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TEA PARTY: Corporate power exploits voters’ frustrations

Letter by Gene Ankli, Tacoma on Oct. 12, 2010 at 5:25 pm with 31 Comments »
October 12, 2010 5:25 pm

The Boston Tea Party of December 1773, an action signaling Americans’ frustration with an import tax on tea, was also a protest against the crown corporations of the hated British monarch, George III.

The modern-day tea party is railing against big government, but the money running that show, like the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, is using the frustration of American voters to further their own self interests of ending most all regulations against big corporations.

These same corporations have no qualms about sending manufacturing and high-tech jobs overseas to increase their profits beyond reason.

Some elements of the GOP are quite willing to use and direct the tea party followers against government, while their corporate sponsors would gain even more economic and political power at the expense of these angry voters.

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  1. FreeAmerica says:

    These same corporations have no qualms about sending manufacturing and high-tech jobs overseas to increase their profits beyond reason.

    What is a reasonable profit and why would they move a job overseas?
    Same old talking points without a clue.

  2. bobcat1a says:

    Just a little fact to consider. The Boston Tea Party was not a protest against taxes. In fact, the protest happened AFTER the British government REDUCED the tax on tea which led to a dramatic reduction in the price of tea in America.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with Mr Ankli.

    Sad thing is that many of the lower income red state Americans who are such strong tea party supporters don’t understand that the “Tea Party” agenda only benefits large corporations & actually harms most of the “grassroots” supporters.

  4. hortonpeak says:

    I agree with bobcat, although I might expand on the comment. As I understand the history, the tax was reduced only on the tea imported by the “corporate” British company. This then gave them an advantage over the local “small” business importers of tea. Thus, the Boston Tea Party. Of course, that does not apply today. I am sure AWB, NFIB, the Chamber, et. al. do nothing to impact the ability of “small” business to actually exist today. But then, Puget Sound is awaiting.

  5. dallasow says:

    The Tea Party (Republican) Pledge to America

    We the Republican/Tea Party pledge
    -To lower taxes for the rich
    -To declare unemployment benefits to be unconstitutional and is a hand out
    rather than a benefit that you pay for while you’re working
    -To reduce spending on all programs that help the poor and middle class
    (called government handouts)
    -To cut Social Security and Medicare benefits
    -To repeal health care reform benefits including eliminating the pre
    existing condition clause, the lifting of lifetime caps, coverage for those aged
    26 and lower, etc
    -To permenantly eliminate/reduce the minimum wage
    -To let corporate special interest groups and lobbyist set national policy
    -To cancel aid and tax breaks for small business (another government
    -To allow foreign and domestic corporations to influence elections without
    any tranparency
    -To let right wing religious extremist run the country
    -To ban abortion
    -To mock scientific reasoning
    -To eliminate funding for environmental initiatives
    -To deport all illegal aliens

    It’s this or the Democratic Party.

    …..make the right choice when you vote.

  6. patriot62 says:

    I just love the crap coming out of ignorant peoples keyboards. Please tell me where your 401K is invested. Please tell me where any of your retirement savings are invested. Go ahead and keep slamming “Big Corporations”. I want them to close up shop and live off their unreasonable profits, shut down all their factories, not produce another thing. Now all you people have nothing to buy, nothing to invest a retirement in, and have no money. Now you will starve and die! Thanks for all your help!

  7. CrazyJim says:

    dallasow has it right…………..

  8. Anger is useful when it leads to actual change. Unfortunately the tantrums of the Tea folks have been easily manipulated by the same folks who were in charge to put up candidates who will be even easier to manipulate than the Dems and established Repubs are..

  9. Just for the record, nobody is manipulating tea partiers. We are the ones setting the agenda for the GOPers. As far as all the worshipping and slobbering over the democrats, where’s the jobs? The party of fat cats (yeah, that’s the dems) has gotten everything it wanted for the last four years. So if they’re so smart, why aren’t we all in hog heaven?

    Stop by a tea party some time and find out what is discussed. I know you’ll be educated and you might find out that a lot of your neighbors are there. After all, 25% of Americans identify as tea partiers or supporters.

    Whether any of you go to a tea party or not, please stop pretending that corporations pay taxes that liberals can confiscate without damaging the corporation. The truth is that they just raise the prices of their products, just like the Tribune does (it cost 25 cents not too long ago).

  10. Sumner401 says:

    Republican teawhiners, owned and controlled by the mega corps of the world.
    Every republican and teawhiner is nothing but a tool.

  11. Roncella says:

    Pgroup, Your post expresses how and why the tea party folks are going to vote out the Liberal/Democrats big spending and big taxing estasblishment Democrats out.

    Its alway amusing to observe how the Liberals keep saying that the Tea Party folks are not very smart. We’ll see who is in control of the congress after the Nov. elections.

    dallasow, Your post could have been written by Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Rachal Maddow, or some other far left Liberal Obama Koolaid drinker.

  12. donjames says:

    LMAO, c’mon, lefties, you’re getting seriously out of date with the talking points menu. Shouldn’t all you LWN’s be on to your next conspiracy theory; the evil Chamber of Commerce.

    The left continues to avoid their miserable 4-year congressional record and the even more pitiful record of this administration, by lamely attempting to shift focus away from their contemptible record, and toward any organization that does not support them and their far-left, loony agenda.


  13. madmike272 says:

    I am sooo looking forward to reading to the left’s whining sniveling letters in November!

  14. Come on November! Daddy wants to vote like never before!!!

  15. Sumner401 says:

    I am sooo looking forward to reading to the right’s whining sniveling letters in November!
    Not that I have to wait that long, they whine and snivel everyday.

  16. The word “corporation” now has the connotation of evil. I just hate corporations, especially I hate that they provide products, services and JOBS.

  17. FreeAmerica says:

    Sozo… the lefts demonizing of corporations will ultimately be the downfall of the liberal agenda… biting the hand that feeds you…so to speak.

    Funny how the left thinks the government can survive without the “evil” empire.

  18. dallasow says:

    Roncella, my post was written by me and it is not an opinion, it is fact. You see, I do check facts before I open my mouth. I listen to all the radio shows and watch all the TV networks, including the FOX propoganda network. I also make it a point to look at issues from different angles before I decide what is fact or what is fiction. It might be helpful if we all looked at things from different angles

  19. IF the Tea folks win you can expect the same (or more) dissatisfaction being expressed at those candidates as with the current incumbents.

  20. FreeAmerica says:

    I agree BBoy….but we have to start somewhere.

  21. How about a little more truth and fewer demonizing exaggerations?

    Regulating corporations, and taxing them at fair rates does not equate with the “Left” hating corporations for providing products, services and jobs. Its not the goal of the left to demonizes corporation, slam them, or think that the government can survive without them, or that the “Left” would like to see them all to close up shop and shut down factories and not produce another thing, as many of the comments above claim.
    What the “Left” is against, is the purchasing of our government by big money corporations which have resulted in tax breaks and benefits for themselves at middle-class expense. With this recession, and the near financial and real estate collapse, we are living with the results of the deregulation which which left the corporations run amok without rules, costing we taxpayers billions to bail them out in order to save our country, and the world, from economic collapse. Economic collapse would have resulted without the bailouts, and none of it would have happened if regulations would have been in place and enforced.

  22. “Its not the goal of the left to demonizes corporation, slam them, or think that the government can survive without them, or that the “Left” would like to see them all to close up shop and shut down factories and not produce another thing, as many of the comments above claim.”

    You don’t say, cirrus, so maybe it’s just the people around here who thinl tje word corporation is a synonym for evil?

  23. Whoa, guess who wasn’t wearing glasses for that last post? My apologies.

  24. Roncella says:

    BeerBoy, didn’t realize you had a crystal ball and could actually see into the future, well done.

  25. No, some of the people around here think the word Republican is a synonym for evil. The anti-christ if you will. And you know who you are…

  26. Corporations don’t provide jobs. We provide labor when corporations need our help, for a price.

  27. FA – they ship jobs overseas because lower wages + no regulations + no u.s. taxes = more profit (the holy grail of American ceo’s). of course it also means higher unemployment back in the good old usa. But then is the laid off workers were not lazy, dumb, or being punished by god they would not have to work for a living.

    P62 – your elitism and stupidly are showing again. most workers used to have retirement plans thru their unions or their place of employment. as for retirement investments – ask any worker whose company retirement plan was turned over to wall street (you know – privatized) how well that has worked out for them.

    Pgroup– the only thing you have right is the corporations don’t pay taxes’.

    Djames – your post was good except you mistakenly attacked the Democrats and the left.

    LS – you mean you’re going to think about who you vote for instead of just voting for every Republican on the ballot.

    Sumner401 – remember when Regan lost a mid-term and the Republicans blamed the RINO’s for not being conservative enough.

    Sozo – most of those jobs you love so much are overseas not here in the USA, and that is what makes corporations evil.

  28. Forget what you learned in your basic economics class – the American version of Capitalism is nothing like that.

    Since the ’80s the purpose of corporations is not to provide jobs, manufacture anything or even to turn a profit. The sole purpose of publicly traded corporations is, through speculation and manipulation of image/expectations, to raise the price of their stocks.

    This jobs crisis isn’t really Obama or even Bush’s fault. It was set into motion by Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan who were infatuated with Maggie Thatcher and accelerated by Clinton with the Gingrich Congress. Bush and Obama are culpable but this was made possible by 3 decades of recklessness.

  29. Candles16 says:

    The difference between the Boston tea party and the modern day teabaggers is the today the Tea party has been purchased by the corporate swindlers the original Boston tea party Indians were attacking.

    The deal in 1773 was that the corporate monopolies were forcing the American colonists to buy imported tea exclusively from the crown’s company at a premium. Manufacturing was illegal for most goods in the colonies, just like the now as the Republicans make manufacturing in America prohibitive so everything gets outsourced.

    Today’s tea party has sold out and is working to undermine the American people and the American economy.

  30. FreeAmerica says:

    Today’s tea party has sold out and is working to undermine the American people and the American economy.
    Really… maybe you can tell us how the tea party sold out? and is undermining the economy?
    Just like a troll to throw out garbage

  31. .Any “tea bagger” that is running with an R after their name has sold out.

    So says Scott Ashjian the Tea Bag Party candidate for the U.S Senate in Nevada

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