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ELECTION: No income tax for Washington

Letter by Lawrence H. Smith, University Place on Oct. 20, 2010 at 3:13 pm with 13 Comments »
October 20, 2010 4:38 pm

In late November 1974, my friend Mike moved to Maryland for his job. That state had just instituted a state income tax. Initially, the income tax applied to only the rich, and the Maryland county governments had the option of adding their own assessment to the total income tax bill of each income earner. In 1978, when Mike way transferred again, Maryland’s state income tax applied to everyone with an income in the state, and the counties had all maxed-out the portion of income tax they could assess.

I-1098 will do nearly the same thing here in Washington: the income tax will, within a few years, be applied to all of us, not just the “rich,” and all those other taxes that I-1098 promises to reduce will return at their old or even higher rates. Here’s the truth about Washington’s government: it is impossible to transfer enough wealth from its citizens to government coffers to satisfy our state’s government.

I-1098 is just a progressive excuse to seize more wealth from the citizens to fund a bloated, out-of-touch with reality, bureaucracy. If Bill Gates and his dad and the rest of the Seattle elite feel guilty about being wealthy, then, by all means, they should please send a check to Washington’s Department of Revenue in Olympia to ease their consciences.

Please folks, let’s not be like Maryland and vote the pestilence of a state income tax upon ourselves. Please vote “NO” on I-1098.

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  1. PriceOfFreedom says:

    Open letter to the Governor and Legislature of the State of Washington

    There has been a proposal from the state legislature to institute a state income tax, which is currently on the ballot as initiative 1098. I fully expect the people of the State of Washington to be intelligent enough to defeat this initiative. I also fully expect the Legislature of the State of Washington to be so far out of touch with reality that they will re-introduce this legislation in other forms and in other ways in the future. As a highly intelligent citizen of the state of Washington, I have the following proposal for such a future initiative/legislation/end run around the people’s will.

    First: Eliminate all other taxes and fees which are assessed by the State of Washington. This will include but not be limited to: sales tax; fuel tax; licensing and registration fees; cigarette tax; highway tolls; property tax; business and occupation fees or taxes; inheritance and estate taxes; state park fees; liquor tax; ferry tolls; payroll withholding tax; corporate insurance tax; tuition at state colleges; or any other tax or fee assessed by the State of Washington.

    Second: Create a state income tax based on total gross income of any nature, gained by any means, by any individual or corporation or any other taxable entity.

    This ‘income tax’ will be assessed at the same rate for all individuals; corporations, or other taxable entities, across the board, without exceptions, and without any deductions of any kind.

    This ‘flat rate’ ‘income tax’ will be the exact same percentage of the total gross income of any entity in the State of Washington, including any and all corporations, businesses, and other ‘corporate entities’, as well as any and all individuals who reside in the state of Washington.

    As this tax is being assessed across the board, and at a flat rate, (are you getting that message yet?) I fully expect the percentage assessment of this tax to be at an extremely low rate.

    If done correctly, this should provide more than enough funds to ensure that the State of Washington has sufficient money to take care of the business of running the state. It will also insure that low income households pay an extremely low amount, and that the big money corporations pay their fair share.

    I humbly submit that this is the only reasonable and fair tax that can be accessed on the people of the State of Washington, by the people of the State of Washington, and for people of the State of Washington.

  2. I’m with you! Except for the flat rate part…

  3. And the gross income part. As a small business owner, gross income taxes kill me. Tax my net profit, fine.

  4. How about a flat rate not to exceed 7%?The tax on business has to be on net profit and not on gross.As it is now if your business loses money,you still owe the state money!I can,t imagine anyone wanting to start or buy a business in Washington State!!!

  5. fanciladi says:

    No Income Tax for Washington!

    I do not trust those in Olympia…they can smile sweetly while lying through their teeth. Let’s not let that camel get it’s nose under the tent; if we do, we will all be taxed to death! Oh, and then our heirs will be taxed on what little we have left to leave them!

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Want an income tax? – make sales tax unconsttutional!! But don’t hold your breath waiting for Olympia – they want all your money so they can figure out where its best to spend it!!

  7. bobcat1a says:

    Forbes (very,very conservative business magazine) most recent “best states for business” listed its top ten. Of them, 7 have a state income tax. Want to guess which state was #3? How about that socialist paradise run by the capitalist-hating Democrats…Washington.

  8. Flat rate taxes are regressive. At the higher income levels the difference might be between eating prime rib rather than lobster. At the lower end, it could mean the difference between medicine and eating.

  9. Flat rate could be instituted IF it only taxed income in excess of the poverty rate.

  10. Great letter, Lawrence. You nailed it!

  11. eagle_beak says:

    agree with you mr.smith and…..i did vote against I-1098.

    for a different way to fund governments in our country, a good read is “The Fair Tax Book” – by Neal Boortz. it would be good for the average citizen, and businesses who could provide more jobs with growth. would make things more equal so people would not feel that some pay and some do not pay.

    God bless America and help us keep our country free!

  12. Sincear – good point. Small businesses sould he able to write off the cost of doing business.

  13. MadTaxpayer says:

    I also lived in Md in 74 and remember the whin’n and cry’n about how unfair the sales tax was (2%), and how the income tax would eliminate the vehicle license fees.
    Well, guess what? 8% sales tax, 13% income tax, pre Eyman vehicle license fees, plus every county now has an income tax and a personal property tax.

    In other words, the State of MD gets a list of your property and taxes that too.
    Warning, that tax is here in WA,(Per. prop tax), I am waiting for Oly to drag it out of the box.

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