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ELECTION: Do voters value business over safety?

Letter by Samantha M. White, Graham on Oct. 20, 2010 at 3:12 pm with 27 Comments »
October 20, 2010 4:39 pm

As a teenager, I know just exactly how easy it is to get my underage hands on alcohol. With the passing of initiatives 1100 and 1105, the ability of teenagers to obtain alcohol will increase tremendously. Do we really want to make it THAT much easier for kids to get their hands on hard liquor, not just beer?

By passing of these initiatives, we are giving high school kids everywhere their dream – easy access. They have the ability to go into a Costco or Safeway and grab hard liquor with a chance they will not be carded – they will not be limited to government liquor stores.

Not to mention, drivers will not only be able to make late night ‘beer runs’ but late night ‘liquor runs’ as well. This means that liquor could possibly be on the road all hours of the night if liquor was made legal for Costco and convenient stores everywhere. It would be great for business, but it would also drastically damage the safety of minors and the safety of the road.

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Enforcement will only improve after we pass I-1100. The state will not be distracted with the hassle of selling the poison just keeping it out of you and your friends hands.

    You must know the state can’t chew gum and walk at the same thing. Let them focus on what they should do, enforcement not sales.

  2. firemannotfirefighter says:


    Your argument is so far fetched that I really don’t even know where to begin. First of all, BEER CONTAINS ALCOHOL! There is NO significant evidence based on per capita studies from the National Highway Administration that show states that have a greater access to alcohol have a greater rate of death from alcohol related vehicle accidents. You draw conclusions based on the CHANCE, rather than the evidence at hand.

    Privatization of the liquor sales will free up the State to focus on enforcement, not on selling alcohol.

  3. readingthelatest says:


    I need to see your ID! Cuz this letter makes me think you are lying about your age.

    Futhermore, just how much do you know about how easy it is for teenagers to get alcohol? Are you an active participant in this illegal activity?

    While you ponder those questions I have a question for ALL PARENTS.

    Why the heck does your child know anything circumventing the law? Your lack of intervention is and will be more to blame than the business that sold it and YOU should be held accountable for your child’s behavior.

    Sigh…. its time for a Crown and Pepsi…

    legally purchased, legally consumed, just like it was when I lived in states that were not the sole provider of liquor.

  4. bankerlady says:

    I have tried and tried to keep my mouth shut, but I think that I am finally at my boiling point over this issue…

    I am SO tired of the opponents to this initiative using the “children” as the reason that it should not be passed! As the letter writer stated, it is already “easy” to get liquor if you are underage. I fail to understand why having booze at the corner store will make it any easier.

    Also, as commented upon by readingthelatest, if parents were more aware of what was going on with their children, this would cease to be an issue at all! When I was a teenager, my parents knew where I was, who I was with, and the general plan for the evening. If (impossibly) I managed to deviate from the plan, my parents were all over me and there was a PUNISHMENT for the infraction. I did not drink, I did not do drugs, I did not get in trouble with the law! Why is this so hard to understand?!?

    If the opponents of this initiative can’t tell the truth of why they don’t want it passed (money and state control I would guess) then they at least need to come up with a better lie, because this one stinks…

    Samantha, I appreciate you not wanting more drunk drivers on the road, but alcohol is available in beer and wine form at corner stores all accross the state, and hard alcohol is served at bars and restaurants. If some one wants to get trashed and drive, they will. Having to drive a little farther to get their drink will not stop them, and if the state gets out of the liquor sales business, that will free up more resources for the enforcement of the laws already in place. Sounds like a win/win to me!

  5. OldLefty says:

    “Cuz this letter makes me think you are lying about your age”

    CUZ???? We’re questioning age….right????

    OK, here is the simple fact. When was the last time you saw a state liquor store popped for selling to minors? NEVER.

    Beer has alcohol. That’s a fact. Try sticking a 6 pack down the front of your pants and getting away with it. Same song, second verse with a bottle of wine.

    Now, let’s take the infamous “half pint”……….

    I’m not a drinker, but I’d rather see the state fund programs with liquor profits than see Costco and Wallyworld put more in their pockets.

  6. OldLefty says:

    “and if the state gets out of the liquor sales business, that will free up more resources for the enforcement of the laws already in place.”

    Uh….NO. They’ll have less revenue to fund enforcement.

    Someone bought the Costco story.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Well Samantha – I see you have come up with protecting the “children” again as the whackos did with voting against stopping everyone except Indians from owning casinos!! That braindead vote sure helped the Washington economy (and Gregoires perosnal bank account)!!!

  8. the3rdpigshouse says:

    And here comes OldLefty and the “government needs to control us all” mentality!! You really need to go find a quaint little dictatorship of your liking and move right in!!

  9. uratroll says:

    “Crown and Pepsi” -now that should be illegal! LOL! Straight-up or on the rocks please.

  10. firemannotfirefighter says:

    “Someone bought the Costco story.”

    Someone bought the UFCW story.

    The simple fact is that we are one of only a handful of states that have prohibition era laws still on the books. Maybe the Queen should have negotiated with the Tribal Casinos for some of their money (like almost every other state does) and then use that money to fund enforcement. The State should not run a business. They are to incompetent to run the State of Washington let alone a business that has the potential to bring in more revenue.

    Washington has one of the HIGHEST tax rates on alcohol. The State uses money from alcohol sales in their general fund. They use money from their general fund to encourage people NOT to drink….

    The State has one of the Highest taxes on a gallon of gasoline, which is supposed to pay for transportation. However, the State encourages people to use mass transit (subsidized) and to carpool. That means less gasoline is purchased and therefore less revenue is collected.

    The State charges a SALES TAX ON EMERGENCY VEHICLES!!! So Fire District 354 goes to the voters to pass a levy (tax) of which a nice chunk of that money goes to pay the tax on the emergency vehicle.

    Yeah, with people like this, why do you want them in the business of business? Kick the State OUT of the liquor business!

  11. I have some expertise in the field of under-age drinking, what with my Catholic education and 4+ years at Wazzu. While it was certainly not unusual for people to get poop-faced chugging beer, the ambulance rides were reserved for the idiots that chugged hard alcohol instead. A dumb kid can chug a pint of vodka in about 10 seconds. It’s really hard to chug 8 beers quickly without hurling it back up.

  12. TBG – how will enforcement improve if the state agents can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

    To All: if you want a lesson in how underage kids get booze, ask them.
    After all they are the ones with the experience.

  13. Heavy fines and/or the threat of losing one’s liquor license are strong motivations for private liquor stores to be rigorous in checking IDs.

    This is a red herring.

  14. eagle_beak says:

    i already did vote to take selling alcohol out of the state’s hands.
    let the state of Washington limit it’s control to enforcement laws and reduce government control.
    God bless America and help us keep our country free!

  15. FreeAmerica says:

    Always thought it was easier just to raid the parents stash,,,cheaper that way.

  16. klthompson says:

    Oh come on! I was able to easily buy beer, wine, and liquor, in this state at the age of eighteen. So what has changed to make it more difficult and less available? Nothing! Stores still merchandise beer and wine the the State Liquor stores still sell the hard stuff and the underage still manage to buy it. And, by the way, I was eighteen sixty years ago.

  17. The underage drinkers of today will continue to find access to booze,regardless of who markets it.Just as the ban on alcohol had little effect on the people that wanted their hard drinks during prohibition.The kids of today all know one of their friends who knows of someone that will get the booze for them,at a price of course.

  18. I guess the letter writer doesn’t know that the most obvious place where teens have always gotten their booze is by staeling it from their parents. Shall we require parents to lock all liquor up in a cabinet just as we do firearms? If someone is hell-bent on getting their hands on something, they’ll do it.

  19. should have been “stealing”.

  20. readingthelatest says:

    OldLefty said:

    “Cuz this letter makes me think you are lying about your age”

    CUZ???? We’re questioning age….right????

    I deliberately used the modern, lazy abbreviation of because [cuz] to sarcastically communicate with an alleged teenager.

    Sorry if my humor was missed.

  21. frosty – sounds like you and I got our booze the same way.

  22. MadTaxpayer says:

    OMG! Am I confused? I too am sick and tired of the “for the children, poor, single mothers, illegal opps-undocument welfare cheats sorry, opps again workers, did I miss anybody? minorities.
    It’s my money. If I want to buy cheap booze at Costco, let me.The State of WA stills robs me with the sales tax.

  23. daggercat says:

    Beer and hard alcohol do not have the same effect on a teenagers body. The liver and kidneys do not work at the same level as an adult body. It takes, what, 12 oz. of beer compared to 4 oz. of hard alcohol to put your blood alcohol level at the same level. So, if an uninformed teen knocks down 12 oz. of hard alcohol, they’ve tripled the pure alcohol in their system compared to having one beer. I know too many teens struggling with drug and alcohol issues to think it’s a good thing to make hard alcohol more accessible. And most teens don’t get booze from stealing it from their parents, they get it from stealing it from convenience stores and “of age” friends buying it for them.

  24. dc – any citations to support your assertions?

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