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ELECTION: Rossi isn’t telling the truth

Letter by Larry P. Hill, Olympia on Sep. 30, 2010 at 1:49 pm with 78 Comments »
September 30, 2010 2:05 pm

The lastest ads in the Dino Rossi campaign would have you believe that Patty Murray is responsible for all that is wrong with our country.

Let’s examine the facts.

Murray took office in January 1993. In November 1994 came the Republican takeover, which means they were sworn into office in January 1995.

In November 2008, the Democrats were voted in as majority of the Senate and sworn in in January 2009. (From 2007 to 2009 the Senate was a deadlock with Dick Cheney casting the tie-breaker.)

Rossi’s ads talk about “Patty Murray’s 18 years” but neglect to mention that during her 18 years in the Senate, the Republicans were in control two-thirds of the time.

Tell the truth, Dino. It won’t get you votes, but it might save your soul.

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  1. lgcnelson84 says:

    Not really sure what your point is…. regardless of which party had “power”, i.e. the majority in the Senate, Patty Murray has been there casting votes for 18 years.

    TNT has recently delved into the truths/myths of both Rossi’s and Murray’s hit pieces, becasue let’s face it, Murray hasn’t been any more turthful about Rossi’s positions or responsibilities either.

    So, why don’t ya leave the political smell testing to writers and others who actually weigh all the evidence before spouting off about nothing?

  2. Sumner401 says:

    Not really sure what your point is.

    Rossi is a lying republican scum bag that will say and do anything to get elected so he can to the party line and line his pockets. Just like all lying republican scum bags.
    The point seemed to the pretty clear.

  3. Wow Sumner sounds like you think Rossi is actually Murry in disquise.

  4. OldLefty says:


    If you don’t get the letter writer’s point, try reading it twice.

    Are you really playing like the Republicans didn’t control the country – budget, etc – for 12 of the years that Murray has served? For Rossi to blame Murray is a joke, at best.

    As to your suggestion to leaving the smell testing to reporters, as a voter I smell test everything. I was ready to for for Rossi in 2004, until I dug into him, beyond his campaign slogans. What I found was a clone of George Bush politics, that I didn’t vote for in 2000 and sure as hell wouldn’t have voted for Governor of our state in 2004.

    Unlike you, the LTE writer and I look for facts.

  5. lgcnelson84 says:

    As a voter I smell test everything as well using factual and un-biased resources for the most accurate information, so please don’t go around assuming otherwise (You do know what happens when you assume, right?).

    I wasn’t suggesting we shouldn’t be educated voters… I only felt that the writer was doing the exact same thing he abhors Rossi for doing; generalizing one piece of information and calling it fact.

  6. OldLefty says:


    Tell me which part of the letter wasn’t a fact. It all looked pretty damned factual to me.

    Sniff again.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Maybe my math is rusty today but, 18 years is correct from January 1993 t Jan 2011 if voted out!! One day in the U.S. Senate was too long to endure Murray in the Senate!!

  8. Rossi has been making deals with the devil for a long time. The ads are simply more proof of that.

  9. OldLefty says:

    Piglet – are you another that is claiming that Patty Murray, as a member of the minority for 2/3 of her service time, was so powerful that she over ran the GOP for 12 years and set the budget and policies?

    If she’s that good, we should make her President. Bush nor Obama can seem to accomplish what you guys claim Murray did..

    Hey, just a thought…..what happened to all that talk about “wanting experience”? Remember how you all said Palin had more experience than Obama and that was the reason for vote for her (sorry, Senator McCain, but you WERE in the back seat)?

    Now, instead of 18 years of experience, we’re supposed to vote for a guy that served a couple of terms in the state senate and then lost twice to a weak Democratic candidate.

  10. Sumner401 says:

    As a voter I smell test everything as well using factual and un-biased resources for the most accurate information

    So you will be voting for Murry then, good for you.
    Truth and facts always win out.

  11. firemannotfirefighter says:

    And right now the Republicans (who are in the Minority) have been blamed for EVERYTHING in Congress. Once again, when She was in the miniority, it wasn’t her fault, when the R’s are in teh minority, it’s the R’s fault. Apparently you can’t spell HYPOCRITE without DEMOCRAT.


    Patty Murray has accepted over 1/3 of her campaign cash from Out of State. Dino has accepted 16%. Patty Needs to go! To borrow a term from President Obama… It’s time for a change!

  12. the3rdpigshouse says:

    wake up OldLefty – Murray is a socialist democrat who has no mind of her own & could care less about what is good for the citizens of Washington or of our nation – she is merely a lapdog for the marxist/socialist in the White House!! Wake up!

  13. OldLefty says:

    fireman and piglet – a little change of subject? The letter was about Rossi’s misinformation campaign

    Well, piglet and his “socialist marxist” crappola is staying with the misinformation theme.

    Fireman, is there something wrong with a Senatorial race getting campaign money from sources outside their home state? If so, I think there gonna be some ‘splaining to do’ in Nevada.

    Rossi’s not getting out of state money because he is an unknown, but he sure is matching Murray commercial for commercial, so his in-state contributors must be doing OK.

  14. OldLefty says:

    Uh….fireman…..why do you post a link about Murray’s former staff members and try to make it look like a story about campaign contributions?

  15. OldLefty says:


    From “open secrets” – “But a spokeswoman for Murray argued to the paper that 85 percent of the senator’s campaign contributions this election cycle have come from small donors in her home state.”

    I guess Fireman could prove his claim by going to Murray’s public disclosure statement and making a liar out of the Murray spokeswoman……

    I’ll wait……

  16. Patty Murray is nothing but a rubber stamp for the Democrat party. Has been ever since she was elected. She ran on a message of changing the establishment in DC in 93, and she became that establishment within a year.

    The ads against Rossi are outright lies and fraud. He needs to stop being a gentleman and take pointers from the Democrats and hit her where it hurts.

    And by the logic of OldLefty, the Republicans are not responsible for anything now since they are in the minority. So why are Obama, and the Democrats labeling them the party of no? With the Democrats super majority, the Republicans could have gone home and America would still be screwed, and is….

  17. OldLefty says:

    Murray’s top five contributors are Microsoft, Act Blue, Boeing, Denny Miller Associates and McBee Consulting. Miller is into lobbying for aerospace and military (surprise) and McBee does a bunch of stuff.

  18. donjames says:

    Good points, lgcnelson84 and firemannotfirefighter. Add to them that little patty’s latest ad is a complete lie – a distortion of statements made by Rossi to the TNT.

    If you read what Rossi was asked, and what he said, it’s clear he’s absolutely right that the WTO rulings should not influence the decision on awarding U.S. military contracts. Boing should, and will win the contract on its own merits, which is as it should be. And little patty would do well to remember the WTO also ruled that Boing had received illegal subsidies in the form of defense contracts. Does she really want to go down this road?

    Regardless, murray intentionally changed the question Rossi was asked. So instead of being asked if WTO rulings should influence contract award, Murray’s ad asks if Boeing deserves a level playing field followed by a dishonestly placed sound bite that makes Rossi’s answer come out completely opposite of what his answer actually was. This is the kind of sleazy conduct would get any news reporter sued and/ or fired, and will (thankfully) cost the another liberal sleazebag – alan grayson – his seat in congress, as it should murray.

    But little patty wasn’t finished with her lying yet. She also claimed to have stopped the initial award which, in fact, she absolutely did not.

    “The contract with Airbus was stopped as a result of a formal Boeing protest, which was upheld by the GAO, which then caused the [Air Force] to change the specifications to more realistic requirements,” a retired Boeing Commercial Airplanes executive told The Seattle Times. “Sen. Patty Murray had no part in the above actions.”

    The GAO “found glaring, huge mistakes [in comparing the technical and cost merits of the planes], any one of which could have stopped the contract”.

    Given that, wouldn’t Boeing have pursued the protest even without Murray’s prodding?

    Tim Keating, Boeing’s senior vice president for government operations, wouldn’t answer directly, except to say that Murray’s advocacy “was a factor.”

    “A factor”, like al gore was a factor in inventing the internet.

    Yet the murrayite lemmings continue to soak up her falsifications without bothering to verify anything.

    Eighteen years with the stupidest human ever to occupy a senate seat is two years short of a score too long. Seriously, almost anyone could do a better job for Washington State.

  19. OldLefty says:

    Uh kenwd….the letter writer has pointedly proven that Rossi is misrepresenting Murray’s power in service. If you can prove that Murray lied about Rossi, how about documentation? You know, like the letter writer did. Show us facts. Document issues. Provide dates.

    As to the current Republicans – who holds the record for filibusters? It isn’t the Democrats from 1995 to 2007, that’s for sure. And where did you come up with a Democratic supermajority???? The one they held from July of 2009 until August of 2009 when Kennedy died?

    Tell me a Republican that doesn’t vote with their party 95% of the time (Murray’s record).

    Bottom line – Murray and the Democrats were not responsible for the budget for 2/3 of the time she has served. The letter writer is absolutely 100% correct, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

  20. OldLefty says:

    Now here is the funny part…..if Dino were smart……

    During the Clinton Administration, the budget balanced – with a Republican House/Senate. If Dino knew how to play that right, he’d have something, but he’s too busy trying to paint a picture that isn’t there, mostly because he is afraid to admit that the Clinton Administration had a balanced budget.

  21. OldLefty says:

    “Eighteen years with the stupidest human ever to occupy a senate seat is two years short of a score too long.”

    It seems to me that the Republicans questioned Obama’s knowledge also. They follow drop outs like Beck and Limbaugh, but question degreed people from respected universities (well, WSU might be a push)

    How do these incredibly stupid people become so successful in their chosen fields?

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Senator and talking to her, as well as her chief of staff. If I had to choose between Senator Murray and donjames to perform brain surgery on me, I’d hand Senator Murray a butter knife and tell her to have at it.

    Here, let’s play donjames little game:

    Tim Keating, Boeing’s senior vice president for government operations, wouldn’t answer directly, except to say that Murray’s advocacy was a factor.

    Just remove a couple of quote marks and it’s all different.

  22. OldLefty says:

    According to the Seattle Times, it was the Tacoma News Tribune that made Rossi look bad (as if he needed help)

    Asked whether the WTO’s findings should be a factor in the two companies’ bid to land the Pentagon contract, Rossi said he would help Boeing fight for the business but did not answer the question directly. Pressed further about whether the illegal subsidies should matter in the tanker award, Rossi replied, “No, not as far as I’m concerned, no.”

    Someone ask him what periodicals he reads. Let’s get Katie Couric, she’s a tough reporter.

  23. firemannotfirefighter says:


    From Campaign Year 2010. 34% from out of state.


    From 2005 to 2010, the 2 contributors were Lawyers/Law Firms and Lobbyists

    As far as my previous post, I was commenting on YOU, not the letter writer. The story about Sen. Murray’s revolving door to Lobbying firms is today’s news that the TNT hasn’t reported and I wanted to get that information out there. And yes, it does tie to campaign contributions. Look where her aides work, then look at her campaign contributions from Industries and PAC’s. Hmmmm

  24. OldLefty says:

    donjames……you naughty, naughty boy…..you got caught editing the Seattle Times story. You left out this:

    Tim Keating, Boeing’s senior vice president for government operations, said Murray played “a critical role” in getting the Northrop-EADS contract overturned.

    Keating said Murray, one of Boeing’s most influential benefactors in Congress, early on advised the company to contest the Air Force’s decision, something the aerospace giant hadn’t done with a federal contract in three decades. Murray also kept after the tanker issue on the Senate floor, in hearings and in letters to Pentagon and administration officials.

  25. OldLefty says:

    Hey, Fireman.

    Has Patty Murray violated any campaign laws? Are there any charges being brought up against her for illegal campaign contributions?

    Where do you think Sharron Angle’s money is coming from?

    There is nothing new about senate races getting funding from out of state sources.

    You’re making yourself look foolish.

    As to the aides, if you are a lobbying firm and can hire a former staffer with access to an elected official and it’s totally legal, are you going to avoid that person and pick your sister-in-law’s nephew that just got out of community college?

    Naive along with foolish.

    Key sentence in the staffer story – There’s nothing illegal, unusual, or inherently unethical about Senate staffers becoming Capitol Hill lobbyists.

  26. donjames says:

    If you consider “a factor” (direct quote from Keating) to be “a critical role” (which he apparently also stated) you too could invent the internet.

    What’s the truth of her role? Do you believe a flip-flopping Boing exec with a lot of skin in little patty’s game? Or do you believe an insider who has nothing to gain.

    Never mind, we know your take.

  27. donjames says:

    BTW, unlike murray’s ad, I didn’t put words in anyones mouth. Nor was anything I quoted a lie. So if you have a problem with my cherry-picking a few lines, you must hate little patty’s ads, right?

  28. OldLefty says:

    naughty, naughty boy

  29. OldLefty says:

    “Keating said Murray, one of Boeing’s most influential benefactors in Congress, early on advised the company to contest the Air Force’s decision, something the aerospace giant hadn’t done with a federal contract in three decades.”

    naughty boy.

  30. OldLefty says:

    Dumb old Patty is one of Boeing’s most influential benefactors in Congress.


  31. donjames says:

    “Here, let’s play (Lefty’s) little game:”

    The GAO “found glaring, huge mistakes [in comparing the technical and cost merits of the planes], any one of which could have stopped the contract”.

    Given that, wouldn’t Boeing have pursued the protest even without Murray’s prodding?

    Keating wouldn’t answer directly, except to say that Murray’s advocacy “was a factor.”

    “Just remove a couple of (title descriptions) and it’s…” still the same.

    “Dumb old Patty is one of Boeing’s most influential benefactors in Congress.”

    Oh, I get it now; one must be a genius in order to take money from a special interest, right?

    You can’t seriously believe Rossi wouldn’t work at least as hard for Boing, or that Boing won’t be as supportive of incumbent Senator Rossi as they are for the vacuous “factor”.

    And I didn’t say “the factor” was “dumb”. I maintain she is the stupidest human ever to occupy a Senate seat. In her eighteen years in the Senate her only achievement has been to rise to the #4 position among the democrat majority.
    And I would bet a vast majority of her likely supporters aren’t even aware of that since her own party refuses to let her out of her office. Have they ever even given her a chair in her 18 years? I mean a real, out-front position of authority type chairmanship?

    And no, her chairmanship of a subcommittee aptly-named THUD (Senate Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations subcommittee) doesn’t count, unless you’re on Boing’s payroll.

    Add to the foregoing, the fact that her ads are complete fabrications, distortions, and lies… thinking people get the picture.

  32. donjames says:

    Recently, Boeing has given more generously to Murray than to anyone in the U.S. Senate or House. Under campaign-finance rules, companies can’t contribute directly to a candidate. But according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Boeing executives, employees and its PAC have contributed $53,550 to Murray since 2009.

    She has taken in nearly twice as much money as the next-highest recipient… In fact, Murray is the No. 1 congressional beneficiary of campaign contributions from the entire air-transport industry.

    One donor was Tim Keating, Boeing’s senior vice president of government operations. Keating donated $2,400 to Murray in April 2009…

    Two months later, Keating gave Murray another $2,400. In October…

    Under federal rules, an individual can give a candidate a maximum of $2,400 per election, for a total of $4,800 for the primary- and general-election campaigns.


  33. donjames says:

    Oops, forgot to attribute the above to the Seattle Times (again).

    And speaking of the Times, Lefty, you should read this gem:


    When Sen. Patty Murray announced earlier this month that she had inserted $57 million in earmarks in the 2011 defense appropriations bill, she touted the two dozen projects as critical jobs-creation spending.

    It was another election-season reminder of the 18-year Democratic incumbent’s ability to steer federal dollars back home as a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.

    What Murray didn’t mention is that at least nine of her defense-bill earmarks — worth $19.5 million — were awarded to clients of her former aides who now work as lobbyists.

    At least 17 former Murray staff members have slid over to the lobbying sector, capitalizing on insider knowledge and connections to win favor for their clients, including lucrative earmarks.

    They include Murray’s former chief of staff, Rick Desimone, who landed a $1 million earmark in the defense bill for a Canadian medical company with offices in Kirkland. The bill was an even bigger win for Shay Hancock, Murray’s former lead defense staffer, who lobbied for three firms that got $7.5 million in earmarks.

    You go girl!

    Despite her own network of lobbyist backers, Murray’s campaign and state Democrats have relentlessly portrayed her Republican opponent, Dino Rossi, as unethical because of his ties to lobbyists. In particular, they’ve hit Rossi for business deals with two statehouse lobbyists more than a decade ago when he was a state senator.


  34. Anyone else notice Patty Murray’s TV ads where she claims she is watching out for middle income people in Washington and NOT the big bad corporations! Yet her biggest contributors from Washington State are all corporations, Microsoft, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks, etc.

    Someone needs to ask dumb Patty where she thinks all the employees of these big bad Washington State based corporations live?

    Patty getting more desperate everyday.

    It seems her college degree in “Recreation” from WSU didn’t teach her anything about basic economics. Now there’s a big surprise.

  35. Sumner401 says:

    And right now the Republicans (who are in the Minority) have been blamed for EVERYTHING in Congress.

    And there is very good reason for it, they ARE to blame for everything.

  36. lgcnelson84 says:

    Pretty sure Lefty started the personal attacks….

    “piglet and his “socialist marxist” crappola
    donjames……you naughty, naughty boy
    Hey, Fireman… you’re making yourself look foolish… Naive along with foolish.”

    Sumner, you’ll come back and say those aren’t personal attacks, which is fine. But if they’re not personal attacks, then please tell me where and how donjames attacked Lefty once he was “beaten”.

  37. Roncella says:

    Lets all help retire Dirty Tennis Shoes Patty Murray the dimest bulb in the whole senate as voted by Senate Staffers and they should know.

    Lets restore respectability and honor and intelligence back to the State of Washington and Washinton D.C. both.

    Get registered and get your friends and family registered and Vote for Dino Rossi in November.

  38. No one with a D next to their name gets my vote. Period.

  39. Interesting how the left conveniently overlooks Murrey’s comments about Bin Laden, and how she is using an ad where she shows Rossi answering a question in a way that casts him in a bad light. Unfortunatley, she picked an answer to a different question. Deliberate misrepresentation, or just another example of a very dim bulb?

  40. Sumner401 says:

    No one with a D next to their name gets my vote. Period.

    Nothing new then.

  41. firemannotfirefighter says:


    YOU asked for proof that she had received more money from out of state and I am the foolish one? Where did I say it was even wrong? I am merely pointing out that her campaign has received far more money from outside this state than Dino.

    I am not foolish or niave. Didn’t you post that according to her campaign she had received 84% from instate? You are the foolish one if you think that is the truth. I researched and posted legitamte figures, not you. You posted;

    “But a spokeswoman for Murray argued to the paper that 85 percent of the senator’s campaign contributions this election cycle have come from small donors in her home state.”

    Didn’t have to wait to long before that was disproved did ya?

    I also pointed out her hypocrisy, because of her ads tying Dino to lobbyists. Her office is a revolving door for lobbyists. Again, I never stated or implied it was wrong or illegal, just hypocritical.

    Why the personal attacks Lefty? How is my posting FACTS naive?

    How about this for Patty helping out the middle class and the poor;

    She voted to strip $12 BILLION from the Food Stamp program.. Here is the HUFFINGTON POST link to that story.


  42. Roncella says:

    Yes Dirty tennis shoes Patty Murray has some stange peope she admires.

    Bin Laden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Obama, B. Boxer, M. Waters, Charlie Rangel, so many others.

    Lets retire Dirty tennis shoes patty Murray.

    Vote for Dino Rossi, and bring respect and intelligence back to both Washingtons. November is coming on fast its time to rgister and Vote Patty Murray the dimest bulb in the Senate into retirement.

  43. CrazyLibertarian says:

    Do I have to say this again? You’d think it would get tiring. Lucky me, Im crazy enough to have the patience to say it over and over, for as long as anyone will listen.

    Dino Rossi. Patti Murray. Dino Murray. Patti Rossi.

    Theyre two sides to the same coin. Either one will treat the average person the same way. Politicians have long since given up on trying to represent Americans, and now represent special interest groups, minority groups and their own agendas. Either one will do you the same way. The WA economy has been going downhill for longer then two years, and for longer then four, and longer then eight. Murray, Rossi, Bush, Obama, Rossi, Gregoire.

    It is time to stop electing politicians and start electing statesmen.

  44. donjames says:

    fireman, rational folks can see through little patty’s lies, but its useless to argue the truth with an idio… uhum, ideologue.

    I think you are referring to an official campaign ad, in which murray claims Dino Rossi sold himself to Wall Street Financial interests.

    Patty Murray is lying, and it’s just that simple.

    The facts are Dino Rossi got donations from 30 Political Action Committees, for a total of 6.4% of all of his campaign donations. Almost 87% of Rossi’s campaign donations come from individual donations, according to the following link to the Federal Election Commission:


    Dino Rossi got no banking PAC donations at all.. Nada.

    On the other hand, according to the Federal Election Commission report on her, little patty got donations from a total of 1219 Political Action Committees, 1121 of which are out-of-state. She received 24.3% of her campaign funding from PACs. Only 75.7% came from individuals.


    murray took in $11,600 from 3 different banking PACs. If you count non-banking financial institutions like, the amount goes considerably higher.

    murray’s lies are so outrageous they warrant an investigation.

  45. the3rdpigshouse says:

    How does one erode one’s brain cells to the point you can interrogate a “dim bulb”?? Vote Rossi and put intellect, competence, and professionalism back in the U. S. Senate!!

  46. OldLefty says:

    Maybe radec can prove that the letter writer is wrong about Patty Murray’s service in the Senate. According to public records, everything the letter writer says about Murray’s service is absolutely, 100% correct.

  47. OldLefty says:

    Uh don…..just a tip…..

    “The facts are Dino Rossi got donations from 30 Political Action Committees….”

    “Dino Rossi got no banking PAC donations at all.. Nada”

    How do you know that among the 30 Political Action Committees that there are not Wall Street concerns?

    Murray’s commercial contends that Rossi has “Wall Street” support. Wall Street IS the financial center of the US.

    This is much like your copy and paste of the Seattle Times story and leaving out the key sentence where the Boeing executive says how valuable Murray was to their challenge.

    Then, of course, there are those mysterious commercials lambasting Murray that are not from the Rossi campaign……..

  48. IntentionalVolition says:

    radec says:
    OCTOBER 2, 2010 AT 7:10 PM
    The person that wrote this letter has a history of making false statements and twisting the facts. In fact he is currently banned from posting on another by McClatchy website (a paper to the south of Tacoma) for insulting fellow commenters and badgering the staff of that newspaper. His opinion should be taken at less than a grain of salt.

    radec, YOU are the one who fits the details of what you just posted, not the letter writer. No one with any sense would take your opinion as having any value at all.

  49. OldLefty says:


    Just to put this thread drift to bed…..

    “Larry Hill of Olympia” was just published a week or so ago in The Olympian, the McClatchy daily in Olympia. Rather strange for a media to publish an LTE from an allegedly “banned” person, isn’t it? “radec” attacked Hill there, as well as on June 23rd of this year, alleging that the letter writer didn’t live where he claimed, which as we all know is vetted by the media.

    I believe this is what is called “stalking”.

  50. OldLefty says:

    donjames – does a “banking pac” have to be Wall Street connected?

    Could Murray’s donations from from a banking pac that represents the interests of small independent banks?

    Of course it can, but we don’t want to mention that.

  51. OldLefty says:

    Speaking of “banned”….

    radec 09/20/2010 08:15 PM

    Comment removed.

    Read more: http://www.theolympian.com/2010/09/20/1375610/tobeck-is-the-superior-candidate.html#ixzz11GMTvDz8

    OK…back to the original subject, that being that Patty Murray’s service for the past 18 years has been primarily in the Senate Minority.

  52. Kay,not sure what your point here is.

    O, I get it. You are saying that since Patty’s service for the past 18 years has been in the Senate minority, she hasn’t contributed anything and does not deserve to be re-elected (and continue getting the perks of being a Senator).

  53. IndependentVoter says:

    Larry is a great guy and I love him.

    Keep up the good work!

  54. There is no need to prove the author wrong about his letter, many others have already done that in previous comments. I just wanted to give some background as to the source of the letter and his less than truthful history. Some people are so defensive, usually means they are trying to hide the truth.

  55. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Lets knock off the he-said/she-said and get to it – someone please identify two accomplishments attributed to Senator Murray during the last 18 years??!

  56. sidrat38 says:


    Perhaps you could point out just ONE thing in Larrys letter that is untruthful…

    I don’t see anything but facts..

  57. OldLefty says:

    3rdpig (since “piglet” offended someone) –


    There is Patty Murray’s entire Senate record – far too much to publish in a comment. I doubt that you’ll agree with any of it, but that doesn’t make her record “non-accomplished”

    For a recent accomplishment – http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/jul/15/murray-backs-new-building-fairchild/

  58. OldLefty says:

    From The Olympian, June 23, 2010:

    radec wrote on 06/23/2010 09:18:56 AM:
    radec’s comment is abusive and has been removed.

    radec wrote on 06/23/2010 09:20:35 AM:
    radec’s comment is abusive and has been removed.

    radec wrote on 06/23/2010 09:43:13 AM:
    radec’s comment is abusive and has been removed.

    Now, maybe we can get back to the discussion.

  59. OldLefty says:

    Kenwd –

    You may also want to refer to Murray’s voting record.

    The letter writer brings to light that Dino Rossi’s campaign attempts to blame Patty Murray for budget deficits during times that her party wasn’t in control of the budget – in particular years 2001 through 2009, where the major budget damage was done due to tax cuts combine with expanded defense spending.

  60. OldLefty says:

    “radec says:
    October 2, 2010 at 9:19 pm
    There is no need to prove the author wrong about his letter, many others have already done that in previous comments.” No, not one comment has disputed that Murray has served the majority of her 18 years in the minority of the Senate. That is the point of the letter writer.

    “I just wanted to give some background as to the source of the letter and his less than truthful history.” It would appear, as per other comments and data from other media that you arethe one having some difficulty with honesty, not to mention accusing others of being banned from media where the proof seems to demonstrate that you, in fact, have been abusive and banned.

    Personality garbage aside, the letter contends that Patty Murray’s service was primarily in the minority party, thus not in control of budget issues, as Rossi’s campaign attempts to paint. There has been nothing submitted to prove otherwise.

    Let’s see if we can stick to the subject of the thread and find another venue for your stalking of the letter writer.

  61. OldLefty says:

    For those asking about Murry’s accomplishments:

    2003-4: Helps keep VA’s American Lake, Vancouver and Walla Walla facilities open after they are targeted for closure.

    2005: Exposes major VA funding shortfall; Congress passes an additional $1.5 billion.

    2005: Introduces legislation to help more vets with multiple sclerosis get VA care.

    2006-7: Helps win approval for new VA clinics in Washington state.

    2007: Pushes record funding for VA.

    2007: Helps introduce legislation to create comprehensive-care system for both active troops and veterans.

    2007: Introduces legislation that would make 242,000 additional veterans eligible for care and rescind VA cutbacks announced in 2003.

    Note that the Democratic Party didn’t take the majority back until January 2007

  62. OldLefty says:

    donjames – in the story about Murray’s former staffers (discussed by others on this thread already), again you fail to be honest about the content of the story, by editing key elements…..

    “There is nothing illegal about former aides lobbying their ex-bosses, so long as ethics rules are followed and the lawmaker sponsoring the earmark doesn’t personally profit.”

    Murray has broken no laws and kudos to her staffers for being respected enough by those lobbying firms to hire them. I believe that is called “career success”.

  63. OldLefty says:

    Commercial just on KING TV –

    Rossi Campaign claims Murray “raised our debt by trillions” and now she wants to raise taxes.

    TRUTH – The debt went up during the Bush Administration when the Senate and House were both Republican (two wars and tax cuts). The only “tax raise” I would expect Murray to speak of is support of extending the Bush Tax cuts for all but the top 2% earners.

    Please, don’t start with the “top 2% are the job producers” line. If that were true we’d have the jobs now, as they’ve enjoyed those tax breaks for almost 10 years.

  64. Sumner401 says:

    fireman, rational folks can see through little dino’s lies, but its useless to argue the truth with an idio… uhum, ideologue.

    dino rossi is lying, and it’s just that simple. He is a republican and all republicans are liars.

  65. Roncella says:

    Calling all Independents and Conservatives and tea Party folks, and enlightened Democrats and Republicans to retire Dirty Tennis Shoes Patty Murray this November.

    vote to restore Intelligence, honor, Respect back to both Washingtons vote for

    Dino Rossi this November.

  66. OldLefty says:

    As usual, the Right Wing Sound Machine misrepresented Murray in 2002:

    “In her statement, Murray called bin Laden “an evil terrorist” who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

    “While we continue to search every corner of the globe to destroy Osama bin Laden and his al-Quaida network, should we also consider the longer-term issue of what else can be done to improve relations with all nations including the Arab world?” Murray asked. “How else can we bring America’s values to those who do not understand us?”

    For someone they claim to be so dumb, she certainly looks beyond the headlines of an issue.

    It does appear she is above childish namecalling taunts.

  67. Roncella says:

    Ollefty, Murrays hero’s are Osama Bin Laden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Max Waters, Barbara Boxer, Al Frankin, Barney Frank, and so many other Democratic hero’s of the left Liberal Democrats.

  68. OldLefty says:

    Gee, Roncella, you left out Castro.

  69. Speaking of Castro, where are the comments about the Democrat Party’s favorite Son’s country imploding? I heard they have to lay off 500,000 government workers. I thought that was the utopia Murray, Obama, et al wanted us to strive for?

    But at least Audioslave got to play there live before the band broke up. Great concert, but I digress….

  70. OldLefty says:


  71. roncella:if you thank dino rosi will bring, intelligence, honor, or respect to the senate, i really would like to know what cave you’ve been living in to the last 20 years.

    the only people rosi credits with intelligence, or honors and respects, make more the a million dollars a year.

  72. Sumner401 says:

    Dino Rossi this November.

    Sorry roncella but rational, freedom loving America loving middle class thinking people want the nation and the state to grow and prosper, voting for that greasy lying scum bag would set us back and prevent the recovery we are all working hard to speed up.
    Join us won’t you?

  73. Roncella says:

    Sumner, Lying scum bag, greasy, wow you really are making the reason why we need to retire the liberal Democrats in Congress many have no honor or respect for anyone.

    They only care about getting re-elected, not about representing the voters who put them in office and their needs and desires.

  74. OldLefty says:

    Roncella – while Sumner may be a little over-descriptive….

    Maybe you can explain how the Republicans verbally took apart two decorated Vietnam war veterans for political gain.

    Speaking of honor and respect…..

  75. letsworkitout says:

    I am not going to read through all of these posts. I will say, however, that if you believe your candidate tells the truth you are naive. They all lie. This letter is merely someone who wants Murray to win. Just say so instead of trying to look like you are looking out for Rossi. The political system is joke right now anyway. It is the cesspool of America.

  76. Roncella says:

    dirty tennis shoes Patty Murray voted just the way Reid and Pelosi, Obama, Biden told her to.

    She was voted the dimest bulb in the whole congress by staffers who work there and would know first hand.

    Its time to retire P. Murray this November.

    Vote for Dino Rossi for change, hope, and yes we can.

  77. Roncella says:

    Oldlefty , –maybe you could wxplain why the state of New York did not send ballots to the military in time for them to vote this November ??

    Its a shame what the Democrats would do to win an election, even mis-treat our Brave Military folks who deserve to be respected and their votes deserve to be counted, that mis-take takes in over 350,000 troops.

    Ill. pulled the same trick on their Military Members, this is really sickening.

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