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VETERANS: All service members deserve respect

Letter by Sarah Axling, Tacoma on Oct. 12, 2010 at 4:16 pm with 3 Comments »
October 13, 2010 12:15 pm

My husband is a 100 percent disabled veteran of Operation Desert Storm and the Liberation of Kuwait. Due to chemical exposure while he was serving in the Gulf he has developed a terminal illness called ALS.

As a service-connected disabled veteran, he draws disability payments from the VA and receives commissary and exchange privileges; as his wife, I receive these as well as other benefits. We are issued a military ID to use these services.

Lately I have been asking about military discounts at various locations that offer them only to be informed that those discounts are only available for active duty and active reserves.

So here is my quandary: It seems to me that these discounts are a way of showing respect for those that serve our country. That being said, does it not stand to reason that someone who served his country and now has a terminal illness as a direct result of that service deserves the same respect that all military personnel do?

It seems to me that anyone issued a military ID, active, disabled, retired, etc. should be eligible to receive these discounts. They all serve or served their country, and they all deserve our respect.

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  1. fanciladi says:

    Very good point………..

    I’m happy that your husband is receiving benefits. My son is 100% disabled from Desert Storm, too, and has yet to receive any benefits…his case is ‘different’, but that should make no difference in receiving benefits…but, apparently they, whoever they are, think it does make a difference! It’s a total SHAME!

  2. APimpNamedSlickback says:


    Yes, the veterans all deserve respect for their service, but if a business wants to extend military discounts, that is their choice and the terms of that discount are at their discretion, not the beneficiaries of the discount. If you want to challenge a vendor on that issue, they may be sympathetic to your husband’s situation and extend the offer to him as well, or maybe not. The VA benefits and the on-base privileges are statutory entitlements owed to your husband by the government, and offered to you by extension as his spouse. There’s a difference between something the government is required tog ive and something a private business chooses to give.

    But do you really think YOU deserve the military discount from private businesses as a dependant? Please explain what makes you think you’re entitled to a discount. Did you serve your country? I realize that with a 100% disabled husband you’re probably the one going out of the house and making the purchases, but we’re not just talking about big items here. The tone of your letter suggests that you think you — as the dependent of a former serviceman — are entitled to the military discount at your local coffee shop just because you have a DoD-issued ID in your purse.

    My brother-in-law is a fireman and they get all kinds of discounts, just like military members do. By your rationale, because my sister is married to a guy who runs into burning buildings, she should get 10% off during her next visit to Supercuts… do I have that right?

  3. @fanciladi, thank you for your comment. I am very sorry to hear about your son. VA disability is a slippery slope to navigate, have you contacted anyone at Paralyzed Veterans of America? PVA has been very helpful to my husband and I throughout all of this, here is the website with their contact information:


    Good luck, and I hope things work out for you and your son very soon.

    @APimpNamedSlickback, Where did I make the statement that I “deserve the military discount from private businesses as a dependant?” You inferred that on your own. I stated that I had been asking about military discounts, but apparently in my attempt to keep my letter short (as per the instructions for submittal) I was unclear; so let me clarify now. I asked for discounts for him, not for myself. I do not feel that those discounts should apply to me, however, I do feel that because my husband is dying as a direct result of his service he should receive the same respect as any other service member; those discounts are a way of showing respect for those that serve our country and as I stated at the close of my letter, I feel if they served this country they all deserve the same respect. To me it is not about the discount, it is about the respect, I couldn’t care less about 10% discount at Supercuts.

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