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LINDQUIST: Voters deserved facts earlier

Letter by Bertha B. Fitzer, University Place on Nov. 11, 2010 at 3:45 pm with 5 Comments »
November 12, 2010 9:32 am

It is with sadness and frustration that I read “In Lindquist’s hip pocket” (Peter Callaghan column, 11-11).

Didn’t voters deserve to know these facts before the election? On Aug. 30, I provided your editorial board with the pertinent documents and challenged you to investigate further. Instead, you endorsed Mark Lindquist for Pierce County prosecutor. You and others simply ignored this issue until after the election.

Callaghan tries to dismiss the impact of the misconduct. He states that it is “doubtful that many voters reached these pages by mistake,” citing the fact that Google and Bing searches list my official website first.

That is true, but only because the campaign spent more than $2,000 to revamp the website and hired a social media consultant to raise the priority of the site.

As an officer of the court and as the person charged with upholding the law, a prosecutor’s ethical standards must be higher than the political norm. That Lindquist engaged in this conduct is not surprising. What was surprising was that good people in our community tolerated this conduct.

It has been said that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” Because our leaders tolerated this conduct, once again the standards required of our public officials have been lowered. This tolerance is the real story.

(Fitzer, a former Pierce County deputy prosecutor, ran unsuccessfully for prosecutor against Lindquist, who had been appointed to the position.)

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  1. PumainTacoma says:

    The News Tribune is infamous on not reporting and hiding facts from the public regarding their political friends. In the world of real investigative journalism, the Tribune is a joke.

    Facts acknowledged in Peter’s column noted that LINDQUIST KNEW and APPROVED the domains to be purchased. He is a man of the court. He is suppose to be above the law. He is suppose to be ethical? (supposedly).

    However, this man is nothing but an empty suit. He does not prosecute for crimes in this town nor as I can tell from other examples, does his office prosecute white collar crimes.

    And it is not taboo to ask for accountability for crimes against the citizens of this county who pay Lindquist’s inflated salary.

    I suggest Lindquist be a man and own up to his slimy tactics and do us all a favor and either do his job or resign.

    This guy is a true joke to victims of crimes.

    Sorry that Bertha lost the election. We deserve better in this county wen it comes to electing someone who is suppose to protect the victims of crimes.

    Instead, we have cowardly reporters and an editorial board who is inept, and protects their Democratic friends under the cloak of journalism.

  2. Bertha,

    If you had won would “tolerance be the real story”? The fact is, you failed to get your message out to the voters and only you and your campaign can take responsibility for this failure.

    If we apply your standard most if not all politicians would be guilty of ethics violations.

    I’d really like to hear your definition of, “ethics” in politics. Is there such a thing?


  3. Sour grapes.

    A big part of politics is knowing how to campaign.

    The facts are simple: Bertha is an inexperienced campaigner.

    Mr. Lindquist did nothing wrong nor illegal. He had a strong message that resonated with the community … and backed that by doing the work that needs to be done to protect Pierce County.

    By my count, Bertha had at least four, if not five messages. She wasted time and money mailing hit packets to PCOs in the county in a poor attempt to smear Mr. Lindquist.

  4. Shorter Bertha:

    “Lindquist purchasing domain names and then doing nothing with them is terrible, horrible, no good, very bad behavior.

    Me repeatedly lying, trashing people, misleading the public, and manipulating crime victims is just fine.”

    The right candidate won.

  5. Concernedfather says:

    Did Lindquist have a “Backup Strategy”?

    Did he run a “Smear Campaign” against Bertha?

    Did anyone catch some of Bertha’s You Tube videos?

    I think when it comes to “Dirty Politics” the electorate was able to see who was casting stones against their own glass house.

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