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EDUCATION: Puyallup missing a great opportunity

Letter by Marcello Mancini, Puyallup on Oct. 21, 2010 at 1:41 pm with 10 Comments »
October 21, 2010 2:24 pm

What a shame to see the Puyallup School District not listed as a “Community Partner” for the Pierce County Skills Center. The Puyallup School Board has committed an unjustifiable disservice to the youth and parents of our district by not supporting this endeavor.

The Pierce County Skills Center (PCSC) will be serving high school students with an alternate curriculum for those either not suited for comprehensive high school programs or do not desire to attend traditional two- and four-year postgraduate institutions.

Current PCSC programs offered include medical, criminal justice and information system careers, just to name a few. Future programs will include construction, culinary and automotive instructions.

Obtaining these skills early in life will give our youth the edge they need to find well-paying jobs. I hope that parents and citizens of the district ask why the school board decided not to be directly involved and hold each accountable for this decision.

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  1. Yo Marcello !

    The taxpayers are sick and tired of supporting “Losers” who will not adapt !

  2. hortonpeak says:

    Yo, ImBack. I hope you never need the skills of one of those “losers”.

  3. drxtreme says:

    Marcello, as a recently resigned curriculum advisory and ex co-ch0air of Puyallup Citizen technology comity, I know first hand how Mr Tony Apostle’s agendas work. Helping kids learn is last on the list. Snoozing the money and power brokers is first. How many of you knew Tony is a top ranking member of a financial PAC? At one time some years ago, he and his “Pals” approached me about joining them. I ran away real quick.

    I think its time for another Butler to become directly involved in Puyallup Politics and see about at least putting one honest member on the school board of city counsel….Anyone who plays little league baseball or football at any field except the new complex on Valley Ave is playing on fields my dad (*when he was Parks and Recreation Commissioner) and I built. Give me a chance and I will do even more for this city!

  4. cclngthr says:

    College is not for ALL kids. Some may not want to do that, and prefer to do something else. They have the same right to be educated as everyone else. However, they need other techniques to do that.

  5. The main incentive for kids learning is having a livable future for themselves and humanity.
    I would think that at this point the odds of that happening are about

  6. banksyfan says:

    Well I don’t know what ImBack does when he needs the services of those “losers” but I took the 4 year college route and have a Master’s degree and I sure am glad there are hairdressers to do my hair and medical assistants to make my medical bills cheaper and auto mechanics to fix my car. I don’t know how to do any of those things nor do I have an interest in learning. My husband was not the kind of “loser” to take the 4 year college route and is a Union Welder and makes ten times the income that I do. Wow, what “losers.”

  7. enotrams says:

    Did you really expect anything different from Puyallup’s handpicked, superintenent controlled school board? The majority of the PSD board of directors are people who were appointed by the others. In last years’ election, two incumbents were re-elected without challengers.

    This board doesn’t listen to public…..they do what they’re told…then sit back and admire the great job that they’re doing.

    What’s next? The school board gets out their rumber stamps to approve the lastest idiotic “opportunity” to increase student populations at Puyallup’s already bursting high schools by 500 more students each. Don’t think it will happen? Wake up! The decision has already been made downtown, the school board is just a legal formality.

    These people need to go.

    We need an independent school board that will listen to community stakeholders, do what best for our children, and give direction instead of take it. It’s time to hire a superintendent that listens instead of someone who talks over people while telling them that they’re not capable of understanding how schools work.

  8. The tax dollar follows the student. If there was parental choice, that would mean value-competition. But that would destroy the monopolistic strangle hold that both the NEA / WEA and the administration has on publically funded “education”. It’s ALL about the $. The PSD knows that every student NOT sitting in a PSD public school room is a monetary loss for the district, hence they only want control of the student’s dollar value and will not support anything that does not originate or end without their control. It would be so great to see privately funded (and competitive) industry build trade guild schools that would directly benefit their own industries in tailor-made customized and state-of-the-art training even while the students are still younger than high school graduates.

  9. If you don’t like public education, send your kids to private school. Isn’t that what you want, privatization? You have no argument, as long as you use the public schools.

  10. When I went to my 25th High School Reunion, I was amazed at how successful some of ‘the losers’ were. In fact it seemed to be really successful you needed to do poorly in HS.

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