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CORRUPTION: Lawless lawmakers mock justice

Letter by Constance V. Walden, University Place on Nov. 19, 2010 at 10:55 am with 63 Comments »
November 19, 2010 10:55 am

To watch obvious wrongdoing by government officials go unpunished time and time again, and laws being broken by the lawmakers themselves, is sickening, heartbreaking and very sad.

Secure in their high positions, they mock justice and laugh at us, the taxpayers, as they carry on their lawlessness. They wink at their indiscretions and tap the hands of those caught in acts of corruption.

Shame on them and shame on everyone who knowingly votes the corrupt into office.

America is falling for a very good reason.

Constance V. Walden

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  1. alindasue says:

    Do you personally know Ms. Walden? If not, how do you know all of this information on Ms. Walden and her husband – or even if she has a husband? This information isn’t apperant in any way in her letter that was published.

  2. bobcat1a says:

    Constance, do you have some specifics or is this just a splenetic rant at amorphous bogeymen?

  3. donjames says:

    Constance, since I assume you’re referring to Charlie Rangel, keep in mind the mindless morons residing in the 15th district of new york would elect OJ Simpson himself… if he were not otherwise presently occupied.

  4. And the intellectual right wing leads off with personal attacks on the letter writer rather than attempting to disprove or mitigate the charges with facts and reason.

    PS: Speaker to be Bonehead is on the record that he has had to ‘council’ several republican house members about ethical issues to keep the matter from becoming public, AND as planning to do away with the Congressional Ethics Office, a move opposed by several Tea Party Organizations.

  5. sumner402 says:

    Ad hominum attacks are used by the inferior mind, right donjames?

  6. denismenis says:

    Specific, narrow, to-the point. Another classic!

  7. donjames says:

    Now, from the “is it irony or hypocrisy” department, we have this entry from the multi-faceted xriiiiing:

    “And the intellectual right wing leads off with personal attacks… ”

    “PS: Speaker to be Bonehead… ”


  8. Surprised DJ?

  9. Since both my statements are true, you responses must be from the “lets attack the messenger” department.

  10. donjames says:

    True, xring?

    The truth is that if you have been following this forum for more than a year or so, you would know that (1) Constance Walden is a frequent conservative contributor to Letters to the Editor and, (2) ImBack has been… posting here, under various other screen names – like f722380, ClownPosse, etc – for a few years now, and is perfectly willing to let either side have it with both barrels as a means of getting his/ her jollies. IB is most certainly not a conservative.

    This leaves only two posts to which you might have been referring, and I think we can throw out the bobcat(s). So kindly inform us as to which member of the “intellectual right wing” you were referring.

    The “truth” is that you just don’t get it – at least as far as this thread is concerned.

  11. To Don James and other frequent posters,
    How do you have time to monitor comments for “over two years?”
    What makes you think someone is either liberal or conservative? Is there no in-between?
    I think you, and many others, are pinning a lot of labels without truly knowing what folks think or stand for.
    And to other posters who have been spouting the same vitriol, HEY, we’re tired of it and wish you would catch another train of thought. Like a train out of here.
    For a change let us try discussing something of solid body, not fluffy speculation.

  12. donjames says:
    November 19, 2010 at 8:59 pm
    Constance, since I assume you’re referring to Charlie Rangel, keep in mind the mindless morons residing in the 15th district of new york would elect OJ Simpson himself… if he were not otherwise presently occupied.

    dj – Constance has identified herself as a black conservative. Her letters tend to be rather over the top rants about Obama. You have connected the dots to Charlie Rangel and then to OJ……..Are you sensing a theme here.

  13. donjames says:

    Olemeg, simple answer; I read waaaaay more than I post.

    Quality of content > frequency of contributions.

    Actually, I have read this comments forum almost daily, since its inception, and I’ve been a contributor for at least four years now… under the same name (unlike a few others). If you think it’s difficult to discern ones political leanings by reading their posts over a relatively short period of time, you may have a comprehension problem.

    Clearly most regular users, here, know who is left or right of center. And yes, there are a few who are more centrist – but that would be a very few. Opinion (try to remember that is all it is) is rarely ever “in-between” – that would be called “agreement”.

    But I have to laugh at the fact that you draw such conclusions and make accusations of labeling and “spouting… vitriol” from your perch on the moral high ground.

    Hypocrisy much? Well then let’s have some of your “solid body, not fluffy speculation”.

    I leave you with two old adages:

    Practice what you preach, and;
    If you cant stand the heat…

  14. donjames says:

    bB, did not the 15th New York just re-elect the estimable Congressman Rangel – even knowing he would likely be censured?

    Shame on them and shame on everyone who knowingly votes the corrupt into office.

    I rest my case.

    Of course, Rangel’s opponent was Adam Clayton Powell IV… whose father had his own troubles in congress, but that’s another story.



  15. Roncella says:

    Rangels, Waters, barney Frank, are just a few examples of dems. to be proud of.

    Whats sad is even when caught with their hands in the cookie jar they refuse to resign.

    Charlie Rangel, has been in office for 40 years accumalated millions not from his wages, who knows from where, and won’t resign and give up his seat to someone who actually cares about the citizens in his district.

  16. Marion Barry xring a bell? (that ain’t pie, it’s a ‘theme”)

  17. Good one , who.
    As an incarcerated rapper would wear a tat from Chino as a badge of honor, so does Chuck wear his “So what, I got away with this one, too” badge of “reprimand”.
    Although his imitation may be passable, the “Wrangle-r” does give Cab Calloway a bad name.
    Would you please mind moving your “up-on-blocks” Benz from the Congressional Parking Garage?
    It, too, is leaking oil…

  18. Actually DJ the first part of my 11-19-10, 10:23 pm post was directed at ImB’s 11-19-10 3:00 pm post. The PS was directed at your 11-19-10, 8:59 pm post.

    Roncella – go back and read the PS to my 11-19-10, 10:23 pm posting

    Who – Do you mean the former DC mayor who was busted for cocaine use and is now a Fox Business special contributor on welfare reform?

  19. Is the former democrat Marion Barry who was re-elected after being busted for smoking crack working for Fox News? I had no idea.


  20. … while we’re on the topic and since you apparently either watch them or frequent their web site more than me, could you provide a link for our edification?

  21. go to google, type in “Marion Barry Fox”, press enter.

    Really….you spend enough time on the internets to have begun to understand how to conduct a simple search.

  22. sumner402 says:

    Rangels, Waters, barney Frank, are just a few examples of dems. to be proud of.

    Roncella would you like a list of your heros on the right that have done worse?
    No one has defended those on your list so you have basis for your ‘proud of’ comment, yet I can list right wing criminals that you will bristle at and defend.

  23. donjames says:

    xring, it still makes no sense since IB is not “right wing”.

    And then we have the ultimate irony/ hypocrisy of the post by Olmeg.

    Note to Oly, I am not the one who painted IB as a member of the “intellectual right wing”. That would be two nouns never before associated with IB.

  24. donjames says:

    Oh, and x and bB, I followed the query Marion Barry Fox. Don’t you think it at least a considerable strech to take a guest and turn him into “special contributor”?

    The WaPo headline is confusing, but if you read the story, not only is it very clear he was merely a guest, and certainly not in any manner an employee of FOX News, but Stuart Varney tore him a new one – and the WaPo seemed to have enjoyed it.

    But let’s not stop now, think of all the fun we can have with this new standard:

    Fidel Castro new Havana correspondent for NPR

    Hugo Chavez joins CNN

    Ackmadiniwhackjob new Middle East correspondent for CBS

    And so on…

  25. Vey good Post donjamese!Rangel received a love pat for his transgretions and if the other senator coming up before the so called Ethics Comittee holds true to form,you can expect the same treatment for them, If convicted!It seems as if it doesn,t matter which Party that is guilty of any misdeeds,All Parties are quick to forgive the Miscreants!This is A prime example of how being a member of THE GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB works.The more you can get away with,the more admiration you will get from the other Members of BOTH PARTIES!

  26. dj
    – by tore him a new one do you meant the vindictive personal attacks instead of address the subject of well fare reform?

    – I respond to posted commits equally from one and all.

    Sincere – censure by the full house is hardly a lov pat and is way beyond receiving private personnel council from you party leader which is SOP for Republicans.

  27. PS: the speaker to be (whose name must not be said aloud) has stated he plans to do away with the Congressional Ethics Office,

  28. Roncella says:

    Sumner, What I have noticed is when a Republican gets caught doing a serious crime, most will resign immediately.

    When caught with their hands in the cookie jar no matter which party they belong to they should give their seat up and resign as they have betrayed the citizens they were hired to represent.

  29. Roncella says:

    xring, I would say the Congressional ethics board has been a failure looking at all the illegal dealing many congressmen and women have caught doing since I have been following politics from the 1960 era and forward.

  30. ron…..you have a very selective memory

    If Republicans really want to talk about ethical lapses, it’s worth reminding them of names like DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Foley, Lewis, Burns, Stevens, Craig, Vitter, Miller, and Renzi, among others.


  31. more:

    In one particularly egregious incident, the GOP caucus changed its own rules to allow Tom DeLay to stay on as the House Majority Leader after he’d been indicted.
    there are arguably more scandal-plagued Republicans now. Indeed, the entire ethics push comes as a sitting GOP senator is in the midst of a humiliating sex scandal involving likely crimes and ethics violations.

    It’s not just Ensign. In the midst of Republicans’ new-found interest in propriety, the list of current GOP members with ethics troubles is already pretty long: Vitter, Sanford, Pete Sessions, Nathan Deal, Don Young, Ken Calvert, and others.

  32. donjames says:

    bB, more irony:

    Of the 11 names you first mentioned, six resigned (DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Foley, Craig, and Renzi), one was cleared (Vitter), two were defeated in their elections and subsequently cleared (Stevens and Burns), and two sitting representatives are still under investigation (Lewis and Miller).

    Gee, bB, do you think watters and rangel will resign?

    Oh, and according to the most recent CREW list I could find, 12 of 16 congressmen under investigation in May of 2009 were dems.

    But it obviously breaks both ways. This is not about pointing a finger at any one party. I believe that Constance would have the exact same advice for crooked members of both parties; enough!

  33. Definition time.
    Myopia – the belief that corruption only inhabits one political party, while leaving the opposing party vacated of corruption.
    Doesn’t happen, never has.
    While arguing amongst ourselves, we may only be able to change a player or two.
    We need the game changed.

  34. DJ – Resigned of their own freewill, or were ordered to resign to protect their safe republican seat?

    Also as I pointed out up this blog tread Republicans investigated by the Ethics Office are most often sent to be counseled by their Party Leader whereas Democrats are referred to the Ethics Committee for investigation and trail. Not surprising giving that the head of the Ethics Office is a former Bush White House official.

  35. Wow DJ, kinda hard to argue the facts.

  36. Oh, nice work. ;)

  37. sumner402 says:

    Sumner, What I have noticed is when a Republican gets caught doing a serious crime, most will resign immediately.

    And then you fall over yourself defending them.
    But Rangle didn’t commit a “serious crime” in fact he committed no crimes at all.
    How does that answer my question? Do you want a long list of republican crooks that you defend, worship and consider patriots?

  38. donjames – based upon Constance’s constant partisanship, I rather doubt it

  39. dj – did you miss the part about the Republicans changing their rules so that the Hammer could stay on?

  40. First DeLay and then Bristol…..what is it about Dancing with the Stars and Republican-resigners or their children?

  41. Roncella says:

    Donjames, You found 12 of 16 under investagation were Dems. did any of them resign ?

    sumner your so far, far, far, left leaning in your beliefs its almost unbelieveable.

    xring, It really desn’t matter, they non the less did resign, more than you can say about the many guilty dems. who in some cases got promoted after being caught red handed wheeling and dealing illegally.

    Example, There really needs to be an investagation of the selling of Obama’s old senate seat which went Republican this last election.

    Rob Emanual, Obama, Blogovich,Drubin,Mayor Daley, so many others, All Democrats.

  42. Roncella – name one.

  43. Blagojevich resigned as governor of Illinois and was convicted in a Federal Court.

  44. Roncella says:

    xring, Your right Blagojevich did resign, hoping to clear the way for another handpicked dem. to fill the seat.

    Like I said I believe there is alot more to the story of selliing Obama’s old senate seat then any of us know.

  45. donjames says:

    Uhmm, bB, would that be the same “Hammer” who was subsequently completely absolved of the charges – after resigning?

    Anyway, why would I want to read anything from AlterNet when MediaMatters hits so much faster on the search engines (probably because soros gives more $ to MM).


    I seem to recall pointing out the obvious; corruption cuts across party lines. Bet that wasn’t what AlterNet concluded. For that matter, it must have killed the very left-leaning CREW to publish this:


    Just sayin’.

  46. Ronc & DJ – I agree that corruption cuts across party lines, but the Congressional Ethics office seem to favor keeping Republican Misdeeds quite by referring the matter to the party leadership whole making Democratic Misdeeds public by referring them to the Ethics Committee.

  47. please yourself dj

    Your retroactive revisionism can not change the facts: The Republicans changed their rules so that Delay’s resignation could be delayed.

    The Republicans of the Gingrich Revolution became as, if not more, corrupt than the Dems they replaced.

    Any fingerpointing at one side has three fingers pointing back at the other side.

  48. And – the fact that 12 of 16 under investigation by the Dems are Dems suggests that they aren’t (as has been true in the past) been using the ethics commission as a way of harassing the other side.

  49. donjames says:

    beerBoy says:

    Your retroactive revisionism can not change the facts…

    You mean the fact that Delay was completely absolved?

    And – the fact that 12 of 16 under investigation by the Dems are Dems suggests that they aren’t (as has been true in the past) been using the ethics commission as a way of harassing the other side.


  50. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, The Republicans were not in control long enough to become as corupt as the Dems.were.

    Term limits are needed to keep these establishment types, in both parties who build their little dynasties and amass millions to run for their next election.

    I don’t believe many of us will live long enough to see term limits become a reality.

  51. ron – from my above cited source:

    By August 2007, Republican strategist Scott Reed said the party’s corruption scandals were “approaching a level of ridiculousness…. Republicans think the governing class in Washington are a bunch of buffoons who have total disregard for the principles of the party, the law of the land and the future of the country.”

  52. Ronc – does the term “culture of corruption” mean anything to you? Look it up as it was originally applied to the 2006 Republican Party and their 2006 Election follie

  53. donjames says:

    LOL, top three hits for “culture of corruption”:


    And six of the first seven, and fourteen of the first nineteen, and…

  54. You link a book by Michelle Malkin – wow, that sure is a non-partisan source!

  55. DJ – sorry you failed to read my previous post in its entirety. A said to check the original 2006 meaning not how the Neocene Right have misapplied it to everything a Democrat says or does.

  56. donjames says:

    Uhmm, bB, I was just doing what x asked:

    “… does the term “culture of corruption” mean anything to you? Look it up… ”

    And so I did… and guess what; pretty much all you get is Michelle Malkin – which is pretty apropos, IMO, LOL.


  57. “that sure is a non-partisan source!” LOL coming from Mr. B.

  58. dj – the 2nd entry for “culture of corruption” is the wikipedia source:

    Culture of corruption was a political slogan used by the U.S. Democratic Party to refer to a series of political scandals involving Republican politicians during the first two years of George W. Bush’s second term as President and leading up to the 2006 midterm elections.

    The phrase was used in connection with a national political scandal by Howard Dean in an attempt to link allegations of insider trading by Senator Bill Frist to the then-emerging Abramoff Scandal. Dean asserted that “Republicans have made their culture of corruption the norm.” The phrase was thereafter repeated by other Democratic Party leaders, including Nancy Pelosi (responding to the indictment of Tom DeLay), “The criminal indictment of Majority Leader Tom DeLay is the latest example that Republicans in Congress are plagued by a culture of corruption at the expense of the American people.”
    [edit] List of scandals

    * Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal
    * Mark Foley scandal
    * Tom DeLay campaign finance investigation
    * Plame affair
    * Cunningham scandal
    * Jerry Lewis – Lowery lobbying firm controversy
    * Bush administration payment of columnists

  59. ij – “I know you are, but what am I?”

  60. dj – the fact that Malkin plagiarized a slogan to turn it back on the Obama Administration is hardly surprising

  61. That would be a D.O.C. – right ij?

  62. I’ll answer… no, just pointing out the obvious.

  63. donjames Uhmm, bB, would that be the same “Hammer” who was subsequently completely absolved of the charges – after resigning?

    Nope, that would be the same Tom DeLay who was, on November 24, 2010, convicted by a Texas jury of the primary money laundering and conspiracy charges, for which he faces life in prison.

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