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ELECTION: Where is the plan, GOP?

Letter by William Wise II, Lacey on Nov. 4, 2010 at 11:04 am with 11 Comments »
November 4, 2010 2:11 pm

Now the GOP has taken the U.S. House, what discretionary spending cuts are they going to make? When asked by the election-night panel on MSNBC, not one member of the GOP could answer that question when asked. And when asked over and over again, still no response was given.

Another question was asked: Are they going to raise the debt ceiling or default on the debt? Again, no response from the GOP.

The GOP has made a lot of promises to the American people with no answers or plan on how to control spending. Where is the money? If the GOP has a hiring freeze for government workers, lays them off or ends up shutting down the government, then what? Those workers will file for unemployment, and the people’s work will not be done.

I know what will happen. They will just blame the president.

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  1. Roncella says:

    William, Your democrats were to raise the debt ceiling, before the election, however they refused to do so, also refused to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

    As far as what cuts should be made, everything should be on the table fromMilitary spending, to Social Security changes, everything.

    The most important thing the Dems/Republs. can do is to stop all the spending they can. Return the unspent stimulis money back to the treasury.

    Trips like Obama and 3,000 others are making to India which is costing the tax payers 2 1/2 million dollars a day for 10 days, along with additional expenses for 35 Military destroyers and helicopters is ridicolus..

    If the President wanted to do a trade visit, he certainly could have with out spending a fortune, apparently Obama did not get the message from the voters.

  2. Roncella – everything you’ve been saying about the upcoming Presidential Trip is FALSE, except for the fact that there will be one.

    Ever see the old TV trail trick where a lawyer gets a witness to tell or admit to telling a lie, then wants to knowtheyare lying now, and how can we believe the anything you say.

  3. sincere says:

    xring if the stories of what it cost the taxpayers to send Michelle Obama to Spain for her Vacation are true,how can you doubt what it is costing the tax payers for Obamas Indias trip?Oh by the way,the White House is not saying anything about the costs.Could it be there might be an outcry from the public if the true expense numbers were made Public?Wait and See!

  4. Sincere, who says I believe any thing reported by foxbats?

    As for the White House not saying how much the India trip will cost – that has been SOP since G. Washington was POTUS.

  5. Here’s the plan:

    Cut taxes across the board, lower them to no more than 9% for EVERYONE.

    Enforce the law and expell ALL illegal aliens regardless of color, ethnicity, and political affiliation.

    Cut 90% of all social spending and investigate all fraud and waste.

    Win the war and pocket the savings.


  6. Roncella says:

    xring, the huge cost of Obama’s India trade trip for 10 days has been reported on all the major cable channels, even MSNBC, and CNN.

    I repeat it will cost tax payers at least 21/2 to 3 million dollars a day for ten days, that does not include the cost of 34 destroyers and helicopters and military.

    Anyone with even a slight bit of intelligence would know that this trade trip could have been done much cheaper.

  7. Reported as FALSE by everyone but fox and the rest of the looney wing nut media.

  8. isldr – why not cut all spending/funding by10%?

    History says we won’t win in Afghanistan, and we’ve already lost in Iraq.

  9. Roncella says:

    xring, The Presidents India trip expense is not correct as been reported by some of the cable channels. However I think the public has a right to know just how much this trip is costing.

    2000 folks Plus the President and Security personal, and 40 Planes for 10 days visiting Aisa.

    Considering the financial mess America is in this trip could have been done alot cheaper, with better planing.

  10. Roncella – I have a bridge on Mars I want to sell.

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