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BUSH: Former president is a class act

Letter by Sharon Moffitt, University Place on Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:04 am with 86 Comments »
November 12, 2010 2:43 pm

I just want to publicly affirm our former president for his conduct since leaving office, especially in all the recent interviews he’s done to promote sales of his book.

I find the crisp clarity of his thinking refreshing after all the hemming, hawing and backpedaling we’ve experienced in the last couple of years.

More to the point, he absolutely refuses to take jabs at the current administration, and he’s had ample opportunity to do so. He apparently has no need to justify himself at the expense of someone else.

I commend him for his remarks about opinion polls. Though opponents hated this about him, among many other things of course, he simply refused to attend to popularity polls, ignoring them when they were in his favor after 9/11 and ignoring them when the numbers dropped.

Finally, I find his candor refreshing, including that which led him to express his hurt for being called a racist by Kanye West, and his willingness to openly admit errors and regretful decisions, all the time insisting that he did his very best to serve this country. I believe he did.

In all the TV broadcasts I’ve seen, President Bush has been relaxed, funny, eloquent and remarkably presidential in his conduct. I wish him and his family all the best and thank him for his service.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Oh, Oh, It won’t be long and Sumner, first lefty and Polago, and others will be attacking Bush and calling him names, and blaming him for everything, from earthquakes, to tornado’s, and hurricanes, the flu, the unemployment over 10% , the deficit, the mortgauge mess and on and on and on.

  2. I know a president and few former that could learn something from his example.

  3. NWflyfisher says:

    Leaders lead, losers blame.

  4. Sumner401 says:

    You have to laugh at the lemmings that think failure is some how a good thing.
    Bush is the worst President we have ever had and the 18%ers still haven’t figured it out.

  5. Hey Roncella, don’t forget letting (Trapped!) Osama bin Laden escape from certain Death or Capture at Tora Bora, and “Saddam Hussein has DubyaEm Dees!”, and strutting down the flight deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln with a Big banner on the superstructure behind him proclaiming “Mission Accomplished!”, before a full -blown Iraqi Sunni Insurrection proved otherwise.
    Further rehashing of Shrubya’s nightmarish reign would be pointless.

  6. RBestrom says:

    I am a retired Federal Agent, voted for GW in both elections…but, I saw what he and Cheney were doing to the US, and our RIGHTS under the Constitution, I have since left any GOP beliefs. During his interview, Bush even admitted the Wall Street fall was something occured during his administration and he tried to avoid by pumping in Billions into Wall Street ad the banks. His mannerism, facial expressions are typical of someone lying. He didn’t say anything before the election because he figured his answers would help O’Bama. O’Bama’s attempts to help save the economy is EXACTLY what Franklin Roosevelt did in attempts to get out of the Great Depression, CCC, work projects, Hoover Dam, etc. Roosevelt also received the depression out of problems caused by the Republican Administrations. His depression lasted from 1933 to WW II.

  7. Bush’s attitude towards the military was that they are cannon fodder fit only to day for oil, and that the Constitution was an incontinence to his dictatorial rule as a war time president.

  8. bobcat1a says:

    The mere fact that Mr Bush called West’s remarks “the most disgusting moment” of his presidency says all you need to know. He has no sense of proportion to compare those remarks to Katrina, 9/11, or the deaths of so many in Iraq.

  9. Sharon : You say Bush is a class act !! Did you not hear him admit he authorized water boarding !! An act of torture we tried in court, others during our past wars. Your idea of class is much different from mine. He is THE worst president in my life time, bar none.

  10. Let’s make that:

    Bush’s attitude towards the military was that they are cannon fodder fit only to die for oil, and that the Constitution was an incontinence to his dictatorial rule as a war time president.

  11. aislander says:

    Disgusting whelps…

  12. Our faulted loved one dies and two years later achieves sainthood. Bush, of the worst Presidency ever, is now knighted in memory. Will wonders never cease?

  13. Ms Moffett, you wont get much support around this goofy berg with letters like that! But I agree with you and I too voted for him twice. There is a reason they say the west coast is like a box of cereal. “You pick out the nuts and you still have a bunch of flakes!”

    Just look at the politicians they support. This current character was elected on nothing more than a high school class president popularity vote. The flashy, cool guy that all their friends were voting for got elected, and the rest voted for him because he was not the guy who wasn’t even running who they all got tired off….and look at all the wondrousness things he has done! HAAAA! :D

  14. redneckbuck says:

    The last time I took a look, I saw no less than 22 democrats beating the drums of war in 2000. Hilary, among the loudest.

  15. Sumner401 says:

    Bush’s attitude towards the military was that they are cannon fodder fit only to day for oil, and that the Constitution was an incontinence to his dictatorial rule as a war time president.

    I think you are being generous and polite towards the failure bush.
    in reality he should be tired for war crimes and everyone knows it.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    Disgusting whelps…

    Yes and you voted for him……twice and you still defend him.
    Says quite a lot about you doesn’t it?

  17. donjames says:

    bobcat1a says:
    The mere fact that Mr Bush called West’s remarks “the most disgusting moment”…

    Yeah, bobby… except that isn’t exactly what he said now is it. Full quote:

    “He called me racist. I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency.”

    Notice how bobby left out one key word. Cute.

    But you know what they say; he who laughs last…
    Did you catch west’s apology tour? It was absolutely… microphone grabbingly… wierd.

    kanye west is a complete turd.

    And Bush has more class between his toes than kanye west and the narcissist-in-chief, combined.

  18. The demonization of George Bush was thoroughgoing and effective and doesn’t reflect reality. Nonetheless, it remains intact as evidenced by several of these responses. Not much anyone can do about it now. The same press that demonized him has lionized President Obama. Journalism as an agent of fact-finding is pretty much dead.

  19. Roncella says:

    Some who post here are still sick with the Bush hate syndrom after two years out of office.

    DCR628, Your post about the west coast is great with your comparison to a box of cereal. You pick out the nuts and your left with a bunch of flakes !!

    Priceless description a manority of the Calif to wash. voters.

  20. JungleBoy says:

    The best way to drive the left crazy: mention G.W.Bush. Perhaps this explains why Obama keeps blaming Bush for everything, rather than acting like a man and taking responsibility for his own actions.

    Sharon – you were dead-on in your letter. Other than a bunch of lefties on the “left coast,” most Americans agree with you.

    The funny thing about the visceral response to the mere mention of George Bush is that most of the things he accomplished during his presidency are completely justified. The left is irrational and, point for point, they can win no more than a few arguments that have to do with Bush; even when you include WMDs, Katrina, not capturing Bin Laden.

  21. JungleBoy says:

    RBest- for your information, Hoover dam was named after J.Edgar Hoover until F.D.R (and his inflated ego) decided to change it to Boulder Dam. It was later changed back to Hoover dam, and rightfully so.

    Another legacy of F.D.R: a Social Security system that today is destined for bankruptcy. Makes you wonder what’s going to happen with Obamacare.

  22. What short memories…


    Clinton Camp Says Obama Plagiarized in Speech

  23. How funny DJ.

    Huff accusing George Bush of plagiarizing > GW.

  24. Roncella says:

    Brown91 I followed the katrina strom before it hit New Orleans and afterwords.

    The Govenor of lA. and the Mayor of New Orleans both Democrats werel fully responsibile for the mess that was Katrina.

    They both new first hand that the levies were in terrible shape and needed to be rebuilt.

    Alot of the funds for rebuilding the levies had been spent by them for other social programs.

    As the strom approached New Orleans they did nothing to help the folks get the heck out of there in time to beat the storm. Many who stayed to ride the strom out told reporters that they did not want to leave, that they have been through many storms already.

    It was easy for the dems. and the lame stream media to Blame President Bush and they took full advantage of that not to blame the Dem Mayor and Dem Governor who were responsible for a terrible mis-handling of the people who trusted them.

    Mississippi, Texas, all weathered the same storm without the deaths and injuries and drama that New Orleans had, they happen to have Republican officials who lead the way and took care of their citizens before the strom hit.

  25. Sumner401 says:

    The same press that demonized him has lionized President Obama.

    That level of disconnect from reality is astonishing.

  26. Sumner401 says:

    “He called me racist. I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now.”

    Another bush lie.
    He didn’t call him a racist, he said bush the failure doesn’t care about black people, and it was a true statement then and still is.

  27. Sumner401 says:

    Obama keeps blaming Bush for everything, rather than acting like a man and taking responsibility for his own actions.

    You mean like bush and the rest of the GOP still blame Clinton and Carter and the entire Democrat party for everything??
    Like that?

  28. donjames says:

    Really, we have both a sitting president and vice president who have been involved in plagiarism scandals:


    with 0bama’s particularly egregious example even making the all-time top ten list:


    But even funnier is the huffpo/ mediamatters election year 2008 spin on the biden story:


    We got a virtual circular plagiarism firing squad here.

    bB, got any more hard-hitting news for us?

  29. JungleBoy says:

    Alright, I’m and idiot: I got my “Hoovers” mixed up. Next thing you know, I’ll be calling a vacuum cleaner a president.

  30. Roncella says:

    donjames, Your information above is interesting but so tipical of liberals and the huffington puff bought and payed for by George Soros is worse than a rag sheet.

    Biden has always had foot in mouth slip ups all the time he has served in the Congress.

    Watching and listening to Biden does make you pray that nothing ever happens to President Obama, as Biden would then be running the Country.

  31. JB….you’re certainly not the first to get public figures jumbled.

  32. Sumner wrote “[Kanye West] said bush the failure doesn’t care about black people” — only a fool or a child would be unable to see this as an accusation of racism.

    That the president claimed this as a low point in his presidency reflects how I feel when fools accuse me of racism in my assessment of President Obama’s competence as a world leader. It’s not true, and it’s a vile accusation. Disgust is an appropriate response.

  33. Jboy – Construction on Hoover Dam began in 1931 and was named after the then serving President Herbert (Republican, Iowa) and was renamed Boulder Dam after FDR became President in 1933.

    Had it been named for J. Edger, the name would not have been changed because he would not have allowed it.

  34. Obama remains the worst president ever, just ahead of Jimma Carta.

  35. villager98 says:

    Good as Sharon is as a judge of ‘class’ I’m guessing she also voted for Dale Washam.

  36. fanciladi says:

    Sharon Moffitt…you wrote a fantastic letter! He is totally a class act, a man of his convictions and, although he was verbally abused, he didn’t let it tear him down.

    History will be fantastic to him!

  37. What an uplifting letter Ms. Moffitt. I read today that our current president has adopted President Bush’s stance on keeping prisoners in Gitmo without trials. Governing is not quite the same as campaigning. I for one salute George W. Bush, and I miss his honesty and his intense love of America. God bless him.

  38. Though a life-long Republican who voted for George W both times, I now recognize that Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld carried out a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign on Congress and on the American people. The crowning touch was Colin Powell’s speech to the UN that claimed conclusive proof that Iraq had WMD and was working on gaining nuclear weapons. Powell was universally respected by both parties, and his presentation sealed the deal. Watch a documentary entitled “Uncovered: The War on Iraq” to learn how the Bush Administration distorted, misrepresented and altered US and foreign intelligence to build the case for invading Iraq. Fact is, while 9/11 resulted in the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans, Bush’s pre-emptive invasion and occupation of Iraq resulted in the deaths of over 4,000 US military men and women. We have all seen videos of the havoc and terror following the attacks on 9/11. Can you even imagine the havoc and terror Iraqi civilians experienced following the attack Bush so proudly called Shock and Awe? Thousands of Iraqi citizens were killed and thousands more maimed. The World Trade Center buildings and a section of the Pentagon were destroyed on 9/11. $Billions of infrastructure in Iraq was destroyed in that initial invasion. Seven years later many Iraqis in and around Baghdad have electricity only 2-4 hours a day. But they know the Green Zone (HQ of US and Allied forces) has electricity 24/7! The US has an occupation force of 50,000 “advisors” in Iraq. Bush ordered the invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. On his orders, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed or maimed. He authorized and defended torture in direct defiance of the Geneva Convention of which the US is a signer. Intentionally decieving and lying to Congress is an act of treason by a sitting President. Bush believed the end justifies the means. He deserves to be indicted by the International Crimes Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity and sent to The Hague to stand trial. Since 9/11 he has succeeded in causing millions of Americans to view Muslims as the enemy, just as Hitler made Jews the villain before and during WWII. Islam has been around 1400 years, yet Bush’s propaganda machine since 9/11 villified Muslims such that many Americans believe it is the intent of Muslims to take over the US, kill the infidels and impose Sharia law. The result…civilian support for military aggression in the Middle East and incredibly, civilian acceptance of reduced individual freedoms at home. Bush is no hero.

  39. fanciladi says:

    Re: iamnotgod

    As your name says…iamnotgod …so, perhaps you should stop judging. Your long comment says what the left’s talking points on Bush have been and adds nothing new.

  40. fanciladi–facts don’t lie. I suggest you refute the facts I presented (if you can)and not dismiss them as leftist rantings and allegations previously raised. Bush’s actions were both treacherous and treasonous. His declaration of war on terror was a smoke-screen to carry out military aggression in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither war successfully eliminated or even reduced terrorist activities, though they did result in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians and cost Americans more than $1 trillion. The wars certainly did not further another stated goal of “winning the hearts and minds” of Iraqi and Afghan citizens.

  41. Sumner401 says:

    “[Kanye West] said bush the failure doesn’t care about black people” — only a fool or a child would think this as an accusation of racism., the word racism was never used.
    Racists rarely if ever see themselves as racist.

  42. Sumner401 says:

    and I miss his honesty

    Good god.

  43. fanciladi says:

    iamnotgod: I will not argue the points here…you have your beliefs and that’s your right! There are many who have been life-long Democrats who have changed the other way and that is their/our right!

    I made my coments on the article and you made yours…in hindsight, I should have just let yours be.

  44. Novelist3 says:

    Your first post was so spot on. Leftists are so easy to predict, aren’t they?

  45. fbergford says:

    I like your letter Ms. Moffett. I am a two time Dubya voter, served in the Army during his presidency, went to Iraq in 2004-2005 and 5 months later after I got home from my deployment, was sent down to New Orleans for the aftermath of Katrina. It’s funny seeing and reading all these posts by arm chair quarterbacks, voicing their opinion about these two events that happened while he was still our President. Saying that he totally punted the ball and couldn’t get things right. I find it ironic that some people have an answer for everything that has happened in the past, but when it’s happening in real time the have no clue what to do.

  46. fanciladi says:

    fbergford…good points… I misread one word…ironic…I thought you wrote ‘moronic’…I guess that could fit……oh, well…guess I need my glasses updated!

  47. Roncella – Building, maintenance, and repair of the levees along the Mississippi are the responsibility of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and not of the State of Louisiana or the City of New Orleans.

    N.O. had weathered Katrina like storms before which lead to a certain amount of complicity that kept many people in the city and were trapped when the levees broke and flooded the city.

    R.W.N.J.s are so easy to predict because they get their talking points from Dick Armey, Karl Rove, and FoxBat Central.

  48. fbergford says something very insightful here. It’s always easy to say what someone ELSE should have done.

    Imagine someone watching every move you make at work, at home, on holiday — and hundreds of photographers watching you literally from every angle.

    Thanking a president for his service seems like a respectful gesture, even if you disagreed with his policies and some (or all) of his decisions. I’m guessing that President Obama will eventually figure out that this job is a lot harder than making great speeches and doing PR. This recent election might help him figure it out even sooner than he would have otherwise.

    And when he leaves the Oval office, he should be thanked for his service too.

  49. Sumner401 says:

    sozo once again gives us a text book example of hypocrisy.

  50. sozo says, “The demonization of George Bush was thoroughgoing and effective and doesn’t reflect reality.”

    Maybe so, sozo, yet Obama suffers the same “demonization” daily without a word of recognition from those in your camp. Oh wait! It’s your camp who are doing the demonizing.

    You said that GWB did his very best to serve this country, but you don’t allow Obama the same courtesy.

    You say that you miss his honesty and his intense love of America. Do you not see these same qualities in our current President? Are you suggesting that our current President is dis-honest, or does not have the same intensity of love for America?

  51. I was speaking specifically about the press Polago regarding the demonization of Bush and lionization of Obama. Of course I’m aware of those in the general population who demonize President Obama. When the press turns him into a caricature, perhaps I will be more sympathetic.

    You will not like my answer to your last question, but I do doubt President Obama’s honesty (and I think that beneath that veneer of niceness is an angry man), and I think his love for America may be more of a love for an America of HIS making. His apologetic tone when he speaks of the U.S. seems to go deep.

    All that said, I am aware of my biases at this point however, and I recognize that I could be wrong about President Obama. I hope I am.

  52. And when he leaves the Oval office, he should be thanked

    I didn’t personally thank W for leaving office but I was thankful for it. Unfortunately I knew that his successor would continue us on the same disastrous path so my gratitude was tempered……

  53. Novelist3 says:

    You quickly learn to ignore the garbage spewed from leftists like Sumner around here. Nothing but idiotic leftist talking points with no connection to reality, and the vast majority of the time not even a connection to the letter itself- just the stupidest variety of the stupidest form of forum post. No style, no substance, no worth- nothing but tired, California-style insults on Republicans, day in and day out. The homeless people screaming at the sidewalk deserve listening to more.

  54. The anti-California rhetoric that is regularly spewed by the rightists here starts to seem a little like the anti-Seattle rhetoric from Tacomans who are still bitter that they didn’t get the City of Destiny has forever remained the “little train that could – but didn’t”.

  55. that should read “still bitter that they don’t live in Seattle but in the City of Destiny – “the little train that could – but didn’t”

  56. Your not a good one to give this kind of advice, Novelty3, as you cannot bring yourself to ignore that which you propose be ignored by others.

    I’ll bet you’re incapable of ignoring this comment.

  57. I have heard that Bush commented that he didn,t care if Obama won or McCain won the Presidency,because when the new Presidents term in office was over,he (BUSH) would no longer be considered THE WORST PRESIDENT,EVER!!!!

  58. JungleBoy says:

    iamnotgod-let me guess: you think “birthers” are crazy, but you’re a “9/11 truther.” Nice…

    By the way, Obama’s stimulus package (which was a TOTAL waste of money) cost about the same amount of money spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  59. Roncella says:

    xring, Come on now lets get real. Your telliing me that the Democratic Governor of La. and the Democratic Mayor of New Orleans had no knowledge of how bad a shape the levees were in long before the Storm ever hit ??

    Your not that blinded, to defend two people who neglected their responsibilities to their citizens, and along with lame stream media and the Dems. blamed the whole mess on Bush are You ??

    Alot of the blame goes on to the citizens of New Orleans themselves. Those that stayed and would not listen to the broadcasts from the National Weather Service which fortold the strength of Kitrina approaching New Orleans. They new the day and hour the storm would hit, but would not leave, hello……

  60. Roncella says:

    Polago, You asked Sozo if she did not believe that President Obama had a intensity of love for America, When has he demonstrated that, when ??

    Obama never misses a chance to apoligize for all of Americas short comings especially as he travel overseas, bowing to Communist leaders, and socialists Dictators.

    In all his speeches I have never heard him speak as though he was pround of America and Americans.

    When he was running for President he refused to wear the American Flag pin on his lapel, that is until the press noticed it and questioned him about it, then he wore it all the time, so as not to lose any possible votes.

  61. JungleBoy says:

    Personally, I have no doubt that Obama was born in America. I do, however, question his worldview and whether or not he believes in American exceptionalism.

    Whenever Obama makes a speech overseas, it is apparent to me that he doesn’t have the same love for America as did the majority of previous presidents. I attribute this lack of connection with America to his early, formative years growing up in Indonesia. Like it or not, his father was a Muslim. Beyond this fact, Obama also spent a number of years growing up in a Muslim nation. To say that these two factors did not play a significant role in the way that Obama now looks at the world is absurd and naive.

  62. I think he is of a different ilk as well JB, but when you say that people think you are talking about his race. A few unsavory types may be racist, but most people are not.

    I wish, for the sake of peace in our nation, that a different black man (or woman) had been the candidate running in 2008 as I think there might have been a very different outcome regarding the polarization issue between left and right. People can believe this or not, but I know I’m not alone when I say that I wanted very much to rejoice in the election of a person of color to the office of president, but I couldn’t when the person turned out to be a young, inexperienced man acquainted with and linked to several questionable characters–characters steeped in anti-American teachings.

    Trust me, had the candidate been William Ayers who’s white as rice, I would have been equally vocal about my lack of trust in the man.

  63. Interesting afterthought…the irony is that a man like Wm Ayers couldn’t get elected because his handlers couldn’t use his race as they used Obama’s to win votes.

    There are always two sides to these things. Always.

  64. Roncella
    – the USCOE only the USCOE had responsibility for the levees and were investigated. Neither the State nor City had any authority, responsibility, or oversite for the levees. Aren’t facts so inconvenient?

    – as for your other two comments, go back and re-read my original post.

  65. fbergford says:

    I don’t have the same political views as you. I said I liked dubya and I voted for him twice, the first time when he defeated Al Gore and the second time while I was deployed to OIF 2.

    I can also speak from personal experience of actually being down in New Orleans two week after Katrina hit, that there was plenty of time to evacuate the city but the citizens down there laughed at the notion. It wasn’t their first rodeo (meaning going through a hurricane), they throw parties during bad weather all the time. They figured the only difference between this hurricane and the other ones is that it’s a little stronger.

    Yes a couple of the levees failed that protects the city, but you also have to understand that the city of New Orleans is built below sea level. They have these pump stations all around the city contstantly on, working 24/7 365…kind of like 7/11 always open! It is not only the Army Corp of Engineers job to maintain the levees, but it is also the city and the states job too. WHen Katrina hit, the city of New Orleans failed to act. The state of Louisiana failed to act. And it took awhile for the feds to get down there. You want to talk about corrupt citites, look no further than New Orleans. I can go on and on and talk about what I did down there, my experiences, but I can’t help but think someone will come on here and refute what I say,all because I liked Bush as our president.

  66. Roncella- I’m intrigued by your choice of Me as the “personal recipient” of your Katrina Tall Tales. If you look back in the thread to my single comment to you, notice it consisted of a listing of some of Bush’s Afghanistan & Iraq
    Then again, when re-writing History, I s’pose Forgetfulness is a Positive attribute.

  67. Devinc253 says:

    Yeah what a class act..
    I just red that he put an INNOCENT man to death as governor of Texas in 1998.
    Were 8 trillion in debt thanks to him

    man what a great guy

  68. W- YOU spent way too much money, but given the clown car Kenyan currently in office, I miss ya buddy.

  69. a brainless left-operating circle jerk of idiots</I.

    That sure demonstrated that you are a "class act".

    And to think, I once thought that you were different from extremes of the Right Rim and actually posted other than ad hominem attacks once in awhile……..

    This might interest some of you:
    Written Confessions of a War Criminal

  70. Perhaps you should run for office yourself, bBoy. Clearly you believe yourself superior to…well just about everybody…but given your disinclination to thank public servants because you think they’re all corrupt, it may just be time for you to actually get in the fray and act rather than merely observe and critique.

  71. sozo – Not sure how my response to novelist3’s nasty comment was a catalyst for your comment but, snarkiness is rarely considered to be a measure of class unless, of course, it rises to the level of wit of someone like Oscar Wilde.

    It is highly unlikely that I would survive for long in a political campaign as I would surely not be able to hold my tongue and not say what I truly think.

    My vocation is not in the political realm – teaching and performance are my calling. I really have no need to justify my public service and “good acts” to you or anyone else in cyberspace.

  72. JungleBoy says:

    A word to the wise: don’t purse your lips when you lick an envelope.

  73. JungleBoy says:

    BB- I don’t really feel like getting into it with you, again, so I’ll be brief. The beauty blogging is that people are able to engage in a battle of wits based solely on the merits of what they write. When people reveal too much about their personal lives, or list their credentials, it’s as if they expect their musings to be judged by a different standard.

  74. “Former President George W. Bush says he doesn’t miss much about the White House, just the pampering. Bush told more than 3,000 people at a sprawling central Florida retirement community on Saturday that he misses the convenience of Air Force One and never waiting in traffic jams. The 43rd president said, most of all, he misses being commander in chief of the U.S. military.”

  75. Sumner401 says:

    Like all republicans you used a bunch of words and you said absolutely nothing only to get to the juvenile insult at the end.
    Having the like of novelist agreeing with……not so good.
    And guess what, I was in NOL about the same time you were, what exactly is your point? You really don’t think you are the resident NOL expert do you?
    Admitting to voting for the worst President in history twice is nothing to brag about BTW.
    Bush is a total failure, he took this nation in a direction that is wrong and he and your party was rewarded for it, notice he didn’t join the campaign tail stumping for anyone? Did you wonder why?
    You support the worst President in history, do you ever question that?

  76. N# – and a bird is know by its song.

  77. fbergford says:


    Why would I question supporting dubya?! I liked the guy and I voted for him twice! You are reaching here, and what did I tell you about huffing paint!? It’s not good for your brain, you lose brain cells and get these delusional thoughts! Next thing you know Stacy Mulick will be writing a quick blurb in the lights and sirens section about sumner running down the street naked screaming that a dragon is chasing after holding a can of paint thinner!

    You are around 50, and I highly doubt you were in New Orleans at all. Since you claim you were down there, it’s quiz time! What did you do? Where was your AO? How thick was the dried mud on the ground? What did the symbols on the flooded out buildings mean? What did it smell like? If you can answer those questions for me and tell me where and what you did while you were down there, I’ll be waiting for your response.

    I never did claim that I was an expert resident of the citizens of New Orleans, that was the title you just gave me…thank you.

  78. What’s your point Polago?

  79. Roncella says:

    xring I guess I need to repeat this one more time. When Your the Mayor or the Governor of a city and state that is under sea level depending on levees and pump stations for the safety of its citizens its your responsibility to make darn sure those levees and pumps are in good working order.

    Now, When you are alerted to a major storm like katrina coming to your city/state with a direct hit, knowing that the levees and pumps are old and not in good working order you should issue an extreme evacuation for all your citizens.

    Unless the dem mayor and the dem governor were mental migets they both knew the condition of those old levees and pumps and did not act accordingly for the saftey of their citizens shame on both of them.

    There were plenty of buses and folks to assist folks who needed help in

    getting out Before the Storm hit.

    The Democrtatic Mayor and the Democratic Governor are fully responsible for the mess that Katrina caused in deaths and injuries to its citizens.

  80. Soso ; re Polago’s 11/15/10, 8:34 am remark: I translate it that Bush was a power hungry megalomaniac.

  81. That’s what I was afraid of xring. I heard President Bush make this comment in another venue. He was smiling and laughing about the pampering remark…HEAVEN FORBID we have a president who admits he enjoyed servants at his disposal … for crying out loud. The audacity of honesty!

    As for the other remark, it was made in the context of him getting to meet extraordinary people like the young soldier who lost his legs in battle and made a jogging date with the president which he kept. Bush was humbled by his role as CIC.

    The soldier spoke about the fact that the president’s challege gave him a goal, and hope for the future.

    This is just one more example of how looking at this man through a distorted, broken piece of glass yields utter nonsense.

    How very tiresome it’s all become.

  82. Roncella – Repeating your talking points will not make the real.

    The Louisiana Governor,the New Orleans Mayor, and the general population of the area took the appropriate actions for the expected storm. Those actions would have been sufficient HAD THE LEEVES NOT FAILED. They did make mistakes, and the major one was believing what the COE said about the levees and dikes around the City.

    Here are a couple more indigestible facts for you:

    The states with Republican Governors got immediate aid, while Louisiana and New Orleans had to wait several days for any federal aid to arrive.

    The Navy had ships loaded with relief supplies, equipment, and medical personal that could havREACHED New Orleans within 12 hours. Homeland Security ordered the ships not to interfere with HS operations.

    Homeland Security also refused to let sworn police officers from other jurisdicition help with out being vetted by HS. No such screening was requied the Blackwater mercenaries that were sent in.

    Federal troops in the area were confined to the bases and not allowed to offer help to the local communities.

    Sozo: The Weed also called the Constitution an inconvenient piece of paper and said he and only he was the one that got to decide what was to be done.

  83. whats funny is how the READERS of this letter and the comments that go with it, whine and cry about two men….just TWO people in this entire country, and they whine and cry like a bunch of little kids! WaaaaWaaaaWaaaa! Sheesh.

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