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ELECTION: Adam Smith ad redifines reality

Letter by Michael J. Brown, DuPont on Oct. 7, 2010 at 1:56 pm with 19 Comments »
October 7, 2010 1:56 pm

I’ve just watched the new Adam Smith campaign ad which touts him as a “fiscal hawk.” Does Smith have no regard whatsoever for the intelligence of the voters?

How can anyone who has voted for bailouts of $700 billion, a $787 billion stimulus package and a monstrosity of a health care system, the cost of which can only be regarded conceptually, seriously present himself as a fiscal hawk?

Smith is this election’s poster child for Abe Lincoln’s famous saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Gig’s up, Adam!

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  1. The man is a Democrat. What did you expect him to do? Lower someone’s taxes? Spend less money? Get real.

    If you want real change, Vote Republican.

  2. aislander says:

    Dump this liar!

  3. lgcnelson84 says:

    Adam Smith has worked so hard this campaign season to distance himself from his left-wing voting record and come across as a moderate, but wont go so far as to say that he’s actually worked across party lines… why? Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to find anyone on the other side to back him on the claim, so he’ll just stick with calling himself clever catch-names even though he’s flown under the radar for 14 years making sure not to ruffle feathers or call attention to himself.

    Now he’s being called on the carpet, his motives are being questioned, and he has a worthy opponent in Dick Muri. For the first time Smith is scared that his cover might be blown if only we read between the lines and look past his constipated smirk to the truth in his voting record. I encourage everyone to check voting records against claims that politicians make, because actions should always speak louder than words.

  4. kimberly1958 says:

    Are you aware of how much worse it could be if the banks had collapsed? If the stock market had totally crashed. As bad as it has been it has not been as bad as it could be, or as bad as it was threatened to us that it could get by a country to the south of us that made just exactly that kind of a threat when Reagan and Bush were in office. Remember the death of a DEA agent by the name of Camarena in Mexico? See the true story movie “Drug Wars?” Even back then while we were making loans to Mexico, when there was an attempt to crack down on the drugs being supplied from there ti this country (drugs which have added much to our social problems and financial problems) the leadership of Mexico at that time threatened our GOP leadership with the “failure to repay” their loans (deliberately) if we messed with their drug dealing economic base by continuing to try to stop their production and shipment of illegal drugs to our country. They told the White House then that if they failed to repay their debts, our banks and financial institutions would collapse. That was a threat to mess with our economic and financial security. The GOP answer then was to tell the DEA to let it go! Drop it! (Yes, our GOP leadership and our country’s leaders who complained in the time of Carter that we could not give in to such threats or intimidation with an Iran Hostage situation caved in and ordered our DEA to let it go, and then they followed the cave in to such threats with the promise to loan them even more money. Go figure! Yes these times are difficult, and dealing with it now may require more debt to take care of our own country to prevent collapse, but it’s better than caving in to the intimidation and the poisoning of our citizens with drugs . . . and providing them with our own money to poison our people and break down our society. And think of how many billions of dollars the drug peddlers were pocketing without paying taxes . . . and no making the poison legal and taxing the poison would not alleviate the problem. The black market would just continue and then more intimidation and arm-twisting would be done to legalize cocaine and heroin for the same reasons and with the same tactics (home grown in a closet or basement and black marketed.) It’s not always as appears to be “obvious” to the ignorant, even though ignorance is bliss. Wake up and deal with the realities! There are even more realities you are perhaps not prepared to deal with, but somebody has to do it and I am glad when they do.

  5. “How can anyone who has voted for bailouts of $700 billion, a $787 billion stimulus package and a monstrosity of a health care system, the cost of which can only be regarded conceptually, seriously present himself as a fiscal hawk?”

    The same way Obama presents himself as knowing diddly squat about economics. He asks his wife.

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Anyone who supports this socialist democrat “OH-Bummer” minion is an anti-American socialist!!!

  7. iamjimbo says:

    Hey Kim… last push seminar blogger much?

  8. donjames says:

    Actually, ij, I have one piece of advice for Kim:


    Word of the day; tedious.

    Main Entry: te·dious
    Pronunciation: \ˈtē-dē-əs, ˈtē-jəs\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin taediosus, from Latin taedium
    Date: 15th century
    : tiresome or monotonous because of length or dullness : boring: slow:
    Run-on sentences make for tedious reading.


    BTW, your take on the Camarena story was good for a purging belly-laugh. Thanks for that.

  9. kimberly1958 says:

    Thank you for your constructive criticism, and the attempted compliment. Any positive comments? Perhaps you don’t mind that in addition to exported jobs and imported labor, high costs of maintaining our own infrastructure, and complaints about paying taxes necessary to keep our country successful in any realm of economics, we have added brain drain and exported dollars to countries like Canada, Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia, etc. related to drugs. Drugs have added to the cost of our welfare system because of the neglect or abuse of our children and spouses, destroyed marriages and human lives, cost jobs and productivity, increased criminal activity and destruction, increased the need and the cost to police and to protect our citizens, and played a role in illegal immigration. Would you like that broken down in smaller sentences?

    Did you see the movie “Drug Wars?” I remember the articles in the magazines at the time that the incidents took place. It is not a piece of fiction. I suggest you attempt to look it up.

  10. It’s no wonder this country ended up in the mess it is in, because Republicans can’t remember the facts. Here are some FACTS for you about the TARP and the first Economic Stimulus Act.

    The Troubled Asset Relief Program, commonly referred to as TARP or RCP, is a program of the United States government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector which was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008.


    The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 (enacted February 13, 2008) was an Act of Congress providing for several kinds of economic stimuli intended to boost the United States economy in 2008 and to avert a recession, was signed into law on February 13, 2008 by President Bush.

    Econimc Stimulus Act = GEORGE W. BUSH

    So Representative Adam Smith voted for these acts. Big deal! He was just helping out Republican President GEORGE W. BUSH, right? Right!

    OOPS! Actually, if you go to the record, Adam Smith voted AGAINST the Stimulus Act of 2008. How about that?



    what the heck does “Hey Kim… last push seminar blogger much?”

    English not your first language, eh?



    You wrote, “If you want real change, Vote Republican. ”

    No thanks, it’s Republican “change” that got us in this mess in the first place.

    Like PRESIDENT OBAMA said (and it’s not Oh-bu..whatever the namecaller said. That’s what they do when they don’t have anything intelligent to say, they just start calling people names. Please, at least show some respect for the office.)

    Like THE PRESIDENT said, we don’t want to give the keys back to the one’s who drove us into the ditch in the first place. Now do we?

  11. headedsouth says:

    Do nothing Dick has not proven himself worthy of another term on the Pierce County Council much less to serve in Congress. He has been a puppet for the likes of Shawn Bunney and Roger Bush the master minds behind trying to make McCarthy look bad and furthing the financial woes of Pierce County. Heck, Do Nothing Dick just voted to increase all Pierce County residents taxes becuase he was too afraid to stand up to an unfunded mandate from the State of WAshington!! Way to go DICK! You Dick lovers on this blog need to reflect on that.

  12. headedsouth says:

    ps – Kim, I am knocking what you wrote but less is best. Sounds like you need to put your thoughts into your own letter to the editor.

  13. donjames says:

    Uhmm, muckibr, before someone really lites into you on this board, you may want to go back and wiki the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – AKA The Stimulus…. at least, the one commonly referred to here. That would be the one smith and every other democrat congressman considered “safe” (at the time, LMAO) in these upcoming elections voted for, and no Republicans voted for.

    I am sure you will agree there is a BIG difference between a $600 per taxpayer rebate and a $787 BILLION dollar 0bama/ pelosi/ reid boondoggle which has been an all but admitted failure.

    Oh, and don’t forget, both acts were passed by democrat Congresses.

    Time to get over your Bush derangement syndrome. There’s a new kook in town.

  14. iamjimbo says:

    ;) DJ.

  15. Oh by all means let’s put the republicans who have nearly ruined our nation back in power so they can complete what ray-gun began.

  16. OldLefty says:


    “Indeed, on September 29, 2008, 65 House Republicans voted in favor of H.R. 3997, the original House vehicle for the act. After that legislation failed, on October 1, 2008, 34 Senate Republicans voted for H.R. 1424, the new vehicle for the act, and on October 3, 2008, 91 House Republicans voted for that bill. President Bush, a Republican, subsequently signed it into law.”

    That’s the $700 Billion you spoke of….

    Now, tell us what the “heath care bill” was. I’m betting you don’t know.

  17. runner52 says:

    Old Lefty trots out the second-to-last line of defense. The last line, of course, is, “Bush did it.” Before we trot that one out, though, it’s always good to say, “We did this dumb thing because Republicans did it first.”

    As for “what the health care bill was,” I’m betting that Ol’ Lefty doesn’t know, either. If he does, he’s got to be the only person in America who can make that claim. It seems that almost daily, we hear of new discoveries about hitherto unknown aspects of the bill….aspects that no one in Congress knew when they voted.

    For what it’s worth, Ol’ Lefty, I tried to read the Health Care Bill. After finding that it was page after page of lines referring the reader to numerous off-line sources, I gave it up. I’d submit that the number of people who’ve read that monster is probably less than what can count on the fingers of one’s hands..

  18. iamjimbo says:

    If we ‘needed to pass it to find out what’s in it’, when are we going to really find out what’s in it?

  19. And the first line of the right is “Obama did it”.

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