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ELECTION: Rossi needs to get real

Letter by Larry J. Couture, University Place on Oct. 19, 2010 at 5:38 pm with 23 Comments »
October 20, 2010 10:49 am

I am getting a little tired of Dino Rossi’s allegations about Sen. Patty Murray’s “tax-and-spend” record. Does he think the American voters are so short-memoried that they don’t recall the beginnings of Murray’s time in Congress? You know, when she was voting with the Clinton administration, building a great budget surplus and leading the country to prosperity?

Perhaps he is talking about the eight years of the Bush administration, when this county developed a trillion dollar deficit (not counting the military, which was excluded) and the huge recession we currently enjoy.

Now, when she is trying to help us out of this quagmire that Bush got us into, she is a “tax-and-spend” fiend. Be real and support the only voice in this campaign who is working for America.

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  1. yabetchya says:

    There’s short memories on both sides Larry. If you recall, Bush took office during a recession and we took a huge blow on 9-11.
    I am tired of it all from both sides, the robo calls, the signs, the commercials, etc.

  2. CrazyLibertarian says:

    And theres the easy fallback for anyone who leans to the left. Blame it on Bush. Of course, the response from anyone who leans to the right will be something about how Obama is a socialist, or possibly how Bush spent a lot, but so has Obama.

    Stop playing this foolish game. Wake up. An Either/Or argument is one of the most common logical fallacies. It provides that an argument only has two solutions, even if both solutions are bad, creating a false dilemma.

    Wake up – both parties are spending America into a paupers grave. Both parties care only about one thing – the next election. They care nothing for their constituents, or what is morally, ethically or legally right or wrong. All they care about is how their decisions will affect their reelection chances.

    Look at some of the headlines we see. Politicians are delaying any significant decisions until after the November election, because they dont want to lose any votes.

    We dont need politicians right now! We need a statesman. We need someone who will do what is right, not what feels right for right now.

    Vote for the candidate you think is best – vote for who you think will truly help WA, or the US. Dont just vote for someone because they are better or worse then the other candidate. And for gods sake, done vote for someone based on anything the last administration did or didnt do.

  3. FreeAmerica says:

    You mean the one who was impeached and forced by the republicans to balance the budget?

    Murray went down the line with Obama knowing it was political suicide.

    How does one president spend a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy and go backwards?

  4. Because not all of the trillion went to create jobs. A big chuck of it went to pay bonuses to the very people who created the meltdown in the first place.

  5. “Vote for the candidate you think is best…”
    Is there a corollary “don’t vote for the worst”?

    A transparent careerist politician would be opportunistic and pursue one office after another. How many major elections can Dino lose? Governor? Senator? next… Dino for president?

    Dino is the best candidate for Dino, not Washington.

  6. FreeAmerica says:

    “Because not all of the trillion went to create jobs. A big chuck of it went to pay bonuses to the very people who created the meltdown in the first place. ”

    Cmon xring….?
    This comment coming from someone who said I lacked intelligence?
    Are you confusing TARP and ARRA?
    Keynesian economics are great if on welfare or unemployment…. not so good about stimulating the US economy.
    Try again

  7. “How does one president spend a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy and go backwards?”

    In 2008 and early 2009, with both the financial system and real estate market collapsing, the economy was likely in a free-fall towards another great depression. We were losing 800,000 jobs per month.

    We’ve gone backwards, you say?

    Somebody’s being manipulated by Fox news and talk radio.

  8. FreeAmerica says:


    Spending that much money on stimulus one would think the US would be at 8% or below on unemployment….like Obama promised.

    Obama believes in the Keynesian economic model in which the money was spent through “shovel ready” jobs in government…. no koolaid here.

    Oh I forgot….according to the white house the recession is over?

    backwards?? yes…blew the money with no result…you call that progress?

    And TARP had nothing to do with the stimulus package.

  9. How many elections can Dino lose? How many “uncounted ballots” can Patty find? As many as it takes if the past is any indication.

    BTW: Rossi served six years as state senator. He is a commerical real estate executive, not a “careerist politican,” as is Murray, who wil begin her 19th year in congress if she wins.

  10. FreeAmerica says:

    @ cirrus and xring…..

    Take a look at “mark to market accounting” for a real world view as to why this economy has stalled…. Obama can dump all the money he wants but as long as the Banks hold troubled assets at high value nothing will change.

    Why are bank repos so expensive? Look into it.

    Force the banks to relieve foreclosures auction style and watch the US economy explode…. the banks took the risk they should take the loss….just like any other business.

    Not that any democrat or liberal who has drank the koolaid would know any of this… but worth a try.

  11. FreeAmerica says:

    PS…. Rossi knows exactly why the economy has stalled and knows how to get out of it….Murray has drank way to much koolaid.

  12. Concernedfather says:

    Okay, let’s just agree for a minute that purhaps GW Bush was the worst President ever at the end of his term. THAT record has been shattered!

    Also, at least we can ALL agree he was a legal citizen of the United States of America!

  13. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Oh – I remember Murrays support for Clinton and his cutting our military by 50% which gave him a budget surplus!!! Murray and her socialist friends in the “OH-Bummer” regime have mortgaged our nations future to our future enemy – China!!! Wake up America and Washington voters – your nation is on the way down the socialist toilet if we don’t change course NOW!!!!

  14. OldLefty says:

    “Also, at least we can ALL agree he was a legal citizen of the United States of America! ”

    Bush never provided his birth certificate.


  15. Yup, we can all agree GWB was a legal citizen of the United States, and that he wasn’t a Muslim and didn’t wear a Hitler mustache.

    Now thats real progress.

  16. FA – your 10-20 comments about the banks and bank repos are spot on.
    However, TARP1 was $350 billion Wall Street Bail out, and many of the
    companies used a good chuck of the funds to pay internal bonuses to the
    very people who caused the meltdown in the first place.

  17. Concernedfather: if the great Karl Rowe could not prove Mr Obama was not a natural born U.S. Citizen we all must agree that our President is in fact a natural born U.S Citizen.

  18. Roncella says:

    Its time for a change in Olympia. Retire Murray, vote to re-establish respect and honor vote For Dino Rossi this November.

  19. Hay Roncella – Murray and Rossi want to go to D.C. Not Olympia.

  20. That’s Karl ROVE xring…you ARE Sumner, aren’t you?

  21. Careful Sozo – your paranoia is showing.

  22. eagle_beak says:

    more jobs were lost after the stimulus package was passed. don’t see how it helped us…….. oh yeah, it did help the states- gave them another year to pay for things instead of reducing spending and decreasing their budgets. got the states used to having more money, now they want it directly from us instead of just our taxpayer money being “laundered” by the federal government and being given to states……
    what has been happening is the promotion of “learned helplessness”
    we have been quickly becoming a country of “children” wanting our mommy and daddy (federal government) to take care of all our needs.
    why don’t we all just grow up and each see our own part in all this…… take responsibility for ourselves and reduce government control— because there is no free lunch and soon they will “own” us all.
    God bless America and help us keep our country great!

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