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PUYALLUP FAIR: Smoking may dampen attendance

Letter by Heidi Henson, Gig Harbor on Sep. 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm with 16 Comments »
September 30, 2010 1:32 pm

I read the article about attendance being down at the Puyallup Fair (TNT, 9-28). No one mentioned secondhand smoke as a potential reason.

I stopped attending the Puyallup Fair many years ago because of the constant exposure to secondhand smoke. I had been coming to the Puyallup Fair since I was a child and have many fond memories. As an adult, I noticed more and more secondhand smoke as I walked around the fairgrounds.

Here’s the reality: The “smoking sections” at the fair are just as effective as “peeing sections” in a swimming pool. Everybody has contact with it. I would gladly pay to come to a family-friendly fair, which includes a clean-air environment.

I choose to be a nonsmoker, and I support that lifestyle by how I spend my time and money. Many of our parks have become smoke-free. More than 85 percent of Washingtonians are nonsmokers. It is time that all smoking be banned on the Puyallup fairgrounds.

When that day happens, I will happily return to “Do the Puyallup.”

(Henson is co-chair of the Tobacco-free Alliance of Pierce County.)

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  1. No smoking in the buildings should be good enough. I don’t smoke anymore but if they ban smoking altogether, or worse issue any tickets to anyone I know for smoking, I won’t be coming back to the fair.

  2. Heidi, I’m a non-smoking resident of Puyallup, and would like to say, please DON’T come back to Puyallup to Do The Puyallup. We don’t need intolerant bigots like you in our town.

    The smokers have, for the most part, done their part and obey the current rules. If you are so anti-tobacco, then quit with the incemental creeping along, and propose a law to make all smoking and sale of tobacco products illegal.

    Until it is against the law to smoke, I invite smokers to come to our town and our fair, and dis-invite people like you. Thank you for staying in Gig Harbor.

  3. Muckibr I to am a non-smoker worse I am an ex smoker Thank you for your comment. I am getting real tired of the intollerance of people. Ms. Dogooder wants to stop an activity that we all know is not healthy but it is legal,so until we have the courage to outlaw it leave the individual alone to make their own decision.

  4. Sumner401 says:

    I quit smoking a few years ago, if smoking is you excuse for not going to an event, you didn’t want to go in the first place.

  5. surething says:

    Get a life. This letter made me laugh.

  6. Oh Heidi…its so hard to spout off about something you Think is hapening when in reality YOU WERE NOT THERE. I went to the fair….I dont smoke. I didnt smell smoke, Nobody blew smoke at me and come to think of it, I hardly saw anybody smoking to begin with. Hmmmmm Could it be that you have a misguided out of date perception of whats going on at the fair and perhaps have your shorts in a knot over smokers in general? Could be.
    Now if you will excuse me I have to stoke up my fireplace….I just love the smell of woodsmoke in the air.

  7. huffington says:

    It seems odd to me that 2nd hand smoke is just now keeping her from the fair, being that smoking rates are a fraction of what they were even 10, 20, or 30 years ago, when she supposedly still enjoyed it. Anyone would easily notice that there is less smoking and less 2nd hand smoke at the fair than ever before. Not that I really care………..It is fricking OUTSIDE!!!! Big deal.

  8. Novelist3 says:

    I went to the fair on one of it’s most crowded days. The place was totally packed.
    And yet… though I despise the smell of cigarette smoke, nothing like what Heidi wrote about was occurring at the fair. There were lots of other smells- fatty fried foods, animal barns, a woodpit that someone was barbecuing in… but I didn’t even notice any cigarette smoke. I’m sure there were people smoking there, but I didn’t notice anything.

  9. comment_tayter says:

    And after all the smokers are cowed and legislated into submission, then the fat people will be excluded — for their own good, of course — and then anyone with an unacceptable style of clothing or hat because of the likelyhood of gang ties. After that, folks with “weird” haircuts and beards will be screened for possible possesion of drug paraphernalia or anti-American literature or radical political leanings contaminating the family atmosphere. After those ends are achieved, attention will be turned to the vendors to be sure their offerings fall into standards of appropriate healthiness. A large booth featuring a desire to return to the days of alcohol prohibition will be featured prominently next to the fundamentalist Christian revival tent, where souls will be saved as if on a conveyor belt to Jesus.

    If you don’t like inhaling toxic fumes, I suggest you move way, way, waaaay out into the country, because you are probably inhaling more deadly stuff while in a traffic jam or standing on the corner waiting to cross the street, not to mention sucking fumes as you bicycle to work in heavy traffic.

  10. whitecap says:

    I smell something in Heidi’s letter that’s a lot worse than second hand smoke.
    P.S. We went to the fair, and though I did smell second hand smoke in one area, I find Heidi’s complaints to be excessive.

  11. Heidi- 85 percent may be non-smokers, but of those that do smoke, the majority are WOMEN. Stop your sexist attacks today and try to understand the tough lives that these smokers have had which forced them to smoke.

  12. BlaineCGarver says:

    Anyone from Gig Harbor that uses alliteration in their name should stay in Gig Harbor as they will never be happy with the great unwashed masses on the wrong side of the Narrows. Those old Vegan Hippies smell worse than the smoke, or even the sheep barn.

  13. CrazyLibertarian says:


    It is with great surprise, and complete enjoyment that I say I completely agree with your post!

    Our nation is a nation where we all have the freedom to make good or bad choices, and we have the luxury of enjoying the consequences of those choices.

    Such as… Heidi chooses to not go to the Puyallup fair any longer due to her perception there is too much smoke. She is now blissfully free to enjoy the consequence of that action, namely, no more chocolate covered bacon…

  14. comment_tayter says:

    Thanks, Libertarian…I’m holding out for the deep-fried stick of butter, and a couple of hours in a hookah bar (joke). :-D

  15. donjames says:

    I think someone’s been blowing smoke up Heidi’s a…

    But we must congratulate her for enlisting a unanimous response to her absurd letter. Seventeen (previous) posts – all agree she needs to get a life. This may be a first – my hat’s off to Heidi for that.

  16. wickedalena says:

    I have always considered the Puyallup Fair a smoky environment. I do, however want to thank Puyallup Fair for creating the smoking area tents, which has helped some. It has ended the instances of having my clothing singed by strangers.

    Heidi Henson has been exponentially saving and bettering innumerable amounts of lives. She should be commended and awarded.

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