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OBAMA: Race is the least of his problems

Letter by Diane M. Kerr, Federal Way on Nov. 2, 2010 at 11:29 am with 76 Comments »
November 2, 2010 11:53 am

Re: Eugene Robinson column, 11-2.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the issues that are separating the citizens from the president.

I respect the president as the leader of our country. Most American people are more right of middle politically. That has nothing to do with his race. Maybe he thought that since he won the presidency he could lecture us in following him, not realizing that his elegance and unBush ways, along with hope and change won him the presidency. Did anyone know he was so far left in his political leanings? Did he misread the voters antipathy for the Bush years and think it was a vote for socialism?

I was appalled that he would call citizens who disagree with him “the enemy.” OK, I know he did apologize for the remark, but George Bush saved that term for al-Qaida. He never goes anywhere without his teleprompter, so how did that slip by?

It’s his agenda that is causing such dissent. I think it’s great that an African-American was elected president. I just wish he understood us better.

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  1. First_Lefty says:


    Teleprompter – that’s because he doesn’t write on his hand or use 3×5 index cards. That way you can see his eyes and not the top of his head.

    George Bush said “you’re either with us or against us” to the Democrats. Quit lying.

    Since you don’t realize that the “right” of America makes up about 28% and the “Left” about 30%, your judgement as to Obama’s leanings or the leanings of the entire country are a joke at best. If Obama was so far left, we would have had single payer Medicare for all.

    You are a classic example of the TEA Partier –

    Since you are sensitive to Obama’s use of “enemy” how do you feel about the grandmother of a child of unwed parents using the word “b*stard” (the auto editor won’t let me spell it)

  2. Once again, Lefty, that you do not see the difference between the president making this remark and others making similar remarks…heck, the fact that you don’t understand the word “enemy” in the context of a presidential campaign speech…says a lot about you.

    In my opinion, the president thought he could woo the people into voting for him whereupon he could then act on his far left agenda. I would guess he’s been quite surprised to learn that those who were willing to give him a go are now ready to call him on his lack of integrity.

  3. Sumner401 says:

    Most American people are more right of middle politically.

    Right out of the gate you get something wrong, typical for the fox propaganda network fans. They have been passing this ‘right of center nation’ myth off for years now, with no evidence to back it up of course.

  4. BlaineCGarver says:

    Sumner, if you need proof, just watch the election returns tonight. Better have your drug of choice ready as you will no doubt be flayed alive by reality.

  5. George Bush said “you’re either with us or against us” to the Democrats.

    That is the lie. But as my mother used to say, “consider the source”.

    Bush said he would not point out any specific countries in his speech.

    “Over time it’s going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity,” he said. “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.” (Full story)


  6. I think most Americans understand the writer’s point, that Barack see’s Americans who disagrees with his polies and “change” as enemies, and has no problem calling them that, YET, he refuses to call Iran an enemy.

  7. First_Lefty says:

    “sozo says:
    November 2, 2010 at 12:29 pm
    Once again, Lefty, that you do not see the difference between the president making this remark and others making similar remarks…heck, the fact that you don’t understand the word “enemy” in the context of a presidential campaign speech…says a lot about you. ”

    Once again, sozo, I question where your outrage was when Bush addressed Americans by saying “you’re either with us or against us”, eliminating civil discourse. This says a lot about you and hypocrisy.

  8. First_Lefty says:

    Who – prove that Obama REFUSED to call Iran an enemy right after you explain how Obama is a Marxist – since you’ve avoided that question for two days.

  9. First_Lefty says:

    Blaine – should the GOP win the House (which it appears they will) but not win the Senate (which it appears they won’t), at what time tomorrow will you start making excuses for the Republicans?

  10. Once again, repeating the lie >
    “Bush addressed Americans by saying “you’re either with us or against us”, does not make it true.

    Bush said he would not point out any specific countries in his speech.

    “Over time it’s going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity,” he said. “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.” (Full story)


    And off topic rants is grounds for deletion. Focus like a laser, Bush is not president, is not runninmg for the office of president or any other political office, and the thread title is “OBAMA: Race is the least of his problems”.

  11. First_Lefty says:


    Here is the breakout of categories of political philosophies from 2009. I doubt that much has changed, nor did much change since 2008 to 2009.

    I consider myself as a moderate, yet the rabid drooling Right on this forum would call me a Marxist – a Marxist that voted 40% Republican in 2008.

    The letter writer is getting her “facts” from behindusextractus

  12. Sozo – Obama is not far left. He is was center-right, and moved farther to the right after his election. If you remember his debates with HRC, Obama expressed his health care reform as working within the current system including the private health care insurance company. It was HRC was the one who favored single payer.

    Thewho – least you forget Bush and the Republicans not only called Americans who opposed his illegal unnecessary wars their enemy, but also un-American and traitors

  13. spotted1 says:

    xring…lest you forget, the Democrats voted in favor of those illegal wars and still support troops in combat zones. And still commit troops to combat zones.

  14. First_Lefty says:

    Why are the Conservatives so afraid to address the past as it applies to the present?

    Who – maybe you can tell us the thread about “Obama the Marxist”. There wasn’t one, but that didn’t stop you from posting such.

    Hypocrisy abounds.

  15. First_Lefty says:


    Maybe a little video proof will do the trick for The Who.

  16. spotted –

    Bush lied us into two wars.

    Would you rather we don not support our troops when they are in combat?

    Obama is working to get us out of both.

  17. First_Lefty says:

    FreeAmerica says:
    November 2, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    Careful lefties…. Your slander is the reason this country is going right and might go hard right with enough vile comments.
    Always thought Sumner was a plant to energize the right wing base.

    Free – define slander. It doesn’t apply to what you are attempting to say.

    Now, considering that the House will have a slight Republican advantage and the Senate will be Democratic majority (although not super majority) why don’t you explain this momentus leap that you are trying to fake with.

    If the Right Wing base was all you had to go on, you’d be in poor shape. That’s only about 30% of the voters. People are angry about the economy and too lazy to understand what really happened. This happened in 1994 and the Republicans, after gaining power, did nothing other than fatten their bank books. One of these days you middle class Republicans will learn that your party doesn’t serve you well.

  18. beerBoy says:

    The electorate voted for change in 2006, 2008, 2010.

    Don’t put too much weight in this change. People are voting their dissatisfaction with the status quo – not for the platform of either Party.

  19. - parsing of partial posts in order to distort their meaning would be considered a lie of omission.

    -quoting edited sentences out of context contributes to the “fog of controversy” that has been created around this issue

    -Gotta love those ideologues – consistently changing their arguments in order to maintain a consistent ideological world view.

    – the idea that you would mock someone else for being dogmatic is laughable as you are one of the most rigid ideologues who posts here.

    Déjà vu ?

  20. aislander says:


  21. Let the filletting begin.

  22. Read with care Lefty…President Obama called his fellow citizens “the enemy.” The citizens who disagree with him; who have a different vision for the direction of our country.

    He now apologizes and says he should have used the word “opponent” and I’m saying that he used the word he meant while his PC guard was down.

    I repeat my PC complaint — it invites people to lie. Now and then, they get caught.

  23. First_Lefty says:


    Note the word used by the last president


  24. First_Lefty says:

    aislander – I’m guessing that the moderator is not going to allow you to play passive aggressive on this forum.

    I will serve you notice that I’m not a shrinking violet. You want to make innuendos about me, I have no problem with being direct about it.

    If a comment of mine is pulled, it’s not because I was being coy.

  25. And Bush called those who disagreed with him enemies and traitors.

  26. FYI – the thread title is “OBAMA: Race is the least of his problems”

  27. beerBoy says:

    btw – paraphrasing without citation is considered plagiarization. (and less effective as a put-down)

  28. menopaws says:

    Eugene Robinson nailed it—the new “politically correct “code phrase is socialist agenda to describe fighting this President. If he was, indeed a socialist, he would have nationalized all the banks and instituted a single-payer health system and eliminated private insurance ( wish he had done that). If I actually saw some faces of color in all those tea party demonstrations, I would treat them with more respect. But, what I see are a bunch of angry white people who want to take their country “back”. Back to the days when only rich, white men could be in office. They succeeded in the House this election, but their failure to capture the Senate also sends a strong message. Time to quit blaming the “socialist” agenda and get off your whiny butts and go to work……We’ll see how they do—I’m guessing it will be lots of face time with the cameras and continued inertia…..The reality of how badly this country needs to make changes in another direction is not going away…..Talk is, indeed, cheap–getting work done is what we need to see.

  29. aislander says:

    xring: I know you don’t like to provide citations, and I am no fan of Bush, but please provide one for the alleged “enemies and traitors” comments. I don’t recall hearing that. And I was paying close attention to politics then, too…

  30. the3rdpigshouse says:

    One thing to never forget – Anyone who is a patriotic American who believes his country is great and that socialism will lead to the failure of the greatest nation in history is “OH-Bummer’s” enemy!!! He is an avowed anti-American marxist/socialist and “WILL” transform the USA into a socialist cesspool if not stopped and removed from office – along with all his communist czars & appointees!!

  31. OK, pigmouth. I challenge you to back up this statement: “He is an avowed ( avow- to state or affirm, to admit openly) anti-American marxist/socialist.”

  32. aislander says:

    I agree, Polago: take out the “avowed…” The rest of it works though!

  33. spotted1 says:

    How is it that Obama is “african-american”? He is mixed race descent. Does he truly relate to “africans” first and “americans” second? Regardless of political views, where does his loyalty lie?

  34. It works, only because it’s an opinion, aislander.

  35. Roncella says:

    Wow, Some of the liberals who post here need to calm down.

    I realize you got your butt kicked last night, but have some coffee and a roll and you’ll start to feel better.

    The majority of Americans have sent a message to Obama and the Dems. who have controlled the Congress.

    I doubt Obama or the dems. really got the message. They think ifs all about jobs. Its about jobs but its says alot about the leftest liberal progressive Obama and the Dems. have taken the Country in only two years.
    Listening to MSNBC and CNN they keep saying the Republicans need to be bi-partisan now and be willing to work with Obama and the Dems, its really funny to hear their coments Now that they lost and are in the minority.

    They wanted the Republicans to sit in the back of the car but now that they lost all of sudden they want the Republicans to be bi-partisan and work with them, it a Joke.

  36. Commandtiger says:

    I am glad to see that the american people can see that MAYBE they made a mistake by putting Obama into the office of President of the United States, there are a lot more african american men or women out there that would have probably been a better choice for the Democrats.. Let us hope that Obama is only a one term President !!!!

  37. aislander says:

    Okay, Polago, I’ll play. Obama’s parents were both leftist radicals, and pan-africanism is an admittedly communist movement. Stanley called herself a communist from time to time. Mentor Frank called himself a communist. Obama said he chose to associate with Marxists of various stripes while in college, “allying” himself with them. He sat in Wright’s church for twenty years. He has that list of radical acquaintances. He has governed as far to the left as pragmatism would allow.

    Now, all of this could be explained away IF there is a pivot point where he “avows” an affection for the American tradition of free enterprise and individual liberty–hell; even SOME sort of affection for America. Where is that pivot point?

    (…and I mean some significant span of time before he ran for office…)

  38. Sumner401 says:

    Sumner, if you need proof, just watch the election returns tonight.

    The election results weren’t proof in 2006 and 2008?
    They prove nothing.
    Midterms ALWAYS go to the minority party…..get over it.

    This is not and never has been a ‘right of center’ country.

  39. Sumner401 says:

    I know you don’t like to provide citations

    Said the pot to the kettle.

  40. Islander – try

    and now some sauce for the gander:

    Please provide a referrece to you’re ‘leftest, socialist” comments.

  41. aislander says:

    Try “Dreams From My Father,” by B. Obama…

  42. aislander says:

    Read it. Couldn’t find the words you cited. Gotta go, but I’ll reread later to make sure…

  43. The main question now is can / well the conservatives (R, T, or D) govern and do what is best for the county and her citizens, or will they be slaves to their various ideologies and derail the government and the economy?

    Roncella – over the past two years the President has extended his hand across the aisle on numerous occasions and the R’s have slapped his hand away so many time it’s a wonder that he still has a hand left/

  44. Roncella says:

    xring when has Obama ever extended his hand to republicans, on what issues.

    There was no involvement with republicans when the ObamaCare was written and then forced on all of us behind closed doors, by the Dems. and Obama. No one got a chance to read the bill before it got passed. Nancy Pelosi said, after the bill is passed we can read it.

    All the stimulus bill were passed with no one reading them first by the Dems.

    Obama has a very huge ego and will not come off his ivory tower to actually feel the pain so many are going through looking for jobs and trying to make their bills.

  45. Roncella – stop spewing Foxbat droppings. Or find a citation to back up your fantasy fiction.

    The R’s had as much chance as the D’s to read and offer changes to each and every bill passed by either house. If they did not that’s their fault for being too busy playing to their bases rather than doing their jobs.

  46. The people also sent a clear message to the GOP; I hope they are listening.

    aislander, for some unknown reason, folks simply refuse to see the obvious with regard to our presiden’ts alliances. It’s probably because deep down, they actually don’t see anything wrong with socialist/marxist/communist ideology but they know better than to come right out and say it…much like their leader.

  47. sozo – maybe its because deep down most people know the differences between a Progressive (which Mr. Obama is) and a socialist (which he is not).

  48. aislander says:

    sozo: You have it exactly right, which makes xring’s post above SO replete with irony. In a previous post, he stated he was in favor of public ownership of the means of production, which is the first definition of…communism!

  49. Island – I have never said I was anything but a Progressive. And I challenge you to point to any of my posts that say I favor or support either a socialist or communist system.

  50. aislander says:

    To quote you exactly, xring, you said you believed in the public ownership of “the means of production and distribution.” You posted that within the past week in the “Letters” section. Public ownership of those things is socialism, and is the first definition of communism. If you insist that you DIDN’T post that, you will force me to go back through all the past week’s letters, which I would be grateful if you did not…

  51. aislander says:

    Oh, for God’s sake…

  52. aislander says:

    “xring says:
    October 28, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Island – the most important one of all than Progessives and the President wand to create a social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”

  53. Islander, ever hear of context, as in text surrounding word or passage?

    Here are the comments leading up to my comment, exactly as they were posted.

    And surprise, surprise, look who I was answering.

    BlaineCGarver says:
    October 26, 2010 at 3:42 pm
    I find it funny as he!! that lefties are still toteing that OhBummer bale of socialism when all of Europe, the bastion of socialism, has seen the error of their ways and are retreating from socialism and their influx of illegals.

    xring says:
    October 27, 2010 at 6:54 pm
    The only ones toting the socialist lie is the Right. Those of us on the left know it is a red-herring, devoid of even a shard of truth.

    aislander says:
    October 27, 2010 at 10:15 pm
    Which socialist lie is the right “toting,” xring? There are scads of socialist lies…

    xring says:
    October 28, 2010 at 1:06 pm
    Island – the most important one of all than Progessives and the President wand to create a social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

    So islander, just so you understand I was saying that it is a lie that Progressives and the President are not socialist.

  54. beerBoy says:

    xring – Obama is not a progressive. He is, like his predecessor, a neo-feudalist meat puppet.

  55. aislander says:

    Although there was a lack of clarity in your post, I now understand what you were trying to say. But, aren’t the banking functions being done by Fannie and Freddie both “means of production” and “capital?” And GM is still not in the private sector. And then there’s health care…I suggest you learn about the Fabian socialist movement. I would enjoy an exposition on just how that differs in practical terms from the progressive movement….

  56. “it is a lie that Progressives and the President are not socialist.”

    So where is the disagreement?

  57. aislander says:

    Good catch, thewho!

  58. Sumner401 says:

    Good lord.
    How does one continue to be so wrong about so many things and yet never seem to notice?
    Aislander has brought denial to a new level.

  59. beerboy – define neo-feudalist.

  60. Aislander – threads within threads leading to a Gordian’s knot. Made worse by my over quick keyboarding and faulty proof reading.

    Just so we’re all clear the sentence in question should have read: What I am saying is that it is a LIE that Progressives and the President ARE socialists.

    Fred and Fanny are preexisting conditions. I don’t know how to reform them but a socialist would have already nationalized them. Would like to hear other’s thoughts about possible solutions to F&F.

    Last time I checked GM was still being traded on the stock market and ran by their pre-bailout management. As in has not been nationalized.

    Health Care – again a socialist would have nationalized the various insurance company and forced single payer through Congress .Neither has happened, ain’t going to happening. But if it does I’ll join you at the barricades to fight for the Constitution.

    The Fabian Society wants to establish socialism via gradualist and reformist actions, rather than revolutionary. Progressives (at least the American ones) are basically happy with the American way; we just think there should be a few improvements in the way people are treated

  61. aislander says:

    So, progressives have a destination? I just don’t think it’s in the progressive DNA to stop the train when it reaches the station…

  62. beerBoy says:

    Neofeudalism literally means “new feudalism” and implies a contemporary rebirth of policies of governance and economy reminiscent of those present in many pre-industrial feudal societies. The concept is one in which government policies are instituted with the effect (deliberate or otherwise) of systematically increasing the wealth gap between the rich and the poor while increasing the power of the rich and decreasing the power of the poor (also see wealth condensation). This effect is considered to be similar to the effects of traditional feudalism.

    American policies, since Reagan, have been increasingly neo-feudalist.

  63. beerBoy says:

    It should be noted that, since Reagan, policies have been instituted to dismantle the mighty manufacturing segment of America. We are now a post-industrial society that has a plutocracy, just like the pre-industrial feudal societies.

  64. aislander says:

    xring: There is de jure and de facto ownership. De facto ownership would occur by regulatory action and/or taxation. If government is getting more financial benefit from an industry than the companies IN that industry (see oil and tobacco, et al) and most important business decisions are made by government rather than company executives and boards, who actually owns the business?

  65. ‘not in their DNA to stop’ – This is a problem with all political movements. Which is why we have seen so many come, go, and get reborn. Here in the USA the ultimate stop is by The People. (At least the ones who vote).

    ‘who owns the company’ – I’ll go with ‘who ever gets the profits” The only benefit the government gets from business is taxes. Individual politicians and government workers may get additional benefits.

    Government interference must not be too hard as the oil and tobacco companies are reporting record profits, and have millions and millions of dollars to buy and bribe politicians and others.

  66. aislander says:

    The government makes more on a gallon of gas or a pack of cigarettes than the oil and tobacco companies do. Who REALLY owns those companies? Truly major business decisions are made by the government. Who REALLY owns those companies? And you tools say it isn’t socialism…

  67. Isldr – don’t confuse taxes with ownership. You pay taxes, does that mean the govenment owns you?

  68. aislander says:

    No, xring. The government owns you if you accept benefits from it. As for who owns companies, you DID say “who ever gets the profits,” and with many industries, that’s the government…

  69. Isldr – since we all accept the benefit of living in American (public education, law and order; roads and highways, etc) we must all be owned by the government. NOT. We The People create governments (at all levels) and have the right to change the government, government leaders, and government policy.

    Name one company or industry where the government takes all their profits.

  70. aislander says:

    How about a doctor with patients who are exclusively on Medicare, xring? That doctor would have to spend more than he takes in to maintain his practice. But you did say, “whoever gets the profits,” and in many industries, government get MOST of the profits. I would say that means government own MOST of those industries. Partial socialism, no?

  71. aislander says:

    Besides, xring, “…public education, law and order; roads and highways…” that we ALL use in common are VERY different from transfer payments, wherein the government takes money from one American to give to another…

  72. Isldr – if medicare is so unprofitable why do most doctors accept medicare patients, and why do some specialize in medicare patients?

    How is a ‘transfer payment’ different from using tax moneys to pay for school, roads, and public safety? IMO there is none.

    The only people ‘owned’ in American are the low income workers who are forced by their Corporate Owners to work for near minimum wages, no health benefits, and no retirement.

  73. aislander says:

    Fact: More and more doctors are refusing to accept more than a limited number of Medicare patients. An all-Medicare-patient practice would certainly lose money except for Medigap insurance, and even that is becoming inadequate. Cost-shifting of Medicare/Medicaid shortfalls to private insurance has kept the public systems afloat while driving up the cost for everyone else, but Obamacare is putting a stop to THAT…

    As for transfer payments being different from commonly-used services, it is the difference between a public restroom and food. One can be used by everyone at any time, but the other can be used by only one person one time…

  74. aislander says:

    And believe me, xring; if you are dependent on anyone or anything but yourself, with no alternative, that person or that entity OWNS you…

  75. aislander says:

    I just noticed that it’s after 9:00 PM and I’m late for a social engagement. I hope to take this up again tomorrow…

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