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ELECTION: Angel doesn’t show leadership

Letter by George Robison, Gig Harbor on Oct. 5, 2010 at 2:06 pm with 5 Comments »
October 5, 2010 2:18 pm

Although The News Tribune endorsement (editorial, 10-5) of Jan Angel in the 26th District was not a surprise, some reasons given were. “Her ability to move legislation” and the excuse of “her membership in the minority party”.

Angel regularly bemoans her inability to get anything passed because of being in the minority. Her own statements disagree with the claim of the paper of “her ability to move legislation”.

Other minority representatives, such as Jay Rodne, Barbara Bailey and Mike Shea, are able to work across party lines to get bills passed. The difference is leadership, which Angel lacks.

While state Sen. Derek Kilmer and state Rep. Larry Seaquist were leaders in keeping tolls low and devising plans to keep state parks open, Angel opposed such legislation even though both subjects are extremely important in the 26th.

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  1. humourologist says:

    I know nothing of either candidate, but according to you we should never vote for someone in the minority party. How silly.

  2. sincere says:

    If you talked to Jan, you wold see she has some very good ideas. If the ideas are too good and might be popular with the voters you can bet that if somehow the democrats can,t plagerize the ideas, the bill is not going to get out of committe! This to me is the best example of having term Limits!!!!

  3. sincere says:

    Sometimes working across party lines means, Let them have it their way,even if I know it not the right thing to do.

  4. KSal0025 says:

    Matt Shea, not Mike Shea.

  5. jandkgibbs says:

    George criticizes her “her ability to move legislation” and lack of cooperation across party lines. Fact is of the over 800 Bills coming out of the last session only 7 Republican bills made it out of democrat controlled committees. George, don’t forget it takes two to tango and we all know that the Republicans are shut out of the majority caucus when it comes to their ideas. The democrats don’t want to do the hard work to bring efficiencies to state government. They just want to tax and spend and when cuts are needed to balance the budget they ask the Governor to make draconian “across the board” brutal cuts that protect them from the wrath of their real constitutes, unions and tribes.

    George says, “The difference is leadership, which Angel lacks”. Well I think the 60% of the voters that voted for her in the primary would respectfully disagree with you. While working with her campaign I have met many of her constitutes that have told me stories of how she has come to their aid when they asked for help. These people now support her. She is a compassionate person that cares and leads by example. Voters want more from their legislator that someone that just pushes through dribble legislation that raises their taxes and fees like our friends in the democratic caucus. They want a community leader they can count on when needed. Jan is that person.

    George says, “Angel opposed such legislation on (parks and bridge tolls) even though both subjects are extremely important in the 26th”. If you ask Kilmer and Seaquist they will tell you Jan is committed to saving the state parks. Seaquist even discussed this at a public forum with Kilmer and Schoenike in the same room. The facts are that a local grass roots group, that I am a member of, came up with the idea to fund the parks, not anyone in the legislature, and all three of our legislators helped push the bill through committee and to the floor of the legislature. Jan had ideas that would make the Park Dept. more cost efficient but these ideas fell of deft ears in the legislature as well as adoption of the cost savings ideas from the WA State Auditor’s office.

    Jan also supports keeping tolls low. Yes, she voted “no” on the toll bill because of the unintended consequences that will result from last minute amendments. The democrats added, at the last minute, an amendment that will result in bad credit reporting for those that get tickets from the DOT. They now use collection agencies instead of letting people have their day in court and Jan wants to protect her constitute’s rights.

    The bigger problem here is that the democratic State legislature has increased spending and caused the financial problems we now have because of their lack of leadership and vision. Their spending is the cancer and legislators like Jan Angel that says “NO” to big spending is the cure. We need more like her.

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