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ELECTION: O’Ban advocates for teachers on dues issue

Letter by Dan D. George, DuPont on Oct. 18, 2010 at 2:17 pm with 5 Comments »
October 18, 2010 2:22 pm

I write in support of Steve O’Ban, 28th Legislative District candidate.

I have been a public school teacher for 19 years. Public school teachers have to pay union dues of between $700 and $1,000 per year to the National Education Association (NEA), the Washington Education Association (WEA), area Uniserve Councils and a local associations.

My local association works tirelessly for me advocating for a great workplace environment and negotiating contracts with the school district. Though I support my local union, I do not see eye-to-eye with the political agenda of the NEA and WEA.

Naturally, I do not want my wages in the form of union dues used for political causes that I oppose. However, I can’t just be a member of my local, I have to belong to the WEA and NEA, too. So I chose not to be a union member and I pay my fair share of the collective bargaining costs through an “agency fee.”

Despite not being a member of the WEA and NEA, they used my agency fee for their politics without my permission in violation of the law. O’Ban is representing me and thousands of others, and we won a big case in the U.S. Supreme Court. The WEA has had to repay us and pay penalties of $1.1 million. Because O’Ban is taking on this critical issue for me and many other teachers, he can count on my vote.

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  1. Steve O’Ban is an advocate for whomever pays him. He’s a ambulance chaser! Get real, Dan. He’s a right-wing, religious conservative who has spent his entire campaign misleading the voters with false information.


    The man can’t even read a government audit, and he used to work for the Republican Caucus! If he wants to be an “advocate,” he should learn more about the issues that really matter to his community (government spending, jobs and education), rather than pursuing his radical agenda. We have enough activist legislators in Olympia (thank you Frank Chopp and Matt Shea); we don’t need nor want Steve O’Ban.

  2. olympicmtn says:

    My family got the recent mailer from Troy Kelly which many consider the kremd’lkrem of low, life mailers. Did you get yours?

    My family takes offense (yes offense) to Kelly implying voters that work in Seattle or in a large dense building (imagine that large building to work in) as appearing arrogant. Did Kelly approve this latest flier?

    This was a slap in the face for everyone who has to work up north to pay the huge tax increases Kelly and Green passed for our county.

    I like 40% of the tax paying voters in the district commute and work in Seattle. I do not need Kelly telling those that work in a building (imagine that) that we are not deserving.

    Voting no to Kelly and his negative ads. O’Ban is a much classier guy.

  3. Oh, you mean those negative ads Kelley’s been running since July? Oh, wait. That was O’Ban. Classy, yeah, okay. O’Ban has nothing to offer but smear campaigns and “class.”

    I can see your point on those taxes Troy voted against. He raised all of our taxes! Oh, wait. No, he didn’t. Better luck next time homeboy.

  4. lets see . WEA hosed its members, and eventually the State Supremes ruled that UNION first amendment rights overrode those of members. So steve, with help from the state attny general, took it to the U.S supremes, who unanimously ruled that the state law WAS correct, and that the State supremes had to correct their ruling cuz the U.S constitution first amendment rights did NOT give the unions a free hand.

    During the oral arguments, it seemed obvious that the WEA had a poor chance of winning. So what did Frank Chopp, and his union pals do ? They passed an emergency regulation to find another way around. The result was a several year delay in correcting the inappropriate use of ‘ members’ or agency fee payers dues.

    No wonder steve is NOT on the WEA A list for the next union meeting or backyard barbecue. He IS on their S list as a barbecueeeeee-

  5. I just saw the recent O’Ban add, and while he says he will be a “fighter” for us, he didn’t even bother to vote on I960. I voted “yes” in 2007 because I too didn’t want just 50 House members to raise my taxes. If he can’t even do the simplest of things as a citizen, then he has no right to be our next state representative.

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