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AIR SECURITY: Better read than dead

Letter by Kenneth E. Christopherson, Tacoma on Nov. 23, 2010 at 1:12 pm with 25 Comments »
November 23, 2010 1:12 pm

Re: “Opt-Out Day at airports? Now that’s a junky idea” (editorial, 11-22).

The editorial was right: Public fuss about airport X-ray and pat-downs is unrealistic. Gynecologists and proctologists do more privacy invasive actions every day — without getting sexy! Airport security personnel would do their actions hundreds of times a day and think “Ho, Hum!”

Yes, there are rare exceptions: Some rare doctors repeat sexual misdeeds, under privacy. But one airport security examiner sees you, fleetingly, just once — and then never again! No danger!

I have for decades had much personal contact with many Europeans, there and here. They’ve often told me that Americans have much more hang-ups about sex. Many European airports already have these more intimate security checks — without any public uproars.

This American vastly prefers as tight security as possible rather than face higher possibility of dying from a plane crash caused by a suicide bomber.

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  1. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. …

  2. twade0616 says:

    Polago and your rights end where mine begin. So please tell us what freedom are they trading? So with your same thinking, people should not have to go through a metal detector when they go to a court house? Or you shouldn’t be checked if you go to a night club or football game? Please get over it.

  3. 4th Amendment…..try reading it for comprehension sometime.

  4. Anybody who thinks a terrorist cannot get a bomb past these new enhanced screening procedures is a complete idiot.

  5. While their checking out Grandma,who,s checking out the luggage compartment in the airplane?

  6. bobcat1a says:

    they’re, not their

  7. pazzo242 says:

    This is such a double edged sword. Yes these devices is another invasion of privacy and seem ludicrous as terrorist probably can get something through security by hiding it in a nether region and by opting out of the screener–going for the pat-down. They will never find it in that area of the body. As nasty as that sounds if a terrorist is determined they won’t care what their device is coated with or will probably take that precaution.

    Will I go through the screener…sure, because it will be the fastest way to get through the humiliating process. I will complain but most likely that is all I will do. But then I will appreciate that my flight getting to my destination without any problems.

    I have to admit I will be a bit suspicious of everyone going to the restroom right after we level off.

  8. Novelist3 says:

    He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

    Something we are witnessing at this very moment.

    And the TSA isn’t done. Did you hear, Polago, that they’re intending on expanding these? They want to include them on trains and buses, too. Imagine not being able to board a PT, ST or Metro without undergoing a patdown.

  9. blakeshouse says:

    just shut up, get in line and do as we say comrade. All it is is a feel good show so why do you complain comrade. The transpo CZAR says this is needed for the good of the sollective. Surely you can put up with invasive scans or what amounts to a sexual assault if you don’t wanna be dosed by radiation to make the rest of the sheeple feel better. It is, after all only your right to privacy and the constitution being trampled on. Get used to it cause more is coming if we let this socialist politbureau get away with this crap.

  10. JungleBoy says:

    If the 9/11 hijackers were sophisticated enough to go to flight school before they committed their deeds, they’re surely smart enough to know that they should avoid the screenings. Leave it to our government to use a smart bomb, when a single bullet might do the trick.

  11. spotted1 says:

    I want to see an honest assessment of this system. How many “terrorist” assaults have these new increased security measures prevented? Seriously. Especially in relation to the history of air travel in the United States.

    Their is no question that the issues with 9/11 were horrible and tragic. But, would these measures have prevented that incident? Probably not. How many other incidents of that type have been prevented since the introduction of the new security measures? I would like to know if the expense is worth the result, hassle, abuse, sexual assault, fondiling, scrutiny, etc. that we now endure because of this heightened secury.

  12. The headline editor’s reference to the Cold War slogan “better dead than red” reminds me of another completely useless measure “Duck and Cover” to assure the public that their safety was being taken care of while also carefully maintaining enough fear to keep the public docile.

  13. “This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”


  14. MarksonofDarwin says:

    So many things wrong with this letter….

    TSA agents are NOT, not, NOT doctors….sheesh. Many are not even college educated.

    Nobody is worried about somebody getting their jollies by viewing them naked, or fondling their sexual organs. It is DEMEANING. The fact that it’s absolutely worthless, makes it all the more galling.

    The rest of it:
    Ho-hum yerself….more of the “I’ve been to Europe, and they are so much more, um….European than we are.”
    Plus, you don’t even have a CLUE as to what’s happening over there:


    “Even within Britain, however, there have been discussions about updated airport security. A plan by the British government this year to introduce body scanners at airports was met with strong opposition in Parliament. The new coalition government is now reviewing the need for scanners and whether they violate the privacy of passengers. (The United States has started to introduce body scanners in some airports.)”

    Let’s all take a deep breath. These new measures were quickly put in place after they found bombs in **packages** on flights bound for the US.
    Soooo….what do we do?
    We start scanning passengers.
    And people are really OK with this?
    Gawd…we’re stupid sometimes.

  15. MarksonofDarwin says:

    A P.S. to bB:

    All nicely jumbled up, and demented,… just for you!!

  16. So these measures are like Wiley Coyote spending all his funding at Acme.
    The (Muslim terroristas) Roadrunner is a step ahead because TSA and their counterparts / bureau chiefs are “reactive” which means “behind the curve”.
    One doesn’t need a $ .99 box cutter from Office D.

    A small (part # 8615 anti-lift) window accessory can be obtained from any PVC extrusion facility for no cost. It is 2.5″ x .015 and can be carried where no sunshine occurs They can be very sharp and are easy to target a jugular vein with. They can pass metal, pat down or MRI-X-ray.

    So now what?

    A news show portrayed the current state-of-the-art mold-able granular based explosive of which less than 12 oz. can blow a hole in a plane at 30 K”.
    So now what?
    I know, let’s encourage more of this by taking years of botched prosecutions, politically correct civilian trials and for heaven’s sake NEVER invoking capital punishment. That should keep things going the same way..

  17. The difference between doctors examining prostates and TSA agents fondling little boys and girls is that doctors have our consent and actually save lives. The TSA agents the same kind of people the Nazis were. The only difference is degree, not kind. They would shoot the protesters in the airport if it meant they got to keep their $20 an hour and their federal benefits.

  18. spungamy says:

    Another difference between the TSA and doctors is that certain medical information can ONLY be determined by an invasive procedure. Pap smears and colonoscopies are endured because we know they give useful information that cannot be found in a simpler way. Airplane security, on the other hand, has gone on for the last several decades without security officials needing to grope passengers or take pictures of them unclothed. I find it hard to believe that this is the only method available to ensure our safety.

  19. Lars – more like locking the barn after the horse has left.

  20. Novelist3 says:

    Hey, would you look at that, “The Modern World.”I’ve only seen it in black-and-white, in that free leftist newspaper they put in the boxes out front of my work.

  21. MarksonofDarwin says:

    Oh yea. I get it.
    It’s only some crazy leftists who are once again showing their immaturity.

    People like this idiot marxist, Rick Santorum:

    George Will has always been a churlish radical bleating from the left:

    Then, there’s those two who are never on the “Right” side. Kathleen Parker and Charles Krauthammer:


    I wish these stupid leftists who never outgrew their indoctrination from the left wing universities would just sit down and shut up.

  22. Novelist3 says:

    Two whom are you responding?
    If, by some baffling lapse of intelligence you somehow managed to completely lose all sense of reading comprehension-
    The TSA violations are not a Left/Right issue. Violations of our personal rights began at least as early as the DMCA during the Clinton era, were expanded during the Bush era and have continued to progress through the Obama era.
    “The Modern World” is a comic featured in the Leftist newspaper in the paper box outside, next to “USA Today” and the “Seattle Times”. I was making a note of where I found it, not the comic content or the newspaper content.
    Learn to read before you let your fingers type such an embarrassing display the inability to rationally comprehend a conversation, please.

  23. Novelist – When writing a phrase like this “some baffling lapse of intelligence you somehow managed to completely lose all sense of reading comprehension”, you really should make sure you use the correct “two/to/too”.

  24. MarksonofDarwin says:

    You’re a riot novelist!

    I did commit the grave sin of mistaking your comment for sarcasm. My apologies.

    However, after your grand display of caustic remarks, can you really blame me? It must be frustrating to be so misunderstood.

    Luckily for both of us, I don’t take this forum, or myself all that seriously.
    You might try that sometime…

    It does make me wonder if Polago is on to something though.

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