she read one of her poems to the group, I witnessed the eye-rolling contempt her peers had for her. Didn’t she know that the really cool, inteliigent poets were miserable and suicidal Sylvia Plath clones? These kids actually felt sorry for the poet who chose to walk a different path.

    I’ve said it before and now will say it again, the U.S. is imperfect, but in a world gone mad, we are still the best this world has to offer, and the backlash against socialist thinking represents the heartland of America, populated by a lot of people who are grateful, content and yes, patriotic.
    They get all that’s good about America, and they work to make better those things that go awry.

    I believe we are trying to right a ship that’s listed to the left for so long it was in danger of sinkiing. I say “carry on” and see this thing through by making even more changes in 2012!

  46. According to rbts calculations,we are already a Socialist nation!

  47. Caesar deals in control of the collective.
    Jesus invites the individual.
    Because Caesar cannot control the individual’s thoughts or private expressions,
    Caesar hates God.
    That is why Communism had to get rid of worship of God.
    It got in the way of worship of the State.
    Darkness will always seek partnership with any other darkness to fight any light.

  48. tailor99 says:

    This is a great letter and I too am thankful that we have Obama as president. Some of the comments above seem to relate to Obama’s willingness to not only talk about what America stands for but also about areas of our past that where we did not live up to our ideals. Any good business person would tell you that no company makes progress by only tooting your horn and not failing to identify areas for improvement. So for our letter writers who think businesses can do no evil, I would hope that would convince you to re-think what American exceptionalism should mean. As for the Health Care act, if the insurance companies hadn’t of abused their authority there would have been no need for the law so blame them not Obama.

  49. aislander says:

    tailor99: You certainly see what you want to see, but self-criticism is not a spectator sport and is NOT done on foreign soil. Health insurers are among the most heavily-regulated, competition-free (due to federal and state regulations) businesses in the nation. If I could go anywhere and buy any level of coverage I want to, I might have some small bit of sympathy for your position, but after all the lies about the health-care bill and all the now-admitted cost INcreases, I, with utmost respect (well, as much as your position deserves) ask you to go…

  50. bBoy, latest forensic investigation on the Maine Incident indicates an internal explosion due to a fire in a coal bunker is what sunk her.

  51. It’s always interesting to hear what passes for deep thought on the part of the president’s sycophants (Undies Sniffing Division).

    Those adults among us who aren’t emotionally invested in whoever the president is, realize that it is too early to judge Obama as “great” or “worst” after less than two years in office.

  52. AI,
    “where has a pure free market ever existed on a nation-wide basis?” Right here in the USA between the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and about 1900. Pay close attention to the 1880’s and 1890’s the era of “the robber barons.”

    “health insurers are among the most heavily-regulated, competition free business in the nation”. They are also (along with big oil) the most monopolistic and profitable business in the nation, and most of the so called regulation comes from self-imposed industrial guidelines which boil do to bleed you policy holders to death, deny coverage whenever you can, and if you have to pay a claim pass the charge back to the policy holder by raising their premiums.

    Maybe we’re not all adults, but old fools enjoying a second childhood before senility takes us.

  53. JudasEscargot says:

    Pity the poor insurance companies that make their living by collecting fees and not paying benefits.

    Are you sure you really want them to “compete” on a national level so it will be tougher to enforce legitimate payments by your local Insurance Commissioner?

  54. sozo says, “aislander, you have captured the essence of the progressive left when you use the term discontent.”

    This should read:
    “aislander, you have captured (what I perceive to be) the essence of the progressive left when you use the term discontent.”

    …..unless you would like the Right defined by it’s apparent “discontent” with everything government, everything Progressive, everything Obama, and everything media; a “culture of discontent.”

    Would you define the T Party people as being contented?

    Once again, four fingers point back to you, sozo.

  55. the3rdpigshouse says:

    All the U.S. needs is a neo-marxist running the globe bad-mouthing his country!!! For those who believe this country is not the best country on ythis planet – they are still running international airlines – move out!!

  56. What would I do without Jiminy Cricket aka Polago on my shoulder ?

    Correction: Aislander has captured (what I perceive to be) the essence of the progressive left when [he used] the term discontent.

    Of course, given that we are all grown ups here (right?) most people would understand that this is an opinion, but hey, if it helps Polago sleep at night, I’m happy to clarify.

    Having said that, while I will concur that the tea party is reflecting discontent. I was talking about a much more long-term, insidious and abiding state of discontent among those on the left; an abiding cynicism and a presumption that authority cannot be trusted. As I tried to explain before…a discontent similar to that currently being violently reflected in the UK and France by folks who’ve come to expect the government to provide their every need. Entitlement yields the sort of discontent of which I was speaking.

    IMO (is that good for you Polago?) — the tea party discontent is something quite different, as in a specific swell of discontent over a particular situation.
    Generally speaking, conservative folks, and I’m not talking about politicians here, are more content, more trusting and more inclined to optimism than their liberal counterparts.

  57. Roncella says:

    Its amazing that those liberals/dems who want all the socialistic programs paid for by the hardworking taxpayers, just don’t move to France or England, Norway or some other Socialistic Country with all the Social Prigams already in place.

    Many libs/dems marvel at the Canadian Gov. Health Care, Frances Social Programs, Maybe now is a good time for them to seriously think about re-locating to a Country that already has all the perks paid for by the hardworking folks, no more arguing with Conservatives or forcing votes by bribes behind closed doors would be necessary.

    I personally would pay for Jane Fonda and Barb Strisan and Mikie Moore’s moving expense One Way only, if they would agree to give up there U.S. Citizenship permanently.

    If the libs/dems would leave all our taxes and expenses would go way down.

  58. So, your saying that there is good (T-Party) discontent and bad (Progressive) discontent, sozo, like HDL and LDL?

    Conservatives don’t seem to be as trusting and optimistic as you might think they are.

    Most comments from the Right contain that “abiding cynicism” you attribute to their counterparts. (read roncella’s previous post)

    How do you reconcile that?

    BTW: I’m just trying to help keep your nose from growing, sozo.

  59. sumner402 says:

    You have to laugh at the far right and their new twisted definition of ‘socialist’.
    In the real world President Obama is no where near socialism but in the twisted delusional world built up by fox propaganda he is whatever the network says he is and the brain dead lemmings go along with it.

    Mr. LaMotte you have written a good letter, the more you upset the lemmings, the more you know you have hit the nail on the head.

  60. JE, by competing on a national level, they mean by the policy from our national office that just happens to have few if any laws governing the industry, so we can avoid having to put up with laws form your state.

    And now we are back to “My country, love it or leave it”. Oh wait that’s Perry from Texas saying should leave the Union (again).

  61. aislander says:

    Who’s agitating for “change,” Polago? THAT is the discontent to which I refer. The left’s enthusiasm for “experimentation has left the nation in terrible shape, and all we want to do is repair the damage. You want to remake; we want to reform. The first is born of discontent; the latter of the knowledge of what really works for America…

  62. HDL and LDL — excellent example of what I mean Polago. Bravo!

  63. klthompson says:

    Wow! Some string. I’ll lead with an illiteration I remember from somewhere. “Do not enter in to a battle of wits with a unarmed opponent. To do so grants a forum to the witless.” I feel I have failed to follow that dictate but I still have some energy to comment. I do not hide behind a pseudonym so whatever I say belongs to me. I do not hurl insults at others who agree, or disagree, with my positions by hiding behind a fake name. I am what I am. The name you see is the name I sign my checks with, the name I use on credit card slips, and the name I sign my ballot with.
    Sometimes I fail to reread what I write and flub a little. To bad! Ten lashes with a wet noodle. Hey, you say there are a whole bunch of people with that name and initials. Right, find the right one if you can. No hint from me. You have the whole USA to choose from and there must be a bunch of opportunities. Darn, I might be armed and a little dangerous. For me to know and you to worry about. For me, I’m out of here!

  64. sumner402 says:

    The left’s enthusiasm for “experimentation has left the nation in terrible shape, and all we want to do is repair the damage. You want to remake; we want to reform.

    How does a person twist reality 180 degrees this way and expect anyone to swallow it or give them the time of day?
    You have to just shake your head in amazement as well as amusement while reading some posters drivel.

  65. And, therein lies the problem, sozo and aislander, the fact that you think that your discontent can not be wrong and that discontent from the left is always wrong. Until you leave that self centered illusion you’ve created for yourselves, and venture out into the world where everyone’s opinion matters, you’ll never be free.

    You will continue to project your emotions onto those with whom you chose to disagree.

  66. Mr. LaMotte’s letter is stated very positively. He seems to be truly thankful for his blessings, as we all should be. His letter implies no discontent.

  67. Definition of illiteration :.

    1. (n.) Any scattering of similiar sounds in sentences which are nonsensical, hence making them seem illiterate.

    That was the one definition I found, my computer wanted me to use alliteration but, since the adage you posted didn’t contain “repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words and/or phrases” I knew that wasn’t what you meant. Are you sure that illiteration is the word you wanted to use?

  68. The massive national debt can be traced back to the Reagan tax cuts and the low rates that have been maintained since then……

  69. I would say that cutting tax rates why waging two wars would qualify as “experimentation [that] has left the nation in terrible shape”

    You would think that the Right would have understood, given their distaste for LBJ’s guns and butter program, that you have to have revenues to fight wars. Lowering taxes during warfare had never been done – for good reason.

  70. should read “….while waging two wars”

  71. sumner402 says:

    The massive national debt can be traced back to the Reagan tax cuts and the low rates that have been maintained since then……

    Not to mention the wild spending of the republicans, 80% of our debt and 99% of economic troubles can be laid at the feet of the GOP.

  72. eagle_beak says:

    both parties have helped pile up the national debt, it is just that the currently democratic controlled congress with a democrat president piled on so much more in such a short time irregardless of what the majority of citizens wanted.
    the entire federal gov budget needs to be looked at with cuts everywhere, not just ss and medicare. if true massive cuts in spending are made then we will have a viable chance at paying down our massive debts.
    you can all fight among yourselves dems and repubs but just calling each other names and spoutting slogans will get us nowhere—- fast.

    God bless America and help us keep our country free!

  73. Really Polago. Your presumption of superiority here should embarrass you a bit. YOU presume your perspective is correct, I presume mine is. Aislander presumes his is and so on. Such is the nature of opining — the fuel that keeps these blogs going. Everything traces back to the values we hold dear. Do you really think that you hold a magic lens that permits you to be objective?

    In my first response to Mr. LaMotte’s letter, I indicated that I would thank our president for his service. I was not lying, nor was I being facetious. I did not think Mr. Obama was the right candidate for the job (tho I didn’t like McCain much either) and I don’t think he has proven himself up to the job, but I do thank him for his effort to serve the country.

  74. aislander says:

    beerBoy writes: “The massive national debt can be traced back to the Reagan tax cuts and the low rates that have been maintained since then……”

    So…beerBoy: there must have been a massive drop in revenues. What years did that occur? Because, if it didn’t, well, we must have a spending problem, and since discretionary spending is only about a third of budget, we COULD be talking about entitlements…

  75. sumner402 says:

    it is just that the currently democratic controlled congress with a democrat president piled on so much more in such a short time irregardless of what the majority of citizens wanted.

    The main problem with that bit of right wing propaganda is, like all right wing propaganda, it isn’t true.

  76. sumner402 says:

    Your presumption of superiority here should embarrass you a bit.

    Again the hypocrisy takes your breath away.

  77. “Do you really think that you hold a magic lens that permits you to be objective?”

    It’s not my place to judge whether my ability to see thing objectively is “superior” to yours, sozo. I can only call ‘em as I see ‘em.

    You do appear to try to sound objective from time to time. It’s the times that you seem lose all objectivity that my criticism refers.

    For example:

    “aislander, you have captured the essence of the progressive left when you use the term discontent. In fact, thanks to you I will adopt the phrase “culture of discontent” because I think it captures the ethos of the left. One has only to observe what’s going on in Western Europe at this time to see where it will end up. A posture of entitlement leads directly to this culture of discontent.”

    “I think one of the reasons the left so enjoys bashing Sarah Palin and people like her is because they so dislike anyone from the culture of gratitude. I’ve been around the true and the peudointellectuals of the left for a long time and they have absolute contempt for folks those who view the world through a lens of happiness and content.”

    Does that sound “objective” to you?

  78. Read my previous post Pol. I don’t pretend to be objective, though I certainly consider my observations worthy of consideration.

    No doubt you are familiar with the language associated with “world view.” I am very well aware of the fact that my world view is quite different from the average citizen who would label herself liberal or progressive. I am unashamed of my world view and believe it to have merit, just as you do.

    I am not going to shy away from making what I deem a valid observation such as the one I made here. If you think it’s nonsense, so be it. Move on.

    It is the tension in the wire that keeps it alive. Active debate among people with different perspectives is a good thing.

    I’ll make you a deal, whenever I write something here, just imagine that it preceded by IMO. I thought this was a “given” understanding regarding the back-and-forth on these threads, but perhaps I was wrong.

  79. aislander says:

    So…Polago: Is one passionate about changing something with which he is content?

  80. “Obama remains centered, reaching out to both sides. He refuses to retaliate, to blame or to polarize.”

    On which planet (other than Earth) has the writer been living for these last 2 years?

    I am glad he is thankful, but wish he was thankful for reality, not fantasy.

    He is correct in that Obama is not a socialist – he is a marxist. There is a big difference!

  81. You should be asking sozo that question, aislander, as she’s the one who said that, “conservative folks, and I’m not talking about politicians here, are more content, more trusting and more inclined to optimism than their liberal counterparts.”

    The T-Party, the party of contentment.

  82. aislander says:

    Obvious, but ineffective, bit of deflection there, possum. You know that the left are the ones who have been pushing for “change” since the advent of the progressive movement. We are happy with America as it was designed, NOT hopey-changey fundamentally transformed…

  83. As designed:

    state Legislatures elected senators,

    slavery was legal,

    blacks counted as 3/5s of a person, and

    only white men could vote or hold office.

  84. aislander says:

    xring: IF state legislatures appointed senators, do you think there could be “unfunded mandates” on the states, xring. That amendment devolved too much power to what had been a federal government (look up the term), and began the process of creating a central government.

    The demise of slavery was built into the Constitution, and the “three-fifths rule” was inserted in pursuit of that end. You MUST know that, mustn’t you, xring? This process became final with the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

    The 19th amendment established suffrage for all adult citizens.

    The amendment process IS the way to change the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with all extant amendments, and those I wish to reverse. After all, we no longer have prohibition, and IT was established by amendment…

  85. sumner402 says:

    “conservative folks, and I’m not talking about politicians here, are more content, more trusting and more inclined to optimism than their liberal counterparts.”

    Wow, where do they get this crap?
    Just reading the comments for the cons on this board alone is more than enough to prove that…….statement false.

  86. Islander,
    ‘Federal Union” any organization of states or other entities that unite under a system that divides the powers of government between the national (federal) government and state and local governments.

    But the Preamble of the Constitution says of THE PEOPLE, and it was THE PEOPLE who felt they and not the states should elect Senators since state legislatures often failed to do so leaving the State underrepresented in Congress. Thirty of the forty-eight states in existence at the time of Amendment already allowed for the direct elections of Senators.

    The only thing the Original Constitution said about blacks and slavery was the 3/5s rule, that slaves could not be imported after 1808, and the newly imported slaves could be taxed up to $10 a head. Hardly a built in demise.

    The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments came about because of the Civil War and had no precursors or conditions in the Constitution.

    The 19th Amendment expanded the vote to women (i.e. ‘on account of sex’). Men were already

  87. aislander says:

    xring: Slavery was a worldwide institution when America was settled. Did you know that the first abolitionist movement in the world began in what became the United States? Stopping importation was a step in that process, and the 3/5ths rule was put in to limit the power of slave states in Congress. Abolishing slavery was a process, and you fault America for not having it be a smooth one. Well contentious issues never are resolved smoothly.

    Direct election of Senators was an enormous mistake for “The People” because it took power away from their localities and sent it to Washington. I’m sure it was sold as democratizing step, but it was exactly the opposite. Senators who don’t have to answer to a body that can remove them from office at will become creatures of Washington. As we have seen…

    And finally, xring, do you believe that power is “divided” now between the central government and the states or are the states being made to dance to Washington’s tune?

  88. Islander,
    1. Name one article in the Constitution or one federal law before 1860 calling for or supporting the abolition of slavery.

    2. the 3/5 rule was a compromise between the slave states who wanted to count slaves for representative purposes and the non-slave states that said if you count slaves for representation you have to count them for tax purposes.

    3. Senators are elected for 6-year terms, and neither the people nor the state legislature can unelect them at will.

    4. Power is divided between the states and the federal government but not equally. If the States don’t want federal interference they should stop demanding the Feds give them (the states) earmarks and special projects.

  89. aislander says:

    amen to point number four, xring. I agree completely.

    As for your other points: you have to go to the Federalist Papers and other writings of the Founders to understand their positions on the slavery issue, in which the rationale for the 3/5ths rule is discussed. The legislatures COULD recall senators at will, based on their own rules.

  90. aislander says:

    Going back to point number four, xring, it isn’t ONLY being beholden that weakens the position of the states vis-a-vis the central government, but also the mandates that Washington imposes on them, based on a VERY liberal interpretation of the interstate commerce clause. Of course, many of those mandates are unfunded ones…

  91. Certain Native American tribes took slaves. Janjaweed warriors take slaves in Africa. Sadly human beings are broken and sometimes commit egregious acts. The United States is able and willing to make changes that are deemed morally necessary and have shown this with regard to the treatment of others….blacks, women, children, etc.

    Perhaps some conservatives ARE too slow to accept necessary changes, but it’s clear that changes have occurred and been accepted by both conservatives and liberals.

    That said, I maintain that progressive liberals are more negative, more cynical and more discontent than their conservative counterparts.

    And again, re the Tea Party movement, it reflects discontent over a very particular thing in a particular time frame, or to be more blunt, it reflects discontent with the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triad of “hope and change.”

  92. aislander says:

    You’re right, sozo, and the book, “Gross National Happiness,” by Arthur Brooks bears you out…

  93. sumner402 says:

    That said, I maintain that progressive liberals are more negative, more cynical and more discontent than their conservative counterparts.

    All one need do is read not only your posts but those of your fellow low roaders to know that statement is totally ridiculous!
    Read the comments here from the far right and find me anything positive, anything that show contentment, anything that would indicate you have based your ludicrous statement on fact and not your typical and well documented hypocrisy.

  94. sumner402 says:

    You’re right, sozo, and the book, “Gross National Happiness,” by Arthur Brooks bears you out…

    Nice pom poms.
    Gooooooooo team!

  95. Islander – Many of the Founding Fathers felt that slavery in the US was moribund due to economic reasons. The major slave crop was tobacco and much of the lands used to grow it were nearing exhaustion. As less and less tobacco was able to be grown fewer and fewer slaves would be needed.

    Then the US spread across the Appalachians into present day Mississippi and Alabama,

    the south found a new cash crop in Cotton, and

    Eli Whitney invented the modern cotton gin.

    And the rest is History.

  96. aislander says:

    Yes, xring; slavery IS history…

  97. I’m still chuckling from your “flamo” reference. ;)

  98. aislander says:

    Thanks, thewho. I’ve referred to Alfred in that way from the very first time I saw his screen name. He doesn’t comment on the forum very much anymore, thought. Just writes letters to the editor. Every thirty days. Like clockwork…

  99. aislander says:

    …that should be “though,” not “thought…”

  100. beerBoy says:

    Every thirty days. Like clockwork…

    His output isn’t quite up to Lyle Laws.

  101. FLAMO just added another one to his “output”.

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